Switched Chapter 15 Spoiler!

I’m posting in the morning…but I thought you might enjoy this little snippet. 🙂 Thanks for following me!


I took a deep breath and every muscle in Eric’s body tensed. “Eric is here!”


I ripped the door open and ran into the club. I searched for him, and didn’t see him. I inhaled again and ran outside through the front doors. I passed through the line waiting to get in and around to the side by the parking lot. I could hear voices.


“You smell so fucking good…” one voice said.


“You had better get your hands off of me,” Eric said.


He was pressed up against the side of the building, trapped by two young vamps.


“Or what?” one of the vamps said, mocking him.


His voice was oddly familiar, and then it dawned on me why.


11 thoughts on “Switched Chapter 15 Spoiler!

  1. dprincess87 says:

    wonder who it could be update soon!!!


  2. whew hot blooded says:

    looking forward to the update. someone’s gonna be in serious trouble with both of them.


    • oh yeah, Sookie’s gonna go all badass on the punk! 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        she has very little control over eric’s body and is really deprived (much like myself) right about now. i can only imagine what will happen. she is in the perfect vehicle to tear it up…and down, in and out, and shake it all about…i think some hokey pokey is about to take place 🙂


      • There’s only one body part that Sookie should be putting in at this point…You put your GP in, you put your GP out, you put your GP in and you shake it all about.

        Oh god. I’m going down with you…


      • whew hot blooded says:

        you read me loud and clear. it was hokey POKEY that fit better than time warp in this moment. you agreed apparently 😉 and that got the hillbilly outta my head. it really is a great song for pervtootiness 🙂


      • LOL…I love that you capitalize POKEY…now if there were any doubt about what kind of person you are, we all know. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        whaaa? i am a punny person, a crazy person, a noncanadian person, right? also a child at heart as kids love to do the hokey pokey… *sneaks off to ROFLMAO while putting right foot in and right foot out*


      • Yes, punny, crazy, non-canadian, childish, and as funny as the day is long. 🙂 Wait…does that mean you’re funnier in the summer? Phew! Good thing I got you at your best. 🙂


      • whew hot blooded says:

        urm, as long as you think i am at my best…i will take your word for it. summer is the worst season for me. sun intolerant like a vampire due to possible spontaneous combustion. if my heat stroke amuses you, so be it O secret one 😉 the days are longer, just like my daze 🙂 talk about whew hot blooded XD


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