Switched Ch 15: I Am NOT Being High-Handed

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I Am NOT Being High-Handed

Sookie’s POV (in Eric’s body)

“You’re coming with me,” Pam said, still wiping her eyes.

“Gladly…” I answered and followed her out the front door of Eric’s house.

Pam didn’t say much on our way to Fangtasia, but once we parked, she turned to face me. “Remember to act the part. You’re Eric Northman, and that means no waving, no giggling, and no smiling. Got it?”

I didn’t feel like smiling at the moment.

I nodded and followed her inside. It was still early enough that the bar had only a few humans hanging around, nervously sipping on their drinks. The vampire crowd hadn’t arrived yet. Chow was working behind the bar, and Ginger was busy wiping tables off.

“Can I do something to help?” I whispered to Pam.

“Knock yourself out. Just remember…”

I stalked over to the bar. “I need to do something to keep myself occupied.” I was irritated and it came out in his voice.

Chow chuckled softly. “Your human giving you trouble still?”

I crossed Eric’s arms over his chest, about to defend that ‘Sookie’ wasn’t ‘mine’ when I remembered that as far as Andre, and consequently the rest of the vampire world, was concerned, I was Eric’s. “She wouldn’t have given me so much trouble if you hadn’t given her an entire bottle of tequila,” I growled.

“She asked for it,” he said simply, as if that justified his actions.

“Whatever.” I was struggling to control Eric’s violent impulses. I had the urge to punch him in the face.

“We just got a delivery.” Chow nodded to the back door. “You can unload it if you want.”

I nodded and slipped out the back door. I took a deep breath and felt calm when the cool night air filled his body. I relaxed against the wall.

I missed Eric. Tonight was the first night that we were apart, and it was an unpleasant feeling.

Eric?” Pam called from the door. “There’s a new vamp that needs to talk to you.”

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Because you’re the Sheriff of Area Five,” she said with clenched teeth. “So put that box down and come do your job.”

I whispered, “What am I supposed to do?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something.” Pam turned and walked inside.

I followed her and found a young, twitchy vampire waiting at an empty table.

He stared up at me, his mouth hanging open. “Holy fuck, you’re tall.”

I furrowed Eric’s forehead. How was I supposed to respond to that?

The twitchy kid said, “My name’s Dan.” He gulped loudly and looked away from me.

“Eric Northman,” I said as I slid into the seat across from him. “Why are you here?”

“I uh, well…I mean, I just came into your area and thought I would let you know. I’m sharing a house with a couple of other vamps, and they told me I should come and see you.”

Oh. Every vamp in the area had to check in with Eric? How in the hell did he keep track of them all?

“What else did your friends say?” I asked, trying to get as much information out of him as possible.

“Not to get on your bad side.”

I nodded. “Good advice.”

“So is that it?” Dan asked, looking at me wearily.

I glanced at Pam. She had been leaning against the bar, listening to our conversation. She rushed to my side.

“Don’t fuck up, or I’ll kill you myself,” Pam said.

Dan looked like he was going to pass out. “Yes ma’am.”

“Go on and play.” Pam shooed him out of the booth. She turned her attention back to me. “You did well. Kept your mouth shut, didn’t make a fool of yourself…but you need to put a little fear into the new ones, or they’ll go around town leaving a bloody trail behind them. Not that we actually want to stake them…dealing with Makers is a whole lot of trouble.”

“Got it.” I shuddered at the thought.

“Eric’s been gone long enough that there are several vamps coming in tonight that are going to need to talk to you. I’ll be right there.” Pam said pointing to the stage. “I hope you’ll be able to handle it.”

I hoped so too, because another one was headed my way.

Pam left me, heading to the chair on the stage, close enough to hear what was happening, just in case I needed her.

“Listen, Northman. We had a deal. You were supposed to take care of that little problem.” The vampire tried to loom over me as he stood at the end of the table.

Of course, if I stood up, it would be a different story, but as it was, he was trying to intimidate me physically. Who starts a conversation like that?

“What problem?” I asked setting Eric’s mouth in a hard line. I didn’t like this guy at all.

“The water line that’s broken over at my place!” he grunted.

“What do I look like, a handyman?” I scoffed.

“You look like a man that makes promises that he doesn’t keep!”

“Wait a minute. I’ve been away…on business.”

The vamp narrowed his eyes at me. “And that’s my problem?”

