Getaway Ch 60: Kitten and Sugar-Pie

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Thank you SeriousCrush for such sublime editing, and for always keeping me honest. I appreciate and love you more than you know. Thanks kg1586 for inspiring me to write Robert’s new girlfriend!

This is the first half of the reception night. I have updated my StyleBook, so if you want to see Sookie’s dress, search for mysecreto.


Kitten and Sugar-Pie

Tonight was the night. I had everything laid out on the bed in the spare room, the dress I was certain about. The shoes….well I couldn’t make up my mind. Tonight was another unseasonably warm night, and the strappy black sandals Ella bought for me weeks ago would be perfect for the weather. Then again, the invitation Pam had left with us said ‘Black Tie’ and I wasn’t sure what the rules are on sandals. I stood there with my closet door open, coming in and out of the space with one pair of black shoes after another. The Louboutin’s from Pam were too shiny, and the black pumps I had brought with me from Gran’s house were a bit too worn out. I held the knee-high boots up and knew immediately that they were overkill with such a long dress. The sandals were the best choice, rules of etiquette be damned! I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the kitchen. It was 7:00 pm. I had two hours to eat, shower and get dressed.

Eric was waiting for me, smiling. He rubbed my shoulders and said “Don’t worry so much about the reception.”

I looked up at him and accused him of being a mind reader. Of course he wasn’t, he was reading the blood-bond, and knew when I was tense, just as I knew his mood. I made an omelet with toast. Don’t ask me why I was eating breakfast for dinner so much lately; it just seemed to fit. Not that normal food eating schedules applied to me anyway!

“How’s your sunburn tonight?” Eric asked, pulling my nightgown off my shoulder.

“Much better. Thank you,” I said showing him the golden and only slightly pink skin in the full light of the kitchen. “I’m glad I tanned naked, lines would look terrible with my dress.”

Eric made an ‘Mmmm’ noise and swept his hands down the sides of my body and said, “I too am glad you tanned naked. But then again, I always am happy when you’re nude.”

I turned around to plate my food, and was surprised to find a fork and a fresh glass of water waiting for me at the table. Eric grinned when I thanked him. It was adorable. “Did you find something suitable to wear tonight?” He asked. I nodded my head and waited to speak until I had finished chewing. “Yes, Ella bought me a dress that I haven’t had the chance to wear yet. The black one?”

“The strapless silk one? I can’t wait to see it on you. How are you going to style your hair?” Eric asked, seriously. “I think it would be lovely up away from your neck.”

I hadn’t really thought of it, and I panicked as I thought of my limited hairstyles. Ponytail or down. That didn’t seem nearly formal enough. Sensing my panic, Eric said, “Calm down, I’m sure Ella could come over and lend a hand. Or maybe….I could.” It wasn’t so much a statement as it was a question. I stopped chewing and stared at him. Him? Well, I guess he did know how to handle long hair since his was almost as long as mine, but it was something I hadn’t really thought of before, so I didn’t answer right away. He quickly added, “You should probably just call Ella.” I touched his hand to reassure him and said, “Why don’t you give it a try, I’d love to see what you have in mind.” Eric smiled at me. He was excited.

We showered, toweled off, and sat on the bed. I brought a few hair clips with me, including a crystal studded silver-colored barrette that matched the earrings I had picked out for the night. The S shape and delicate filigree of the barrette curved beautifully. Eric sat behind me, wrapping his long legs around me on either side. He brushed my hair first, and while it was still wet, he expertly separated sections of my hair, moving and clipping them in place. He swooped my hair up with one final twist and said, “There. I’m done. Go look and tell me what you think.”

