Getaway Ch 2: On the Eve of Adventure

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On the Eve of Adventure

As I sat in my front room I heard the gravel crunch in my driveway. A smile spread over my face as I stood up and opened the door just in time to see Eric raise his hand to knock on the door. He looked at me, then down at my luggage and was pleased to see that I was ready to go. He took my bag for me and loaded it in the car as I took one last look at my house and checked my pockets to make sure I had everything. I turned off the lights then locked the door. Eric was back on the porch and offered his hand to escort me to his car. He opened my door then watched appreciatively as I wiggled into the low seat of his Corvette. Before I could get my door closed, he was in the driver seat leaning towards me, inhaling the scent of my hair. I smiled at him and pushed my mouth to his and crushed his lips in a kiss hoping to influence him to tell me where we were going in the morning.

“Good to see you too,” he said after pulling away from me reluctantly.

“Please tell me where we are going!!” I begged in a whiney voice. I could barely contain my excitement.

“Nope, you’ll just have to wait!” Eric said as he started the car and drove away from my house.

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest. I had a feeling I could get him to talk, maybe if I distracted him enough he would spill some detail. “Fine by me.” I said as I batted my eyelashes at him and smiled deviously.

“What are you up to? I know that smile anywhere!” He said, not so sure of what was going to happen.

I snaked my hand over to his leg and made tiny circles on his jean clad thigh. He inched farther down in the seat trying to give me better access. Seeing that I was already having an effect on him, I walked my fingers up to the fly of his jeans and slowly popped the button open. He was biting his lip now, which had drawn a little blood since his fangs had lowered almost all the way. I slowly moved the zipper down, being careful around the huge bulge, and sighed in relief as I found nothing under those jeans. His hard dick sprang out of his jeans with a little help from my hand, and as I started pumping my hand around him, I unbuckled myself so I could use my mouth too. He swerved a little as my hot mouth fell on the tip of his dick. After I was sure he wouldn’t crash and get me killed, I continued by slowly sucking his dick into my mouth, taking it as far in as I could go, and we both moaned.

“Sookie, I do love that mouth of yours, but know that when we get to my house I plan on returning the favor. You are already so wet for me and the smell is making me crazy. Oh the things I plan on doing to you…..”

I cut him short by twisting my head a little, whipping my tongue around him in little circles causing his hips to jerk as he tried to get deeper in my mouth again. I sucked him hard and fast then slow and easy, bringing him up to then back down from his building orgasm. I loved to tease him like this. Now he reached a hand over to the mound between my legs and through my jeans he teased me and I found it more and more difficult to focus on the task at hand (and mouth). I swatted his hand away and sucked hard and fast again. As his dick swelled in my mouth, I forced his hand back onto my wet mound and we came hard together. I carefully rearranged his clothes so he was decent again. Well, maybe ‘decent’ wasn’t the right word. I sat up and looked down at my pants and panted, “How soon until we get to your house?”

“15 minutes.” He choked out, still recovering.

“Drive fast.” I urged him.

I unbuttoned my pants and wiggled out of them just enough to show him the tops of my legs and the pretty wet panties I had on. I grabbed his hand and sucked on his middle finger, pumping it like I had just sucked his dick. His eyes rolled and then snapped open as I pushed his finger right in the center of my wet folds, moving my panties to the side as his finger pushed in and out of me. He paused every now and then to rub my clit lazily, driving me right to the edge of orgasm. We were turning another corner and this time the car slowed down, he grabbed my coat and threw it over my lap and his hand, still working me.

“Mr. Northman, have a good evening.” The attendant said, glancing over at me noticing the wild look in my eyes. Eric nodded and I gave a feeble smile as the gate opened and we sped into Eric’s garage. Once the garage door was closed, he reached over with his other hand, threw the coat off of me and pulled my jeans the rest of the way down. He pulled me onto his lap, leaving my shoes and jeans behind. His fingers finished what they started and soon his leg was covered with cum as my body jerked as wave after wave hit me.

“Inside. Now.” I choked out.