“Apparently,” I said flatly. I stood up and towered over him. “If you want to do business with me, you need to watch your tone.” I wanted to bitch-slap him. “Leave your information with Pam, and I’ll take care of it.” I walked away, heading out the back door.

Eric’s job sucked. Not only did he have to keep track of all the vamps coming in and out of his area, he also had to smooth over problems with aggressive jerks! He was completely disrespectful, and it made me wonder if Eric managed to keep his cool.

Pam came out a minute later. “Don’t worry about Vinnie. He’s a dick to everyone.” She patted my arm. “For what it’s worth, I thought you handled him perfectly. You got all ‘southern-lady’ on him: ‘Watch your tone.’ Priceless.” She smiled at me.

“Who is he?” I huffed in frustration.

“He rents space in one of our buildings. And like I said, he’s a douche bag.”

I took a deep breath and every muscle in Eric’s body tensed. “Eric is here!”

I ripped the door open and ran into the club. I searched for him, and didn’t see him. I inhaled again and ran outside through the front doors. I passed through the line waiting to get in and around to the side by the parking lot. I could hear voices.

“You smell so fucking good…” one voice said.

“You had better get your hands off of me,” Eric said.

He was pressed up against the side of the building, trapped by two young vamps.

“Or what?” one of the vamps said, mocking him.

His voice was oddly familiar, and then it dawned on me why.

“Or I’ll have Pam stake you. You just fucked up Dan!” I said, startling all of them.

I lunged at them and grabbed Dan and his friend by their throats, lifting them easily off the ground. “Or maybe I should do it.”

They grabbed at Eric’s arms, trying to get me to release my grip.

“She’s mine!” I growled, squeezing a little tighter.

Dan’s voice was hoarse and quiet. “I’m sorry Sheriff. I didn’t know. It won’t happen again!”

“You’re damn right it’s not going to happen again!” I threw them into the parking lot, where they landed with two matching thuds onto a car and then onto the ground.

They scurried away, looking back at me nervously several times until they were out of sight.

“Friends of yours?” Eric asked, smoothing out his clothes.

“No!” I growled. “What the hell are you doing here? Looking to get killed?”

“Why are you so defensive? I was in control the whole time. I can handle myself!” Eric huffed.

“Oh yes, I’m sure you can take care of yourself. If I hadn’t come out, who knows what might have happened!” I was fuming mad and took a step towards him.

“Look who’s being high-handed now!” Eric scoffed.

“I am NOT being high-handed. I was protecting you!”

Eric laughed. “You are ridiculous! Talk about double standards!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I yelled. “I saved you!”

Eric took a deep breath and smiled. “It means that you are a hypocrite.”

I opened my mouth to respond and Eric lunged at me, locking my mouth over his. I felt my anger and resolve melt away and fell towards him.

He pushed my tongue into his mouth and we moaned at the same moment. He wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my breasts against his chest. My hot skin burned through Eric’s.

I growled and lifted him off the ground, wrapping his arms around my body and pinned him to the side of the building.

He wrapped my legs around his waist, making Eric’s body shake with need. Eric sucked on his tongue and licked his fang, sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. The desire coursing through me combined with the smell of his arousal mixed with the faint fragrance of blood was enough to make me cum.

He was smiling at me. “Did you just cum?”

I closed his eyes. “Yes.” Why did this keep happening to me? I wanted to die of embarrassment, yet again.

“Fuck, that’s hot.”

I opened his eyes and stared into mine.

Pam’s voice interrupted. “Serena needs to have a word with you, Sookie. Are you two done arguing?” She came around the corner and her irritated expression shifted. “Oh…or should I say, are you two done fucking?”

I put Eric down quickly and pulled his arms away. They ached to hold him again. “We weren’t…”

“Fucking?” Pam laughed. She was on the verge of tears again. “Well…I don’t know what you call it in Bon Temps…” She leaned against the building and held her side while she laughed. “Although…I can think of a few places a little more romantic than the parking lot of Fangtasia.”

“He was in danger!” I said, trying to justify myself.

“Of what? Being fucked into the side of the building?”

“Pam, that’s enough,” Eric said, stepping forward.

Pam’s face smoothed out and she smiled widely. “I love your Jimmy Choos!”

I turned around and looked at Eric and saw him shake my head at Pam. It was the first time I actually noticed what he was wearing. “Where did you get those?” I was furious.

