La Vie En Rose Ch 10: No Place Like Home

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Wow. Now that is a long wait. I don’t even want to think about how many months it’s been. I’m so sorry I didn’t update sooner! This is it, the tenth and last chapter of LVER. I have been meaning to finish it sooner, but Switched took over. Sorry about that. Please visit my blog at MySecretOFanFiction dot wordpress dot com to read the entire story (since I only have the first chapter up on FF – there was too much MA content in the other chapters and I cut all but the first).

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No Place Like Home

I gasped and jerked my face back up and my body jarred as the table fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

“Holy shit!” Amelia exclaimed. “Were you doing that?”

I shrugged. Was I? I focused on the table and tried to move it. Nothing happened. “I guess not.”

“Try something smaller…like that bowl.” Amelia pointed to the bowl that I had been holding moments before.

I focused on the bowl and watched in amazement when the bowl began to clatter against the marble table. I thought about lifting it again. My jaw dropped as it lifted off of the table and hovered. Lift, I thought again. The bowl ascended quickly until I thought stop. It held in the air in front of my face.

Eric’s voice erupted out of him, “What did you do to her?” He was facing Amelia and his whole body was primed and ready for a fight. Amelia cowered.

I turned to face them and the bowl fell, shattering on the table. “She didn’t do anything. I did.” Eric relaxed a little. “Remember what Dr. Ludwig said? Demons have three components of their blood, one that kills me,” I said pointing to the small bowl with Amelia’s things sealed with magic, “one that breaks the connection between me and my donors, and one that could possibly enhance my telepathy.”

“Making a bowl move is not telepathy,” Eric stated, turning his attention away from Amelia.

“Well, according to Dr. Ludwig, demons are full of special gifts,” Amelia added, inching away from Eric. “I wonder if Nargal is telekinetic.”

“He must be,” I said. “And now, so am I!” I couldn’t help but feel a rush of giddiness at the thought. “Now this,” I said, moving the shards of glass through the air and into the garbage, “is a gift!” I squealed.

“Cool!” Amelia said. “Hey, can you still hear me?”

I smiled at her as I listened to her thoughts. “You’re thinking about stopping at Clancy’s for a piece of lemon ice-box pie.”

“Mm, pie.” Amelia’s eyes glazed over.

“Although your new gift is amazing, it’s not what we came here for. What about the blood memory connection? That is what we did all of this for.” Eric looked at Amelia again. “If it didn’t work, I would rather know now.”

Amelia and I shrugged at the same time. “Ames, do you mind if I try it on you?”

“By ‘it’ do you mean feed from me?” Amelia asked.

“Well, yeah,” I said. “But only a little. Just enough to know if it works.”

Amelia hesitated and her face scrunched. “Will it hurt?”

“I’ve been practicing,” I offered.

“That’s not reassuring!” Amelia laughed uncomfortably.

“I’ll pay you,” Eric said.

“I don’t need your money. You do know who my dad is, don’t you?”

“I didn’t say money,” Eric retorted. “There must be something you need.”

Amelia’s eyes widened. “Actually, there’s a pellere spell I’ve been wanting to try. You can fly, right?” She looked Eric up and down. Eric nodded his head. “Well then, we’ll trade. Some of mine for some of yours.”

“Pellere spell?” I asked.

“A motion spell…” Amelia smiled. “I’ve always wanted to fly. I might even go all the way and enchant a broomstick. How cliché would that be?” She giggled.

I laughed and Eric nodded in agreement. “Where do you want it?” Eric asked. Amelia went to her bag and pulled out another glass bowl and handed it to him. “How much do you need?”

“Ten drops.”

Eric opened his mouth, made his fangs descend, and then bit into his wrist. He counted the drops and then handed the bowl back to Amelia. While he held it, she chanted and the air around the opening shimmered the same way it had with the bowl of thanocytes. “Thank you!” Amelia squealed taking the bowl out of his hands and putting it on the table.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Amelia said sitting on the table next to me. “How do we do this?”

“I can bite your wrist if you want,” I offered. Amelia looked unsure, yet determined. She held out her wrist and closed her eyes. I opened my mouth. I could hear Eric’s instructions for feeding playing in my mind. I relaxed and when I did, Amelia did too. My fangs descended and I carefully held her arm while I bit into her wrist.

Amelia winced at the initial contact and then said, “That’s not so bad!”

I swallowed twice, getting just enough blood to test the spell. My hunger for her blood was almost too powerful, and I had to enlist every ounce of control I had in my body to move my mouth away from her wrist. I licked the wound and waited. Nothing came to me. There was no connection. “You did it Ames! The blood memory thingy is gone!”

Amelia clapped her hands. “Yay! It worked! Believe me, I was really worried there for a minute!” She glanced at Eric and gave him an uneasy smile. “Thanks for the trade.”

Eric nodded. “Thank you for giving my wife the freedom she deserves. Too bad you won’t be around in a hundred years to help her again.”

Amelia laughed. “I can always give you this copy so you know exactly what I did. That way you can enlist the help of another witch when the time comes.”

