Switched Ch 20: Meeting the Queen

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SeriousCrush not only edited this for me, but she also pointed out that it is not an epilogue. I rewrote this chapter three times, and each time I struggled to tie up all the loose ends and write a proper epilogue. She pointed out that I clearly had more to say, so voila, you get an extra chapter. I’m so sorry for the wait, between editing my book, starting a new one, struggling with this chapter, and trying to get over bad reviews, it took me MUCH longer than I anticipated.

Okay, on with the warning: This chapter is not work friendly. 🙂


Meeting the Queen

Of course, Pam was right about the queen. Sookie had been nervous about meeting her in person, especially after being so scared by Andre. Sookie’s nerves settled a little as a limo pulled up in front of Eric’s house to pick them up for the first meeting. Eric agreed to accompany her to the queen’s palace. Being surrounded by his love always helped her relax.

For the first meeting, the limo driver had explained a little bit about what the queen expected of Sookie.

“The queen confides in the limo driver?” Her voice was skeptical.

“I am her loyal servant, I do whatever the Queen asks of me. My name is Raul.” He spoke to her through the small window that separated the driver and the passengers.

“Pleased to meet you. Sookie Stackhouse.” Sookie nodded her head. She liked him immediately.

The palace grounds were enormous, and the palace was even more impressive. Sookie and Eric were brought, by Raul, into an inner chamber and introduced to the Queen.

“You must be Sookie Stackhouse,” the Queen said, nodding her head. “My name is Sophie-Anne. I am the Queen of Louisiana.” She smiled.

Sookie visibly relaxed. “Thank you for inviting us to your palace, Queen Sophie-Anne.”

The Queen clasped her hands. “Would you mind demonstrating your gift? I have heard so much about it, and I must admit that I am more than a little curious to see how it works.”

Sookie nodded her consent, and they got down to business.

Sophie-Anne asked a lot of questions, and Sookie answered them all. The Queen seemed to be more than satisfied by her relationship with Sheriff Northman, and was obviously thrilled by her willingness to demonstrate her abilities on every human Sookie could find in the palace, even when they weren’t in the same room.

When she felt satisfied that the Queen was thoroughly impressed, Sookie stated her demands, requesting Eric go with her on trips, and suggested she be paid an annual salary of $80,000 for being available any time. Her mouth hung open when the Queen accepted without even blinking. Sookie had never made that much money in her life and was ecstatic over the prospect at not having to worry about money ever again.

Eric stroked her back. Sookie could feel his happiness through their bond. He had shared with her his nervousness about their meeting, since he knew from experience that the Queen and Sookie could both be stubborn, and he knew it could have ended in disaster. He was relieved that things were going so well.

“Sookie Stackhouse, I am delighted to work with you, and I am sure you will always use discretion when discussing my business.” The Queen stood to her full height, and although she was tiny compared to everyone in the room, her presence was enormous.

“Of course,” Sookie stated solemnly.

“Excellent.” The Queen nodded. “Here is a schedule I had drawn up. I expect that you, and Sheriff Northman will be able to accompany me on the dates I have marked. All transportation will be taken care of.”

Sookie took the pieces of paper and flipped through the pages, each one representing one of the next three months. Sookie nodded to indicate her approval. It was a reasonable amount of work, and she was looking forward to knowing what her schedule would be this far in advance.

“Sheriff Northman, you will need to teach her our history and political structure. She needs to be prepared.” Sophie-Anne gestured to Sookie.

“As you wish, my Queen.” Eric bowed deeply. He gave Sookie a quick smile. He glanced at the schedule in Sookie’s hands and noted that the first meeting was with the central clan, which gave him the perfect idea about where to start with her education.

“Lovely to have that settled. Sookie, when you sign this contract, we are done here.” The Queen walked over to a table. She lifted an ornate and old-fashioned quill and pierced her wrist with it, signing her name in a beautiful flourish of blood. She pulled the quill tip off and threw it in the fire.

Sookie gasped. She was surprised, not only by the queen’s actions, but also by the presence of a contract. When Sookie read it, she was even more intrigued because it had all of her terms outlined specifically. Salary…transportation…everything. She hadn’t seen anyone coming or going in the room, and wondered how it had appeared on this table.

The queen handed Sookie a fresh quill, and looked from it to Sookie’s wrist to the paper.

“Eric, can you help me?” Sookie offered her wrist to him.

Eric nodded and his fangs descended with a loud snick. He bit into her warm flesh gently, licking to get the blood flowing.

Sophie-Anne inhaled deeply. “Andre is never wrong about heritage. How much Fae is in your family?”

Sookie shrugged. “I’m not sure. It’s something that I’m still trying to find out myself.” The thought worried her. She wasn’t exactly sure she was ready to uncover this part of her family’s past just yet.

Sookie dipped the tip into her blood the same way the Queen had. The blood wicked up the hollow shaft, and she signed quickly before the blood began to clot. She held her wrist to Eric who healed her quickly.

