La Vie En Rose Ch 6: Magic and Demon Blood

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Magic and Demon Blood

Bon Temps wasn’t exactly a cultural center of the world, but Paris is…and I was determined to make up for lost time. Tonight we visited the Musée d’Orsay. The guards had to remind me several times not to touch the art. I used moved in a blur of speed and did anyway. The famous massive polar bear sculpture was just begging for me to touch him. When my fingers came in contact with the milky white marble I couldn’t contain a sigh. It felt like Eric, and I wondered if I felt like smooth stone now too.

The museum glowed against the edge of the river, giving the sidewalks in front of it a luminous shine. We scanned the crowd of humans for a meal for the night. I was slowly learning to reign in my jealousy, but still felt it twinge in my neck every time he came back to me looking so satisfied. He assured me time and time again that the pleasure he felt was nothing compared to what we shared, but he also knew that it was an issue I was having a hard time dealing with, which is why he had arranged a video meeting with Pam tonight. I wasn’t sure how Pam was going to help me, but Eric was confident. He said that Pam was taking care of something for me, and then he refused to divulge more. Eric and his surprises…I would just have to trust that he would do anything to make me happy.

In the meantime, I was starving, and waited impatiently to feed from him, as I had been doing since my discovery of the blood memory I gained from my donors. Absorbing someone’s memories can be fun for a little while, but to know that it would happen every time I wanted real food was disappointing, to say the least. The last few nights, before resting for the day, I had been supplementing with two bottles of True Blood. It was just as disgusting as the first time I tasted it, but Eric insisted that I needed more than what I was getting from him. The synthetic blood did seem to stave off the hunger pains I felt first thing after waking, so I didn’t argue with him…much.

Eric was quick to find a willing donor for the evening, and discreetly fed from her on an abandoned ramp leading down to the Seine, only to return moments later, flushed and glossy-eyed. I could smell the fresh blood in him, through his skin. My fangs descended in anticipation and Eric laughed. “I do love when you are hungry, Lover.” His voice was deep and rich and made me even hungrier. I put my arms around his neck, pulling him down towards my waiting mouth. I put my lips against his smooth skin and could feel the faint echo of her pulse still coursing through his veins, giving him the illusion of life. I moaned.

“Why don’t we find somewhere a little more secluded?” Eric whispered into my hair. I pulled away from him and remembered that we were standing ten feet away from the entrance to the museum. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me down the sidewalk to a section of the museum that was hidden in shadows. Without any warning, he lifted me into the air, following the shape of the building until he found a part of the roof that was flat and next to a service ladder. He pushed me against a large ventilation fan that hummed softly against my back. I kissed him and began to work on the button and zipper holding his dick captive.

His fingers pushed up the edge of my short skirt, dipping between my legs, willing me to open them. The metal groaned behind me as I leaned against the building. Eric growled as I reached inside his pants, freeing the prisoner. My skirt moved out of the way just in time. His cock spread my lips eagerly, pushing into me as he lifted me off the ground.

I held onto the edge of the metal, feeling it cut into my skin as it bent. We both inhaled the scent of fresh blood, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. Eric offered himself to me, sensing my urgency. My fangs grazed his skin, bringing two tiny beads of crimson to the surface. I licked his neck delicately and my body convulsed as my hunger and pleasure joined. I came in violent jerks, my legs digging into his. Each time my body contracted, I scraped his skin. Eric growled each time I cut him, making his thrusts more wild and erratic. When I was finally able to control my movements, I opened my mouth wide and drank deeply from him. Eric shuddered and filled me again and again, satisfying every desire in me.

I pulled my mouth away from his neck and licked his skin. Eric captured my face and pulled me into a deep kiss. “I love you.” He pried my hands away from the metal and cleaned the cuts.

I smiled at him. “I love you too,” I said slowly, feeling food drunk.

“I’ll fly us home, it looks like you are in no condition to walk,” Eric said with a gentle laugh.

I hugged him and relaxed against his chest, feeling contentment wash over me. We got back to the suite in our hotel with enough time for me to take a nice warm bath. The heat from the water and a meal in my stomach were enough to nearly put me to sleep in the bathtub. I could hear Eric adjust himself in one of the chairs at the desk. “It’s time,” his voice called out, bringing me out of my relaxation. I wrapped my hair in a towel and another one around my chest. The towel was a little too short to cover my entire body, and when I came up next to Eric, his hands instinctively found my nearly exposed ass and began to knead my warmed skin. I could feel his lust surge through him. “Good evening Pam,” Eric said. My eyes snapped open and I realized that he hadn’t been surfing the web when I came up behind him, he had already started a video chat with Pam. “Pam, eyes on me…”

“Sorry Master, I thought you were sharing…” Pam said, as she looked up from where his hands were still pushing up my towel.

I smacked his hand away. “Sorry Pam, I didn’t realize you were there. I’ll get dressed.” Before I moved away, I heard them both let out a huff of disappointment.