“Thank you, that would be great,” I said giving her a hug. “We need to leave. I still don’t like the idea of being so close to Nargal.”

Amelia cleaned up the rest of her supplies, packing them carefully in her large bag.

On our way down the long hall, we passed by Desmond’s closed office. Relief washed over me at not having to see Nargal again. Did he know I would absorb his gift during the transfer? Would he expect something more from me if he found out I had?

I didn’t want to find out.

Ella was leaning against the side of the van. Her brow was knit with worry. “Well?”

“It worked!” I announced, pointing to Amelia. “She did it.”

“And then some,” Amelia whispered. She ripped a piece of paper out of her notebook. “For your future spell-casting needs.” It read like a recipe, with step-by-step instructions of everything she had done tonight.

“Thanks Ames, give me a call and let me know how your pellere spell goes. If it works, you’ll have to pay us a visit.” I grinned at her, imagining Amelia sitting sidesaddle on a broom flying through the heart of Louisiana. I hugged her one last time and Eric thanked her for helping me.

Once we were on our way home, Ella asked questions about the exchange. She scrunched her nose up when I described Nargal. “I’m glad I didn’t go in with you. I don’t do well with putrid smells.”

I laughed. “Amelia threw up. Several times. It was so awful!”

Ella wanted to know every last detail, and when I got to the end, she gaped at me. “You’re just now telling me that you have telekinesis?”

I shrugged. “You had questions about the exchange, and I didn’t want to get out of order. Believe me, I’ve been dying to tell you.”

Eric snickered.

“Well?” Her eyes darted away from the road long enough to give me a scowl. “Are you going to show me?”

“While you’re driving?” I was anxious to try it again, but didn’t trust myself in a moving vehicle. “Maybe I should wait until we get home.”

Ella huffed. “Fine. Make me wait.”

She didn’t have to wait much longer. As Eric and I unloaded her van, Ella went through the house and switched on the lights and opened windows. “Sorry it’s a little stuffy. I haven’t been here for a couple of days.”

“We appreciate you taking care of our house while we were gone. Mail?” Eric was looking near the door.

“Kitchen counter. I’ll pick up the recent mail and stop the hold tomorrow.” Ella turned to face me. “Can you show me now?”

I held my hand open, and showed her Amelia’s spell resting against my palm.

Ella raised one eyebrow.

Up. The paper drifted away from my hand as if the force of gravity did not apply to it. It was even easier to move than the glass bowl.

Ella’s mouth hung open. “Are you doing that?”

I nodded and smiled. “I am commanding it to move, so it moves.”

“Can you move me?” Ella asked.

I plucked the paper out of the air and put it on the counter in front of Eric. He was watching me intently. I focused my energy on Ella. Up.

Her clothes fluttered, but nothing else happened.

I frowned. “Maybe I can only move inanimate objects.” I turned to face a chair and held out my hand, pointing up. The chair clattered against the floor and then hovered above the ground.

“Can I sit in it?” Ella’s eyes danced.

“Sure. Have a seat and I’ll see if I can move you.”

Ella walked over to the floating chair and pushed on it. It didn’t budge. She jumped a little to get into the seat and then held onto the sides.

“Ready?” I waited for Ella to give me a nod. I directed the chair up a little higher and Ella squealed. I moved my finger back and forth and the chair rocked. My hands started to shake and my muscles quivered. I lowered the chair as gently as I could and leaned against the counter next to Eric.

“Lover, are you all right?” Eric put his hands on my shoulders and was staring into my eyes.

My shoulders slumped. “Wow, that takes a lot out of me. Please tell me we have something to eat in the fridge.”

Ella hopped off the chair and ran to the kitchen. “I got you a welcome home supply of blood from the bank.” She flashed a smile and showed me one of the bags.

My stomach lurched. “Could you warm it up for me?”

“You didn’t have much to eat tonight, and if that takes a toll on you,” Eric pointed to the chair, “then you must be starving. Ella, why don’t you warm up two?”

Ella filled a glass and warmed it. She put it in my hands and I relaxed as I swallowed it. Not a trace of anyone’s memories. It was lovely. Eric touched my face and smiled.

Ella looked from Eric to me. “I should leave you two to relax for the rest of the night. It’s been a long trip.” She checked her watch. “Besides, if I hurry home, I can kiss Miles goodnight. See you tomorrow?”

“Yes. Tomorrow.” I hugged her before she left.

“Feeling better?” Eric stroked my face.

I nodded. “I know something that would make me feel even better though.”

“What would that be?”

“You and me. Naked. In our bed.”

“Ladies first.” Eric swept his hand toward the stairs.

“Such a gentleman.” I moved in a blur, with Eric close on my heels. He moved his hands to the hem of his T-shirt and I stopped him. “I want to try something.” I pushed him against the edge of the bed and stood a few feet away from him. I pointed my finger up his shirt and flicked it up. His shirt followed the movement of my finger, revealing his sculpted muscles and smooth skin. His arms raised as the material pushed over his head.

