The Tilted Kilt: Chapter 9

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Thank you, SeriousCrush for steering me in the right direction and giving me the green light. I enjoy every chat, which leads to some sort of brainstorming. 🙂 I don’t know where I’d be without you.

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The Tilted Kilt Chapter 9

Sookie’s POV

Sookie’s feet were firmly planted in the spot they had been when Eric drove away. She smiled as she inhaled and found his earthy scent on her skin. Just thinking about the kiss they had shared made her light-headed. With a silly smile plastered to her face, she walked inside, only to find Gran unusually busy.

“Whatcha doin’?” Sookie sang as she walked into the front room.

“Nothing.” Gran pressed her lips together and smoothed down her hair.

“You didn’t happen to be spying on me, did you?” Sookie raised her eyebrows and snickered.

“Spying? You’re accusing your ol’ gran of invading your privacy and watching you kiss that beautiful man?” Gran grinned.

“Yes. Yes I am.” She flopped down on the couch. “He really is something, isn’t he?”

“Oh yes. Please tell me all about your date.” Gran cleared her throat. “If you want to.”

Sookie smiled at her. “He took me to La Caille. It was so amazing. Everyone was staring at us. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be at a fancy French restaurant with him.”

Gran chuckled. “Well honey, you certainly deserve a night out. I’m so glad you had a good time.”

“I really did. I had the best time.” Sookie’s cheeks flushed at the memory of the kiss in the car. “I’m going to have a nice long bath. See you in the morning.”

“Good night, honey.”

As the tub was filling, Sookie tied up her hair, wrapped herself in her robe, and padded to the bathroom. The small room was filled with steam. She sighed as the warm water licked her skin, engulfing her body.

The smile Eric had given her still remained on her face, making her cheeks ache. She didn’t mind. Eric made her happy and happiness wasn’t something she was accustomed to. She also wasn’t used to the desire that radiated through her body and refused to go away. She had read about it in the romance novels she devoured in her teenage years, but until recently, had never experienced it herself. The thoughts coming from the boys and men she liked were enough to quench even the tiniest spark of desire. But things were different with Eric. He fanned the fire inside her until she was sure she would burst into flames.

Sookie couldn’t put her finger on what made her want him so much. His confidence, poise, and power all contributed to her longing, but he had something extra. He oozed raw sexuality in a way she had never seen before, and she was having a difficult time resisting him.

While she soaked in the bath, Sookie couldn’t come up with a single reason why she should resist him. She had been waiting for years for a man to come along and sweep her off her feet, and she was smart enough to recognize that it had finally happened. As terrified as she was of intimacy, she knew she didn’t want to hide from it anymore.

As soon as Sookie snuggled under her covers she was asleep, but her dreams kept her from sleeping soundly. She was flying with Eric while she was kissing him. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms gripped his neck while his large hands supported her ass. His tongue pushed into her mouth and something hard nudged against her sex. She gasped and writhed, trying to get more contact. Suddenly, they were on her bed. Eric was under her and Sookie was grinding against him over and over again. She came in tiny spasms, letting euphoria wash over her in the moments before consciousness claimed her. Eric’s name was on her lips when she woke, sprawled on her bed with her robe wedged between her legs. Evening couldn’t come fast enough.


Sookie nibbled on her bottom lip as she walked down the hallway to Eric’s office. It was the moment she had been waiting for. She was going to ask him on another date, now she just had to muster the courage to go through with it. She raised her hand to knock as the door opened.

Eric stood in front of her with a satisfied smile on his face making her forget about what she was going to say.

“You wanted to see me?” She shook her head, clearing the haze of lust that settled into her brain at the sight of him.

Surprise didn’t begin to explain how she felt about him asking for help, especially why he needed it. She wasn’t very practiced at getting information the way he wanted, and was going to express her concerns until Eric explained how important it was. She had to help him. His existence depended on it.

Sookie didn’t feel like interrogating a bunch of strangers wearing a mini-skirt, so she changed before they left. She couldn’t help noticing the way Eric’s eyes lingered on her tight T-shirt, which made her smile.

Once they were in his car, she was tempted to crawl onto his lap and make her dreams come true, but she reigned herself in and focused on the job ahead of them. Eric certainly wasn’t helping keep her mind out of the gutter. His comments made her blush.

Sookie stared up at the brightly lit brick building and swallowed hard.

“Follow my lead.” Eric touched her back, helping soothe her nerves.

