Switched Ch 10: Interrupted

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EPOV (in Sookie’s body)

How long was Sookie going to stay in the shower? I could feel her heart pounding in anticipation of the meeting, and knew that I couldn’t stand around here much longer. I knocked on the door a little too hard, feeling the wood bruise her knuckles.

“Give me a minute!” Sookie said. My voice sounded muffled and wet. What was she doing in there?

“I have! Twenty, to be exact!” I wondered if she would get angry again when she found out about the new water heater. “We need to leave!” I hated how anxious I sounded.

It took far too long to explain why and where we were going. I didn’t have the nerve to tell her all the details yet. She might not go with me if she knew everything. I pointed to the clothes I wanted her to wear. She couldn’t wear sweatpants to a meeting with Andre.

Sookie sounded disgusted when she accused me of buying new appliances for selfish reasons. Did she really think that little of me? That was the first time in years I had done laundry, and I had only done it so that she wouldn’t have to. I shook her head as I left the room. Why was I trying so hard to make her happy?

I thought her heart would pound out of her chest when I admitted that I quit her job. I couldn’t understand why she worked at Merlotte’s, but she certainly seemed to enjoy it for some reason. If this was about money, she only had to say the word. I had accumulated enough for another millennia.

I wanted to smack her when she implied that I had been keeping the meeting from her. I had to tell her why Andre was coming, and why it was so important. Admitting that I banished Bill was harder than I thought it would be. It only made matters worse when I looked at her and saw my face distort with sadness. How could she still want Bill, after everything he did?

And then I had to admit that I knew about the Queen’s orders. I regretted not telling her before, but what choice did I have? Watching tears fall from my eyes made me want to cry too. Was she actually implying that my feelings for her were part of the Queen’s plans too? She was being so stupidly stubborn that I knew no amount of explaining would convey my feelings for her. So I said nothing.

When I mentioned Hadley’s name, I felt sick watching my body crumple. Sookie looked so miserable, desperate and helpless. I wished more than anything that I could have protected her from this, but she needed to know. We were about to walk into the belly of the beast, and she deserved honesty. I did not want her to offer herself to the Queen. I wanted her to be mine. A blood bond would protect her. It was the only thing that would work. It would show the world our dedication, loyalty and commitment.

Sookie scoffed. “On whose part…mine or yours?”

It hurt to hear her talk like that. As if this was a way for me to control her. “Both.” She seemed surprised by my answer, but I was too frustrated to explain. How could I expect her to make it through a meeting with Andre when she wouldn’t stop screaming about everything we discussed? I was definitely fucked. I couldn’t let her go in there alone. I would stay with her, no matter what.

Pam came rushing out. “Master, they’re already here!” I wasn’t surprised. I had met with Andre enough to know that he was always early. I was relieved when I discovered that Andre had brought a human to the meeting. It made my presence less conspicuous.

I could feel my fury when I found Andre sitting behind my desk. I bit my tongue to remind myself not to say anything. When Sookie told him to move, I wanted to hug her, but instead, I stood by, holding my breath and waiting for disaster.

It never came.

Not only was I impressed with Sookie’s strength and ability to control the conversation, but also by her fortitude when Andre mentioned Bill.

“Hmm…Bill,” she said. “Bill is no longer necessary.”

“Is that so?” Andre asked, forward. Every muscle in Sookie’s body tensed and I felt like I might pass out.

“Yes. In a matter of days, I managed to do what he could not accomplish in months! He is pathetic. He confided in me that he was not up for the task the Queen had given him, and begged me to procure her myself.” I was impressed again with Sookie’s ability to use the proper terminology. Sookie continued, “Of course…this came at a price, which he would have been sure to leave out of his complaint.”

I stood frozen when Sookie turned the conversation directly to me. Andre leered at me and Sookie stared at him with contempt.

“She is mine,” Sookie stated. There was no room for discussion, and Andre knew it. I moved to stand behind her as quickly as I could. I stopped breathing when Sookie suggested that the Queen pay her for the use of her ability. She was fighting fiercely for her rights.

I couldn’t resist giving Sookie a hint about Area Three by pressing three fingers into my shoulder. She picked up on it immediately, even though I could hear the questioning tone in her voice. She had no idea what he was in for.

Just before Andre left, Sookie rushed over to him. I couldn’t hear what they discussed, but the look on my face told me that it was something she wasn’t prepared to hear. The moment the door closed, Sookie fell to the floor and threw up a massive pool of blood.

“Pam!” I shouted as I rushed forward to crouch down next to Sookie. “Bring a towel.” Pam darted behind the bar and joined us holding a black towel with ‘Fangtasia’ scribbled across the bottom.

“Shit. What happened?” Pam asked as she threw the towel on the wet spot.

