Switched Ch 11: Going Downtown

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momzombie, murgatroid-98, marlnails, and Duckbutt, you inspired me to add on the last little bit of this chapter. Sorry it took me so long to write it in, I just had to find the right time to make it happen. 😉

I was rushed to publish this chapter, so I apologize for the mistakes that are sure to be present.


Going Downtown

The wind calmed me as I flew over Shreveport. The events of the night replayed through my mind in a never-ending loop, along with a string of questions that I did not have the answers to. Was Andre right about my fairy heritage? I guess it shouldn’t have been too hard to believe since up until a couple of years ago, vampires were mythical creatures too. How would I know for sure? Did Gran know about this? Was my telepathy linked to my fairy-ness?

Every question opened up another handful of questions, until I finally had to just shake the thoughts out of my head and concentrate on flying.

As much as I hated Bill’s guts, I felt a little bad for him and the fate that awaited him in Area Three. My pity didn’t last long…and after another couple of minutes of mulling over the details of his new future as Cleo’s bitch, I found myself smiling. He deserved what he got, and I was glad I could give it to him. I could already imagine the look on his face when he got reassigned…the look on his soon-to-be clown face.

I was proud of myself for not blowing it in the meeting, and even more so when I finally had the nerve to thank Eric for his gift. I was surprised when he didn’t lord it over me, and when I thanked him, he was happy. I had been wrong about him when I thought he only did things for his own benefit. He did things for my benefit as well. No one had ever done that for me before. Eric just dropped thousands of dollars and had no desire to have me pay him back.

Eric had also openly praised me. In front of Pam. Something I never thought would have happened before. I needed to forget what I thought I knew and open my mind to reality. Why had I been so stubborn?

Before I realized it, I was back in Bon Temps near my house. In the corner of my property, there was a big ol’ willow tree that Jason and I used to climb when we were kids. Of course, as we grew, it grew too and by the time we were teenagers, it was too big to climb. I used to sit in that tree every day when I used to cry about losing my mom and dad. It was a safe place. Even Jason wouldn’t dare make fun of me up there. I flew around for a few minutes until I spotted it, and with tremendous control, I landed in one of the large sturdy branches near the canopy. I could see the front of my house from here, the windows dark and quiet.

I stretched out against the branch and let the tree sway a little to support me. I tilted Eric’s head back, letting it rest on the scratchy bark and stared up at the cloudless sky. The stars were bright and looked close enough to touch.

When had my life become so complicated? Of course I already knew: it was the night that Bill walked into Merlotte’s. He pulled me into a life I wasn’t prepared for, showing me just how dangerous vampires were. I had been afraid of Bill plenty of times. He was so detached and cold all of the time.

Eric was a different story. Eric made me laugh. Even though I had been terrified the first time I met Eric, I never felt that fear again. He helped me, protected me, and helped me some more! If I was honest, he was a nice guy…and unbelievably hot. I wanted him the first time I saw him…which I’m sure is how most people respond to him. Knowing for certain what he was packing downstairs made me want him even more. I felt like a hussy for even thinking that, but just the idea of feeling him inside me was enough for me to forget everything else.

The soft crunch of gravel pulled me out of my perverted reverie. Eric’s corvette pulled up in front of the house and then the engine died. Eric stepped out, in my body, and made his way to the back door. The lights came on seconds later and I watched him walk down the hall. He came back wearing a flannel nightgown.

He started pulling out food from the fridge, and I realized he was making himself fried eggs again. Maybe I would teach him how to make biscuits tonight. He needed a little variety in his diet, that’s for sure. He sat at the table to eat and kept looking out the window. I swear he looked right at me more than once, but my face never registered it. I examined my features intently, searching for any kind of sign I was fairy. Do fairies have pointy ears and wings? I definitely didn’t.

Eric turned the light off in the kitchen and went into the dining room. He stretched out on the couch and before too much longer my body became still with sleep. I wasn’t quite ready to go inside, since I wasn’t sure I could trust Eric’s libido around my body, which I blamed for the dirty thoughts still racing around my mind.

Eventually, the impending dawn pulled me inside. I drank a bottle of blood as quickly as I could. I felt sated…until I walked into the living room and inhaled the intoxicating scent of my body. What did I taste like? Eric’s fangs descended and ached to be buried in my warm and soft flesh. I fought his urges, focusing instead on getting Eric into my bed. I had fallen asleep on this couch before, and my body never felt right the next day.

