Switched: Epilogue

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Thank you again for all of your lovely feedback. I am so grateful to have your support. I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I updated. I have been working on my book nonstop, and now it’s done. It will be released November 26th through Liquid Silver Books (in e book format compatible with many e readers). I posted an excerpt on my blog, and the cover art is up as well. Go check it out and follow me if you haven’t already! SeptemberRoberts dot wordpress dot com


Thank you SeriousCrush for reading this and encouraging me. I love you so! Any remaining mistakes are my own.


Here’s the epilogue, short and sweet:



Switched Epilogue Sookie’s POV


As she thought back over the time she spent in Eric’s body, she realized while she had been annoyed at the time, it had been the most amazing opportunity of her life. How many other couples in the world could say they knew each other and really mean it? Each moment she spent in Eric’s body brought her closer to understanding him, and it had given their relationship stability.


Working with the queen had been interesting, to say the least. Sookie kept her mouth shut and listened a lot, which seemed to be the most effective way to learn. The more she worked, the more comfortable she felt with her position.


During the most recent vampire conference, she ran into Barry, the telepath she met in Dallas. He was working for Stan now, and over a cup of coffee, they started talking shop.


It’s been awesome, for the most part. Some of it is kind of weird, but maybe that’s just Stan.” Barry shrugged.


Sookie laughed, getting the attention of a family dining nearby. “Sophie-Anne has her own little peculiarities. Believe me. I love getting to use my gift. It’s really helped with my focus. And it’s great to know I don’t need to worry about paying my bills.”


Barry cleared his throat. “How much is she paying you? If you don’t mind me asking.”




Is that all?” Barry scoffed. “We’re worth more than that. You should ask for a raise.”


That’s what Eric keeps telling me. What do you charge?”


One fifty. Plus benefits.” Barry raised his eyebrows. “Remember, Sookie, they need us. Our ability is a valuable commodity, and I bet the queen would easily pay you that much, or more.


I’ll talk to her about it. Thanks!” She gave him a smile.


So, I see you’re with Eric. What happened to Bill?”


Sookie grimaced. “Bill’s a dirtbag. Eric on the other hand, is a great guy.” She didn’t feel like discussing the details with him, and shielded her mind so he couldn’t read her like a book, something she only got to practice when she was with him. Barry got the hint and didn’t press her. “How about you? You seeing anyone?”


Barry grinned. “I am beginning to appreciate vamps a lot more now I spend so much time with them.”


Sookie picked up a flash of Barry kissing a beautiful brunette, and just as quickly as the image surfaced, it disappeared. “Thanks for hanging out with me. I need to be back for a meeting. See you soon?”


Barry gave her a quick nod. “Yes, I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”




Later that night, after the meeting, she gathered up all her courage and asked the queen for a raise.


Sophie-Anne gave her a shrewd smile. “I was wondering when you would realize you are worth more. What did you have in mind?”


Sookie wrung her hands. “Um. Another hundred?” She shrugged.


“Done. I will have Andre draw up a new contract. Anything else?”


Sookie smiled. “No, thank you. I am grateful to have such a gracious boss.”


“Oh Sookie, flattery will get you everywhere. I want to make sure you are happy here. I couldn’t bare to lose you to someone else.” Sophie-Anne smoothed her hair. “That pompous ass from Florida bragged that he could offer you something I couldn’t. I don’t even know how he found out about you.”


“Let me assure you. I am quite happy working for you, and I am not the kind of person who breaks my word. I work for you, and I seriously doubt anyone else could offer me what you do: job security and the undivided attention of the Sheriff of Area five.”


Eric and Sookie celebrated her raise by going shopping. Eric always said he loved going shopping with her. It seemed as though his experience dressing in women’s clothing had given him invaluable experience as to what looked and felt best on a woman’s body, so while they shopped, Sookie always trusted his judgement.


The time they spent in Louisiana was split between their houses. During the switch, they had both become very familiar with each other’s lives, and Sookie came to love Fangtasia, which delighted Eric.