“Sookie?” I craned her head until I was facing her.

“Andre…” she mumbled, “he…said…”

“What? What did he say to you?”

“He said that I am part fairy. I’m a fairy? Fairies are real?”

I stared at her. So that’s why she smelled so delicious. It had been decades since I had been in the presence of a fairy. I nodded. “Yes, fairies exist. They are definitely not the creatures from your ‘fairy tales’ though. Fairies are extraordinary warriors. They are strong and beautiful and their blood is intoxicating to vampires.”

“Did B… he know? Is that why he…” she trailed off.

I shook her head. “Andre has a gift for being able to detect heritage, a gift that Bill does not have.”

“Fairies exist?” she asked again.

“Sookie are you alright?” I asked.

“I was just so tense about the meeting, and then on top of it all, finding out something so strange about myself… Thank you for not leaving me. Sorry about the floor.” She looked down at the wet towel. “Did I do okay in the meeting?” Her eyes were unfocused.

“You kicked ass! That’s a cruel punishment, sending him to Area Three.” Pam said.

“Why is Area Three so bad?” Sookie asked.

Pam laughed. “I don’t know what’s worse, the smell from the garlic farms or the manure lagoons from the pig farms. It is also densely populated with hillbilly rednecks, which of course leads to high membership rates of The Fellowship of the Sun.”

I smiled at Sookie and added, “Cleo Babbitt is the Sheriff of Area Three.”

“And?” Sookie asked.

“She’s what we call a ‘hands on’ Sheriff.” Sookie looked confused. “She enjoys getting to know all of the vamps in her Area. She also has a sick obsession with clowns and bowling, and really enjoys dressing her ‘pets’ as dolls.”

“Bill’s going to be her bitch,” Pam added bluntly. Sookie gasped and my mouth fell open. “Don’t act like you don’t want it. You’re the one that said ‘Bill is no longer necessary!’” Pam mimicked Sookie’s impression of me.

Pam’s comment only confirmed my assumption that she had been eavesdropping outside the office door. I scolded her silently. Pam shrugged and went to the bar to get Sookie a warm blood.

“You were amazing! You showed strength, determination, and poise. How did you know what he was going to ask about Bill? You seemed to have your dialogue rehearsed.” I asked.

Sookie looked at me. She was proud. “The human…I read his thoughts. He was with the queen last night when he showed up.”

“Is that why you were flirting with him?” I asked, not meaning to sound jealous.

“I wasn’t flirting with him, not that he would have minded. He was such a clear sender that I couldn’t concentrate, because I knew how interested he was in this,” Sookie said as she gestured to my body, “I smiled at him, knowing it would distract him. He smelled so good though…” she trailed off, staring at me with glazed over eyes again.

I laughed, startling Sookie out of her daze. “I don’t know how you manage to control yourself. It took me decades to learn that kind of restraint. You must be starving on your synthetic diet.”

Sookie took a long shaky breath. Pam came back and handed Sookie the bottle in her hand. “It’s not that bad.” She took a long drink and then grimaced. “Okay, maybe you’re right. Thanks Pam. Sorry for ordering you around earlier…”

“Hey, no hard feelings. You did what you had to do. You were so butch, it totally turned me on.” Pam winked at her.

“Ugh. Come on Pam.” Sookie wrinkled my nose, making me look adorable for a split second.

“His body doesn’t usually do it for me anymore, but knowing you’re in control, makes me want to pin you down and fuck you.” Pam shrugged. “I wonder if Mel would be interested in something like that…”

“Thanks Pam, now I need to bleach my brain. How is Mel?” Sookie asked, taking another sip of blood.

“Delicious,” Pam answered. Her cell phone vibrated at that exact moment. “Speak of the devil!” Pam excused herself and spoke softly into the phone. I was glad I couldn’t hear what she was saying. It was supremely unfair that Pam got to fuck who she wanted, whenever she wanted, and here I was…trapped in Sookie’s body with nowhere to go.

“Eric? I need to clear my head. Would you be okay if I flew back to my house?”

I had wondered if she had discovered my ability to fly. I often used it for the same exact purpose, so I nodded. “I’ll be there in a few hours.” I just assumed that I was welcome to stay at her house. She didn’t say no. “Are you okay?”

“I think so. I just need to wrap my brain around how different my life is now…new job, part-fairy…you know, just another Monday!” Sookie said, trying to make light of it all. “Listen, Eric. I’m sorry I flipped out about the washer and dryer. I’m just not used to people being nice to me. Thank you.”

I smiled. “And the water heater,” I added hoping she wouldn’t get mad again.

“Is that why the hot water didn’t run out while I was in the shower?” She smiled. I nodded. “Thank you for that too. They must have cost you a fortune!”

“Stop worrying about the money. It’s not about the money.” She narrowed my eyes and looked at me intently. Why was she looking at me like that?