“Mm, I could definitely get used to this.” I spun my finger and his shirt twisted between his hands, locking them in place. I turned my attention to the button holding his pants closed and tried to open it using my new power. The material ripped as the button tore through. I grimaced. “Sorry. I need to practice buttons.” I used my hands to move the zipper down and then sighed when his pants fell to the floor. His magnificent cock sprang out to greet me.

I gave him a wicked smile and pushed him back onto the bed. His shirt still held his arms firmly in place and when he fell, they dangled off the side of the bed. I pulled his pants off his feet and crawled onto the bed next to him. “I just love when you’re my captive.”

“Me too,” he murmured.

I scraped his skin with my fangs. His body convulsed and he growled, but continued to keep his arms over his head. I pushed my tongue between my teeth and licked every inch of his body, except his dick. His muscles tensed and strained as he moved against me, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of giving him what he wanted quite yet. I kissed a trail up his ribs, along his arm and when my lips grazed his, he bit me. Now it was my turn to growl. I pushed my bleeding lip into his mouth and he moaned and thrust his hips. I pulled away from him and leaned across his body and kissed down his other arm, pushing my breasts into his face. He sucked on one nipple and then the other. I wasn’t going to last much longer if he kept doing that and I had every intention of teasing him as long as I possibly could. I reluctantly pulled away from his mouth and continued my journey down the other side of his body, rasping my hard nipples against his chest.

His hips were rolling and moving and his cock was already glistening with precum. I wedged my body between his legs and breathed on his dick. It twitched. “Did you need something Mr. Northman?”

He groaned. “You, Mrs. Northman.”

“What would you like me to do?” I batted my eyelashes at him and breathed on his cock again.

“Suck my dick and then fuck me.”

“You want me,” I reached my tongue out and flicked it across the head of his dick, “to suck your dick?”

“Mm hmm.” His eyes were closed again. “Please?”

I smiled and opened my mouth, carefully sucking him in all the way. I moved my head up and down, sucking and licking hard and fast. His hips jerked as he came and I moaned against his cock and milked every last drop out of him.

“Now what else was it you wanted?” I crawled up his body until I was straddling his chest.

“I need to taste you first.”

I grinned. “I can’t say no to that.” I moved farther up until my pussy hovered over his face.

He raised his head and lunged toward my exposed sex with his impatient tongue. I sighed and crushed my body against his mouth. His tongue swept against my clit and then dipped inside me. He repeated the movement over and over again until my body shook and the room filled with the sound of my pleasure.

“Mm,” Eric hummed against my sensitive skin as his tongue moved in languid circles over my clit.

The muscles tensed in my inner thighs. I needed him more than ever. I growled and reluctantly pulled away from his hungry mouth. I slid my slippery lips down his body until they kissed his cock. I clamped my mouth over his, tasting myself on his lips, and then his tongue pushed impatiently into my mouth as his cock slipped inside me. I moaned into his mouth and relaxed. He slammed the rest of the way inside me, making me gasp.

I pushed on his chest, sitting upright. I dug my nails into his skin and rolled my hips, moving impossibly slow. Eric growled, and because his hands were still bound, he had no way to control my body. His hips bucked under me, and the muscles in his arms tensed as he struggled to remain passive. I rubbed my clit against him and lost focus on his T-shirt as another orgasm shot through me. Seeing his opportunity, Eric slipped his arms out of the material that had been binding them, and gripped my hips.

Our bodies joined with bruising force, and now Eric could control my movements, his growls of frustration turned into pleasure, adding to mine. I pushed my wrist toward his mouth and he offered his to me, and as we neared release, we bit into each other’s flesh and drank.

I collapsed on top of him and sighed. It was good to be home, but even when our job took us away, as long as we were together, we were happy. Forever.

The End


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  1. I’m just sorry that it’s over. Time to write a new one now!!


  2. valady1 says:

    That’s what I call ending on a happy note..what all Eric and Sookie lovers hope for..


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    Torn….sad to see it end but really excited about what you do next!!


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    Very nice getaway


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    Always a little sad when a good story comes to an end –but so glad you have another one in the wings!! Hot ending….



  6. whew hot blooded says:

    will miss these guys, but looking forward to new stories too. this was a great ending. the demon blood does have some benefits 😉 telekinesis and a viking in a kilt…mhhh…


    • LOL, I think you’re mixing stories here. We’re going to start fresh with Sookie. Innocent and all that…and Eric in a kilt, well, that’s never innocent. Thanks for your review and love. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded and kilt spying says:

        no worries, i did not mix them up and realize they are not meant to be together as themes. my mind just thought that if eric was in a kilt, it would be great if i could use telekinesis to lift the kilt at a moment’s notice 😉 peek a boo, indeed…

        i look forward to the new stories, even if they do not have kilt-lifting events!


