Spoilers: The Tilted Kilt Chapter 14

SeriousCrush is not feeling well, so I’m going to give this chapter another proof-read before I post the entire thing. Sorry for the wait. I hope you like the spoiler.


True to his word, Chow had taken care of everything. A new security system protected the Tilted Kilt twenty-four hours a day. The windows and doors had been reinforced and a storage room in the basement had been converted into a vampire safe room, which was fully stocked with TrueBlood.

Just after closing Sunday night, the serving staff was called to a meeting. Sookie stood side-by-side with the other women.

“You all have tomorrow off. Paid leave.”

Squeals of excitement rippled through the group of women, but just as promptly as it started, they quieted down.

“I would like you all to watch the news tomorrow.”

“What channel and time?” Ginger asked tilting her head to the side.

“Doesn’t matter. There will be one story that dominates the news feed tomorrow.” He held up his finger, stopping Ginger from asking the obvious question. “You’ll find out what it is soon enough.”

Sookie had the only smile in the group. Everyone else was frowning.

“I’ll see you Tuesday evening, unless you decide not to come back to work. If that is the case, your paycheck will be mailed to you.”

“What? Why wouldn’t we come back?” Ginger put her hand on her hip. The other servers looked to her, nodding in agreement, except Sookie, who was still smiling at Eric.

“That’s all for now. Good night.” Eric nodded and crossed his arms over his chest.

Everyone filed out, one after another, until there were only four. Eric, Pam, Chow and Sookie.

18 thoughts on “Spoilers: The Tilted Kilt Chapter 14

  1. bbrock525 says:

    I hope she feels better soon. I will forgive you any mistakes especially since I can’t type on phone.


  2. meridiean says:

    Ohhh, I can’t wait!! 😀 (Feel better soon, SeriousCrush)


  3. meridiean says:

    Also, have you given any thought to a sequel to this story, or is something along those lines still far off in the misty future?


  4. Duckbutt says:

    Your stories are always the best –I have to echo Meridiean’s plea –any sequels or anything else on your radar for a new story??


  5. Yvonn Ad says:

    Oh, please don’t keep us waiting…. Pretty please.

    Good to have you back.


    • And just like that, I was gone again. Hmm, sorry again. Summer is about to start, and perhaps with it, I will have a little time for writing. I’m funny. I know. Since when did summer break mean having more time for myself? Never, that’s when! 🙂


  6. itsamia71 says:

    Can’t wait to read this chapter & it is beautifully written if this snippet is representative of the whole!


  7. valady1 says:

    Perfect tease for the new chapter.


  8. Yvonn Ad says:

    Hope everything’s ok on your end and SeriousCrush. We are Missing your updates very much


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