Spoilers: The Tilted Kilt Chapter 9

Here’s a little taste…more coming as soon as I get final edits done! All mistakes are my own. 🙂


Sookie nibbled on her bottom lip as she walked down the hallway to Eric’s office. It was the moment she had been waiting for. She was going to ask him on another date, now she just had to muster the courage to go through with it. She raised her hand to knock as the door opened.

Eric stood in front of her with a satisfied smile on his face making her forget about what she was going to say.

“You wanted to see me?” She shook her head, clearing the haze of lust that settled into her brain at the sight of him.

Surprise didn’t begin to explain how she felt about him asking for help, especially why he needed it. She wasn’t very practiced at getting information the way he wanted, and was going to express her concerns until Eric explained how important it was. She had to help him. His existence depended on it.

Sookie didn’t feel like interrogating a bunch of strangers wearing a mini-skirt, so she changed before they left. She couldn’t help noticing the way Eric’s eyes lingered on her tight T-shirt, which made her smile.

Once they were in his car, she was tempted to crawl onto his lap and make her dreams come true, but she reigned herself in and focused on the job ahead of them. Eric certainly wasn’t helping keep her mind out of the gutter. His comments made her blush.

Sookie stared up at the brightly lit brick building and swallowed hard.

“Follow my lead.” Eric touched her back, helping soothe her nerves.

4 thoughts on “Spoilers: The Tilted Kilt Chapter 9

  1. Meridian says:

    This is me tapping my foot impatiently…


  2. Jana says:

    Same here – can’t wait 🙂


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