She squared her shoulders and followed him inside the building. A dark-haired woman sitting behind a desk in the entryway greeted them. Sookie opened her mind to the woman and was surprised to find a blank spot, just like Eric and Pam.

“Oh. Mr. Northman. What a surprise.” The woman shifted in her seat as her eyes darted to the door leading to the lab. “What brings you here tonight?” It didn’t take a mind reader to see she was nervous.

“Just an unannounced inspection.”

“Of course. Please let me know if you need anything.” The woman half-smiled at Sookie.

“We will need to use the break room.”

“Yes, of course.” The woman bowed her head and didn’t stop them when Eric moved into the lab.

Massive metal vats lined the back wall, all of which were surrounded by people who looked like doctors getting ready for surgery. Their hair was covered, and they all wore lab coats and blue booties over their shoes.

“Should we change or something?” Sookie looked down at her shoes, which looked downright grimy in such a clean place.

“No need. We’re going over there.” Eric pointed to a room a few feet away.

Just as they started moving toward the room, one of the workers nodded to Eric and began to descend the scaffolding surrounding the rim of the vats.

The break room featured two round wooden tables, a handful of chairs and a long couch against the far wall. A pot of coffee was warming on the counter between the fridge and the sink. Eric and Sookie had just settled into the room when the worker entered. He pulled the cap off his head, revealing long black hair. He gave Sookie a broad smile, nearly as large as his nose.

“Eric, what brings you to Alexandria on this fine November evening, and with such a tasty little guest.” The man raked his eyes over Sookie’s body, making her feel naked.

“Long Shadow, this is my associate, Ms. Stackhouse.”

Long Shadow didn’t offer his hand, and Sookie wasn’t inclined to offer hers. Everything about him revolted her. He popped open the snaps on his lab coat revealing a fair amount of skin and a tangled mess of metal jewelry. He smiled when Sookie looked at his naked chest. His hand brushed against a particularly flashy necklace featuring a large lightening bolt. He was smiling again. Sookie grimaced.

Sookie fought the urge to greet him, choking down her Southern hospitality with a chaser of bile.

Eric stepped in front of Sookie. “We are here on business. We will need to speak to all of your employees. One at a time.” He looked at Long Shadow expectantly, waiting for him to comply. It didn’t take long.

“No problem.”

Once Long Shadow was out of the room, Sookie released a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. “That guy gives me the creeps.”

“He’s not my favorite.” Eric shrugged.

A minute later, Long Shadow returned with an employee. “These people are going to ask you a few questions. You’re going to answer them. Understand?”

The man winced and then nodded quickly. Long Shadow rolled his eyes and left.

Sookie could feel fear coming off him in waves. She smiled and held her hand out to him. “My name’s Sookie.”

“Al,” he said as he put his hand in hers. His smile dissolved when he made eye contact with Eric.

Sookie glanced over her shoulder. “Um, Eric? Could you have a seat at that other table? I think Al’s a little nervous.”

Eric didn’t say anything, but he nodded and did what she asked.

Al exhaled. Sookie was still shaking his hand while she opened her mind to him.

“So, Al. Do you like your job?”

“Yes.” Al’s mind showed her images of Long Shadow scaring him on a regular basis. He liked the money, but was thinking of quitting as soon as his wife got benefits from her job. Working swing and graveyard shifts was difficult to keep up with, especially with two kids at home.

“What do you do here?” Sookie didn’t release her grip on him.

“I’m an inorganic chemist. I deal with minerals mostly.” Al measuring and combining white and brown powders on thin pieces of waxy paper popped into his head.

“Do you know why we’re here?” Sookie stared into his eyes.

Al nodded. “Something’s wrong with the formula.” It’s not me. I don’t want to lose my job. Not yet.

“Thanks Al. Can you ask someone else to come in and talk to me?”

When the door clicked, Sookie turned to face Eric. “It’s not him.”

Eric gave her a satisfied smile and nodded.

Sookie worked with one employee after another, getting no results until a woman came in, escorted by Long Shadow. “There are still five more after this one.”

She plastered a smile on her face. “Thank you Long Shadow, I’ll take it from here.”

Long Shadow hesitated to leave and when he did, Sookie could tell he was just outside the door.

“Hi, I’m Sookie.” She held her hand out and blinked when the woman’s hand touched hers. She was an open book, which wasn’t that unusual, but what was strange was the pages were blank.

