Switched Ch 19: Spoiler

Here is a little snippet from the chapter the begged to be written. Enjoy!


When she opened her closet, she found it empty. “Eric, where are my clothes?”


“I moved some of them, with everything else, onto the porch. I packed the rest away, and put them upstairs.” He led her to the pile of clothes he had left out. “You should wear this,” he said, handing her a beautiful silk dress.


“Where did this come from?” Sookie scolded.


“Me. Now put it on!” Eric held it over her head and urged her arms into position until it was over her head.


“Eric! It’s too much.” She was looking at the rest of her new wardrobe. She felt like crying again. “Why am I so weepy?”


“You always feel like that!” Eric was smiling. “It’s not too much. You deserve it, and so much more.”


Sookie was on the brink of arguing with him, but then remembered that she had done things for him too…things that would tip the scales, at least a little. “After we see Terry, we need to go to Fangtasia.”

2 thoughts on “Switched Ch 19: Spoiler

  1. Alskl1ng says:

    Thank you for the snippet. Looking forward to CH19!


    • It’s up! Did you get a notification for it? I was just thinking about that…and wondered how it works here. When I post a new chapter on ff, I get an e mail telling me that it’s up, which is the same e mail everyone that’s following me gets. Maybe I should follow my own blog to see. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed the snippet! 🙂


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