      • Oh, there will be kilt lifting…with hands, not minds. 🙂 It would be a handy gift for sure, but in the new story, Sookie’s all innocent and stuff, so we’ll have to work up to some kilt lifting. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded and kilt peeking says:

        i envision a tale in which the kilt lifts by forces that require no MINDS or HANDS at all… they can join in the fun but are not necessary for show and tell. *choking on air at this point* it should not be TOO HARD to figure this storyline out *coughs violently and seeks fainting couch immediately* do not fear, i will wait patiently to see what DEVELOPS in your version. i gnome that your ideas and writing are superior to mine any time and any day. *squees in fangirl excitement for your new story*


      • There may not be a need for hands or minds for Eric’s kilt to be lifted…what a superb idea. I do so love when you share your brain with me…now go get a glass of water and rest before you pass out from laughing so hard. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        superb, indeed 😉 ah, now i am thinking about that kilt and what lies beneath it again…peep show fantasies run through my mind…

        *loud thud as collapses gasping in joy before reaching fainting couch*


      • I do so love to make you faint, since it seems to happen frequently! Peep show would be a great theme for another story. You have definitely inspired me. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i will take it as a compliment that you love to make me faint 😉 if peep show is inspiration, then we are literally and figuratively on the same page! i spy with my lil eye, *slurps and crashes to floor suddenly without even knowing needed fainting couch*


      • I couldn’t turn my brain off last night, and was torn between the two ideas. Eric in a peep show booth with Sookie watching, or Sookie in a peep show booth and Eric watching. It would seem WAY off canon for Sookie to go to a peep show, or work for a peep show place, so what do you think? I could always move her to CA trying to make it as an actress, and turning to working for a place like that as a means to an end. What do you think? I don’t know. I would really prefer to see Eric in a booth dancing sexy, but would women really pay for that? I’m not sure. Maybe if it were a vamp novelty peep thing. Who knows? Any feedback is much appreciated!


      • whew hot blooded and overthinking says:

        wow, you had a lot of solid ideas already. nothing wrong with any of them. your writing is your own and does not need to be canon btw 😉 perhaps to be a bit more canon-like, sookie could be working as waitress in her cousin’s club and starting to help with the newest services aka private viewing/peep shows. this means she works there and eric is show, or she works shows too, if cousin is suddenly short staffed…or cousin sets her up to do private show for customer eric since he is bigwig supe. plausible to me but i am a pervtootie and do not gnome what i am talking about per your assessment anyhoo! maybe do a poll of readers and get some voting of ideas *shrugs*

        or eric could be his own business owner and once a month, as payback to pam (for something you make up to be hilarious) the star attraction with a theme, of course 😉 or eric, in an historic timeframe, runs a private gentlemen’s club with madam pam, and their staff including sookie does shows by request. or AH eric and sookie can both be working somewhere and do the show as a favor to save their boss’ business since maybe neither would normally do this. or callisto owns a club they visit and suddenly they are the show after they get their frenzy on…aagh! my brain, now you have infected me with this too.

        all i know is i want to envision my viking a hiking himself somehow…*inhales sharply and collapses halfway on fainting couch*


      • I’m so sorry to have infected you with my craziness too!! I like the idea of Sookie working with Hadley, and her giving him a show seems really good, but as I said, I’d really like to see Eric strip. Maybe part of the peep show would be him feeding and then Sookie wants to have him bite her. Hmm.

        This is how stories are built. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded and vikingless says:

        ah, i meant the fae cousins…envisioned claude coveting eric and wanting him to show it all…or eric owes a favor to fae for saving or helping sookie, and this is how he must repay, or lost bet to pam…there are many ways to make eric strip…and “fake” feed too. or eric can simply put on a show for sookie just because…or for me…*giggles*

        or supe bar called “glamour” that is owned by eric, run by pam and sooo fabulous. eric is the star attraction…the whole audience gets glamoured during the show, and fed from but sookie is not able to be glamoured and eric contains her to *discover* why…no more, this is too distracting and i have no viking to play with…*pity whimper*

        but you are on it now…go go go and keep on creating pervtootie wonder for us to enjoy.

        thanks for you will be given around the table…


      • Oh my god, I love the Glamour Idea!!!! What a wonderful thing lurking around in your brain. 🙂 I need to write it down before I can’t remember it. Damn memory doesn’t work so well these days. LOL. Yes, I have it in a document now…and that will be fun. If only I had another 24 hours each day where I could write and not have to worry about anything else. 🙂 ❤


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i gnome that i have something to offer you in return for all your stories! use it or lose it, right? i like that idea too, and it will be fun to see what you do with it. i would freak if i was in the club and saw all that happening and was not glamoured. think about it, your friends would not believe you and think you are drunk, and the supes…well, now that is another story entirely. great story from either POV really. tales from the fainting couch, solely for you 😉

        i hope that you are well and riding the excitement wave. i have been pretty sick and unable to read or use computer much. in fact, system was down a bit and not sure why. i wanted to respond and say i know there is new TK to read, and i also have your new book too. timing is everything and i have been too ill to read it for now. once i do, i will yodel for sure 😉

        i might need the garden spot sooner than i expected…meh, gah, grumbles… ;(


      • I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! If I could send you soup through your computer I totally would, but I would fear for the worst and probably kill your machine, and then I would be without you. A the dilemma!