Allison answered all the questions Sookie asked, except the last one. She had no idea why she was being questioned. All the other employees were afraid of losing their jobs, but not Allison.

“Are you and Long Shadow dating?” Sookie saw a flash of him without his shirt on and grimaced. She could hear Eric shift in the chair behind her.

Allison looked down at the table and blushed. “I don’t know what we are. It’s all a little hazy.”

Sookie smiled at her, giving her hand a reassuring pat. “Does he ever give you special jobs?”

Allison blinked and stared past Sookie. “I clean sometimes, which is weird, because I’m in the quality control department, but I don’t question him. It’s better that way.”

An image filled Sookie’s head, of Allison pouring gallons of bleach into the vats, which were already full of a red syrupy liquid. “Does he make you use bleach?”

Allison nodded blankly and then frowned. She opened her mouth to say something, but her words never had a chance to leave her lips as Long Shadow landed a blow on the side of her head. Her body fell to the ground with a soft thud, and then he was holding Sookie’s throat. His attention flickered for a moment when something crashed behind her, but then he began to squeeze.

Long Shadow’s fangs were fully descended and he was growling. “Fucking bitch, sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong!” He lunged at her, but before Sookie could blink, his body exploded.

Eric was covered in blood and was standing where Long Shadow had just been with a broken table leg in his hands, which had a bloody lab coat draped over the end.

Sookie’s face was wet, and she started to hyperventilate. Her hands were covered with stringy bits of bloody tissue. She realized with horror it was what remained of Long Shadow. Before she could decide whether to scream or vomit, she passed out.


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30 thoughts on “The Tilted Kilt: Chapter 9

  1. Meridian says:

    *clapping like a seal* I love when Eric saves his Sookie! *sigh*


  2. pk22477 says:

    This was a good chapter. Of course Long Shadow is the typical Long Shadow. Glad to see him ended so quickly. Can’t wait for more.


  3. duckbutt60 says:

    Same Longshadow but a different venue. yup, TB and SVM started to drift apart by TB having Bill kill Longshadow and not Eric…to me, that’s when it started to hit the shitter….

    Anyway –just adored the update and can’t wait for them to get….ah….”closer”….. 🙂


    • Pat, you always crack me up! 🙂 I totally agree with you…Bill killing Long Shadow instead of Eric was the beginning of the end of TB, although I have to admit the fourth season, when Eric has amnesia, is the worst. I had such high hopes for seeing a lot of naked and naughty Askars, and it was just him all mopey and gaunt. Seriously. Who was excited by that? Not me. I guess that’s why I enjoy writing his amnesia experience in different ways. 🙂 I’m so glad you loved it. I always love reading your reviews!


  4. Loftin says:

    The lab coat bit made me chuckle. Lol hubby always tells me I have a perverse since of humor.
    Anyhoo, I too loves when Eric saves the day. Great chapter! Can’t wait for more.


    • I think your husband might be onto something. 🙂 I couldn’t resist the imagery of a bloody lab coat dangling from the table leg…and I’m glad you enjoyed it too. I’m sure your husband would think I’m pretty perverse too. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  5. bbrock525 says:

    So Eric gets to stake long shadow. Yeah. Sookie will need more Eric calming after this.


    • Oh yes. My thoughts exactly! If Sookie is nervous or unsettled, she’ll have strong Viking vampire arms to be held with. 🙂 Eric stakes Long Shadow in the books too, I just didn’t want Bill around to try and claim he was the one protecting her. Eric gets all the credit for saving her…again. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  6. Vicki says:

    well that night didn’t end the way she thought it would.


  7. Yvonn Ad says:

    Oh my, what an amazing chapter. Thank you for giving credit to Eric on killing Long Shadow. I honestly can’t wait for the next one.


    • I’m so glad you’re on the edge of your seat with this story. Of course I wanted to give Eric credit…Bill couldn’t very well steal it from him this time seeing as how he’s all the way in Shreveport being Pam’s pet! 🙂 LOL I’m so glad you are loving the story. Thanks so much for reviewing!


