The Contest: Chapter 3

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The Contest

Chapter 3

The women around me gasped in surprise, and I did my very best to block out their nasty thoughts. Eric seemed oblivious to the grumblings of discontent that surrounded us and lifted me off the ground, crushing my body against his cold wet chest as he pulled me into a searing kiss. I opened my mouth to him and draped my arms around his neck, holding onto him while my feet dangled nearly a foot off the floor, and then we were moving. The air whooshed around us, sending my hair flying around Eric’s face, our blonde strands tangling as wet and dry came together. I opened my eyes and could only see Eric’s face, everything else moved in a blur behind us making me feel lightheaded. A door opened and closed and I felt something hard against my back. I opened my eyes again and found myself in a dimly lit office, pinned against the door. The noise of the bar was muffled through the dense wood, giving all of my attention to Eric.

Eric moved his face down to the base of my neck. He inhaled deeply and moaned. “You smell like sunshine and desire.” His body shuddered, sending a vibration through me. I panted and felt all rational thoughts seep out of my brain.

“You’re making me wet…” I mumbled, realizing too late what just came out of my mouth.

“Tell me more,” Eric said, encouraging me to talk dirty to him.

“Your shirt. Your shirt is making me wet,” I said smiling as his face fell. He released his grasp on my waist, letting me slide to the floor and looked down at his shirt and ripped it off his chest, letting the wet fragments fall next to his bare feet. His chest was spectacular, and since this was my first opportunity to see it, I pushed him backwards, closer to the source of light so I could see him more clearly. I inhaled sharply, “You are so beautiful.” His skin was flawless and his muscles rippled with every step he took, strutting in front of me, showing off. He gave me a cocky smile and shook his head, sending splatters of water flying around the room. The top eight inches of his jeans were wet, making the material darker, and tighter than the rest. I gulped loudly and tried to steady my voice as I said, “Your jeans are wet too…”

Eric lifted an eyebrow. His face was contorted by a wicked grin that settled in at the thought of undressing for me. His hands moved slowly over the button, drawing my eyes to the shiny metal peeking through his fingers. He popped the button and I exhaled quickly, suddenly feeling lightheaded again after holding my breath for so long. He pulled the zipper down slowly, pulling open the fly of his damp jeans just enough to reveal his soft golden curls. I bit my lip, trying to remember to breathe and failing miserably. My breath came in soft gasps as he peeled his jeans off of his ass, letting them fall to the floor. He stood in front of me proudly displaying his stunning body. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his magnificent long, hard cock. I had never been in the same room with another naked person in all my adult life, and it felt like I had struck gold. Even without anything to compare him to, I could tell that he put other men to shame. I stared at his erection wide eyed, my head filling with thoughts of sex. My brain was so clouded by Eric that I didn’t hear him talking to me.

“Huh?” I asked, finally looking him in the eyes.

Eric laughed and repeated himself, “Like what you see?” I nodded numbly and felt the flush of embarrassment.

“You’re the first, um, man I’ve seen naked,” I admitted sheepishly.

“You mean vampire,” Eric corrected.


His eyes widened as my words sank in, a blissful expression turning up the corners of his mouth. “So…you’re a virgin.”

My face got hotter as my blush deepened. I nodded and stared at my feet, unable to look at him.

Eric moved across the room and touched my chin, forcing my face up until our eyes met. He looked happy and very horny. His fingers followed the diagonal hem of my dress, until they were resting on the belt holding the dress closed. “May I?” Eric asked.

His touch set my skin on fire and I couldn’t help sounding a little desperate as I said, “Oh god yes…”

He tugged at the belt, using both hands to untie the knot. The belt fell away from my waist, brushing my calves as it fell on either side. Eric was holding my dress closed and stood back a little further so he could see my entire body. He unwrapped my dress carefully, like I was a delicate present. He pushed the edges of my dress away from each other. He took a deep unnecessary breath and licked his lips. As a waitress, I had been eye-fucked by plenty of guys, but it had never made me feel desirable before. He ran a finger down the strap of my bra, starting at my shoulder until it was nestled between my breasts. I arched into his hand, feeling myself melt against his touch. He lifted the slightly damp dress off of my shoulders, draping it carefully over the back of the chair at the desk leaving me standing in front of him in my matching lacy creamy white bra and panties.

Eric turned around quickly moving to touch me again. His palms cupped my lace-covered breasts while his thumbs rubbed against the skin spilling out of the creamy white cups. He moaned and mumbled, “So hot, so soft, so beautiful.” I felt my legs shake and reached my hands out to steady myself. My fingers explored his solid chest, my hands moving quickly, trying to touch every inch of him.

