La Vie En Rose Ch 3: Club Morde

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

I really, really, really need to thank NinaTree and Loftin for motivating me to get off my ass and finish writing this chapter. Thanks for gently nudging me in the right direction!! I must also thank NinaTree (again!) for her help in translating the French dialogue here. I love the help of my readers, since it is so much better than google translator! I also need to thank SeriousCrush, who despite her seriously sickly state of being at the moment, still came through for me. Just like she always does. I rely on you so much and you are definitely worth the wait! Big love.

I know there were a few readers out there that were confused as to why Sookie was speaking French, and I hope I answered all of your questions sufficiently. If not, I hope this chapter does the trick.

Just in case I need to say it, my ff stories are NOT work friendly (or maybe they are for Gngr on those rough days).


Club Morde

“Why don’t we break in the shower? I would love to warm up while I fuck you,” Eric said standing up from the bed with me firmly attached to his waist. He opened the bathroom door and deposited me in the center of the long counter, right between the two sinks. The counter was white and gray marble and it felt cold under my naked ass. To the right of the sinks stood a toilet and a bidet, and to the left there was a large white and gray marble shower opposite a freestanding white claw-foot bathtub. The shower was enclosed with two massive panes of glass, which were mounted from floor to ceiling. The glass wall closest to the sink had a door of glass that opened into the shower. Eric turned the water on and closed the glass door, letting the glass and marble corner fill with steam. He came back to where I was sitting and stripped out of his clothes, tossing them onto the pale gray tiled floor. I admired his beautiful body and felt a yearning deep inside.

“Erique, Mon Amour,” (Eric, My Love) I breathed, scooting to the edge of the counter to get closer to him, my body shaking with need. He closed the distance between us and captured my face with his hands pulling my mouth to his in a fierce kiss. I moaned into his mouth when his cock brushed against my pussy, making me shiver with need. Eric continued to kiss me as his hands fell down against my ass. He pulled me towards him, pushing inside me with one fluid movement. My body shuddered against him as he held me close, restricting my movement while he carried me into the steamy shower.

Eric pushed me against the back wall, cooling my back against the marble wall, and warming my legs under the stream of hot water. True to his word, the shower warmed me while he pushed and pulled in and out of my body. I clutched his skin with my fingernails, adding the faint scent of blood to the vapor that surrounded us. Eric hissed and fucked me harder, slamming my body into the tile, bruising my back. As he leaned towards me, he dipped his head into the water, bringing rivulets of warm water cascading down my face as he kissed me. Our tongues collided, battling against our fangs, filling our mouths with the combined flavor of our blood. Eric and I came together, holding each other as our bodies jerked and writhed in blissful union.

Eventually, Eric put me down so we could finish showering. I needed to go out. Memories of Club Morde were calling to me, filling me with a burning desire to dance. Eric could sense my jittery energy and said, “Sookie, are you feeling alright?”

I grabbed his face between my hands and kissed him deeply. “Je sens incroyable. Nous devons aller. J’ai besoin de danser.” (I feel amazing. We need to go. I must dance.) I clapped my hands together and jumped out of the shower, toweling my hair quickly, sending it flying around my face.

I slithered into the garnet red ruched dress, smoothing the satiny material over the curves of my body and adjusting the metal brooch between my breasts. I pulled on my black strappy sandals, completing my ensemble.

Eric smiled at me while his fingers moved in a blur, buttoning his metallic gray shirt, “Are you going to dry your hair?” He looked amazing in his snug black pants. It was almost enough to keep me from fulfilling the intense urge to leave.

“Je veux que le vent la sèche,” (I want the wind to dry it) I said tossing my head back and forth, the wet strands clinging to my exposed arms.

Eric held out his hand and led me outside to our private terrace. “Hold on, Lover.”

I grinned at him and wrapped my arms around his neck, thinking better about wrapping my legs as well, since it would make my dress roll up my legs and expose my naked sex. Eric grabbed my ass firmly, pulling my body against his, pushing his massive erection against me. I tilted my face up to kiss him and he shot into the air.