He twisted his body gracefully with me attached to him, my legs wrapped around his waist and I groaned again as my sensitive clit brush the huge bulge in his pants as he carried me through the house. He threw me on the bed, making my hair fly around me in a wild halo of gold. I sat up just enough to pull my sweater off, then fell back again. He stood for a minute just staring at me. His eyes were glazed over as he reached down, opened his jeans and stepped out of them. He stalked me from across the bed, he pulled his shirt off and I had to reach out and stroke his broad chest, relishing in the sounds he made as my hands moved on him. He removed my bra and rubbed his face down my body stopping to suck on each nipple, so gentle, so tender. He continued his journey down until his face was aligned with my wet panties. I lifted my hips to give him access to remove them and he did, although I have no idea where they ended up.

He grabbed one leg, and then the other, tugging me across the bed towards him, lifting my body until we were touching. My pussy was kissing the head of his cock, and with one push of my arms, he was deep inside me, buried in my heat. I lost my mind for a minute as he filled me and stretched me. His eyes were hazy and almost black, and as he pumped in and out of me, he said, “This is so right, so perfect. Never so good. Never so hot. Never so wet. Lover, I am ruined forever.” Then he stopped and said, “Oh, I almost forgot, where are my manners?” and pulled out of me completely. I almost hit him in the shock of feeling him leave, and then he was devouring me and had me right where he wanted me. Sucking on my clit he pushed his tongue hard into my slit, mimicking the movements of his dick. Sucking. Licking. Pushing. “Cum for me, show me how much you want me.” And I did. How could I resist when he knew just what to say? “Ohgodyesrightthereohyesohyes.” I screamed in relief.

As I was still recovering from that amazing orgasm, he thrust all the way back into me. Another smaller orgasm squeezed his cock right then, and he had to stop moving to regain his control and focus. He leaned forward and caught my mouth in a deep kiss, his tongue plunging into me in time with his dick, bringing with it the tangy taste of me. I sucked and brought my hips up to meet every one of his thrusts until we were pounding each other relentlessly. I needed to breathe, I needed to faint, I needed more of him. I nuzzled his arm and bit into the soft skin just enough to pull a little blood into my mouth. He howled and bit into my breast and sucked as he fucked me and pumped his release into me while I shook with my own climax.

We lay tangled together for a while, neither of us saying anything. He was still licking my breast where he bit me, and was sure to lick and kiss my nipple too, sending small shock waves down my body.

Now will you tell me where we’re going?” I begged. “Oh please, please, please?”

“Yes, now I’ll tell you where we’re going, although I think keeping it secret from you is the best plan I’ve ever had!” He stood up to pull the travel itinerary off of his dresser.


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24 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 2: On the Eve of Adventure

  1. Mindy says:

    Wow, and here I thought the last chapter was good…this one was incredible! Sign me up for that car ride. I think my favorite part were these lines: “This is so right, so perfect. Never so good”. I liked how Eric was chanting his love for Sookie, and it was almost like he couldn’t put it into words how much he cared for her.


  2. kittyinaz says:

    Awesome chapter. It’s getting. Me in the mood to write, since any feel good eric/Sookie is great at getting my creative juices flowing. But I have a while to get to the fun parts of my story. Oh how you are tutoring me on Eric though!


    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying Getaway! It is definitely one of my favorite stories. 🙂 I’m glad I can help get your creative juices flowing…nothing as good as that! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


  3. theladykt says:

    wow Sookie doing road head. Will wonders never cease. cant wait for more


  4. romantic2soul says:

    Wow that chapter was so hot I think I fried something… hmm not sure if it was my laptop or my panties.


  5. Vilannh says:

    Yay lemoniscious…yes it is a word in my world. Go Sookie use your assets to get him to give up answers. 😉


  6. yaffom says:

    I’m surprised they made to his house in one piece.


  7. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Wow! That was a nice hello! It’s always funny to me that Eric goes commando because I wonder about catching his um, large package, in the zipper. At least she was careful! I know he would heal fast but ouch!!


  8. shoegirl01 says:

    Whew! It’s a tad hot in here no? 🙂


  9. Tree says:

    *fanning myself* and not just because I’m peri menopausal either! I like that you threw in the bit with the gate attendant. I can just bet those guys see a lot!


  10. Heather Lascola says:



  11. joannadearagon says:

    I do agree on Skookie’s way of getting an answer!!..


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