“Okay, if you say so.” She wiped up the spot on the floor the rest of the way, folding the towel as neatly as she could to contain the bloodstain. “Where should I put this?”

“On the bar.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later…” She put the towel down and then rushed out the front doors and was gone.

Pam returned moments later. She gave me a wry smile. “I’ve never seen you so…occupied with a human before.”

“She’s…different.” I was still looking at the doors she had just passed through. I realized that I was hoping she would come back.


I drove to Sookie’s house after making a quick stop at mine, picking up more clothes for her. My house felt empty, and I had no desire to stay. Sookie’s house was empty too, but it felt nicer somehow, knowing that she would be back.

I changed into a flannel nightgown and put the changes of clothes from my house on the chair in her room. Then I cooked myself a quick breakfast, and with a full stomach, I stretched out on the couch, waiting for her to come home. Before I knew it, I was asleep.


I rolled over and was surprised to find myself in Sookie’s bed. She had carried me to bed again. I smiled and looked at the clock. It was nearly four in the afternoon. I took a nice long bath and was reminded of when Sookie thanked me last night. It wasn’t exactly the kind of thank you that I wanted, but it was nice to see her so happy. I picked up the bottle of shaving gel on the edge of the tub and read the instructions on the back. It had been days since she had shaved her legs, and they were starting to get prickly.

As carefully as possible, I used her pink razor to shave her legs. I was feeling proud of myself for doing such a good job until I nicked her knee. The shaving gel stung and the wound would not stop bleeding. I kept waiting for it to heal and got frustrated when I realized that it wouldn’t. How did humans deal with bleeding every time they got hurt?

It started to bleed again when I dried off, leaving a smudge of blood on her towel. I opened the medicine cabinet, and pulled out a box of bandages. I ripped the first one in half trying to get it out of the wrapper, and then when I got the second one on, I groaned when I realized I positioned it wrong. I ripped it off and threw it in the garbage. I didn’t have the patience to try again.

I needed to go outside. Nothing relaxed me like basking in the golden warmth of the sun. I put on her bikini, grabbed a few slices of bread and positioned the lawn chair in a sunny patch in her yard. The blood on her knee finally crusted over, so I was careful not to bump it as I turned over.

I sat up to watch the sun set and enjoyed every second of it. The vibrant pinks and purples eventually washed out, giving way to the murky gray of dusk. Sookie would be awake soon.

I walked down the hall by the front door just as Sookie was coming out of the bathroom. She had the towel I had used and was holding it up against my nose, inhaling deeply. My eyes were dark and my fangs were fully descended. “I cut your knee. I was trying to shave…fucking wound won’t heal.” Sookie looked down at her knee, and my tongue darted out of my mouth. “Would you heal it for me?” She was probably starving by now, and I knew that the scent of her blood would be more than she could resist. She stood in front of me, frozen, so I pushed her a little more. “Please?”

That was all it took. Sookie fell to my knees in front of her body, my eyes never leaving the blood-crusted spot on her knee. She picked up her foot and moved her leg. The wound started bleeding again, making her moan. She closed my eyes and leaned towards her knee. She inhaled deeply, and my body shuddered. My tongue thrust out between my fangs.

I was panting, and felt light headed. Every nerve in her body was at attention. I felt like I might fall over, so I leaned against the wall behind me. Sookie closed the small gap between us, and when my tongue made contact with her flesh, we both jumped. She closed my lips over the wound and began to suck and lick. With every move of my tongue, I felt a ripple of desire move through her body. I needed more. I licked her fingers and then slid her hand inside her bikini bottoms and squeezed her clit in time with every swipe of my tongue. The room filled with the sounds of pleasure. I was on the brink of release when Sookie opened my eyes and watched me get her off. I screamed and felt her body go limp against the wall while my body shook violently.

Less than a minute later, there was a knock on the door. Sookie pulled my mouth away, “Shit, it’s Andy!” she whispered, turning my head towards the door. She wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, transferring a smudge of blood. She licked it clean quickly and listened. “He’s here on official police business!” She stood up, releasing her leg, which fell heavily against the floor. I looked down at the crotch of my jeans and noticed the growing wet spot that was prominently on display. Sookie also looked down and squeezed my eyes shut. Was she embarrassed?

Just then, Andy pounded on the door. “Sookie? You home?”

I cleared her throat, “Yes, give me a minute!” I pulled her hand out of her bikini, letting the waistband snap against her stomach. I sucked her finger clean while Sookie watched me intently. The wet spot in my jeans began to move as my erection strained against the material. I smiled and said, “Thank you for cleaning my wound.”

Sookie gave me another hungry look and then looked anxiously at the door. “I need to change! Open the door for Andy before he breaks it.”


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