Sookie and Eric left shortly after the contract was signed, both relieved the meeting had gone so well.

Sookie looked at the schedule on their way home. “The Queen needs my help in two weeks for a three day conference. What does Amun mean?”

Eric laughed. “I have a lot to teach you.” He spent the next week going over as much as he could with Sookie. He was pleased with how quickly she managed to pick up the information and before long, she knew the names of the Kings and Queens in the Amun region.

During a break from her lessons, Sookie talked Eric into going to Merlotte’s with her. She missed seeing her friends, since Eric had quit her job and she had been spending so much time in Shreveport with him, or working on getting her house back in order.

Merlotte’s was not terribly crowded, and when they walked it, Sookie was shocked to see Charlotte sitting at the bar, drinking a bottle of blood and flirting with Sam. Charlotte and Sam both looked toward the door when they entered.

Charlotte slid off her seat and walked up to Eric. “Sheriff Northman, it is so good to see you again.”

Sookie smiled at her widely, remembering in time that she was in her own body, and that while she may know Charlotte, Charlotte didn’t know her, and neither did Eric. “You must be the new vamp that moved into Bon Temps, my name is Sookie. Eric mentioned that I had a new neighbor.” She hoped Charlotte remembered the conversation they had.

Charlotte returned the smile and nodded her head. “Charlotte. Pleased to meet you.”

Eric cleared his throat. “Yes. Charlotte, so good to see you again.” He gave Sookie a grateful smile. “How are you enjoying Bon Temps?”

Charlotte’s eyes darted to Sam. “The locals are so warm and friendly. I think I finally found a town worth staying in.”

Sam’s face flushed a bright shade of pink, which complimented his strawberry blond hair nicely. He cleared his throat and looked at Sookie. “How are you Sookie? It’s been a while…speaking of that, I’ve got your last paycheck.”

Sookie followed him to his office while Eric was talking quietly to Charlotte. “I’m so sorry Sam, for the way things happened,” she started. “I hope you found a replacement.”

“I always do. She’s not as good as you though.” Sam winked at her. “Have you and Arlene made up yet?”

“What? Why is Arlene mad at me?” Worry creased her forehead.

Sam lowered his voice again. “During the, um, switch…Eric hurt her feelings. I think she’s let it go most of the way, but it wouldn’t hurt to smooth things over a little.”

“Thanks Sam.” Sookie was grateful to have a friend that cared enough to help her. “What’s with you and Charlotte?” she whispered. She knew first hand how excellent vampire hearing was, and didn’t want to embarrass him, even if Eric and Charlotte were in the other room. Charlotte seemed to like Sam, but she wasn’t sure if Sam reciprocated those feelings.

Sam blushed again. “She’s been coming in for a few weeks, and I don’t know.” He paused and took a deep breath. “You know, I never imagined I’d date a vamp, but she’s…different. Now I can’t remember why I never wanted to date them.”

Sookie nodded. “I thought the same thing when I met her when I was in Eric’s body. I’m really happy for you.” She didn’t need to read his mind to know that he was crazy about her.

“Speaking of that, did Callisto pay you two a visit, or what?”

“She didn’t have to. I figured out how to reverse the spell, it just took a while because I was just too stubborn to admit that I had feelings for Eric. That’s why she did the spell in the first place.” With the knowledge that she had now, she couldn’t understand why she had been so opposed to being with Eric. Maybe she had to experience life in his body before she could really understand him, which ultimately brought them closer together.

Sam laughed and raised an eyebrow. “So, you gave her the right kind of tribute, huh?”

Sookie nodded and laughed. “I’m glad to be back, I’ll say that much. Eric’s job sucks!”

“Speaking of jobs, Terry mentioned you work for vamps now. He was downright cheery about it, which has been his general attitude for weeks. I don’t know what happened to him, but it sure is nice to see him smile. He also mentioned that your floors look as good as new.”

She felt relief wash over her, knowing that Terry was still doing all right. “Yep, that’s right. I signed a contract and everything…all on my terms too! You’ll have to come over some time and see my house. I rearranged and cleaned up a lot of stuff when I got it all back in place. I think it looks good.” Of course, it had been Eric helping her too. No sense in letting all that vampire strength go to waste.

“That’s great, Sook. You and Eric seem really happy too.”

“We are. Nothing builds a strong relationship faster than understanding the other person.”

Sam chuckled. “I imagine you learned a lot about each other.” He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out her paycheck. “It’s not much, but it’s yours. Good luck, Sook. I hope your new life is wonderful.”

“Thanks Sam. You too.” She hugged him.


By the time Sookie and Eric were getting ready to go to the Amun conference in Memphis, Sookie felt prepared. Sookie was incredibly nervous about her first real job for the Queen, and twisted her hands while they waited for their transportation.

Raul pulled up in front of Eric’s house and loaded their bags. “Ms. Stackhouse. Mr. Northman. It is a pleasure to see you again.”

“Please call me Sookie.” She and Eric got in the back of the limo, and Raul gave her a smile.