Club Morde was the place to go clubbing in Paris. There was a line that wrapped half way around the block, filled with vampires and humans alike. When Eric saw that I was moving up to the front of the line, he stopped me. I put my finger to his lips to silence any of his concerns, and moved decisively towards the hulking mass of a man that was blocking the entrance.

I stood in his face, and before he could talk, I smiled, kissed both of his cheeks and greeted him warmly, “Georges! Si merveilleux de vous voir à nouveau!” (Georges! So wonderful to see you again!) He smelled all hot and masculine, and the contact made my fangs descend.

Georges jerked away from me, confusion evident on his face. “Je suis désolé, je vous connais?” (I’m sorry, do I know you?).

“Où sont mes manières? Je m’appelle Sookie, Jacques nous a envoyé.” (Where are my manners? My name is Sookie, Jacques sent us.)

Georges raised an eyebrow. He was waiting for proof.

I smiled and dug through my borrowed memories, “Il dit: Va te faire enculer par les Grecs.” (He says: Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks.) I nodded my head, sure that I had retrieved the right phrase, and gave him a satisfied smile.

Georges burst out laughing, and moved to the side, letting Eric and I enter. “Charmante de vous rencontrer Sookie.” (Charmed to meet you Sookie.) I winked at him and waltzed inside, tugging Eric with me.

“How did you do that? Did you glamour him?” Eric asked, incredulous.

“Non, Jacques a tout partagé avec moi. J’ai seulement besoin de trouver la bonne mémoire. Allez!” (No, Jacques shared everything with me. I only needed to find the right memory. Come on!). I pulled Eric with me through the crowded club, making my way to the bar. I snapped and got the bartender’s attention, “Un kir s’il vous plaît.” (One kir please.)

“Lover? Why are you ordering alcohol?” Eric stood back, with a look of amusement on his face as he observed my odd behavior.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Je ne sais pas. C’est ce que je prend tousjours.” (I don’t know. It’s just what I always order.)

Eric looked confused. “Ca ve dire c’est toujours ce que Jacques prenne.” (I mean it is what Jacques always orders.)

The bartender returned with a wine glass tinted with a dark pink liquid. “Merci!” (Thank you!) I said, handing him a bill from my purse. I inhaled the fragrance and one of Jacques memories jumped to the front of my mind. It was so intense that I could taste the crème de cassis on my tongue.

I pulled the glass away from my nose and turned to a man sitting at the bar. “J’ai commandé ce par erreur, vous l’aimez?” (I ordered this by mistake, would you like it?)

The man took the drink out of my hands, raked his eyes up and down my body, and said “Ce n’est pas tous que je voudrais.” (That’s not all I would like.)

I laughed politely and wrapped my arm around Eric’s waist. “Vous ne sauriez pas quoi faire avec moi. Profitez de la boission.” (You wouldn’t know what to do with me. Enjoy the drink.) I turned my back on him and we made our way through the club until we were on the dance floor.

The pulsing beat of the music surrounded us, making it impossible to talk, which was fine by me. I pulled Eric against my body and we began to move. My heart filled with joy as a satisfied feeling of belonging spread through every cell in my body. I could tell that Jacques felt at home here and I could see why. As the lights flashed around us, I could see the faces of humans and vampires mingling, dancing and drinking. The feeling was harmonious, and there were large security guards positioned strategically through the club to make sure it stayed that way. Eric’s grip around my waist tightened and I glanced up into his eyes. He could feel my happiness and smiled back at me.

The DJ mixed one amazing song after another, bringing cheers from the crowd whenever he played a popular song. The crowd surged around us, moving us with the fluidity of the group. I willed my body to move off the ground, lifting myself so I could kiss Eric without making him bend down to meet me. He smiled widely as he noticed I was hovering, his kiss filled with pride and passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hung weightlessly from his body.