I groaned when I lifted him, feeling my skin burn through his. Eric’s erection was instantaneous, and I was glad that he wasn’t awake to see it. How did men deal with this involuntary reaction? I wanted to die from embarrassment. I put him in bed as carefully as I could. He smiled and murmured in his sleep as I tucked a quilt around my body.

On my way into the front bedroom, I reached into the laundry hamper and pulled out the nightgown he had worn the night before. I needed something to overpower the lingering smell of Bill in the hidey-hole, and that piece of flannel was just the thing.

Eric’s fangs and erection refused to rest for the day, and so when I woke up, they were the first things I noticed. I pushed my way out of the small space, covering it carefully.

Even though I had left my nightgown inside the hidey-hole, I felt more aroused than ever. I inhaled deeply and caught the scent of something that gave my hunger a kick-start. I closed his eyes and followed the smell, ending up in the bathroom.

I felt his muscles tense as the smell of my blood filled his nose. There was a towel draped over the edge of the tub with a tiny smudge of blood. I kept looking for more since it was hard to believe that it was enough to elicit this kind of response in his body. I held the towel up to his nose and felt his fangs snag the soft material. I heard a door close, and mindlessly wandered down the hall, where I came face to face with Eric. I gripped the towel tightly and stared at my body, trying to find the source of the blood.

“I cut your knee. I was trying to shave…fucking wound won’t heal.” Eric said. I narrowed in on the tiny cut and felt his tongue against his lips. “Would you heal it for me?” Did he mean lick it? I wanted a taste so bad that it hurt. “Please?” Eric’s voice was so soft and sweet, and after days of synthetic blood, his body ached for something real…something real and delicious.

I fell to his knees and cradled my leg in his large hands. The wound was covered with dried blood, which was more than enough to tempt me. I must have moved my leg too quickly, because the cut opened and a drop of fresh blood seeped to the surface. I could not contain a moan as the scent of my blood intensified.

The sound of Eric breathing echoed against the walls, spurring me on. He leaned against the wall and I followed his movement, bringing his mouth closer and closer until finally…I made contact.

The rich flavor of my blood filled his mouth, and I thought he might die all over again. I sucked harder and licked frantically, trying to get every last drop without hurting my body. Eric moaned and was shifting my body every time his tongue lapped at the tiny cut. I opened his eyes and looked up, only to find him with a hand buried inside my bikini bottoms following the rhythm of his mouth. His cock had been straining against his jeans, and at the sight of him pleasuring my body I could not control the orgasm that erupted out of him. Luckily, my cry of pleasure was muffled by his scream.

Before Eric even had a chance to catch his breath, there was a loud knock on the door. I reluctantly released the hold on my knee and tilted his head to the door to listen. “Shit, it’s Andy!” I wiped his mouth with his hand and then cleaned the blood off with his tongue, savoring the last little bit of my blood that lingered on his skin. I did not want him to see us like this. Andy was already distrusting of vamps enough as it was, he didn’t need to catch one devouring my body in the hallway.

“He’s here on official police business!” I said in a whisper as I stood up. Eric looked down at the crotch of his jeans and gave me a cocky smile at the sight of the growing wet spot. I felt betrayed by his body.

“Sookie? You home?” Andy called after pounding on the door again.

Eric cleared my throat and said, “Yes, give me a minute!” He pulled my hand out of my bikini bottoms and pushed my middle finger inside my mouth, sucking loudly. I felt betrayed again when Eric’s dick responded to the sight of him enjoying the taste of my sex. At that moment, I wanted him so badly that it hurt.

“Thank you for cleaning my wound,” Eric said, trying to appear coy. I could tell he wanted me too.

“I need to change! Open the door for Andy before he breaks it.” Andy was getting more and more agitated by the second, and by the pieces of thoughts I was picking up, he wasn’t in the mood for waiting. I moved in a blur down the hall and found a pile of clothes on the chair in my room. I hadn’t noticed them when I brought Eric to bed or when I was following the scent of my blood like a hound dog. I peeled the sticky jeans off of his body, tossing them into the bathtub so I could deal with them after Andy left, and quickly changed into a pair of black jeans and a blue t-shirt. I could hear Eric and Andy arguing in the living room, so I rushed in to find out what the problem was.

“You have no authority to take me ‘downtown,’” Eric said, putting my hands on my hips. He was agitated and was shooting daggers at Andy.

Andy was surprised by my presence and then recoiled. He was afraid of me, and also jealous….which had a lot to do with the bikini Eric was still wearing. Andy was enjoying the view a little too much.