        I went from riding the excitement wave to shopping for the insane holidays. You know, I try to give and receive gifts in moderation, but it is still so overwhelming. I’m sorry to say it takes all my creative energy, which sucks. A lot.

        I really love the Glamour story idea. It’s waiting patiently for my attention. I am very grateful for your brain, which provides things mine doesn’t. We’re good that way! 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i am finally on mend again. thanks for withholding the soup!

        hoping your holidays were the best and that things slowed down a bit for you.

        it is so exciting to know that you will some day, some time, surprise us with the glamour story *pulls self to fainting couch to calm down*


      • I am definitely going to write it. What a lovely idea.

        I am so glad you’re finally on the mend. I was so worried when I didn’t hear from you for weeks. I’ve been sick twice (one of them is happening right now) since just before christmas, which has forced me to slow down. I’m sure your illness did the same thing. It doesn’t make your life easier, but it forces you to sit down. 🙂 Needless to say, I’m glad December is over.

        It is lovely to hear from you again, and I’m glad you’re feeling a little better!


      • whew hot blooded says:

        health is definitely not something to take for granted. i am sending you speedy recovery, and fully appreciate how yuck it is to stay sick. i am relieved to be better.

        i am so behind with reading, and have much catching up to do. until i am in better frame of mind, and state of being, i have not touched your lila…it deserves my full and thoughtful attention. i think i am caught up with TK though.

        take care and get well soon.


      • I just realized why I missed you so much. It was a month, wasn’t it? Since the last time we chatted. Too long! Seriously. I appreciate every minute I’m healthy, and I’m grateful that I’m the one sick this winter and not my two little ‘uns. 🙂

        I am flattered you’re saving Lila for a quiet moment. I hope you enjoy it. I had a moment of extreme sadness today after reading a couple of so-so reviews on GoodReads (which happen to be the only ones there). I know I can’t please everyone…but it’s the first time I’ve put myself out there and been left with readers who weren’t happy. What I’m really hoping is that YOU enjoy my book.

        I really think my writing improved by my second book and hopefully the third will be even better. It’s all about growing and learning, right? I’m trying. That’s all I can strive for. I know what you’re going to say though, and I want you to understand I’m not giving up. Lila isn’t perfect, but it was perfect for me at the time. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        ah, you gnome me so well. i will tell you to focus on your growth and progress, and the innate pleasure you derive from writing. the angst over mediocre reviews is not meaningful to you. if you wish to find something helpful in it, then search for a theme of what might need tightening up for newer creations- if you even agree, and you may not. but (and it is a big butt, like mine!!) do not take it to heart and allow it to taint how you create and write. if you focus on this, then it will clog your drain. and trust me, the kinda plunging that is required for fixing ain’t what you and i would prefer 🙂 *oh, that one hurts* let it flow and keep the balance *deep breath in, hold…let it out*

        yeah, it was too long between visits. i have no doubt i will enjoy your story since parts i already read were fun and schmexy to me. i just want to read it when i can read it without interruption, or feeling ill and glossing over it…i want my escape and to enjoy the ride *bzzzzzzzzz*

        if you are not cackling about now…you are in trouble girl…mhhhmmm


      • Oh, I’m cackling! You are seriously cracking me up! 🙂 And also making me nod in agreement with you. You are right, and I knew you would get me back to where I need to be. I don’t want my drain to be clogged. It is so easy to get that way and so much more difficult to get it unclogged (and not in a good way). I can see why some people wouldn’t enjoy it, and I remind myself constantly I can’t make everyone happy, even though I’d like to. I do get pleasure from writing. It is very fulfilling, and hearing from readers about this or that from the stories they love makes me giddy. I guess it’s only fair my emotions would swing the other way when I have disappointed customers, no?

        Deep breathing and positive affirmations. I’m all set thanks to you and the handful of other women who love me here too. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        is your writing for you, or for others? i guess that really is the question. creating a work of art and deciding to share it is one thing. designing a product to sell is another. so “disappointed customers” is perhaps the issue, depending upon the reasons behind why you write and what you want to achieve with writing. you cannot satisfy them all, but you can strive to nurture yourself.

        it seemed to me that your writing was for your pleasure first, then others second. however, i can be very wrong in this idea. if so, my apologies for assuming in error. i can appreciate why you would want to consider the disappointed or dissatisfied reader, but there has to be some balance in doing so. it largely comes down to why you write, and if you met your own goals. then, you have the luxury of deciding the value of others’ input. this includes my own as well 😉

        take good care of you and your creative juices too. many of us out here crave it, without the hard sell. i gnome you do not want me to send you a mighty plunger!!


      • Oh, please don’t send me a mighty plunger. You’ll have me quaking in my boots out here in the below-freezing temps.