“Memphis is a five hour drive, so make yourselves comfortable.” Raul slid behind the steering wheel and drove away.

Eric moved quickly to the seat that shared a wall with the driver, talking in an inaudible whisper to Raul through the small window. Sookie was looking at him curiously, but he did not give her an opportunity to ask what he was doing.

Sookie was about to ask him what they were talking about, when Eric joined her again. Her attention was pulled away from him by the sound of the window rolling up, sealing the two compartments. Seconds later, she could hear the muffled sounds of Raul singing to a loud rock radio station. “What…”

Eric’s mouth was on hers instantly, his tongue pushing past her lips impatiently. He pulled away from her slowly, giving her a seductive smile. His fingers eased up the hem of her skirt and he looked at her in surprise when she stopped him.

“Raul is right there!” She pointed to the tiny opaque window six feet away.

Eric nodded. “Yes, he is.” He fell between her legs, kneeling on the carpeted floor. He nuzzled against her exposed thigh.

Eric. He’ll hear us.”

He shook his head, tickling her with his soft hair. “No he won’t.” He winked at her. “I promise.” He could feel her relaxing under him, and took the opportunity to push her skirt further up. He touched her gently, waiting for her permission.

Sookie couldn’t resist him, and trusted him. She opened her legs and sighed when he pushed her panties to the side and stroked her slit with his thumb. A low moan escaped her lips, and her body melted off the seat, trying to get closer to him.

Eric wasted no time getting her panties off, tucking them safely in his pocket. His mouth descended, and he planted a cool kiss on her heated flesh. He smiled when she moaned again, exposing his fangs. He shifted uncomfortably as his cock strained against his zipper. His tongue pushed between his fangs and flicked against her pussy. This time, he moaned as her tangy flavor invaded his mouth. He gripped her thighs and pulled her closer to his mouth, sucking and licking furiously. His thumb joined his mouth, pushing inside her as his tongue lathed her clit.

Sookie clamped her mouth shut and dug her hands into Eric’s hair, urging him on. She was so close and he knew it. His tongue moved faster and as her orgasm was building, she closed her eyes and focused on remaining as silent as possible. Her eyelids displayed bursts of light, and her face was hot. The orgasm radiated from her sex through every part of her body, making her toes tingle. She held her breath, swallowing the scream that was trying to escape, and when she finally started to come down, her head swam as the blood resumed its normal path.

“Mm.” Eric moaned and sucked his thumb into his mouth. Hungry for more, his mouth descended on her slit again. His cock twitched in his pants, and after one final lick, he pulled his body away and quickly opened his fly.

Sookie’s eyes were glazed over and followed every movement Eric made. When he opened his pants, his dick sprang out. She shivered as she watched him grip the base and slide the head against her wet lips. She wanted more…no, needed more.

Once his dick was covered with her slippery fluids, he wrapped his fingers around the shaft tighter and began to pump it. He smiled when he saw the disappointment on Sookie’s face. He clearly wanted her to beg.

As if she could read his mind, she said, “Eric, please…I need you.” She was finding it hard to form sentences.

“What do you need?” He was smirking and still stroking his cock with one hand while his other caressed the inside of her thigh.

“You. All of you.” She looked at his hand again.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Her voice was breathless. She knew he loved when she said the word “fuck.” He told her it was incredibly erotic coming from her sweet mouth.

Satisfied, he leaned toward her, guiding his dick against her soft inviting flesh.

Her pussy kissed the tip of his cock, and she moaned when an involuntary spasm in his hips forced him further inside her. The limo filled with a mutual sigh as their bodies joined.

Eric’s body was rigid and he gripped her hips possessively as he slammed into her over and over again. Her body formed a bridge between him and the seat where only her shoulders and head were supported by the soft material.

She braced her arms against the back of the seat, arching her back and thrusting her breasts towards the ceiling.

While he continued to thrust, Eric unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her bra out of the way enough that he could kiss and lick her breasts. His body curled over hers, and as he got closer and closer to releasing, his mouth opened, sucking her breast against his fangs.

“I want you to bite me,” Sookie demanded.

Eric’s body shuddered as he came inside her and his fangs slid into her taut skin. This time, Sookie could not contain her cries of pleasure mixed with pain, and Eric joined her, moaning against her breast. Her orgasm hit hard and fast, filling his mouth with blood as her body convulsed.

As they came down, he retracted his fangs and licked her skin clean, healing her wound and smiling as her nipple hardened against his tongue. He held her body against his, and then pulled out of her so he could join her on the bench seat again. He cradled her limp body against his. “Sorry I ruined your hair, lover.” He tried to smooth it down.

She laughed. “It’s a small price to pay for orgasms.” She reached her hand up and laughed again when her fingers caught in the knots on the back of her head. “I have a brush in my purse.” She pointed to the floor where it had fallen just out of her reach.

Eric retrieved it, and then held her while she groomed herself. “I thought that might help you relax a little before your meeting.”

Sookie turned and kissed him. “Thank you, it was very helpful.”