Pam had a deep appreciation for Sookie, especially after Sookie organized the pile of paperwork that had started to consume her home office. Pam joked that now she could see her desk she wouldn’t need to borrow Eric’s. Mel blushed every time Pam mentioned the moment they got caught.




Eric caressed Sookie’s hair as they lay in bed together. “Are you happy?”


Sookie beamed at him. “You know I am, and you have everything to do with that.”


“I love you.”


“I love you too. Thank you for waiting for me.”


“Waiting for what?” Eric frowned.


“For me to open my eyes and see how amazing you are.” Sookie laughed. “Actually, I had to open your eyes.”


Eric chuckled. “That certainly was an interesting learning experience, wasn’t it? I was so angry at her at first, but now I feel like thanking her.”


She scoffed. “I’m sure you’ll want to thank her for experiencing my period.”


“It’s part of you, and it helps me understand how you feel every month. It made me more human. To think, the thing that brought me closer to you was a craving for chocolate and commercials that made me cry.”


“I must say I’ve never met a more understanding man. You’re right. Her madness was a gift, although I wasn’t so sure about that at the time. I still don’t know how you control your blood lust and anger so well. I’m just glad we got through the other side together. I can’t imagine my life without you.”


“And mine without you.” Eric kissed her.


Her body melted against his, and she happily gave herself to him, over and over again. Every union was filled with love and the intense need to be together.


A year ago, Sookie wouldn’t have imagined that she would be in a loving relationship and traveling the country with Eric. She knew the love they shared would keep them together, giving them a fulfilling life together, one that she had never experienced before.



Well…I hope you enjoyed it. Please review, one last time to share the love. I really am sorry it took me so long to post, I hope you’ll all forgive me!

79 thoughts on “Switched: Epilogue

  1. erin1705 says:

    I loved this fic! It was definitely one of my favorites in such a long time. Awesome job!


  2. lauinia says:

    Hey! You’re back! Very excited about the book… My Kindle will be loaded with a copy asap! x


    • MySecretOFanFiction says:

      Shocking, I know! It’s been WAY too long. I’ve just spent the last two hours cleaning out my inbox in my e mail, which was also neglected for the last month! 😦

      Thanks for the love for my book. I hope it doesn’t disappoint! 🙂


  3. TriceNorthman says:

    Well, what can I say? It was the perfect ending, and I can’t wait for your book although I don’t have a kindle. Hope it is released in paper too ’cause I love feeling the pages in my hands.
    I was thrilled with this fic since the beginning and I can’t believe it’s already done. Well, at least I hope you update La Vie En Rose as soon as possible.
    Thanks a lot for a lovely story.
    😀 😀


    • Stop it! You know flattery will get you everywhere with me! 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed the little epilogue. 🙂 And for your information I AM working on the last chapter of LVER. 🙂 As far as my book goes…it’s only going to be in e format. But I think you can download e readers for computers. Not that I’m trying to get you to buy my book next month! 😉


  4. Mindy says:

    A perfect ending. I am glad Eric asked for a raise and I think it is pretty funny that Eric still likes shopping with Sookie. This story was so much fun and I loved it, so hard to see it end…but it was a perfect ending.


    • Thanks Mindy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tidy little bow on top. 🙂 I really enjoyed writing this story, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I’ll be posting the last chapter of LVER soon! Thanks so much for reviewing!


  5. whodat2010 says:

    I really enjoyed your little story. Great parts fun and frustration.


  6. Vicki says:

    Missed this story and the epi was a nice surprise, good stuff m’dear


  7. Chelle says:

    ❤ 'd this story so much! What a sweet and complete way to round it out. Great work as always!


  8. whew hot blooded says:

    such a nice wrap up, and glad to see e/s still applying knowledge they learned from each other to make their relationship better. geez, i want to make either salary that sookie got !! 😉 not bad at all. looking forward to more stories soon.


    • Yeah, that wouldn’t hurt at all, would it? We need to get crackin’ on our telepathy! LOL. Thanks for that lovely review, I do appreciate it, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the little epilogue at the end. 🙂


  9. Duckbutt says:

    Sorry I didn’t leave a review earlier as this was hell week for me at work. Great story! Loved the humor, the tenderness, the comedic moments and the “ah ha ” learning moments these two had…..