“I went shopping.”


“They’re for me! Who knows how long I’m going to be stuck in your body, and you have no say over what I buy to make myself more comfortable!”

“Those heels look really comfortable,” I said sarcastically.

“For your information, they are. I wouldn’t have gone out at all, except I couldn’t find anything in your closet that fit. I’m bloated…”

Pam snort-laughed.

“Oh shut up, Pam! Just because you don’t remember what it’s like to be a human woman, doesn’t mean you can laugh at him!” I said defensively.

Pam cleared her throat. “I love your skirt,” she said to Eric, and then she looked at me. “Sookie, tell me, is it as soft as it looks?” She winked at me.

“Pam, go back inside,” Eric commanded.

“Serena’s waiting…” Pam said before she turned on her heel and left us alone.

“You never answered me before. Why are you here?” I asked, still feeling embarrassed and angry.

“Because I…” Eric trailed off.

“It’s not safe for you here. You have to go home.”

“Just like that, you’re going to send me away?” Eric crossed my arms across my chest. “I suppose you’re going to say it’s for my own good.”

“It is. You should leave.” I could feel my control slipping away as the scent of my body assaulted his nose again. “Now.”

“Or what? You’ll kiss me and slam me up against that wall again?” Eric flirted.

You kissed me.” I took a deep breath. “This isn’t a game, Eric. I can’t control these urges.” I motioned down to his wet pants.

“I keep a pair of jeans in my desk. Bottom drawer,” Eric answered, as if that made everything okay.

The light that hung over the parking lot cast a gentle glow over my skin, making it look soft and round. All I could think of was burying his fangs in my warm neck.

I shook his head, trying to clear the images out of my brain. “I need to work. Go home. Please?” I didn’t want to worry about him.

“Fine.” Eric jerked his keys out of a beautiful purse, and then stormed away without another word.

I watched him get in his car, making sure he made it safely out of the parking lot before I went back inside and changed.

The rest of my night was filled with more unpleasant interactions with local vampires, all complaining about one thing or another.

As much as I tried to focus, all I could think about was Eric and the amazing kiss we had shared. How many more days would I have to spend away from him?


Damn, I’m sorry…I promised you a fast update, and it’s already been a week and a half. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve already written the next chapter, so review like crazy and I’ll post faster. 🙂

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43 thoughts on “Switched Ch 15: I Am NOT Being High-Handed

  1. BookSookismyhero says:

    That was wonderful! I loved this chapter. I loved Eric pointing out how hypocritical Sookie was being in her high-handed protection of Eric. I loved how much I laughed over Eric defending his shopping spree and imagining the look he must of had on his face while he was probably thinking something along the lines of, ‘what? i think i look nice.’. The kiss?!? I love the kiss! I like Chow teasing her about her human giving her trouble. I love that Pam pointed out that Sookie going all ‘Southern Lady’ on Vinnie’s ass was the perfect behavior for a vampire sheriff. The only thing I don’t like is Sookie refusing to get her head out of her (eric’s) ass and admitting that she likes him and wants to spend time with him. Although, I would expect nothing less. Eric wouldn’t appreciate it if he didn’t have to work for it. I simply cannot wait for next chapter as I know it will be totally awesome.


    • Holy smokes, that was an awesome review! I can’t thank you enough for being so specific and saying all the parts you loved (and were frustrated by…). It is really helpful for when I am writing the next chapter, or a new story. I love to know what my readers want, so thank you for telling me. 🙂

      I was cracking myself up when Sookie wanted to bitch-slap that vamp and went all southern-lady on him. 🙂 We can always count on Pam to smooth things over and gush over Eric’s new shoes. 🙂

      Thank you again, it was lovely hearing from you! 🙂


  2. erin1705 says:

    I love this fic SO much! I crack up so much everytime a new chapter is posted. The kiss in the alley was great and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  3. Vicki (Ilive2read) says:

    oh how frustrating it must be for to not be able to control his bodies actions, but she had hot to realize that it is her brain that wants him . His body does not get out of control around anyone else now does it Sookie? LOL
    Great Chapter loved it


  4. whew hot blooded says:

    “Fuck, that’s hot.” and this says it all. great update. eric is right and sookie is a hypocrite. when situation is reversed, sookie was not grateful for all eric did to protect her. sookie still in mega denial. the more she struggles with eric’s urges and realizes how hard *!* it is for him to be around her and how much he does need to protect her, the more she resists acknowledging the truth. eric is in the right place, even if the wrong body- he seems to get it now. he is older and wiser, i guess.

    sookie not there yet, and it will be interesting to see what is it that finally gets through to her, without making excuses and blaming. too funny when pam noticed all the upgrades that eric made to sookie’s appearance. he is right- he should be comfortable since it is sookie’s fault they remain trapped in each other’s bodies right now. he was playing a bit naughty when he used his own knowledge of his body to set sookie off. he is really going for the whole shebang 🙂

    no clue what will happen next. looking forward to next time.


