This story takes place near the end of LDID-book 2. Instead of the maenad’s bloody massacre, she finds Sookie and Eric fighting their attraction and gives them a unique kind of madness.

Switched Ch 1: Madness

Switched Ch 2: Work is a Bitch

Switched Ch 3: Clam Digging

Switched Ch 4: My Friend Jose

Switched Ch 5: Poetry

Switched Ch 6: The Argument

Switched Ch 7: Done

Switched Ch 8: That’s the Problem with Bloodstains

Switched Ch 9: The Meeting

Switched Ch 10: Interrupted

Switched Ch 11: Going Downtown

Switched Ch 12: The Crimson Tide

Switched Ch 13: Memento

Switched Ch 14: Happiness Equals Shopping

Switched Ch 15: I Am NOT Being High-Handed

Switched Ch 16: DIY

Switched Ch 17: Clarity

Switched Ch 18: Tribute of the Flesh

Switched Ch 19: Bonded

Switched Ch 20: Meeting the Queen

Switched: Epilogue

2 thoughts on “Switched

  1. bbrock525 says:

    I can’t believe the story was taken down on ff. can’t wait for the epilogue.


    • Let me clarify…FF didn’t cut it, I did. I didn’t want to break their rules, so I decided to create this blog for all of my stories, because they’re ALL inappropriate for FF’s rating guideline. What I don’t understand is why they can’t create an ‘Are you over 18?’ filter for stories and have MA as an option. Who knows…but I do know this: FF has been wonderful for helping my stories reach a broad audience, but if I want to stay off their radar, I need to keep my stories clean (which is why I just cut them to bits there and leave them whole here). I hope that makes sense. Thanks for commenting…I’m about half way through with the epilogue, so I’ll post as soon as I get it done. 🙂


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