The Tilted Kilt: Chapter 11

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The Tilted Kilt Chapter 11

Sookie’s POV

She couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong. Despite how terrifying the night had been, Sookie couldn’t stop thinking about Eric. The way his muscles rippled when he took his shirt off, and the way he growled when she kissed him.

She had kissed him, and when she asked for more, he told her no. Maybe he wasn’t interested in her. Maybe he only wanted her for her telepathy.

Her shoulders slumped against the front door. He said doing more than kissing her would be something he would regret. Tears started to streak down her cheeks. She thought about what she said. She hadn’t come right out and asked him to have sex with her, but how much more blunt could she have been?

The lab coat she was wearing smelled like him. Sookie flopped on her bed and inhaled his scent while she tried to satisfy the desire burning through her. He said his blood might heighten her sexual desire. That was the understatement of the year. She had never been so turned on in her life, and she was alone.

Her mood didn’t improve when she woke late the next morning. It was like her nerves were on fire. The water in the shower, the towel against her skin, and the way her jeans rubbed between her legs…everything turned her on. She was struggling to focus on anything as fantasies of Eric ran through her mind.

With a piece of toast inches away from her face, she stared off with a frozen smile on her lips. She was sprawled on top of Eric’s desk and his face was nestled between her legs. She nearly choked on the bite of food in her mouth when Gran came into the kitchen.

“I didn’t hear you come in last night. Did you have a nice night at work?”

Sookie’s eyes watered as she swallowed the chunk of dry bread. She nodded.

“I’ve got a meeting tonight. Descendants of the Glorious Dead. I won’t be here when you leave for work tonight.”

“What are you making?” Sookie’s eyes lit up as she scanned the kitchen, seeing the ingredients spanning the counter for the first time.

“Pecan rolls.” Gran winked at her. “I’ll save you a couple.”

After Sookie finished her breakfast, she opened the envelope Eric had given her and counted the money. It held five thousand dollars. Her eyes bulged. She had never held so much cash in her hands before. She tucked almost all of it back inside. She looked at the one hundred dollar bill in her hand and decided on the spot to go shopping.

It had been years since Sookie had the luxury of shopping for herself, and as she flipped through the racks of dresses, she couldn’t help but smile. Somewhere deep inside her heart she hoped she would have another date with Eric, and she found the perfect dress to wear, just in case. It was a beautiful crimson spaghetti strap dress, with a plunging neckline and a high cut waist. The silky material draped over her hips, swishing gently as she turned in front of the mirror. Her next stop was to find panties and a bra to match, and then a pair of shoes.

When she got home she hung her new dress in her closet and sighed. She was prepared for another date with Eric, now she just had to hope he would want one.

Sookie’s leg bounced under the table as she ate dinner before leaving for work. She was still embarrassed by Eric’s refusal, but she was eager to see him anyway.

The Tilted Kilt wasn’t open to the public when she arrived, so Sookie set out to fill up salt shakers and do whatever else Ginger asked. She was relieved to have a distraction, since she was too nervous to go talk to Eric about what happened last night. When Eric called out to her and asked to see her in his office, Sookie’s hand froze and salt poured all over the table. She shook her head when she realized she had made a mess and quickly cleaned it up before heading down the hallway to see him.

On her way, his voice called out again. “Pam, I need to talk to you at some point too.”

The door was open slightly. Eric was not smiling. Her heart sank and she wanted to run.

“I want to talk to you about what happened last night. Will you please close the door?” Eric closed the file he had been looking through.

Sookie pushed the door closed and returned to the chair. She wedged her hands between her knees to keep them from shaking.

“I think there was a misunderstanding.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as her hopes and dreams were crushed.

Eric moved so fast she couldn’t track him, and then he was kneeling in front of her, touching her cheek. “Please don’t cry.” His eyebrows knitted together with concern. “Nothing came out right last night. I wanted to explain that I had no intention of taking advantage of you while you were in that state of mind.”

“What state of mind?” Sookie blinked, coating her eyelashes with tears.

“Influenced by my blood. It’s like a drug. I need to know that you want me because you want me, not because you’re high.”

Sookie gasped. She hadn’t thought of that. “I thought you didn’t want me.”