“That’s why I’m here, right? To help you?”

Sookie nodded. She always felt better when he was around, with or without orgasms. “Thank you for being willing to come with me on these business trips. It makes me so happy.”

“I would do anything to make you happy.” Eric held her for the remainder of the trip, and provided her with the same love and support while she worked during the conference.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Hun, let that review go. Only 1 bad outta thousands that enjoyed this. Let me tell you if I ever had found myself in my mans body I sure as hell would be heading to the shower to have myself a wank first thing. I want to know what it feels like for them lol. My hubs would too lol. Oh gosh, that woman was delusional if she thought she wouldn’t. Good chapter, I love happy endings (in all sense of the word obviously lol)


    • Thank you so much Vicki, that was a lovely and supportive review, and it means so much to me.

      That’s the way I felt too…if I found myself in my husband’s body, I would get right to it. I can’t even imagine how different it feels! I was so worried after I read it, since she mentioned in a PM to me that I couldn’t possibly know if she was the only one, since most readers would’ve just turned away and not said anything. That’s why I needed to know. As I mentioned, it’s my goal to write funny and sexy not dirty and depraved.

      Thank you again for the lovely review, it is so nice to have love and support. 🙂


    • Loftin says:

      Girl I agree with you 150%! Lol! Anyone being completely honest with themselves is curious on some level. If only I could find a magic fountain to make a wish…I would swap with the Viking in a nano sec. At least until I had three, maybe five happy endings. Hehehe


  2. AlphaEN says:

    There will always be people who will find abuse and negativity in the most innocent fanfiction when there is none. I pity them. They view the world through corrupt lenses of mistrust. Your story is fun and has not an ounce of abuse, molestation, or violation of trust. Thank you for standing strong and don’t re-write anything because there’s nothing to rewrite.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your love and support, I can’t say enough how much it means to me. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my story. 🙂 Thank you again!


      • AlphaEN says:

        Oh, this is funny. I just read those two reviews, and she is saying she is ASSUMING the story contains abusive moments b/c of your MA description, but she hasn’t even read beyond chapter 2. An opinion based on ASSUMPTION like that doesn’t even count as an opinion. Feel free to report her ass to ff net.


      • She was right in her assumption. I DID go there. She was appalled that I didn’t take other factors into consideration (like Eric’s honor, them both being victims of abuse, etc) and find a way for them to resolve the situation without violating trust. That was her suggestion. So instead of 20 chapters, it would have been 2. They switch, and then immediately switch back. It’s the only way I can see making her happy, and I think it would ruin the story. I tried to explain to her that I never meant to degrade either character. I was just letting them have a good time. For her, the cost of their good time was too high, so she stopped reading.

        I have no intention of reporting her to FF, since I’m not sure if what I’m doing (editing and posting the full dirty details here) is even legal, and I REALLY don’t want to draw any attention from the FF moral police. In any case, she and I messaged several times about the specific moments she found most offensive. I was shocked, and had to ask if any of you felt the same way…you know, just to be sure. If it was a majority I would have re-written the whole thing. As it stands, I feel like Switched makes the majority happy…so it remains as is. 🙂

        Thanks for fighting for me…it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂


  3. whew hot blooded says:

    be warned. i suddenly ranted more than a tidbit over on FF. i hope it is not too offensive to anyone, especially not to you. i stand by what i said but do not want to freak anyone out with words like vagina and all 🙂 apparently, that might be crossing the line of late. since when did women not support and educate each other instead of bashing them and wearing them down to make a point. sisterhood is challenged in the land of fanfiction, i guess? meh…*gnomes want to shove their pointy hats into inappropriate places*


    • Lol…I’m going to have to go to FF to read it. I’m just waiting to respond to them when I have more time on my hands. 🙂 Thank you for your rant, and thank you for reviewing here and there. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the support…even if you do get all foul and talk about vaginas and masturbating. 🙂 If I had any decency, I’d blush…but I haven’t, so I won’t! 🙂 Thank you again!


      • whew hot blooded and long winded says:

        ah darling, you are plenty decent…for a pervtootie 😉 i really do want to support our gender being strong and standing up for our rights, but when every little pubic hair disturbance causes an outrage (see how easy it is to blow things out of proportion)…it sets us back and pits us against each other. it is not meaningful discourse nor is it constructive in promoting safety and wellness.

        in reality, life is not free of trauma, and some fiction is based in reality. stories, movies, tv, magazines and theatre often portray horrific moments and crimes against women. i cannot ban all of these and hide in a hole or protest them all just because it is not ok. there are other means to state our case, and keep the awareness active. targeting all sources of female angst and possible maltreatment is not going to educate the world or stop these events.

        your story might be a trigger for someone unintentionally; however, the content speaks for itself and is fairly mundane with humorous twist on the characters and the differences between the sexes. it was not about anything else. it remains delightful to the majority and i hope that you can focus on this as you keep writing. i am not saying to dismiss any comments that are of the less pleasant variety; however, digest them with caution in case they are toxic.

        and now, stepping down from ranty soapbox. and no one has to read or listen to my thoughts either. offered with grain of salt and small piece of mind 🙂


      • I do love when I get a glimpse at your piece of mind. 🙂 Impressive really, and it makes me think you were a women’s study professor at some point in your life…maybe even still. 🙂

        You are absolutely right about digesting them carefully…just in case they’re toxic. I think that’s the thing that hurt the worst, was not only was someone unhappy, but they were also really unhelpful in the way she told me so. It is always difficult to hear someone disagree with you, but when someone makes comments about your moral fiber on top of the disagreement, it’s a low blow.