    • What a lovely review!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, it was insane! I also love your pervy additions to your review, nothing better. 🙂

      You are so right. Eric is there, but Sookie isn’t (or is she…). Sookie’s going to have a moment of clarity, and Pam is going to give her a little advice. I’ve said too much, now, I must kill you. Mwah ha ha ha ha! (that was supposed to be evil, but it might just come across as a little crazy).

      They are both so close, but Sookie still needs time to process how she feels, since he’s being so obvious about his feelings. He is definitely older and wiser, and they will both be at an advantage when she finally comes around. 🙂 Thanks again!!


      • whew hot blooded says:

        nooo, if you kill me (evil and crazy laugh of yours inserted here), then you will be without further comment or pun from me 🙂 do not deprive yourself so. muahahaha…count dracula style of course 😉 bit overloaded and hectic here too. hang in there so you can write more soon.


      • You know, I was actually worried for a minute when you didn’t write to me yesterday. I was like, ‘Has the world ended? Where are my six messages from WHB?’ 🙂 Believe me, I would never do anything to risk losing you…it was a shock to the system that’s for sure, and one that I’m not a fan of either! 🙂

        So…I’ve been writing like a crazy person, and had to break today to go to SLC for a little shopping and birthday dinner celebrations for my friend, so now, I’m back to more crazy writing. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        i am still catching up to your replies right now. nope, zombies did not get me…i doubt i am good eating. if what’s left of my brain is any indication 😉

        i am happy that you are writing and that you took some time to have fun too. even better, you got to rest up for all my messages *gigglesnorts*


      • Oh I’m trying to catch up too…but I know it is futile, because, I’m sure you’re lurking out there, responding as soon as your inbox chimes.

        Speaking of that…you might want to see a doctor for that. Your ‘inbox’ isn’t supposed to chime. LOL Now I’m cracking myself up with my OWN perviness! 😀


      • whew hot blooded says:

        whose punny now? U R, O 😉 however, i must correct you since my inbox (or whew hoo) has well known history of ding[a-ling] but not chime 🙂 they say that being dinged regularly may leave marks but rarely causes permanent damage 🙂

        lurking? i was switching laundry…sadly not places with eric…my switches suck v-v. laundry not lurking. love not war. my new bumpersticker…

        catch up may be futile. i got folding to do and a bed to make and grapefruit to eat and i am just unable to do it all *giggles* ah, the domestic agony *collapses onto fainting couch*


      • I only try to be punny, and I’m not sure I succeed all the time. I love the idea that you get dinged constantly, and that it doesn’t cause long-term damage. Good thing, since you get dinged by me frequently. 🙂

        What’s funny…when you said ‘laundry not lurking. love not war’ I read ‘bumsticker.’ Oh god, my mind is failing me…


      • whew hot blooded says:

        HA! as tired as i am the bumsticker is cracking me up. is a bumsticker like a potsticker, or is it like a klingon?

        yeah, the ding is the thing…be gentle with me tonight :). whew is pooped out from overextending self. neighbor is bit better. another baby step forward.

        you better not have mind fail since there is more story to post. do NOT make me crack the whip again…really, do not, cuz i am too tired *collapses onto fainting couch at thought of no more updates*


  5. Betsy says:

    Poor Sookie, think she is learning a big old lesson about how life works in Eric’s world! Bloating aside, Eric seems to be adapting. Loved the parking lot, they are both so stubborn! Wondeful chapter thanks


    • Yep, I thought it was about time for Sookie to get a taste of Eric’s life…it’s not as easy as she thought. Eric is adapting well, and I dare say…enjoying himself! 🙂 They’re going to give in soon, you just wait and see! Thanks so much for commenting!!


  6. Filagirl says:

    Glad your back, still loving this story. Will it be getting Hotter soon. Please!