When I came back to the desk and took the seat next to Eric, they were talking about Fangtasia, and business in general. Pam was dressed for work, wearing a shiny black corset and a blood red flowing skirt, which clashed terribly with the soft pinks and browns of her office. “Hey, what time is it there?” I asked. There was no music in the background, so I had to assume Fangtasia wasn’t open yet.

“Eight. You know how much I love coming in to work early,” Pam said, her words dripping with sarcasm. “But I am happy to help you Sookie. Anything to repay you for letting us play with your swing and stand.”

I laughed. “Did you and Laurie have a good time? Wait. I don’t want to know,” I said grimacing. Pam’s face fell. She really wanted to tell me, but I wasn’t sure I could listen to what she said. I changed the subject. “We went to the Musée d’Orsay tonight. It was so beautiful.”

Pam smiled. “One of my favorite pieces is there…L’Origine du monde. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s legs open for the world to see. The way he captured the glow of her skin, her dark tight curls and the roundness of her thighs. It makes me want to sink my teeth in…” I would have blushed if I could, since I knew exactly which painting she was talking about. “I’m not sure it would hold the same appeal now. Laurie has ruined me for brunettes.”

Pam’s eyes glazed over, and before she could go on, I asked, “So how are you helping me?”

Pam lifted an eyebrow and smiled confidently, and then she turned the camera down so it was pointing to her waist. “You remember Dr. Ludwig?” At that moment, Dr. Ludwig’s wavy golden head bobbed in front of the camera. She gave me a curt nod.

Eric spoke to her first. “Thank you for coming Dr. Ludwig. I assume that Pam has given you all the information and resources that you need.”

“Ja,” Dr. Ludwig answered in her thick deep voice. “She informed me of Sookie’s unique problem.”

I looked at Eric and then back at Dr. Ludwig’s serious face. “Problem?” I asked.

“Ja. The blood memory when you feed.” She paused to give me a moment to catch up. “I researched this particular problem, and found only one case that provided only a scrap of information. The records were not as meticulous as I would like, but they are centuries old, so…I did a little investigating of my own.”

I nodded my head to encourage her to go on.

“It turns out that one of our mutual acquaintances, Mr. Cataliades, shares in your ability to read minds. He informed me that you have the essential spark, which was the reason his gift manifested in you and not your brother.”

“Gift?” I questioned.

“I am sure he will fill in all the gaps when you see him next. My point is this: Mr. Cataliades suggested that since telepathy is a demon gift, demon blood will solve your little blood memory problem. This reinforces what I found in my research.” She paused and I tried to ask questions, but she quieted me with a wave of her hand. “This is where I cannot stress enough that demon blood is very dangerous to vampires, especially if it is taken without consent. He and I both believe that you should be very cautious, because there is no telling how you will respond to the intensity of magic that demons possess.”

“Magic? Like a witch?”

Dr. Ludwig paused again, this time thinking about what I just said. “That is not a bad idea. Perhaps if you have a witch helping, you can distill the essence from the blood that you need without killing yourself.”

I gulped loudly. When she mentioned that demon blood was dangerous, there was no mention of my impending death. “So what part of their blood do I need?”

“The luminocytes should counteract the connection you have to your donors. There will also be mentocytes that could possibly enhance your telepathy, and thanocytes as I mentioned, which will cause your death. I cannot tell you more because there is not enough information about demons, which, I am sure, is intentional.”

“How long will the effects last?” Eric asked, leaning closer to the camera.

“The half life of demon blood is a century. I think it will be safe to assume that Sookie will have to preform the ritual again in a hundred years.”

Eric scoffed. “A hundred years? It seems like far too big of a risk for such little gain.” I stared at him wide-eyed, but then began to think about how old he is, and how a hundred years would be like a blink of the eye to him.

“If something goes wrong, you’re telling me that I could die. A true death?” I asked just to be sure. I just couldn’t seem to get over that fact, while Eric was still brooding over the fact that we would have to attempt it again in a century.

Dr. Ludwig shrugged. “You do what you want. You ask me for help. You bring me here. I give you what you ask for. The rest is up to you.” She narrowed her eyes and stared at Eric and then looked up at Pam. “My fee is non-refundable!” She nodded decisively and marched away from the camera. The door to Pam’s office opened and closed.

Pam’s beautiful face pushed back into view as she adjusted the camera towards her again. “Like I would want her ‘fee’ back.” Pam shuddered and then composed herself. “Well, there you have it. Where do we go from here?”

I shook my head, trying to clear my mind. The prospect of freedom to eat was enough to motivate me. “I will call Mr. Cataliades, ask him what he thinks since he is already involved in this anyway.”

“Do you need anything else from me?” Pam asked, looking first to Eric and then to me.

I shook my head and thanked her. She and Eric talked a little more about business. In my purse I found Mr. Cataliades business card, and without wasting any more time, I picked up the phone.


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