        Reality IS filled with plenty of violence and horrible abuse, and I would never make light of a real situation. I would also never write about it, because I strongly believe that people want to escape from reality every now and then. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂 Thank you for validating what I spend my ‘free’ time doing, it is so meaningful and I hope you know how much I appreciate every word you write (on or off your soapbox). 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        good to know you read me loud and crystal clear 😉 i try to use the soap to wash my mouth out, and keep the dirty girl bits and pieces fresh and intact, but occasionally i find myself ranting on the soapbox. i am not in studies at all; i am just living this life and experiencing gender typing, stereotyping, harrassment, and trauma along the way same as others.

        perhaps i am too outspoken, and this is personality and character driven? maybe i am more directly accountable for what i deliberately expose myself to and do not feel victimized by others’ perceptions. i can choose to share, dialogue, disagree, educate, ignore, pursue and take responsibility for myself, or not.

        like you, i am not trying to force or coerce anything on anyone but this is an internet connection that i sought out for my own enjoyment. if it was not ok for me, lashing out at you will not change how i feel about that. i need to deal with that myself. again, if i wanted to convey my thoughts about issues, there is a constructive and meaningful way to do this so it is considered, and not discounted due to delivery.

        always good to chew your food well before swallowing, even better to smell what you eating before you ingest it at all. these lessons are tied to my love of mushrooms and other edible but possibly dangerous delicacies. your botanist roots 🙂 should find meaning in this as you move forward to consider reviews of positive, negative, constructive, and destructive origins. hang in there without hanging yourself in the process *loosens noose so you have breathing room*


      • Speaking of chewing food well before swallowing, I was spending time with my friend Laurie this weekend, the one that ate durian with me…and she told me that someone has engineered a scent-less durian! Can you imagine? She said that hardcore durian lovers are up in arms because the putrid smell is part of it’s charm. 🙂 Thought I’d share.

        I chuckled the entire time I was reading your message. 🙂 If only people practiced self-restraint and common kindness. They don’t, and no matter how polite I was, she would not consider how hurtful her words were. She writes too, which makes it even more baffling. How would she cope with someone lashing out at her? I find that other writers are the most compassionate (and my lovely supportive friends).

        Whether you are a woman’s studies professional, or just a woman, you are filled with knowledge that comes from paying attention in our world, which is a rarity. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your love with me. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded and durian avoidant says:

        the fact that durian needed to be altered speaks volumes. any food type that requires no scent in order to be edible seems a bit wonky to me. i will not be induced to try it, even if it is scent-free, since i have ingested the original, and nothing can interfere with my recalled experience 😉 too bizarre, huh?! i cannot imagine eating durian again, gnome matter what! i proclaim this with strong certainty, since you just never know 🙂

        i find it odd and disappointing that she would not entertain your position, and remained so steadfast in her own. that is one sided communication, and it is futile to attempt to make it any better. just loop around and stay in same place. she should know better means to share ideas and thoughts in order to give constructive feedback and criticism. if unable to accept responsibility for own input, then there is no reason to pursue it. the simple fact that she did not want to discuss how she dialogued with you, not just about the content, means that you can choose to spit out the stinky durian, and not eat it again, even if it is scent-free *see what i did there?!* do not drink the juice or eat the durian, dearest O *giggles*

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        Oh my god, it’s been over a month since you wrote and I am officially the worst ff writer/friend there ever was!! Honestly. Real life caught up to me, and now I will give you a rundown of what happened, and beg your forgiveness.

        First and foremost, school started for my teacup humans, and it sucked my whole life away, and then, it was my birthday (which was glorious and amazing), and then, I went to Vegas for my brother’s wedding (which was NOT glorious and amazing), and then I made a bunch of monsters for Halloween to sell at the local store where I sell my stuff. So, you can see how an entire month would slip away, right?

        I hope you forgive me. How are you?


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        hope the kids are doing well in school. post pix of your fabulous creations to make us smile. ouch about the wedding but glad birthday was banner. wow, did not realize it was that long. i knew it was a bit, and i did post a belated bday wish on the other blog, i think? i am glad it is all good.


      • Yes, I have yet to check my other blog. Problem is, having two accounts for everything has ruined my memory for usernames and passwords, and because I don’t carry around my book o’ passwords, I can’t remember how to log in/out. It’s so ridiculous. So to check between the two, I have to plan and it doesn’t happen. So…I’ll respond too. Probably tomorrow! LOL. Too bad we’re not FB friends…I posted all the monster pics there 🙂 (am I tempting you even a little?)