I stared over Eric’s shoulder and noticed someone that looked familiar. I closed my eyes and dug through my brain trying to place his face, when an emotional scene played across my eyelids. A little sob escaped my lips as the full force of the memory hit me. He was Jacques ex-boyfriend, and had been particularly cruel to Jacques when they broke up. And as far as I could tell from the series of memories controlling me, he continued to be horrible to Jacques every chance he got. I was clutching onto Eric, trying to protect myself from the intense emotion.

“Lover? What is it now?”

“Attendes un moment. J’ai besoin de faire quelque chose pour Jacques.” (Wait a moment. I need to do something for Jacques.) I slid down Eric’s body until the ground touched my feet. I walked over to the man and touched his shoulder lightly, pulling him away from his circle of friends.

“Excusez-moi Luc,” (Excuse me Luc) I said loudly, getting his attention over the music, and then I placed my hand against his exposed skin preparing to glamour him. Luc’s mind opened to me, and his face went slack. He was confused and a little worried since he realized I was a vampire. I am a friend of Jacques’. You are going to be kind to him. You have hurt him enough and it ends now. Do I make myself clear? My fangs descended to make my point. Luc nodded numbly. I turned Luc around and nudged him in the direction of his friends.

I watched as Luc was greeted by his friends and saw him shrug, smile and start talking as if nothing had happened. I knew that despite his nonchalant demeanor his head was racing with thoughts of guilt for being such a jerk to Jacques. A satisfied smile made its way across my face and remained intact the entire time it took me to get back to Eric in the crowd.

“Je suis glad de l’a fait,” (I’m glad to have done it) I said, noticing the odd combination of French and English.

Eric smiled at me and shook his head, laughing a little. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Danse?” (Dance?) I offered helpfully. “Will you dance with me, Mon Amour?”

Eric answered by gripping my hips, pulling my body against his and grinding against me to the throbbing beat. I was grateful for the thin material of his pants, which seemed to be tighter than before.

While we moved together, I felt the overwhelming fullness in my mind dissipate. Little by little, Jacques was leaving me, opening my mind to the stillness of my own thoughts. I heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed against Eric, feeling in control once again.

I pulled Eric with me away from the dance floor. “It’s gone. How long has it been?” I asked looking up into Eric’s face.

“Just over two hours. Are you hungry again?”

“A little. How are we going to do this? I can’t be controlled by someone else’s emotions for hours every time I feed! Although, I must admit that I really enjoyed speaking French. It is such a beautiful language,” I said smiling.

“I would be happy to teach you…” Eric offered. “As far as feeding goes, I have an idea. But for now, why don’t we try to supplement your diet with a True Blood. B positive?”

I scrunched up my nose and sighed. “Okay…” I said resigned to subject myself to it. Eric made a quick trip to the bar, and returned with a warm bottle in each hand. “I don’t know how you have forced yourself to drink this all these years,” I said taking large swallows of the flat warm liquid.

Eric shrugged, “Comes with the territory. If you want to mainstream, artificial blood is the safest source of food. I will say this though, after drinking True Blood, it makes the real thing taste even better.” I smiled at him and finished the rest of my drink, feeling fuller but nowhere near satisfied.

“Can I take you out…show you the sights?” Eric asked glancing towards the front entrance. “I’ll fly slower this time since you don’t have an urgent need to be somewhere.”

I laughed and took his hand, letting him lead me outside. I pushed myself off the ground and wrapped my arms around his neck. I soon felt our skin take on the chill of the cool spring night as the air whooshed around us.


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4 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose Ch 3: Club Morde

  1. theladykt says:

    Glad she put Luc in his place. ROFL for taking on Jacques tendencies and memories.


  2. Alison Griffiths says:

    I liked the scene with Luc very much too, and I laughed out loud at what she said to Georges, it took didn’t take much working out even though I didn’t know that word for arse 🙂 🙂 This memory taking could be a real gift or a real problem for her. She’s a survivor of sexual abuse so I hope she doesn’t see anything too terrible. I think it would be fun for a while though, especially being another nationality 🙂 I hope she doesn’t eat a train spotter 🙂


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