  7. Duckbutt says:

    Oh my –just love this interaction and the “shoe being on the other foot” with high-handed Sookie(Eric) —and it was fortunate Pam was close by to help with Sookie/E’s interaction with the other vamps…..

    A little hint of lemon mist in the alley way –hope they get it on soon!


    • Oh yes, there’s going to be a lot of getting it on for them…just give Sookie a little time to get over herself, and we’ll all be golden. Funny…shoe being on the other foot. Literally. 🙂 Pam’s a good egg, and I do love writing her, especially as Sookie’s helpful Dear Abby source. 🙂


  8. lostinspace33 says:

    LOL! I like that Sookie’s getting her own taste of being high-handed. Let’s just hope it finally wakes her up a bit.


    • Oh yes, Sookie is going to have a moment of clarity and everything is going to be much better…for everyone! 🙂 I couldn’t resist Sookie’s high-handedness, so I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for commenting!


  9. ilovevikings says:

    That was one hell of a kiss! Loved it! Its so fuuny to me that sookie is now saying and acting the same way that eric always has with her in the past, and that eric now knows how it feels like to be on the receiving end of it… And then their is pam…. god i love her, lol!


    • I figured you might enjoy a little Pam in there. She’s going to be crucial in the next chapter, with her Dear Abby advice. 🙂 I imagine that the kiss between them would be enough to take Eric’s breath away… I also couldn’t resist Sookie experiencing the urge to ‘protect’ Eric (aka being high-handed), since she’s always whining about it. Whine no more…just get over it already. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing! 🙂


  10. MistressCinder says:

    That hypocrit comment hit the nail on the head! I love that they are learning so much about each other in this story. It will hopefully cut down on the misunderstanding when they finally switch back. : )


    • I don’t know that there is any other option for Sookie and Eric. They know so much about each other, and have such a deep understanding of their feelings, that there is only bliss and happiness ahead. 🙂 Sookie was, of course, the holdout…but don’t worry, she’s coming to her senses. Thanks so much for commenting! I hope you enjoy reading my other stories as well! 🙂


  11. hyppiegirl says:

    I am so loving this story. It is so funny. I can’t wait to find out what you come up with next.


  12. jtedrick1 says:

    loved that Eric got a little of his own high handedness heh 😉


    • I thought it was good for Sookie to see that he does it to protect her, because that’s what it feels like for him. Sookie just really needs to get over herself…which is going to happen very soon. 🙂


  13. Mindy says:

    I was so hoping that “Eric” would show up. I am so glad he did. It was so sexy how they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I thought it was sooooo freckin funny that Eric or should I say Sookie “wet his pants” haaaaaaa.
    Sookie was kickass handling the vamp buisness. The chapter title was perfect, who was acting highanded. I so hope that Eric pays Sookie a visit in the next chapter and they continue what they started, yumm yummm. Tee hee a very fun chapter!!!!!!!!


    • Thank you so much for commenting, I do so love to hear that you are enjoying it, and that you laughed and got a little hot and bothered by parts of it. 🙂 Sookie needs to learn how to deal with Eric being nice to her, end of story…and, since I’ve just finished the last three chapters, I’ll be posting more soon. 🙂 Thank you again! 🙂


      • Mindy says:

        I so agree, I hope Sookie let’s Eric in. Has been been quite sweet. About to read the next chapter, I can’t wait!!!!!


      • Sookie’s going to have lots of time to think things over…and she’ll come around. 🙂 Thank you SO much for reviewing on FF…I do so love that! 🙂


  14. romantic2soul says:

    I LOVE Pam and you write a spot on characterization. “Of what? Being fucked into the side of the building?” I am running out of ways to say funny. So here is what my thesaurus says Humorous, hilarious, amusing, comical, witty. Yeah all those and then some. Thank you


  15. I love that you did this – high handed/your protection thing. SUCH insight for both of them! You’ve slowly blown through all the problems that could happen (or have already happened) with them as a couple.


    • It does seem like CH blurs the line with his high-handedness and his protection. There’s a difference. It doesn’t seem like book Sookie knows what’s good for her most of the time, which causes huge problems between them. It’s beyond frustrating, as I’m sure you agree. I am loving reading these reviews!! 🙂


  16. Bev. says:

    Wow — proof of what a bitch Sookie is — Eric is having her period for her & she’s still the moody, nasty one of the pair!


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