Sookie, please go get dressed,” I said between clenched teeth. Eric looked at me and was smart enough to decipher the yucky face I made and the quick gesture towards Andy. Eric let my shoulders slump and went down the hall. “Is there something that you need Officer?” I thought I would be as polite as possible in the hopes of getting rid of him.

“As a matter of fact there is. It’s actually a good thing you’re here too. I need to talk to you both. At the station…if you’d be willing to go.” Andy was terrified.

“What is this about?” I asked with Eric’s most serious voice.

“Um, questions. I have questions about what you witnessed at Jan’s cabin.” Eric had come back into the room and Andy cleared his throat. “You especially, Sookie.”

Eric looked at me and then to Andy. “Me?”

“Yeah well, I’d appreciate any kind of extra info you might be able to get out of the suspects we have locked up.”

“We all heard Eggs confessed!” I interjected.

“No one got his full statement, because no of us could hear him…and there’s some debate about who was involved. Of course, now that he’s sober he won’t open his mouth.” Andy looked at me and tilted his head. “Are you telling me you heard him confess?” I nodded. “I heard you dead…vampires have good hearing. I guess it’s true.”

“Why do we have to go down to the station?” Eric whined.

“Oh come on Sookie, don’t make this harder on me than it already is!” Andy complained. “You think it makes me happy to come bang on your door and beg for your help? Listen, if you’re going to jerk me around, I’ll go back to the station and fill out the paperwork so you have to come with me.”

Eric was just about to tell him off when I said, “Fine. Let’s go before it gets any later.”

Andy gave me a grateful nod and headed to the door.

Eric got into his corvette, throwing it in gear before I could get my door closed. “He never asked me if I was willing to go to the station. He just told me I had to!”

I laughed. “You think people show you respect because they’re nice? He’s terrified of you…well, me. Probably because the last time I saw him, I snapped his shotgun in half.”

“Why did you agree to go with him?” Eric was pouting.

“Because he needs our help…for Lafayette. The case hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s been days and no one is talking!”

“What am I supposed to do to help? I didn’t hear anything, and I certainly don’t possess your gift.” Eric sighed.

“You’re lucky you didn’t get my gift. As far as helping goes, don’t worry…I’ll think of something.”


The police station was brightly lit. The unnatural light hurt Eric’s eyes. My mind raced as I followed Andy down the hallway to the cells. The disturbing thoughts I had picked up at Jan’s house filled my mind. Flashes of Lafayette crying and begging them not to hurt him were enough to remind me why we were here.

Andy stopped outside the door leading to the detainment cells. He looked at me. “I think Sookie should go in by herself, while I take your statement from what you heard the other night.”

I shook his head. “No. Sookie and I go in together. No deal otherwise.”

Andy gulped. “Sure. It was just a suggestion…”

Eric gave me a smug smile. Andy left us alone and Eric whispered, “You’re enjoying all that power, aren’t you?”

I shrugged his shoulders. Might as well take advantage of my assets, right? “Shh.” I walked through the doors, but not far enough to see anyone directly. I could hear their thoughts coming from two different cells. Eggs, Mike and Tom were in one cell and Cleo, Tara and Jan were in another. “I’m here to find out which one of you killed Lafayette.” Just the mention of his name was enough to turn the idle prattle that filled their brains into sickening images of Lafayette’s last night. Everyone there confirmed what I already knew. Everyone except for Tara and Jan, they didn’t know anything. The other night, I had assumed that Jan had been in on it too, but I got a clear reading from her that she had no idea why they were detained. Lafayette never came into her mind. Eggs had been present, but did not hurt him, and he was terrified that if he opened his mouth (again) they would hurt him too. I turned around and went back out to find Andy. Eric looked at me questioningly, so I whispered, “Follow my lead, I’m about to abuse your power again.”

“Officer!” I demanded. Andy came trotting down the hall, looking like he was going to pee himself. “You need to move Eggs into a questioning room and promise him his own cell. He is worried that they are going to hurt him if he confesses.”

“We’ve already tried that!” Andy said with his teeth clenched together.

“She wasn’t here for that, was she?” I asked pointing to Eric. Andy looked at Eric. “Do you want us to help you or not?” He moved as quickly as he could manage, and called for help to transfer Eggs into a room where we could question him.

Andy informed us that he would be watching through a two-way mirror and that our conversation would be recorded. He let Eric and I go in together, where we found Eggs handcuffed at the end of a table. I sat down and looked at him. He tensed when he recognized Eric’s body from the night in the woods, and refused to even look at my body.

