Switched Ch 3: Clam Digging

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Clam Digging

SPOV (in Eric’s body)

Fear rippled through me when I woke up. I felt confined and the darkness around me made me cry out for help. I pushed up and the piece of wood directly over me moved easily. Light from the bedroom spilled in on me. It was only when I looked down did I remember what had happened last night. Damn. I was still in Eric’s body. I weaseled my way through the opening and sat on the floor of my old bedroom trying to calm down. The house was eerily quiet and I couldn’t help but wonder when Eric would be getting back. Not that I wanted to see him.

When I stretched, his fingers brushed the ceiling and I marveled again at how graceful he was. I walked into my bedroom and stopped in front of my mirror, surprised again to find myself looking out of his face. I shook his head and hoped that he had found something out from Sam about how to get Callisto to put us back. It couldn’t be fast enough. Tonight we were going to Fangtasia…where he was going to subject me to all kinds of unpleasant things. I just knew it.

A shower would help me feel better, it always did. I stripped out of the skintight pink and aqua outfit he had worn last night, and left them draped over the end of my bed. As I made my way into the bathroom, I couldn’t pull his eyes away from the mirror where his muscles rippled. His ass was spectacular and I spent the better part of a minute flexing the muscles and making it wiggle. I slowly turned around and faced the mirror, letting his mouth hang open as I took in the sight of his massive dick. Of course I wasn’t terribly surprised, since I had had the privilege of feeling it against my real body last night on the hood of his car. Wait a minute…did I just say privilege? Ugh, I needed a distraction. Quick.

The shower was hot, which felt marvelous against his cold skin. I used my shampoo and conditioner on his hair, hoping that he wouldn’t mind smelling like vanilla. I picked up my bar of soap and lathered it between his large palms and started cleaning his body. That’s when my brain stopped working.

His body responded under his fingers and I felt something moving down below. I blinked the water out of his eyes and looked down. If I thought his body was impressive a minute ago, it was nothing compared to what was on display for me now. I wrapped his fingers around the base of his dick and closed his eyes. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Every nerve in his body jumped. His hand held on tightly, stroking up and down the shaft. The soap made it slippery, and the euphoric feeling that was spreading through his body numbed my brain even more. I was so lost in the sensations of pleasure that I did not hear the front door open and close, and I didn’t hear the bathroom door open. The sounds of my moans echoed through the room, turning into a deafening roar as I came in violent spurts. It was only when I opened his eyes that I saw Eric staring at his body, specifically his dick, which was still being firmly gripped by his hand. I shrieked and pulled the shower curtain around his body, trying to hide.

Eric laughed and said, “It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before…but I must say that watching you get me off is the most erotic thing I have ever witnessed.”

“Shut up and hand me a towel. Have you ever heard of knocking?” I barked. Eric shrugged and handed me a towel. “Will you get out of here and give me some privacy?”

“Why so you can stroke my cock again? I would rather stay and watch. It’s been a long day…” He sounded tired and I felt bad knowing how hard a day of work must have been for him.

I wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathtub. “Out!” I said as I pushed him out of the room, locking the door. I dried as much of his body as I could without touching his appendage again, not wanting to prove him right. I wrapped the towel around his waist again, tucking it securely in place. I shrieked again when I walked into my bedroom and found him sprawled across my bed. He was posing with my legs open and smiling like the cat that just ate the canary, while my fingers moved delicately over my sex. “Eric!” I squeaked.

“Tempted? I know I am…”

“No!” I huffed.  I really meant YES!

“My body seems to think differently,” he said raising an eyebrow and inspecting the growing tent in my towel.

“I’m bigger and stronger than you, and I’ll throw you out if I need to.” His fangs descended-not out of anger, but out of desire.

Eric put my hands up defensively, believing my bluff. “Fine, just let me relax for a minute.”

I tried to suppress a smile and failed. I really couldn’t imagine Eric doing my job, so I had to ask, “How was work?”

“You damn well know how it was. I don’t know what’s worse, those disgusting humans accidentally touching you, or the aches in your body from standing and lifting so much for so long.”

“Some days are better than others. Did Sam have any information or suggestions?”

Eric shook my head. “Nothing about Callisto, but from the way he was looking at your breasts, I’m sure he had something else in mind.”