Eric unhooked my bra and then slowly pulled the material away from my body. My nipples hardened when they came in contact with the cool air in his office, a detail that had not gone unnoticed by Eric. He sank to his knees in front of me, his face level with my breasts, and stared up at me waiting for me to do something to encourage him. His eyes darted from my eyes to my nipples, leaning closer and licking his lips again. I closed the gap between us and pushed my breast into his waiting mouth, open and ready to devour me. He sucked and licked leisurely, savoring every moment of contact between his tongue and my sensitive nipple, all while his hands massaged my breasts. I dug my fingers into his hair and leaned against him. I closed my eyes and enjoyed each new sensation as his tongue worked one and then the other nipple expertly. A moment later, my eyes snapped open as his fingers ran down my ribs to the waistband of my panties. His cool hands danced across my hips, swiftly tugging the material down until my panties fell against my shoes. I stepped back, pulling away from him, so I could step out of my panties and kick them out of the way. Eric grunted in frustration as my nipple slipped out of his mouth and he tightened his grasp around my hips, pulling me back towards him. He buried his face between my breasts, scraping my skin with his extended fangs. I shivered and felt a new flood of moisture make its way out of my body. Eric inhaled and let one of his hands slide down my hip until he was cupping my sex. I spread my legs a little wider staring down between our bodies, fixating on his cock, which was already glistening with precum. His cold smooth fingers stroked my wet lips, separating them enough to find my clit. I bucked against his palm, feeling my control slipping away. He rubbed in tiny circles and pushed a finger just inside me. I moaned “More,” and didn’t even recognize my voice. It was transformed by lust.

Eric smiled up at me, rolling my nipple carefully against his tongue and blunt teeth. He pushed farther inside me, finding the taut barrier that had remained intact all these years. He carefully pulled his finger out, and then pushed back in, thrusting in quick shallow movements while his palm continued to press against my clit. I dug my fingernails into his shoulders as an orgasm shot through me. My legs wobbled and I fell forward, impaling myself on his finger. Intense pain mixed with intense pleasure and I cried out in surprise.

Realizing what had happened; Eric pulled his finger out very carefully, moving it directly to his mouth where he sucked the mixture of blood and cum clean. He growled and sat back on his heels, and then grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him. He lifted my right leg over his shoulder, and supported my unsteady body with a firm grasp on the other hip. I moved my hands back into his hair, letting my fingers sink down against his skin. Once I was in position, he buried his face between my legs, his lips and tongue working together to mask the residual pain with a new wave of pleasure. He nuzzled my clit gently at first and then worked up to a frantic pace that had me rocking against his face, the room filling with sounds of my impending release. I screamed and came in tiny quakes against his mouth, which moved fluidly down my slit until his mouth was sucking on my lips and moaning. His body shuddered and he splattered the floor with cum, moving me erratically with him. My right shoe landed with a thud behind him.

Eric finally pulled away from me, smiling up at me. His eyes were glazed over and when he spoke, his voice sounded drugged. “You are absolutely de-licious,” he said, licking his lips. “May I heal you?” I nodded and watched in fascination as he put the tip of his finger in his mouth and bit it. Blood oozed from the wound, and once his fingertip was coated, he pushed it inside, instantly healing me.

“Uhh, thank you,” I said with a shudder as his finger twisted and turned.

“Better?” Eric asked.

“Completely,” I said, unable to keep the shock out of my voice. I had no idea vampire blood could heal.

“Mm, good. Are you ready for more?” He kept moving that finger, bending it and rubbing until he found the spot he had been looking for. I gasped and mewled never letting go of his head. I came again and again, riding his hand, unable to think of anything else.

He sucked his finger into his mouth again, staring at me with dark eyes, waiting for me to answer him. “Yes, I want more.”

He unhooked my leg and helped me stand on my two uneven feet. I kicked off my left shoe and waited for him to guide me. Eric stood up and guided me towards his desk, “I need to get someone to clean that up, why don’t we go over here.” With one sweep of his arm, he cleared his desk off, sending papers and pens clattering onto the floor. I glanced at the smooth polished wood and gave him a concerned look.

“Do you have a blanket or something?” I asked.

Eric moved in a blur and came back with a black fleece blanket with ‘Fangtasia’ scribbled diagonally in huge red letters. He threw the blanket across the desk, smoothed it out, and then lifted me up until I was sitting on it. He pushed my shoulders until I was lying down, and then he guided my feet so they were resting on the edge of the desk, my knees bent and touching each other. His hands gently nudged my legs apart. I moved slightly and then sighed and shook my head.

“Sorry, I’m just nervous,” I laughed uneasily. I pushed myself up on my elbows so I didn’t have to strain my neck to see him. “What I want to know…is how that,” I said gesturing to his massive hard dick, “is going to fit inside me.”

Eric moved between my legs, his hands resting on the insides of my thighs. A wicked grin was plastered on his face, “May I show you?”

I bit my lip and nodded. My eyes were transfixed on his cock, which was now firmly in his grasp, sliding between his fingers and thumb as he stroked the shaft. He touched my thigh again, reminding me to relax, and then he grabbed my hip, sliding me towards the edge of the desk until my ass was hanging off the edge. Once I was close enough, his hand moved to part my wet lips, while he continued to pump his dick in the other. He caressed my leg and tilted his hips down, pushing the head of his hard cock against my slippery lips. We shuddered at the contact and he moved his dick up until it rubbed against my clit. I moaned and closed my eyes. He guided his dick in tiny circles, pressing firmly against my clit, making me gasp in time with each rotation. He positioned his dick at my entrance again, and continued his ministrations of my clit with his fingers. He was leaning heavily against me, pressing against my wet pussy.