  8. honulvr says:

    Love the way you wove that event into this story, very imaginative and cool. Eric doesn’t have Pam with him to hand off bloody Sookie to for a shower and clothing change. Is Eric going to carry passed out & bloody Sookie to his place for a quick shower and change of clothes? Possibly a sponge bath? 🙂 I wouldn’t be opposed. Definitely, a ‘trial by fire’ type of intro into the pre-revelation vamp world for our Sookster, she’s not normally a fainter, but who would be ready to see someone explode into goo while attacking them. Plus, how much Long Shadow did she ingest? The one thing I never quite got, in the books, didn’t Eric say somewhere that he trusted Long Shadow because Pam brought him in? He never seemed like someone Eric would have ever trusted and he really needs to have a talk with Pam regarding choosing better comrades/nest mates because if she keeps trusting Long Shadow-types she will find her final death. Wow, I’m really excited for the next installment! Will there be a time when TK makes it out of the short story category? No pressure, just wondering.

    Oh, and thank you for asking about how I’m feeling. My mother had to go in to the hospital for unrelated routine issues and while she was there I wound up spending a couple of nights by her bedside and with my decreased immune system I caught that nasty flu going around. It knocked me on my ass! Last time I was that sick was over 10 years ago when I had walking pneumonia. That time I lost days, this time I just slept a lot. Could have been worse.

    I cannot wait to see where you go next with this story! And, I’m wondering what Gran knows or doesn’t know about Supes in this one. So much fun!!


    • What an amazing review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the addition of Long Shadow. I agree that in the books CH never addresses why Pam wasn’t questioned for bringing Long Shadow into the folds. In this installment, he’s working for someone else… 🙂 Please forgive my dysfunctional brain, but who the hell is TK? Help me out here! 🙂 I’m drawing blanks!

      As far as Sookie getting cleaned up…Eric’s going to take care of her. Since the R&D lab is run by and designed by vampires, they’re going to have a place built in for emergencies like that. A shower would be just what I would want too! Thanks for the idea of Long Shadow’s blood in her mouth. Hadn’t thought of that detail, but I’ll be sure to put it in the next chapter. 🙂

      Oh god, that’s the worst…when you’re already feeling horrible and then you catch something worse! I hope you’re not puking for days on end. I’ve heard this one is bad like that. I’ve also heard this new super flu can survive on surfaces for over a week! Yikes. I do hope you feel better soon. Winter is not my favorite for that exact reason. Oh and shoveling snow too. I’m SO done shoveling snow!


      • honulvr says:

        TK = Tilted Kilt … I was trying to sneak in a little vote for this story to reach more of a ‘Getaway’ length .. or was that your way of saying, ‘nope, sorry, just a short story on this one’ 🙂 Either way, I’m always a vote for more of your writing. Whether it be a new story or whether you are gracious enough to keep TK going and going and going for awhile. 🙂


      • You flatter me with your love and adoration. Really! Now why in the world did I not get the shorthand for the title? Because I’m lame and wasn’t paying attention. 🙂 I do believe TK is going to be a short story, because who in the hell even knows where Getaway came from? Not me! There are always more stories brewing though, don’t you worry! 🙂


  9. isismama says:

    That Long Shadow…he’s such a douche!!
    Great chapter, looking forward to 10!


  10. fozzie74 says:

    Great chapter as usual. Love it.


  11. itsamia says:

    I’ve got to say I love Gran in this chapter, she’s awesome!
    Sookie is very professional here, she is so calm in her acceptance of this big new world & deals with her new job so well, until she gets covered in exploding vampire that is! I’m so looking forward to reading about Eric taking care of her!


    • Oh you know Eric is going to take care of her! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter, especially Gran. I always thought Eric would make any woman swoon, including a woman in her 70s who might forget for a moment how old she is and be swept away by all Eric has to offer. 🙂 It makes me happy to know you loved it too. Thanks so much for reviewing!


  12. theladykt says:

    yey for Eric saving the day again!!!


    • Good ol’ Eric is always up for a heroic moment! 🙂 He’s also up for a little Sookie calming since she’ll need a little something to help after a vamp exploded all over her. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  13. geenakmom says:

    Gran is the best. Love how she was cleaning house I mean spying on Sookie’s goodnight kiss. 🙂

    Sookie sure is bold giving Eric a kiss in the vette, too cute. I’m also glad she’s going to help him.

    The interviews at the plant to were going so well. Of course Long Shadow is the bad guy, so glad Eric is her hero.


    • I always see Eric as the hero! That’s one of the biggest problems I have with True Blood, and also the reason why I don’t write TB fan fiction!

      I think every girl dreams of kissing Eric in the vette. I know I do…and I always love Gran. She’s the best! 🙂

      Thank you for reviewing!


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