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        bellylaughing – wow i needed this so badly, right now. might even be tearing up from overload and good to have this release. *ducks and runs for cover while blurting out next bit* i do not have FB, and you are killing me here.

        i totally get and appreciate these thoughts but i have limits pertaining to what i think would be technology crack for me (after seeing what it does to others and not implying anything involving you btw). i am already on the computer too much, maybe, probably, highly likely. so to be a better rounded adult in RL, i am fail at FB, twitter and the like. it is amazing that i wandered into blog land at all… *sniffs and shuffles away fearful that you will be disappointed in me once again*

        i gnome that i have limits but i hope that you can find it in your heart, mind and fingertips to accept this option as means of communication. it is hard for me to go between blogs and sites, passwords and emails, and keep up with all of it too. this is why i eliminate other things like FB; however, i recognize that for you as an authoress, it is a component and maybe a necessity for branding and success…


      • I figured it was a stretch…but then, I couldn’t help myself. FB is a huge time waster for sure, and it has only been in the last year I have accepted FB as my personal savior. Too far? 🙂 My husband resisted for much longer…he hates social media. It’s a good way to stay connected to friends though, which is why I waste time with it to begin with.

        Perhaps I’ll have to post a picture of some of my monsters to sate you. I should also write a halloween fic. That would be nice, and one I haven’t done before. Hmm…we’ll see how the weekend goes! 🙂

        I’m never disappointed in you. I know plenty of people who are private and kept to themselves on all things technology, and that’s totally fine. I’m just glad you’ve braved the blogging world and followed me. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        still laughing and appreciate the smile again. sate me and post a pic soon. it would be fabulous to have a halloweenie fic. my pumpkin patch is ready to be … *yeah, i am stopping before the pun sickens you*


      • whew hot blooded says:

        ohh baby, you tease me so with monster pics on another site? give me a taste for halloween of more than a trick, i deserve a treat, yes?!


  4. Cyn says:

    Girl I didn’t see ANY abuse. I was not disgust, it was HOT. Keep doing what you do. Can’t make everyone happy. You make me HAPPY! I love your lemons.


  5. Loftin says:

    I didn’t read this chapter yet but I wanted to respond to your note. In no way is this story abuse. It is exactly as you intended for it to be, funny and sweet with some sexy time thrown in for good measure. Please pay no attention to the narrow minded people looking to start trouble. It is for this exact reason more and more people are shying away from ff, myself included. People like those uptight conservative reviewers have no business on an open forum where there is sure to be expressions not matching their own beliefs if they are unable to be objective. I mean how hard is it to move on to the next story if you find you don’t like or agree with the plot? Not hard at all. I say ignore them and remember everyone else, especially here loves and enjoys this story.
    Sorry for my little rant. I’m just getting so sick of hearing about similar situations on ff.


    • Can I just say thank you? You are amazing, and I feel the love coming through my computer tonight. Thank you for supporting me, not just on this, but in every way over the last two years by sharing your love of my stories. I have heard of similar situations, and it makes me so sad that people can’t just read what they want, and skip the rest. This is a hobby. Why in the world would someone write something so horrifying (on a public forum) and kill my desire to finish writing it? Damn, it’s rough, and it has taught me a very valuable lesson about dealing with the bad as well as the good. When my book drops in November, I’m going to be a wreck unless I get this thin skin thickened! 🙂 Thanks again for the rant, I loved it. 🙂


  6. dprincess87 says:

    loved the update!! please don’t let the opinions of narrow minded people control how you write your stories. I’ve been reading this story from the very beginning and i have NEVER taking it that way. its always been a funny story about eric and sookie finding their way back to themselves (literally) and finding their way to each other!


    • Thank you so much for that loving encouragement! I am so happy to hear that you think it’s okay…I was so worried. The last thing I want to do is offend someone or joke about abuse.

      Thank you again…I am so happy you enjoyed it! 🙂


  7. Lauinia says:

    Good grief! I can’t think of a single person (truly, not a single one) that I know who *wouldn’t* explore their new body. Exploration is a totally normal reaction.

    I haven’t read the review, but here is my tuppence worth:

    Not everyone will like your writing all of the time – interpretation is so subjective, but it sounds as if your reviewer has a few personal issues with violation that they are projecting onto you and reading into your story. There’s no use in trying to fathom the reason for this because it’s so clearly their issues at play here, not yours. Everyone else was okay with the story, right? That speaks loud and clear.