“I heard you that night,” I started. “You might as well confess again, before I do. What if I get a detail wrong? One that might implicate you in the murder?”

“But it wasn’t me!” Eggs sobbed. He cradled his face in his hands.

“You need to tell us what you saw,” I said.

Eggs started talking. He detailed the events of the evening Lafayette was killed. He explained how drunk they all were, and how Mike and Cleo hit him while Tom kneeled on his chest. I could see it all in his mind as he spoke. He was horrified by what had happened, but in an attempt to protect himself, he had kept his mouth shut. “They thought I had passed out on the couch…”

“And, Tara and Jan?” I asked.

Eggs shook his head. “They weren’t there that night. Well, Jan was earlier, but she ran to the store for more booze. The three of them left with Lafayette’s body and I drove home before she got back. I swear.”

I felt sick. Hearing him confess in such detail made everything much more real. I pushed away from the table and left the room. Eric followed me. Andy passed us in the hall, and forgetting his fear for a moment, he gave me a thumb’s up for getting the confession he needed to clear his name.

Eric touched his arm. I turned to face him. “Why do you care?”

“Because he was my friend,” I said as tears started to fall down his cheeks. “They need to be punished for what they did.” Eric gave me a weird look.

Andy cleared his throat, interrupting our conversation. “I’ll need official statements from both of you before you go.” I wiped Eric’s cheeks and followed him to his office.

It was nearly two o’clock in the morning when we were done. I was exhausted.

Eric and I didn’t talk on the way back to my house. Once we were inside, Eric stopped and turned to face me. “You’re a nice person,” Eric said. It wasn’t a compliment. It was a statement.

I furrowed his brow. “Anyone would do that for their friend.”

“No they wouldn’t.” I was about to argue with him when he doubled over in pain. “Ah!” he gasped.

“What? Eric? Are you alright?” I hadn’t seen him in pain before.

“No! Does it look like I’m alright?” Eric cried out again.

I could smell it before he even noticed. Eric was about to get his first period.


Pooooooor Eric. Now the fun begins!

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14 thoughts on “Switched Ch 11: Going Downtown

  1. lostinspace33 says:

    I just found this story on FF.net and moved over here when I realized that your chapters on that site were an edited version. I read the first 12 chapters in record time and can’t wait to see more! Great premise and really good writing.


    • Thank you so much for sharing the love! Switched is the least edited of all my stories, which is saying a lot…but I’m glad you came here to read. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my other stories as well! Thanks again!


  2. Betsy says:

    I like that Sookie is being a bit more mature now and thinking things thru. Loved the scene with Sookie healing his cut. Thanks


  3. jtedrick1 says:

    Oh the crimson tide should be a good one, lol. Really enjoying this story! 😉


    • Don’t you feel bad for Eric…just a little? 🙂 Yeah, me either. If only all men could experience that awesomeness…they might just be a little nicer to us. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story! Thanks so much for commenting!


  4. princessbrigant says:

    Hehee, Eric experiencing his time of the month! If ever there was a chance for her to have a baby whilst he was switched would be abso hilarious! Loving this story and the turnabout – great job.


    • Thank you so much for that lovely comment. 🙂 I couldn’t resist torturing Eric…just a little! Childbirth would be awesome, but I’m too impatient (and monogamous) for the whole thing to play out. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing the love!


  5. romantic2soul says:

    Ah! Eric doubled over in pain from a cramp. I wish every man in the world could experience a period just once. Then we could tell them try that every month for the rest of your life. And if they had to experience pregnancy women of the world would be getting flowers and candy everyday of our lives because men couldn’t handle that sh*t for ten seconds.


    • I couldn’t agree more, which is why I wrote it into the story in the first place! 🙂 Plus I had MANY readers requesting it as the story was being written, so it was a win-win! 🙂 Pregnancy and yeast infection also came up, but I didn’t want to be mean. LOL


  6. PRICELESS – Giving Eric a period! Was so hoping you’d go there!


    • I couldn’t avoid it. Can you imagine? Not just a thousand year old Viking…but ANY man. LOL They may have a slight idea of what it’s like for women, but that’s all it is. Slight. Even my husband, who has lived with me for years has NO idea what I go through… If only every man could have a period. Just one. 🙂


  7. kleannhouse says:

    hello, i think you meant tilted….. “I tiled Eric’s head back, letting it rest on the” KY


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