I gaped at him. “I’m not going to listen to this!” I turned and left feeling embarrassed by what might have happened while he had been walking around all day looking like me and thinking like him.

I leaned against my door, trying to figure out how I was going to get dressed without having to go back in there with him…and also how I could avoid wearing those skintight pink and aqua pants again. A realization hit me; Jason had left a change of work clothes here the last time he came over. It was only a white undershirt and a pair of baggy carpenter jeans, but I would take that over standing around him naked another second.

I pulled the shirt on, feeling a twinge of pleasure as I used his hands to smooth the shirt against his taut muscles. The jeans proved to be far too tight and far too short to fit his body properly, but I did manage to get them buttoned.

I walked back into my bedroom, where Eric was still sprawled out on the bed. When he took in my whole outfit, he threw my head back and laughed.

“It’s better than that,” I said pointing to the orgy outfit draped over the end of my bed. He continued to laugh. I rolled his eyes and added, “Don’t we have somewhere to be?” The idea of being paraded around Fangtasia looking like this made me want to die, but at least I wouldn’t be alone with him.

He nodded. “Yes, but we’re stopping at my house first…unless you want to go dig for clams!” He burst out laughing again, and tears rolled down my cheeks.

“You’re hilarious. Should I drive?” I asked picking up his keys off the dresser. That sobered him right up.

Eric wiped the tears from my cheeks and bounced out of bed. His body responded to the way my body jiggled, and I knew I had to get away from him before he noticed. I ran into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of blood out of the fridge. I was too flustered to remember to heat it up, and the syrupy disgusting liquid was enough to kill any desire in his body.

“Ready to go, clam digger?” Eric called out with my voice from the front door.

I took the bottle with me, hoping that it would help me on the way to Fangtasia. Turns out that I needed it. While I was in the kitchen, he had changed, squeezing my body into an impossibly tight dress that I had worn for Halloween one year when I had gone to the Merlotte’s party as a go-go dancer. As Eric drove, he kept trying to put my hands on his legs. It was very distracting, to say the least.

Once we were inside his gated community, Eric parked his Corvette in a driveway in front of an opulent house. “This is where you live?” I asked gaping through the windshield at the beautiful house.

Eric was already outside the car, and tapped on my window. “Just come inside already!” He turned and made his way to the front door. I followed behind him, staring openly at the beauty that was his home.

“Wow, Eric…this is beautiful.”

He ignored me and went downstairs. He didn’t invite me to follow, so I stayed in the living room, admiring the jewel-colored pieces of furniture and stunning pieces of art adorning the walls. I heard him begin his ascent up the stairs. “Is this…a Picasso?”

“Yes. Now put these on.” He thrust a pair of dark jeans into my hands.

“Okay,” I answered absentmindedly. “Where’s the bathroom?”

“For what?”

“So I can change.”

“Sookie, it’s my body. I’ve seen it all before…for a millennia.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable changing in front of you,” I whined. Eric stopped me short by putting my hands on him. My fingers worked quickly, snapping the button open and sliding the fly down. I closed his eyes and shuddered when he pushed my fingers inside, caressing his cock. His body bucked and I gripped my wrists and pulled them out. “Stop it, Eric.” I never wanted him to stop. It felt so good.

“Why? I want you, and you obviously want me,” he said eyeing the bulge in his pants. “Yield to me Sookie.” He was asking, not demanding.

I shook his head and released my grip on my wrists. “You have an advantage, you know how to touch this body…it’s not fair.”

“Yes, and you know how to touch this body,” Eric said, running my hands down the sides of my dress. “So what are you waiting for? Bill?”

Bill who?

I can’t believe I just thought that. Luckily, before I was forced to respond, Eric’s phone rang. I tilted his head and tried to find the source of the noise, and watched in surprise as Eric retrieved it from my cleavage.

He shrugged my shoulders. “This dress doesn’t have pockets.” He flipped his phone open and said, “We’re on our way.” I continued to look at him curiously as he tucked it back between my breasts. “Pam’s waiting for us.”


A red-headed vampire was on duty outside Fangtasia, checking IDs of the fangbangers waiting in line. I got in line behind them and yelped when Eric pinched me. “What?”