    Forget it. Different strokes. You make us happy with your lovely tales and we like how your mind works! xxx


    • I clearly need to listen to you and your good advice and wisdom. Thank you for sharing it with me…and thanks for letting me know that you like the way my mind works. 🙂

      I’d be all over taking my new body for a test-drive. It’s human nature isn’t it? Thank you for making me feel normal and leaving such a lovely review. I was so scared that I had been offending people left and right…which is never my intention. Thank you again for sharing the love, I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me. 🙂


  8. NANOU says:

    nothing in what you wrote is dirty or disgusting, I love it when you use the dirty talk and it’s sexy as hell!
    if people are stuck, do not read stories about vampires, let alone fanfiction. stories that have the most reviews are those most lemons!! (I checked!)
    I like all those here and if such a thing happened to me I would go immediately into the shower to “see what it does.”
    especially especially not exchange anything to what you write because that is why we love you read and it is for this reason that you will be published: your talent.

    naima marseille in France


    • Naima, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your love. Honestly. It is so validating to hear that I haven’t been wasting my time writing filth. 🙂 I never want to offend my readers, and I KNOW I can’t please everyone all the time, but damn it, I try! Thank you SO much for the lovely review and for making my night. 🙂


  9. itskiniki says:

    Since I only have time to read fanfiction when I get a chance(single Mom of 2) it is indeed a rare occasion when I am so intrigued,amused,and entertained to the point where I leave a review.You have the distinction of me having left not 1 but 2 reviews for a single story.and I have read hundreds.Nobody has attempted anything near what you wrote as badass as you wrote it.I lost count how many times I busted out laughing over this story.Some people just don’t know a good thing when they’re reading it.Thanks!


    • I am honored, truly. I know reviewing takes tremendous effort (especially if you’re reading from your phone), and I appreciate each and every one.

      Thank you for complimenting and validating my writing. I was so worried as I thought about the countless readers I have been offending over the past few months as I have written this. Was, being the key word there. Thank you for reviewing (again), and for telling me that my story was funny and badass. I am happy to write as long as I can intrigue, amuse, and entertain my readers. Thank you again. 🙂


  10. Ali says:

    I love this story! Try not to let one bad review get you down. No matter you do haters are gonna hate. That’s what I tell myself anyway. I’ve been following this story from the beginning and I still want more! Sometimes I swear I check for updates twice a day (yes, yes I am sad =P). Anyway! Point being, you’re awesome =)


    • I am so glad to see that you love my story! I was so worried after reading her review, and I am SO relieved that the rest of my readers never saw abuse either. Thank you for commenting to let me know, it makes me feel so much better.

      If you follow my blog, it will send you an e mail every time I post, so you don’t have to check twice a day and feel sad (although you’ll feel sad that I don’t post as often as you need).

      Thank you again for sharing the love. 🙂


  11. TriceNorthman says:

    Wel, another good chapter!
    I’m enjoying a lot with this fic of yours and I’m gonna red the next chapter right now.
    As always, a great job, congrats!!!


  12. switched is violating? What???? That´s ridiculous, braincracking. If I were on the receiving end of switching bodies with a man…boy would I EXPLORE!!!!


    • Oh yes…I’d explore until parts didn’t work anymore! 🙂 Thanks for getting my back on this one. I hoped it wasn’t offensive to more than just the one…but you never know! Gotta reach out to my readers, right? Thanks for reviewing! 🙂


  13. Loftin says:

    Fantastic chapter as usual! I think I enjoy the moments almost as much as story. You people are just too damn funny. I need to go to ff and read thse scandalous vaginia reviews. Hehehe 😉 I love it! Preach on sistas!!


    • It was so funny, I tried to write the epilogue, but it wouldn’t happen until I wrote another entire chapter. I’m glad you loved it. It’s always reassuring to know my readers have got my back. Love from me to you, and thanks for the review too!


  14. Loftin says:

    Oops..that should have read ‘I think I enjoy the comments almost as much as the story.’
    Btw…I’m sorry I’ve Ben MIA. For some reason I thought I read and reviewed everything. I’m definitely missing ya!


  15. romantic2soul says:

    I really don’t know if I should write this but I think the person who left you the bad review is a joke. Violate?? come on really. Let’s review, it was technically Eric’s hand that pleasured his own body and Sookie own body pleasuring herself. What? does she think neither have ever masturbated before. This was a wonderfully written, clever, FANTASY! Is she afraid she is going to magically switch bodies with someone and they are going to molest her body so she needs stand up for right to make sure this CRIME never happens. Some people need to get real. Please never let this kind of crazy fanatical opinion curb your creativity. To think this Ah Hmm.. lady could have deprived all of your true fans of a wonderful and entertaining story, that would have been the real crime.


    • Again, I am flattered and appreciate your love and support. I freaked out when she left that review, and I frantically re-read the chapters to find the ‘violations’ but couldn’t find any. I thought I was being obtuse or something. I’m glad you enjoyed the fantasy, and all the rest. My intention is never to offend, only to offer an escape with fun/sexy/funny stories. I know I can’t please everyone, and she was REALLY unhappy. I’m just glad I edited out all the naughty parts, since she probably would have reported my stories for MA content. Dodged a bullet there! 🙂 Thanks again for the lovely review (and for all the previous ones!).


  16. Alison Griffiths says:

    Hi there, I am the evil reviewer from ffnet. When I first read the story I didn’t come over here for the MA parts because I felt it wouldn’t be what I wanted to read. Secret O and I exchanged some very civil PMs on the and we both expressed our views in a non confrontational way.