His finger rubbed and his cock pushed, and the anticipation was killing me. “I need more…” I said and then added with a quiet voice, “Be gentle?”

“Whatever you want…” Eric answered, his voice viscous with desire.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, and then tensed again as the head of his cock pushed inside me.

“Oh shit…” Eric said as his body vibrated again. He came in tiny spurts, cooling me from the inside. His fingers dug into my hips as he struggled to regain control. His face was placid as he recovered, but eventually, it became controlled by the battle raging inside him between being gentle and giving in to his desires. He dipped his hips down, very slowly closing the gap between our bodies.

I could tell he was holding back, and with every push I was grateful that he was being gentle since I had to stretch to accommodate him. I took a deep breath and relaxed, letting my back down on the table again, focusing on every new sensation. I gasped when he was buried to the hilt, pressing on every nerve inside my body.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his eyebrows knitted together with concern.

I smiled at him and nodded, my head rubbing against the blanket under me. “Are you alright?” I teased.

Eric growled, “For the moment, but I may not be able to restrain myself much longer.” He started moving his hips in little circles, rubbing his legs against mine and pushing his pelvis against my clit, our blonde curls grasping at each other. I moaned and arched my back, hooking my feet around his ass while my body clenched as the nerves in my clit threatened to explode. “Especially if you move like that, squeezing my cock with your tight wet heat. It makes me want to fuck you until you can’t walk.” His eyes were dark and I knew he meant what he was saying. It made me nervous and wet to hear him talk like that. “But I will be gentle…for now…”

Eric pulled out of me slowly, and then plunged back in a little quicker than last time. I moaned as our bodies bumped together, and then I forgot to breathe as he repeated the movement three more times, purposefully hitting my clit with each thrust. I screamed as I came, my muscles contracting around him. Eric groaned and gripped my legs tightly, picking up the rhythm, slamming into me harder and faster as I shook around him. When I finally came down from my orgasm, I was lost in my euphoric high, and the words, “Don’t hold back, fuck me harder!” slipped out of my lips. I just gave him permission to let loose, and he did not hesitate.

Eric growled again and showed me his fangs and tucked my left leg under his arm, pulling my body against his. Our hips smacked into each other with each powerful thrust. The room filled with the sounds of our pleasure. I was writhing against the fleece-covered desk, feeling the unforgiving wood pushing against me each time our bodies joined. I rolled onto my right side, letting my body twist in his arms while he fucked me. The new position was enough to send me sliding into the abyss, this time, taking Eric with me. My muscles contracted over and over again, and Eric’s cock swelled inside me, only adding to the intense pleasure as he came again.

I was panting and felt my hair sticking to my damp face. I turned to face him, but my eyes wouldn’t focus. I laughed and said, “That was amazing. Ugh, that’s what I’ve been missing?” My eyes finally found his handsome face, making me smile even more.

“Only when you’re with me…” Eric said with a cocky smile on his face.

“Well then…you were right, that was definitely worth the wait.”

The End


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24 thoughts on “The Contest: Chapter 3

  1. princessbrigant says:



  2. Justine Bell says:

    loved it…great sookie and eric!


  3. romantic2soul says:

    Hmm, I’m speechless. I think I need a cold shower and a cig. WoW.


  4. Meridian says:

    If you ever decide to expand a short story into something else, definitely choose this one! I love how this Eric and Sookie met up, and, um, yeah…etc…! Great short! (*That sounds so wrong to say considering the Gracious Plenty…)


  5. baronessjai says:

    Damn I want to be at a wet Eric contest….LOL

    Short but sweet 😉


  6. mamabearames says:

    Just what the doctor ordered: lemony goodness after a year full of disappointment what with the last svm book and the season finale of tb. Loved it, thanks!!


    • You can always count on me for lemony goodness between Eric and Sookie. 🙂 I’m glad you found me. There are other stories…so many more…all bursting with lemons. Thanks for reviewing and sharing the love. 🙂


  7. jxadams says:

    Just what I needed! Now I’m off to bed to dream of many many things,


  8. NorthmanCullen says:

    that was a great short story, but I want more. please?


  9. geenakmom says:

    Short. Sexy. Sweet. Loved it Dear!


    • Aww, thank you! You’re the nicest! I can’t believe you haven’t read these already. It’s good to get you through the dry spell each week, until I post on Friday, huh? 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  10. chileah says:

    hot hot hot I enjoyed this one.


  11. Katie says:

    Love, love, love it, I can’t get enough, I’ve read 4 of your stories today and love every single one of them 😄💓
    Keep up the great work


    • Aww! Thank you! Imagine my delight finding this message in my inbox! I’m glad you’re enjoying what you’re reading and I really appreciate that you took the time to review to tell me what you think. 🙂 It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope you love them all!


  12. theladykt says:

    oooh that was hawt!!!!


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