Spoiler Switched: Ch 18

Sorry I didn’t post the whole chapter over the weekend, it was a bit busy! Here’s a little sneak peek at the long-awaited lemon-fest. Enjoy…


“Hey, can we go inside and talk?” Sookie said, taking a deep breath to clear her mind.


“No…but there’s a blanket in that wooded area that I’ve been taking breaks on.” Eric said, pointing behind him, hoping that she wouldn’t question why they couldn’t go inside.


Sookie did not ask, and followed him silently as they made their way past the house and into part of her property that was covered with mature trees.


The earth under the blanket was spongy from years of undisturbed humus building up. Eric sat down first, stretching her tan legs out against the soft blanket. He hoped that Sookie would sit down close enough that he could touch her. He leaned over to a makeshift table and turned on a battery-powered lantern. He blinked several times as her eyes adjusted to the light. The table still had the remnants of his dinner, and he took a long drink of water as he waited for her to sit down.


Sookie sat down next to him, leaving a respectable distance between their bodies, even though she wanted nothing more than to hold him again. She spoke in a flood of words, each one tripping over the last in a hurry to be said.

4 thoughts on “Spoiler Switched: Ch 18

  1. Alskl1ng says:

    So excited for this chapter and like where this is going. Thanks for the little spoiler and I hope the rest of your week is not so busy.


  2. whew hot blooded says:

    whew yeah baby! eric does not want sookie to see the new floors in the house i assume…or else he wants to get down and dirty and earthy…and finish her yardwork…mmhh, yeah, that is it… 🙂


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