    Hope we see more of your Eric/Sookie fanfic!


    • Pat, I’m so glad you liked it! Don’t worry about not being able to review until now…as you can see, it takes me nearly two weeks to respond to them! LOL. I appreciate every one though, so I hope you know that!


  10. the Vikings succubus says:

    Super loved this story and the idea behind it. It was so enjoyable just like all your others.
    You are pure awesomeballs
    Naked Viking vampire sheriffs covered it melted nutella


    • You just made me snort in laughter. It was very lady-like. Believe me on this one. 🙂 I’ve never been called awesomeballs before, and now I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years. Thanks for the extra love too. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and all the craziness that it brought. Thanks for making my night!


  11. Loftin says:

    I loved it as I do all your others. I’m sad that’s it at an end but I know you’ll have more ideas soon. Plus we still have La Vie En Rose and your book to look forward to.


    • It’s so funny you mention LVER, and now that’s done too. Of course you know I have another story brewing, plus my book is coming out this month, AND I’m almost done with my second book. It’s been a prolific fall. I’m so glad you enjoyed Switched, it was definitely one of the funniest stories I’ve written so far. 🙂


  12. romantic2soul says:

    Loved this story. I just found your blog and this is the 2nd story I have read. All I can say is get used to see me popping up all over the place because I plan on dedicating all of my reading time here until I have read everything on your site. Then I am going to go get your new book and read it too. Any idea when your next book will be published. hmm was that a little stalkerish,LOL Oh well love your work.


    • I’m so glad you loved it! I really loved writing it, and am thinking of a way to write it about my own characters and make it my own book. It’ll take a lot of reworking though, so it’ll have to wait in line with the rest. 🙂 I love that you’re popping up here.

      Thanks for being excited about my book…it’s definitely terrifying. It’s coming out in a week! Eeek!

      I’m nearly finished with my second book, but edits and submissions take a few months, so I probably won’t even hear from publishers until well into next year, and IF a publisher accepts me, the editing process takes another couple of months, Ugh, it’s a long process. No worries about sounding like a stalker, I love the excitement, and it’s encouraging too! Thanks again! 🙂


  13. Meagan Hooper says:

    Loved this story. It was more about them being a couple than having to fight for thier lives every page. I hope you write more like it. I would and will recommend to my friends. 


    • I’m so glad you loved it! Yes, that’s the whole idea behind Switched and most of my stories. I wanted to bring Eric and Sookie together in a way where they would understand each other like no other! Getaway is all about equality and mutual love and respect too…actually, all of my stories are. 🙂 I admit it. I’m a sucker for happy ever afters. 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word, I always love hearing from new readers! 🙂


  14. jenibookworm says:

    I loved it! It was funny and thoughtful. Love. It.


  15. mediasavant says:

    I really loved this this story. Can you imagine how many relationships would be saved and how much heartache averted if people really could temporarily switch places with their significant other? It would be amazing!

    You imagined a very clever idea and executed it beautifully. I especially enjoyed the descriptions and dialog from Eric when he was Sookie. Everything was just right.


    • Thank you so much! I always love hearing what people liked (or didn’t like in some cases) about my stories since it helps me hone my future stories to make my readers happy. 🙂 I really loved writing this story, it was probably my favorite so far, and I’ve gotten enough positive feedback to know a lot of you loved reading it too…which is why I’ve decided to turn this idea into my own original book, with different character obviously. 🙂 I know if I got a chance to experience life in someone else’s body I would have a much greater appreciation for them, which would benefit every relationship. 🙂

      On top of the love for the story, I really can’t thank you enough for the gushing flattery for the story idea and getting everything right. I try really hard to make it work out, and it makes me insanely happy to know you enjoyed it. Thank you again.


