Spoiler: The Tilted Kilt Chapter 6

Here’s the first little bit of chapter 6. I’ve been sitting on it for a few days, awaiting edits from SeriousCrush, who is out with a horrid cold. Thought you might like a little something to tide you over. 🙂


It was just past midnight as Eric rushed through the restaurant. All of the people sitting around the tables were drinking heavily. None of them seemed to register his movements. Eric scanned the faces of the servers, who had congregated against the bar. One was missing. “Where’s Sookie?” His question came out as a growl, making the women jump.

Ginger frowned. “I sent her down to get rum, but I never saw her come back up.” She was holding a bottle of alcohol. “I’ve never seen such a rush on mixed drinks before.”

One of the other servers added, “Yeah, they’re out of control tonight.” She grimaced and looked out at her section where a group of four men started to sing along to the song playing over the speakers.

Eric walked over to the door leading to the basement. The door was locked. Anger surged through him again. “Get the customers out of here. Call cabs, and get back to work,” he shouted back to them. He bashed against the door with his shoulder. The wood creaked and then splintered as the door gave way and ripped off its hinges. He flew down the stairs and watched Bill position himself over Sookie’s body. Stopping him from touching her was the only thought in his head. Hitting Bill satisfied something deep inside of Eric.

“I didn’t mean any harm,” Bill whimpered.

Eric wanted to hurt him, but he had to make sure Sookie was all right first. His lips curled, revealing his fangs when he noticed the wound on her neck. There was only enough blood to barely coat his fingertip, but it didn’t matter. “How do you explain this?” He wanted to crush Bill’s throat until his head separated from his body.

“Sookie? Are you all right? You look pale.” He narrowed his eyes as he watched her breathing faster and faster. Her eyes focused on his face long enough to recoil in fear and then her eyes rolled up and her body went limp. A piece of glass dropped from her hands as she fell. Eric dropped Bill and scooped Sookie’s body up in his arms before she could hit the ground. He shielded her body with his arms and turned his attention back to Bill, who was cowering on the ground.

“Don’t move.” Just to be sure he was listening, Eric kicked him in the face.

14 thoughts on “Spoiler: The Tilted Kilt Chapter 6

  1. itsamia says:

    Eric hitting Bill in this situation satisfies something deep in a lot of us I think!


  2. Meridian says:

    It’s…it’s…it’s so beautiful, the image of Eric’s foot sayin’ hello to Beehl’s face… *weeping in joy*

    “I didn’t mean any harm”…hey, can we get Eric to blast him for lyin’, too?



  3. Loftin says:

    I’m chomping at the bit for more. Can’t wait!


  4. OMG, can’t wait for more!!!!


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