        You bring up a very important question. Is my writing for me or others? Well, I suppose it’s a little of both. I’m one of those insane people who finds great pleasure in making other people happy (which is why reviews always make me so happy). So, I started writing for myself, but I got to a point where I started to let my stories be influenced by others. I think it has become a natural progression, and since my readers want the same thing I do, it’s fairly easy work. There are, of course, moments when I’ll have a reader disagree with my work (or point out the flaws), both of which are hard to hear, but do help guide me into a new path of perfection. Mind you, I know my early stories are littered with problems. Every chapter I post has been edited by myself at least four times, and once SeriousCrush got onboard, twice by her, but despite our efforts, there are problems. In almost all cases, if there are problems, I don’t seek them out. I leave the story as it is, and hope my readers can get past the problems. When a reader tells me they don’t like and aspect of my story or I offended them, I really struggle to be okay with my own ideas because someone has challenged them. I know, it’s a sheltered life, and being on the market is not a place to be so damn sensitive, but it is something I definitely need to work on, and I know it. I’ve had a few people just not like my writing period. My voice, my style, my everything. I don’t even know where to begin ‘fixing’ that problem, so I don’t attempt it, but since I aim to please, it is something I have a hard time swallowing. I’m rambling again.

        To sum up: I write for myself AND others. I like to make people happy, and apparently, smut makes people happy, which benefits me. 🙂 Yeay for smut!


      • whew hot blooded and toilet worshipping says:

        read you loud and clear. good to know you are working on focusing on balance. you can please yourself but not ever be able to guarantee pleasing others. it is fortunate that much of what you do is so gosh darn appealing to majority of us anyway, yes?! so seems like success to me.

        right now, i cannot spare a mighty plunger for you…my toilets are needed in a desperate way. this is worst type of bug and it makes me think of your poor pit tossing doggies 😉


      • Damn dogs and their apricot eating! I was just thinking how lovely it is to not wake up to that every morning! I’m so so sorry for your illness. I forgot to mention in the other post, if you’re sick of electrolytes, try chocolate milk (cow or soy) if you can stomach it. It’s got sugar, salt AND protein. Works better than anything in our house. Just putting it out there.

        You’re right, I can’t be sure to please everyone else, even if I try really hard, but if I work and I’m proud of what I do, I can make myself happy and that’s huge. See? I’m getting there! Now go lay down!!


      • whew hot blooded says:

        milk (cow and soy) rarely sits well with me, so right now…*stifles gag reflex* sticking with gingerale and gatorade and maybe some weak tea.

        good to focus on you. much better than me right about now 😉 yeah, i am going to try to bathe, and not end up on fainting couch in error 🙂

        good to know you are getting there. keep on keeping on, missy 😉


      • I’m working on it, and I will not bring up any other liquids that might make you faint or puke. 🙂 For now, I’ll just stick to trying not to freeze to death. 🙂 Good thing I have a house and heat and food, and so much more.

        Get well. That’s an order!


      • whew hot blooded says:

        you do have so many things to be thankful for…as do i. when i feel like this, it is hard to think of all of these things that i take for granted. thanks for reminding me. i am bit better today and hope to be better tomorrow. i am getting behind in the world. amazing how fast it can all go by, huh?!

        stay warm in body and spirit 😉 it is nasty and cold here too but i think you have it worse, weather-wise. stay healthy and grateful, and gnome that you are my fav pervtootie EVAH xoxo 🙂


      • Now that’s enough to warm me through and through. Favorite pervtootie evah? Wow. What can I say? I can point out that my autocorrect (which happens now since the last time I updated my computer) does not like the spelling of either of these words, and kept trying to change it. Damn you auotcorrect! Speaking of that, it is my favorite site to visit when I’m feeling down. I never laugh so hard as when I read the most horrible things people type to their loved ones. 🙂 So if you’re in need of mood lifting, please go check it out. I also like to frequent the ‘parent fails’ page linked to DYA, which always makes me feel like a better parent no matter what I’m dealing with (because inevitably, it’s better than pics of moms chugging beer while holding an infant).

        I don’t mean to get all preachy about being grateful for things, and I hope you didn’t take it like that. A few years ago, a water main broke in February. Needless to say, we were without water for a week. When it came back on, I called the city and thanked them. I didn’t know how much longer I could melt snow on my stove so I could flush the toilet! 🙂 All of this happened while I was at home with a toddler and pregnant. Not fun. I’m just happy to have heat and running water, and I’m reminded of that every winter when I remember how hard it was. See? I’m rambling again. Anyway, get some sleep, that’s what will get you through. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded and surviving the prairie says:

        you are not rambling and it made me smile and laugh. that would be horrible to be without water and toilet for me right now much less preggers and with toddie too. ah, the agony of that. and yet…our ancestors did it and survived somehow.

        i would have died on the prarie long ago of dehydration, infection, anemia…etc. it is a running joke with friends that i am not survival-worthy and would not have made it past childhood or young adulthood from illness. so i am grateful for many things, and running water, heat, antibiotics, are high on my list. so are caring family and friends, who have kept me alive and cared so well for me too.

        i will have to check that site out for sure. one that has me hysterical this week is i know you can post your babies on it with toss up apricot pit signs soon!

        who is rambling now? got an egg white and brown rice in me…oh boy, it is the big time now! just want it to stay in my belly, and all will be AAAAAAAAAAA otay 😉

        stay warm and well, my favorita pervtootie. autocorrect you leave us alone!! i can mix spanish and made up words cuz i am surviving the prairie against all odds *steps shakily down off of soap box*


      • No kidding! I don’t know what the hell people are talking about when they talk about ‘the good ol’ days.’ They’re referring to the time before running water, electricity and medicine. To a time when doctors used leeches and thought our ‘humour’ could be treated. Seriously. What are they? Nuts?! I forgot antibiotics. That’s high on my list too…along with ibuprofen. Oh the joy of pain relief! 🙂

        Hey! Brown rice and a little egg is a perfect start. I always go with brown rice, and found quinoa to be good on a sick belly too.

