Spoiler: Switched Epilogue

“Memphis is a five hour drive, so please, make yourselves comfortable.” Raul slid behind the steering wheel and drove away.


Eric moved quickly, talking in an inaudible whisper to Raul through the small window.


Sookie was about to ask him what they were talking about, when Eric joined her again. Her attention was pulled away from him by the sound of the window rolling up, sealing the two compartments. Seconds later, she could hear the muffled sounds of Raul singing to a loud rock radio station. “What…”


Eric’s mouth was on hers instantly, his tongue pushing past her lips impatiently. He pulled away from her slowly, giving her a seductive smile. His fingers eased up the hem of her skirt and he looked at her in surprise when she stopped him.


“Raul is right there!” She pointed to the tiny opaque window six feet away.


Eric nodded. “Yes, he is.” He fell between her legs, kneeling on the carpeted floor. He nuzzled against her exposed thigh.


Eric. He’ll hear us.”


He shook his head, tickling her with his soft hair. “No he won’t.” He winked at her. “I promise.” He could feel her relaxing under him, and took the opportunity to push her skirt further up. He touched her gently, waiting for her permission.


6 thoughts on “Spoiler: Switched Epilogue

  1. MistressCinder says:

    I can’t wait for the rest. : )


  2. Nordiclover says:

    You are mean…..


  3. Alskl1ng says:

    Thanks for the spoiler!


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