Eric shook his head slowly, his eyes never leaving hers. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” He touched her knees. “I need you to understand something. Last night, we exchanged blood. I only meant to heal you, and then you fed me.” He narrowed his eyes. “Your blood is exquisite.”

Sookie looked away and blushed. It was the weirdest compliment she’d ever gotten.

“A blood exchange is significant, because it can form a blood bond.”

She scrunched up her nose and tilted her head. “What’s that?”

“If we exchange blood two more times, we will be connected, empathically. I’m sure you can already feel some of the effects: happiness, calmness, and others. They’re all linked to the bond. Exchanges can also lead to increased frequency of dreams as well as thoughts in general about that person.” He looked away.

“So you’re telling me our exchange last night is the reason I’m happy to be around you?” She wasn’t about to admit to her nonstop fantasies.

Eric nodded. “The line between your real feelings, and the feelings the exchange cause becomes blurred. Not to mention the effects of my blood.”

She bit her lip. “When will I stop feeling so…?”

“Turned on?” Eric grinned, exposing his fully descended fangs. “I could smell you from the parking lot.”

Sookie blushed and pressed her knees together, which was a huge mistake. A moan escaped her lips. She buried her face in her hands.

He gently pried her hands away, forcing her to look at him. “I could help you with that.” Eric raised an eyebrow and wiggled it, making Sookie giggle. “Sometimes it helps if you relieve the pressure a little.” His hands fell to her thighs.

Her legs relaxed under his touch, opening ever so slightly. His fingers caressed her exposed skin, making her moan again. She wriggled to the edge of the seat and opened her legs a bit more.

“Would you like me to help you?”

Sookie exhaled and nodded. “Yes. Please.” Her breathing was ragged as she waited for him to touch her.

He leaned toward her and brushed her mouth with his lips. The heat from their kiss went straight to her sex, and she couldn’t wait anymore. She opened her legs and wrapped them around his body as she devoured his mouth. Eric thrust his hips, crushing her clit with the massive bulge in his pants. That was all it took. Her body shook and she filled his mouth with her scream.

Eric broke the kiss and growled as he turned to face the door.

“You called?” Pam’s voice rang through the closed door.

“No. Go away Pam.”


“Go!” Eric sighed and turned back to Sookie. “I’m sorry about that. Pam has terrible timing.”

Sookie’s cheeks were pink and her eyes fell to her lap. “Do you think she heard me?” Her limbs were still firmly wrapped around his body.

Eric shrugged.

Slowly, her arms and legs relaxed, releasing their grip on his body. “I should get to work.” How could she look at him after what just happened?

He touched her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his. “Do you feel better?” His eyes sparkled and the corner of his mouth tugged up.

Words wouldn’t form, so she nodded.

He caressed her cheek before kissing her again. It was soft and sweet. When he pulled away, she was panting.

“I need to go, before we, um…” Her eyes darted to his desk and her head filled with her fantasy. “Yep, I need to go. See you later?” As much as she loved the idea of making her daydreams come true, she wanted her first time to be special. Private. She just hoped her libido would take a breather while she was trying to work.

It didn’t.

She spent the next seven hours stuttering and stumbling every time Eric came into sight. She also became acutely aware of a presence in her mind. Not unwanted like the thoughts that constantly bombarded her, this was different. It was Eric. Although the moments were fleeting and unfocused, she could feel him. Desire. Hunger. Happiness. Frustration.

Could she control how much she felt? Was Eric projecting his feelings? Would her feelings override his? She chewed on her bottom lip and stared at the table she had been wiping down for at least five minutes. She leaned against the side of the table to support her wobbling knees. A gasp escaped her lips as Eric came up behind her.

“Are you all right?” His words licked her ear.

She swallowed, but her voice was gone.

He sighed. “I need to talk to you in my office.” The desire was gone, as if a switch had gone off.

Sookie nodded and followed him. When they were alone, she frowned. “It’s strange. Sometimes when I get inside someone’s head, all I can feel is their emotions, but this is different. It comes and goes with you.”

Eric sat on the edge of his desk and leaned toward her. “Interesting.”

“Sorry. You wanted to talk to me?”

His jaw tightened and his lips pressed together. “I took a risk. I should’ve known it would happen sooner or later.” He shook his head. “They know about you.”