  16. baronessjai says:

    I loved it …..see ya on your next adventure….your imagination is priceless 😉


  17. RB says:

    Very enjoyable story I thought I’d be too focused on the fact they were in each others bodies to enjoy the love scene but your very compelling in your story so my enjoyment was quite thorough. Good Job!


  18. jxadams says:

    Great story. Even better reading the uncensored version (authors cut). The characters remained consistent throughout the switch. Thankyou.


  19. Hello, this story has been on my list to read for a while, and I’m so happy I finally got time for it! I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing your work!


    • Thank you so much Kat! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely loved writing Switched. So much hilarity and drama without anyone’s life being in danger. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my other stories as well! Thank you again! 🙂


  20. georgiasuzy says:

    Fabulous story! I can’t believe you made Eric Northman have a period LOL.


  21. A true personal favorite and I hate that I could have enjoyed it so long ago.
    Thanks . Looking forward to devouring the others on your site now.



    • Mags, it has been a delight to read your reviews and relive these chapters through you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to go through and review AFTER reading them all on your phone. I know it’s a pain, but I am grateful. Sorry you missed it months ago…but just think of how much binging you can do now! Yay! Thank you again! I’m so glad you loved it!


  22. housean11 says:

    Seriously, I love this story so much, I want to marry it! I’m going to go read all your other stuff RIGHT NOW!!! You’re wonderful! Thank you!


    • Thank you! You seriously just made my day. 🙂 I absolutely loved writing this story, and always enjoy reading reviews of my older ones (and new ones…hell, I’m not picky). Also, you made me laugh. If could grant wishes, I’d totally let you marry my story. LOL I hope you enjoy the other stories too. 🙂


  23. dkeller7878 says:

    Oh my freaking lord I have never laughed so hard at a story lol. This has got to be face humorous Eric Sookie story 🙂 🙂


    • I absolutely loved writing this story. So much funny stuff could happen, and I’m so glad it made you laugh so hard! Poor Eric, struggling to be a human woman. I just can’t get enough of it! 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing, it made my day. 🙂


  24. kinnik says:

    Ok, so I didn’t get to the end as I hoped last night, but I did get to the final chapter before exhaustion overwhelmed me and reminded me that I have a job. I absolutely loved every word of it. Well done. It will be one I come back to over again. 🙂


    • Oh, thank you! I am so flattered and so pleased you loved it!! I loved this idea so much, I just wrote a full-length novel with a similar premise (human married couple though, so slightly different). Hopefully it’ll get picked up by a publisher! 🙂 Anyway, thank you again! I’m so happy!


  25. blindablenda says:

    Sappy ending! Still loved it. What a fun read. I loved how you included Terry. Thanks for writing and thanks for sharing with the world.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I absolutely loved writing this story, so I’m glad someone out in the world is loving it! I always wanted to help Terry, and never understood why CH and TB let him suffer forever. Poor guy. Thanks so much for reviewing, I love reading reviews from my older stories! 🙂


  26. Tabi says:

    This was so great! I have been shamelessly plowing through all of your stories now that I’ve stumbled on your site, I’m so glad I found it! It makes me so happy to read about Sookie and Eric. I love them together and you’re stories are amazing and imaginative and awesome! Not to mention super steamy ;). Such a good happily ever after for them too, and great twist with the maenad thing. Super creative 🙂 And loved the bit about help Terry!


    • Aww, I just love when I get reviews like this! I’m all warm and fuzzy! Thank you so much for shamelessly plowing through my stories. That must mean I’m doing something right. I’m always here to right the wrongs in the Eric/Sookie universe. Thank you for the love for my stories. I’m thrilled you’ve been enjoying and binging. 🙂


  27. Loved it! I loved this new spin you put on this! I laughed the whole way through it! Thanks! Just what I needed right now!


    • Thank you for reviewing here and over at FF.net. 🙂 I absolutely loved writing this story and spent a lot of time laughing at poor Eric and his unusual circumstances. 🙂 Thank you again for reviewing and for letting me know you loved it!


  28. mrsnorthmanwannabe says:

    Love this story! What a perfect way to learn to appreciate each other. Funny, sexy, well written. I’m officially a fan!