        Dog shaming is hilarious, and I had the EXACT same thought about taking a picture of my pups with a pile of pits and a sign that says, “I eat apricot whole, and then puke up the seeds at 4:00 am, because I am a bastard!” I think it would be funny. 🙂 Glad you agree. 🙂

        I’m happy today was easier for you. My cough is still kicking my ass, but it beats the pukes any ol’ day of the week. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        oh yeah, if you post the pups please let me know..or i will know by content i guess. it is hilar to me too. your site was funny as well.

        coughing not great so take care and keep hydrated and moisturized due to excessive use of indoor heat and low humidity. watch out for your spicy spice foods too. hacking a lung is preferable to toss up and juicypoos. my head hurts a lot less today so that is great and my nose stopped bleeding too. so some body parts have let me off the hook today. i swear i thought i was starring in painted veil for a minute there…*not laughing a bit*

        have some tea with honey and lemon *yeah citrus*


      • Oh I’ve been drinking tea…with lemon and honey. 🙂

        Oh god, you’ve had nosebleeds on top of everything else? What the hell is going on over there? I’ve been pampering my sore throat, and keeping acid and spice to a minimum. Sounds like you’ve been doing the same thing, but for different reasons. 😦

        What I should’ve done was taken pictures of my dogs with their mound of apricot pits. I guess I’ll have to wait until August to shame them properly, although this year, we’re going to put a tarp up again (only earlier), so maybe there won’t be as many opportunities for shaming. 🙂 I’m glad DYA gave you a laugh. It always works for me. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i was having every orifice fail 🙂 or pretty damn close. i finally got some sleep, and i mean real restorative sleep after almost a week so i am bit relieved since that can only be good thing.

        hope you feel better today too.


      • Yes, only coughing up part of my lung and not the whole thing. I shudder to think what my sleeves look like (because I cover my cough, not because I wipe my nose on it :)). Yeay! for real sleep. Best kind for sure.

        I got into an argument with my doctor once, about taking medicine. He told me it would only treat the symptoms, and not the illness. I countered with, “Yeah, but if it treats the symptoms so you can sleep and heal, then that IS fighting the illness.” He eventually agreed with me. Sleep is the best way to get better. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        just ate again!! whoooooooooooheeeeee. saving new chapter to read when i can concentrate better. i anticipate reading it soon. so good that we are getting better. i cough into my sleeve too. wish others did as well. when i was at doc i watched a man cough disgustingly into his hand and wipe it on his pants and leave a trail. i was already so nauseated and that finished me off and i got up and moved away. *shudders in recollection*

        sleep is great when needed so badly. made all the difference in my day.


      • Surely by now you’ve recovered fully, right? I am sleeping without meds, and now I hardly cough (except for the inversion which has us marked as the worst air in the US right now!).

        Your story is disgusting! What is wrong with people and their horrible coughing/sneezing/sicky habits? Seriously. These are adults, right? Not cool. I’d hate to be a nurse at a clinic for sure! 🙂 BTW, thanks for leaving a review on FFn. You’re too good to me. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i am better one way, and not ok in another. this has been rough go of it. so good to know you are better and i wish you better air quality for sure. yeah that man (late 50s or early 60s and old enough to know way better) skeeved me out and it was repulsive. reminds me of what boys or male teens do *shudders* 😦

        hey, speaking of your area, i read about bees needing to be fed additional honey /food since this is how they survive winter as they do not hibernate or become dormant but eat their own honey to survive. often if too cold or season is off, then they run out of food and this is what kills them. soooooooo if you have way to assess this and address it, if it needs to be, then likely your buzzers will be just fine and dandy come spring. i am sure you already know this but just in case. i thought of you, my pervtootie honeybee 😉

        of course, i am happy to review you and do your thang (whether i agree with whole schmoo or not, i support you). i am cracking the whip since i need more…to read now 🙂 purrhty pleaaaaaaaaase with cherries on top, and extra nuts too *giggles and seeks fainting couch to prepare*


      • Thank you again for that review, it was really amazing! 🙂 I put up on a special page on my other blog with the other two reviews I’ve gotten from my ff fans. 🙂

        Yes, the bees don’t really hibernate, but they slow down and eat honey to maintain warmth. We didn’t harvest any honey from them, and their hive (which is 4 feet long) was packed from end to end in the fall, so I’m hoping they’re in good shape. 🙂 We can’t feed them sugar water right now, since it’ll freeze and break the container, but once it warms above 45 we’ll get food out there. I really hope they pull through. I love all our ladies (what my kids call them since the colony is mainly sisters) and would be sad to have them die.