    The reason I am commenting here is because I want to explain, partly, and retract a lot 🙂

    I am a huge canon devotee who just happens to have some experience in helping the victims of sexual and mental abuse. When I started Switched I thought this was an amazing idea and the author wrote really well, I still do. But, considering both characters pasts, having someone bigger, older and stronger who forces inappropriate touches on them, in Appius and Bartlett, I felt, Sookie especially would consider this an abuse of her trust in Eric. I also thought Eric had spent so long trying to win her, when he could have taken her or manipulated her, Bill style, he wouldn’t really want that.

    BUT, tonight I read the whole thing here, and I have changed my mind about how this story portrays this, in the most part. I know readers love lemons, and I also know writers want to please the readers, and why not, but I’m very pleased at how minimal you made the solo sex scenes and the handling of them. You did a great job. I think their inter reactions really took away from a sense of sordid contact. I loved it when they began to appreciate the intricacies of each other’s lives. Sookie feeling sorry for Eric as Sheriff, Eric realising how hard Sookie’s life is. THAT was what I wanted for Switched.

    I think your initial summary and so A/N gave me the impression that smut was all it would be, with no depth, but I loved the concept so much I had to read it. Honestly, you do yourself a disservice if you ever imply your lemons are really important to your plot, not saying you do, because you are far, far better than that. You write beautifully.

    As I said in my PM I certainly didn’t want to upset you, just tell you what I’d hoped for in the story. Now I’ve read it all and taken it in context I want to apologise again if my review made you feel bad. I get now what you’re trying to achieve and it’s my own fault that I didn’t give it chance. You did a great job and I hope you accept my apology.

    Btw, I’m loving ‘Tartan’! Even though Switched wasn’t my cup of tea initially I still favourited you because I like how you write.

    Regards, Alison (NorthmanMaille)


    • Holy good lord, what a shocking thing to find in my inbox!! I am so thrilled you have read the whole thing (even if you did have to jump from FF to here). I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond, it’s been a hell of a week. I have yet to catch up on my FF messages and reviews! What I really want to know is why? Why did you come back to it? After our exchange months ago, I figured you were done.

      Thank you for the compliments on my writing, and I’m glad you enjoyed the tactful way I wrote the lemons in this story. I always try to bring Eric and Sookie together as equals who understand each other. That was the whole goal of my super long story Getaway and almost everything else I have written. It was incredibly difficult for me to hear your displeasure with the story in your original reviews, and it took me weeks to find my bearings again. I was so worried other readers were also offended by my story, and only after I heard back from most of them did I feel confident enough to finish the story. Really what it all comes down to is a learning experience. You gave me a perspective I didn’t even think of before. Many people in this world, especially women, are the victims of sexual abuse, and the last thing I want to do is imply it is all right or funny.

      My goal with Switched was to write a funny story of mutual understanding and a deep appreciation for each other. I didn’t even think exploring their new bodies would be taboo in any way, since it would be the first thing I would do. You have made me acutely aware that not all people think like I do, which has helped broaden my perspective. It was a painful, but very valuable lesson.

      Whatever your reasons are for coming back and reading the whole thing…I’m glad you did. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy my other stories. 🙂


      • Alison Griffiths says:

        I felt bad after our PM exchanges, I hate the thought of upsetting anyone, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I had you on alert because I liked your style of writing, The Tilted Kilt popped up and I really enjoyed it, that made me feel worse 🙂 so I decided to read it all on here and give it a proper chance, which I hadn’t before. I like to think I can admit to my mistakes and learn from them, and I wouldn’t have admitted them without letting you know I was wrong. 😦


      • Well, what can I say, but thank you for giving me another chance, and thank you for being so gracious. I’m a stupid sensitive writer (as my sister puts it), and tend to get hurt feelings pretty easily. It’s a flaw I’m really working on. I’m sorry if I was jerky to you. It wasn’t my intention. Just a knee-jerk reaction. You know? I’m glad you like my writing, I’m always working on making it better and I’m glad you like my new story!


  17. Alison Griffiths says:

    P.S I would never report a story unless it was pure and simple rape or child abuse, and certainly not for a disagreement in interpretation, so you didn’t have to worry about that 🙂

    I hate those twats who go around reporting stuff just to enjoy the feeling of ruining it for the rest of us. They’re cowards. I’ve reported one story, a twilight one, which was an exact copy of another, word for word. And I told the author I was doing it too 🙂


    • I’m relieved you didn’t report me initially. I know there are people out there scanning FF stories for inappropriate content, which is the reason I moved here. Incest/rape/child pornography/plagiarism aside (no one should be writing stories including these things), FF does not allow MA content, and I’m trying to follow the rules and keep my stories relatively clean there. So, while I’m glad you wouldn’t have reported my story, there are others who would if I hadn’t edited the MA content out. Yeay for WordPress and the freedom to post what I want! 🙂


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