    • Aww, thanks! I absolutely loved writing this story. One of my favorites. 🙂 Mostly because Eric as a woman made me giggle nonstop! Thanks for reading, reviewing, and following. I’m flattered by your lovely comment!


  29. candykorn0 says:

    I love this story. The thoughts they have while in the other person’s body are great! My favorite was Eric crying during the greeting card commercial. LOL! I am glad they learned so much about each other. . Great story! 🙂


    • Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I don’t think men will ever understand the complexity of our emotional range. Oh, how I wish my husband could live in my body for a day (or a month). I can guarantee he would be a lot more sympathetic! 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  30. andrea says:

    Just discovered your site this weekend after all these years and I really loved the whole switching bodies story .
    Great idea ! Congratulations !!
    It’s hard to discover a new TB fanfiction which is really different and gives us readers a completely new perspective on the Eric/Sookie relationship …and still manages to incorporate characters and places we love and are all very familiar with. So : big applause to you … I’m going to read more of your other stories now. Happy I found you … eventually !


    • I’m so glad you found me, too! Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment for Switched. It’s still one of my all time favorite stories. Just the idea of Eric getting drunk and having a period makes me laugh a little too hard.

      You probably had a hard time discovering my site because I write SVM ff, not TB. While they are very similar (same characters and similar starting points), I do follow the books. I hope that won’t be too weird for you.

      In any case, I’m so glad you found me and I’m even happier you took the time to let me know how much you enjoyed this story. I’d love to hear more feedback as you read! Thanks again!


      • andrea says:

        Actually I’m a total fan : SVM & TB
        Except I didn’t keep DEA on my bookshelves …for obvious reasons, had to make a donation for this last one. And then I discovered fanfics which was everything I always hoped for … I am so thankful and happy I discovered your site ! Good stories, already started Gateway …


      • TB reeled me in with Askars, but the plot got really out of hand. Oh well, I guess the producers just wanted to entertain! I couldn’t read past the 11th book, and I only own the first 10 (I had my fill and shouldn’t have read the 11th!). CH took everything I loved and flushed it down the toilet…plus the ‘sex’ scene in the 11th book that describes her putting an ice pack on her crotch after monkey sex with Eric? Ew. That’s not erotic, that’s embarrassing. FanFics saved my life, too. I plowed through all the books and got more and more disappointed. I found a few FF authors I loved and then entertained the idea of writing my own stories. That was five years ago…

        I’m glad you found me too. I’m always delighted when a new reader devours everything all at once. Beats waiting. Waiting for new chapters suck. Real life keeps me from posting more often though, so I do what I can! I hope you enjoy Getaway!


  31. andrea says:

    Yes, waiting sucks …and I’m glad I found you so late !! I’m not going to start on CH and AB … this ship has sailed a long time ago !! As one of the critic wrote : they started with a Ferrari and they ended up driving a dusty truck into bumped side roads. Happy you found the keys to the Ferrari or better to Eric’s Corvette … and we all get another tour to enjoy. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough for all your time and good work. If you ever need a french translator … I’m available !


    • I’m sure I’ll need a French translator at some point. In fact, if you find mistakes in La Vie En Rose, please let me know and I’ll fix them tout de suite.

      There is nothing like a fine sports car (or a big Viking who happens to drive it) to make a woman melt. I’m so happy you’re enjoying what I’ve written so far. You’ve come late enough in the game that you have dozens of stories to choose from and many more that you’ll have to wait for. I’m already starting to brainstorm my next story and I’m not done with the one I’m writing…must be careful! Your love, appreciation, and flattery are more than enough for me.

      I just had a thought though, if you happen to like the way I write, I’ve published three novels and one novelette. So there’s that. 😉 Okay, I’m done with my shameless plug. 🙂


  32. andrea says:

    Will be done : la vie en rose is next on my bucket list ! After I finish Getaway. And I fully intend to check your published work as well.
    Total fan of Alex too … met him last October at my hotel in Gent while traveling. We took pics and spoke about his projects. He is such a relaxed and sweet guy in real life, makes you wonder where all his Alpha comes from … well, I guess he is a complex human being, like all of us.