“They who?” She was frowning. Her stomach flipped.

“My… boss. Apparently Felicia said something about you.”

“Felicia who? Why are you so nervous? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Her chin jutted out as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Felicia was the woman at the front desk last night. The point is my boss wants to meet you.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” She knew the answer before he spoke. Her stomach twisted.

“She’ll try to take you. Your telepathy…”

Sookie huffed. “I’m not a piece of property!”

He put his hands in front of him and his forehead creased. “I know. I think we can make a case, as long as you agree to work with me. Otherwise, it would be a good idea for you to start running now.”


“She’s coming tomorrow night. She’ll be here at closing. Are you with me?”

“Yes.” The tightness in her stomach disappeared.

“Good.” He relaxed and a smile spread across his face. “Now, I have a second matter I would like to discuss with you.”

“Shoot.” She leaned toward him, focusing her eyes on his.

“I would like to take you out. Friday?”

“Done.” She wanted to do a happy dance. “I’ll have to check my schedule, make sure my boss is okay with me missing yet another night of work.”

“I’ll put in a good word.” He winked at her and slid off his desk.

Sookie stood, her body inches away from his. The ache was back, firmly rooted deep inside her body. “Thank you. For earlier.” Heat spread from her cheeks, down her neck and across her chest.

Eric erased the distance between them, holding her in his arms. “I…” He turned toward the door, clenched his jaw and spoke under his breath. “Fucking Pam.”

Sookie giggled. “I’ll leave. See you tomorrow.” She placed a chaste kiss on his cheek and opened the door. She passed Pam in the hall, exchanging a smile. Every step that separated them lessened the intensity of their shared emotions. Work was certainly going to be interesting from now on.


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  1. pk22477 says:

    What a great chapter. I loved his version of stress relief for Sookie. Can’t wait to see what happens with the Queen and their date.


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    Oh boy the Queen ins coming. Will you make her a nut case like in TB or will she be more like the mature, pragmatic SA of the books? Will E/S do another blood exchange??


    • I’m not a fan of the insane Queen of TB, so you can guess where I’m going. 🙂 As for the blood exchange…you’ll just have to wait and see! I’m a jerk, I know! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing, it’s always lovely to hear from you Pat!


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    • Well thank you for that lovely review! Sorry Chapter 12 took so damn long. I’m working on it, I promise. In fact, I just posted a spoiler to get you through.

      I don’t like the direction TB went with the characters either, but it’s not my story to tell…so that’s why I write here. 🙂 Thanks again!


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    • If he shows up at my house, I’ll send him your way. I’m all about honesty and sharing, as you know. 🙂 Might as well make her job as happy as can be, right?

      Sorry it’s been so long since I was here. Spring is here, and with it comes a crazy busy schedule. I hope you’ve been well!


      • whew hot blooded says:

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      • I’m well enough. Are you well enough? Please say yes!

        The bees!!! They survived. I was so pleased, and the first day it got above 45 F, they were out collecting pollen. Must’ve been from snowdrops and gentians. They are smart little animals for sure. The hive is still not in perfect order yet, so they’re a bit touchy while they get settled, so we’re keeping our distance. But they made it. I’m so glad!

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    • Thank you for that lovely review! I’m glad you understand there is nothing to be anxious about…QSA is going to come and go, no craziness here. 🙂 Eric is going to be honest and Sookie is going to be smart. Imagine that. I’m so glad you enjoyed the last chapter! I’m so sorry I made you wait so long. Hopefully I’ll post before the week is over. Thank you again!


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    • If the Viking does need tending, you wouldn’t happen to be volunteering, would you? 🙂 Pam’s got great timing…for her. 🙂 Don’t you worry your pretty little head about QSA. You know I don’t like crazy drama. More coming soon. I promise.


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    • Don’t you worry about QSA, she’s not so crazy in my world. 🙂 Eric and Sookie are definitely getting a little hot and bothered, even with Pam around. Thanks so much for reviewing! I hope you’ve been well!


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    • If you manage to get Eric over there to help with your stress, could you send him my way when you’re done? 😉

      I don’t ever write a crazy QSA, so Eric won’t have to worry about her stealing Sookie. Thank you so much for reviewing every chapter! I’m so glad you’re loving it!


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