        I can’t believe how sick you’ve been for SO long! Seriously. You need to take it easy and have someone else take care of you for a while. Do you have someone who does that? If not, you need someone…if only you lived in Utah! 🙂 I’m sending good thoughts your way. Get better…I mean it!


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i have posted my review for lila on your september roberts blog.

        just giving you a heads up. *whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwee runs around squeeing and cheering and slap happy*

        😉 🙂 😉 🙂


      • What? How did I miss that? Geez….now I need to go look on my other blog! 🙂 ❤


      • whew hot blooded says:

        urhm, like yeah, how did you miss it? i have been waiting and waiting for you to notice me…*snickers*

        i hope it meets with your approval.


      • Oh you know it did!!! It got buried in my inbox, and since I can’t have this and that wordpress open at the same time, I missed it! Thank you again!


  7. NANOU says:

    I am also sad that it’s over! I love “getaway” and “life in pink” getaway part of my first fanfictions I love reread this story from time to time! I do not worry about the Following your adventures literary, I know that you always have good ideas and a lot of imagination, thank you for this fanfiction I translated chapter after chapter backup on my hard drive and my smartphone and I will keep for always .
    thank you


    • Nanou, I am so flattered that you have followed and translated each and every chapter! I really am sorry it took me so long to get the last chapter done, but I’m glad you enjoyed it! My next story is coming soon! 🙂 Thank for reviewing, as always!


  8. Loftin says:

    That was an ending I can happily sink my teeth in to! 🙂
    I was so looking forward to more. 😦 I guess I’ll have to pacify myself with only thoughts of Vikings in kilts…then again thats not a bad plan at all. Kilt + really long bag Pipe = happy place!! Get moving woman…I’m already salivating. Lol!
    Always excited to see what that fabulously naughty mind of your cocks…erm..cooks up. More soon please.


    • I’m laughing out loud like a loony person! Seriously. Ok, I promise I’ll edit my new story again tomorrow and post ASAP. I hope that helps keep you happy. 🙂

      LVER is a story that could go on forever, but I figured it was good to go out on a high note of unending possibilities. I just hope the story never got stale, since it was SOOOO long (considering the original and sequel). Thanks for the continued love and support! 🙂


  9. vamplovers says:

    i loved the story 🙂 but am sad it’s over


  10. theladykt says:

    noooooo It can’t be over!!!! Thanks for writing and sharing.


    • I’m sorry it’s over. It was hard to let go, but it took me SO long to post that chapter, I figured no one would read if I added a chapter once a year! LOL Thanks for all the many reviews as you read through Getaway and LVER, I have enjoyed every one!


  11. Heather218 says:

    I hate that its over!! It only took me 3 evenings to read both stories!! I love Eric and Sookie !! I read so many stories on FanFiction that I deam about them..hahaha You are a great writer, especially the lemons 😉


    • Well thank you for that compliment! I’m so glad you loved both stories and that they made you happy. I do aim to please, so there you go! I can’t believe you read the whole thing in three evenings! That’s dedication. Honestly. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing, and hopefully you’ll like my other stories too! 🙂


  12. the Vikings succubus says:

    FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!!!! That was a beautiful ending. Just about the best sequel to an equally awesome story. Right up there with The Godfather 2 and The Empire Strikes Back.


    • You’re killing me over here! 🙂 Only you would compare SVM erotica to The Godfather and Star Wars! LOL I’m still laughing.

      On a serious note, I’m really happy you enjoyed both stories. You are so kind to shout such awesome love my way, so thank you for that. Your love keeps me writing. Thank you so much!


  13. Kathy says:

    Man loved this on too.


  14. jxadams says:

    Excellent sequel! They have forever!


  15. Alison Griffiths says:

    Fabulous sequel, even better than the original. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!


  16. Just re read both of these stories and as always I want more of this sookie and Eric love them they are so cute together great story I know its old and I have read it before but I still love it.


  17. dkeller7878 says:

    It was nice to read a happy story with no angst. I truely enjoyed both stories 🙂


  18. suzymeinen says:

    Excellent story. Loved vamp Sookies powers and how they dealt with them. Can’t wait to read more of your stuff.


    • Thank you so much! I really loved writing vamp Sookie and going to Paris was like being there all over again! 🙂 I have a LOT of stories, so I hope you find something you will enjoy. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing, I love hearing from new readers!


  19. Kittyinaz says:

    When I am officially back, I’ll write this one up…. Thank you milady for the treats!!


  20. Kate says:

    Love it 💞 fantastic story. I wonder where Sookie and Eric will be in several hundred years… could be another story 😃


  21. bashfyl says:

    Thanks for sharing!


  22. L_Viviane says:

    Start to finish I loved both of them. Wonderful and light. Thank you for sharing( as I go back to your main page to gobble up more words.) 😉


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