    • I can’t believe you got to meet him and hang out! I’m so jealous. I’ve watched interviews with him and he seems super chill. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest of Getaway! 🙂 Thanks again!


      • andrea says:

        Yeahhh, I know : have to watch my phone screen all the time with the two of us to believe it was for real and not just a dream ..and since the interviewers never seem to ask him the right questions here is one answer he gave about his “Vanguard” film project : it’s still on ! recap : Chris Boal is set to write the script that follows the adventures of two Viking warrior brothers who embark on a journey to return to Sweden after being banished to North America. And Alex is still set to be co-producing and acting.


      • Whoa! Now that’s a movie I’d love to watch! 🙂 I’ll have to keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂


      • andrea says:

        I was visiting my friend Isanie when we met Alex in Gent at my hotel. She told Skarsjoy about how we happen to met him and what we talked about. Our pics and story are also on tumblir if you care to check …
        I met Isanie years ago thanks to HBO TB fansite and we told Alex that we have been visiting and became good friends since then, thanks to him. He liked our story a lot since he is all about friendship !


      • That is such a great story! I’ve met so many wonderful people through our mutual love (and hate) of SVM and TB. 🙂 We all agree to love him, which pulls everyone together. I’m glad he can appreciate how much joy he brings to the world, and it’s up to us, his loyal fans, to remind him of that. 🙂 So awesome!!! I’d love to see the pics if you have a site I can see them at!


  33. andrea says:

    My friend (Isanie) told Skarsjoy about our story and how we met him. You can also see all her pics (I’m the french blond one who tries to put her arm around Alex’s very large Tarzan shoulders …really ?
    at least I tried) I kept the 2 pics Alex took himself with my phone for “only me”. Sorry guys …
    He was very impressed that we knew so much about his projects and was certainly touched when I told him I’ve seen everything he did including the small film he directed years ago. It’s about a hit and run involving the death of a child … and when he asked me if I liked it, well being a mother of 3 it was kind of difficult to watch. He also asked me where I found it, and he was quite surprised when I told him you could find everything on the Internet nowadays sadly enough …
    He was very easy to talk to. It was like meeting an old friend and catching up. We definitively have chosen our addiction well …
    and many many thanks for all the good and hot stories we are getting from you to fuel it !!!! If only Alex knew of these candies …maybe next time I’ll tell him all about it, with a few printed samples ? I’m pretty sure that “Switched” would make his day ….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those pictures are great! So great that you got to sit around and chat with him about whatever was on your mind! It makes me love him more. 🙂

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my stories. Switched is pretty hilarious at times, which is why it’s my favorite. Thanks so much for the love!


  34. trubie35 says:

    I really enjoyed this story. It was sometimes hard to remember who was who and I don’t know how you kept it straight while writing! That would have made writing it extra tough, but you find a great job. Thank you !


    • Aww, thank you! I loved writing Switched. It was really one of my all time favorites to write. It WAS very challenging to keep pronouns and body parts sorted, but I just viewed that as a good writing exercise. 🙂 I enjoyed writing this story so much that it inspired me to write an original story, In Your Shoes, which was published in December. (Shameless plug ;)) Thank you so much for reviewing and sharing the love!


  35. campyrs says:

    I finally got around to reading this. I know… Better late than never… I liked kt. It was funny and serious all wrapped into one great story. Thank you!


  36. tleel says:

    I really enjoyed this story, I’ve read some of your other stories and found this one while I was re-reading them.


  37. medtran49 says:

    I’ve been re-reading all your stories. Had forgotten how great a writer you are. Hope you are doing well.


    • This makes me so happy to read. I’m so flattered. I’ve come a long way with my writing, but practice makes perfect, right? I know I made a lot of mistakes with my early stories, so I appreciate you looking past them and enjoying the stories anyway. I’ve had such a wonderful experience writing fanfiction. It’s the most lovely community of readers. Thanks for being a part of that! ❤


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