“You don’t wait in line.”

“Oh, right.” I moved towards the front and felt all the eyes on me.

“Stop walking like that!” Eric hissed.

“Like what?”

“Like a gawky teenage boy. You’re Eric Fucking Northman!” He sounded pissed.

I squared his shoulders and pushed my way through a group of women that had turned to face me. Eric wanted me to act the part? I would. “Get out of my way, breathers.” I spat. I was surprised at how effective it was. I looked behind me and saw a smile on my face and knew that Eric approved.

The vampire bowed. “Master.” Eric came up on my side and he acknowledged him too. “And who is this delicious piece of ass?” He pulled his lips back into a lascivious smile, revealing the tips of his fangs.

Eric put my hands on my hips. “Watch your fucking mouth, or I’ll have your fangs.” The vampire narrowed his eyes, looking at me, quietly asking if this human was allowed to speak to him like that. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. Confusion evident on his face, he moved out of the way and let us enter.

“Who was that?” I asked in a whisper.

“Clancy. I am not happy about the way he looked at your body.”

“Do you really blame him? Just look at how you’re dressed!” I giggled. Eric shot me a disapproving look. I cleared my throat and grunted. I was playing a part, and I had to remember my place, which in this case, was at the very top.

Pam was sitting on the stage, fighting off the unwanted advances of an adoring fan…a male adoring fan. When she saw us, she moved quickly through the crowd and pulled us both into Eric’s office.

Eric tugged my arm out of her grasp. “Release me, Pam.”

Pam made a lap around our bodies, observing us closely. She touched his back. “Straighten your shoulders. Stop smiling.” I obeyed. “Better.” She made her way over to my body and talked to Eric. “Master, I like what you’ve done with her.” She reached a hand out to touch the thin strap holding the dress in place and I smacked her hand away. She laughed, “Oh, you’re protective…I like that.”

Eric seemed to be enjoying the scene, pushing my breasts out for Pam to admire. “If it were up to me, Sookie would always dress like this. Why hide such a beautiful body?” I huffed in frustration and he laughed.

“Pam, please tell me that you have some information about Callisto,” I said in the hopes that the conversation would move away from my body.

Pam shook her head. “No one has seen her.”

“Does Dr. Ludwig know anything? She seemed to have all the answers the last time the maenad and I had an encounter.”

Pam’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “That’s actually a good idea.” Before I could let her compliment sink in, she was dialing Dr. Ludwig on her phone. Without revealing too much information about our situation, Pam managed to explain the ‘hypothetical’ circumstances. “You think that will work?” Pam asked into the phone. “I’ll let them know. Thank you doctor.”

“Well?” I asked impatiently.

“She said to pay Callisto tribute.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I asked.

Eric answered. “Maenads can be satisfied with a sacrifice. Did she mention what kind of tribute Callisto would want?”

I remembered the conversation I had with Sam before I left for Dallas. “A bear or a tiger perhaps?” I shuddered when I thought about her tearing a proud man down to size…

“What is this, the fucking circus?” Pam asked. “And no, the good doctor was not forthcoming with details…but then again, neither was I. Did Callisto say anything?”

I gulped.

Eric said, “I was trying to find the fastest way away from her, I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying.”

Oh god. He hadn’t listened to her, but I had, and I knew exactly what she wanted.


So, tell me…who knows what kind of tribute Callisto wants?

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7 thoughts on “Switched Ch 3: Clam Digging

  1. Betsy says:

    Eric in clam diggers, too funny.


  2. romantic2soul says:

    I loved this “what might have happened while he had been walking around all day looking like me and thinking like him.” That would be scary for Sookie. I think Callisto wants them to have sex. But it might be kinda awkward. Sookie having sex in Eric body would be like a teenager learning to drive in a formula one race care. It might sound like fun but that’s a hell of lot of car to handle.


    • Of course Callisto wants them to have sex. What better way to bring two people together? 🙂 Yes, Sookie should be worried, and I am still laughing SO hard at your analogy! Eric is definitely a sports car of hotness. 🙂


  3. jenibookworm says:

    Definitely sex as tribute!


  4. howaboutboth says:

    This is such a fun concept — loving seeing them having to walk a mile in one another’s body!


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