I walked into the bathroom. The mirror still had a hint of fog on the edges, giving me an airbrushed look. Eric had done an amazing job. He had pulled my hair up into a soft bun, wrapped in a long piece of intricately braided hair. The end of my braid was held in place with the sparkling clip, which look beautiful nestled in my hair. I had no idea how Eric had fastened the bun, and I wasn’t about to start rooting around in there. I smiled as I returned to the bedroom and kissed him. “I love it. You have more talent than I knew! I’m not sure I want to know how you have so much experience with dressing hair….” I trailed off and waited for him to tell me some horror story of some sort, to be surprised again. “When you grow up with a sister, you learn a few things about hair. The braid is a five lace plait, one of the first I learned, and one that I remember, oddly.” I smiled and again said, “I love it!”

“I’m going to get dressed,” I said. Eric stood up from the bed and went to his closet to select a beautifully tailored suit for the evening while I made my way upstairs to my waiting dress.

I stepped into the dress, zipped up the side, and twirled, appreciating the swish of cool silk that brushed my skin. It was an A-line strapless dress with a shelf bra and boning in the bust that pushed my breasts up, making them swell over the top of the dress. The sheer silk overlay of fabric seemed to float over the lining, and was detailed with delicate vertical ruffles. I slipped the strappy sandals onto my feet and stood in front of the mirror. I was just pushing the crystal swirl drop earrings into place when Eric came into the room.

He clutched his chest and said, “If my heart was still beating, the sight of you in that dress would surely be enough to make it stop. You look beautiful.” I stood there staring at him, speechless. He looked ethereal in his beautiful black suit. His milky white skin begged me to drink him in. “Mmmm, I could say the same for you….only my heart is still beating. I think.” I held one hand against the other wrist, checking for a pulse. He smiled at me.

“Do you need help with your necklace?” Eric asked, walking over to me. I nodded and turned around. He stood behind me and bent his face down to inhale the scent of my skin before he picked up the crystal studded necklace and tied the black ribbon around my neck, adjusting it until it was cradled by my collarbone. I leaned my head against him gently, careful not to ruin my hair. We looked amazing together in front of the mirror.

He twirled my body away from his, taking in the final look of my ensemble. I lifted the hem of my dress, showed him the sandals and said, “Are these Ok?” He nodded and stared at my legs as I showed him the shoes. “It’s a shame the dress is so long, it hides the perfect tan I worked so hard on yesterday,” I said in a mock pout. I lifted the dress higher, showing him the golden warmth of my thighs. He swallowed loudly and licked his lips. Teasing him further, I added, “It’s also a shame we have to leave in five minutes, because I’m not wearing panties.” I showed a flash of the small patch of blonde curls that rested above the union of my legs. His fangs clicked down and scraped his bottom lip. He didn’t say anything. I gave him a coy smile while I released the dress, allowing it to fall, brushing the top of my feet with silk.

“Shall we?” I asked. He nodded his head and rushed at me, lifting me as he pushed me against the wall, rubbing his body against mine. I moaned and felt the warmth of my excitement radiate from my sex, clouding my mind. “Not what I meant. Pam is going to kill us if we’re not on time,” I panted.

Eric licked the top of my breasts, trying to persuade me to change my mind, but I just couldn’t do it. “Later, Killer. I promise.” Reluctantly, Eric put me down on the ground, and cleared his throat. “After you,” he said in a voice that was far more hoarse than normal.

The drive was short, and silent. I was nervous. Eric was brooding. He definitely didn’t like to wait, especially not for sex. He was more of an instant-gratification kind of guy. Not that I could blame him, I just happened to have a conscience.

We arrived at Fangtasia at 8:45 pm, and walked into the chaos of Pam shouting orders to everyone there. Eric slipped away to his office to check on work-related things while we waited, leaving me in the main part of the club with the bedlam.

A short dark haired young woman scurried back and forth behind the bar, trying to get things situated under the watchful eye of Robert, who happily sat on his ass while she worked. She wore a short forest green spaghetti strap dress that twirled every time she moved, and had a low cut top where her breasts peeked out of. Robert couldn’t take his eyes off of her, or more accurately, her breasts, as she moved around him. Her mind was a flurry of images and a jumble of thoughts, crashing together to form a crazy first impression. I liked her immediately. She felt me staring at her and looked up, flashed a quick dimpled smile and went back to work.

Pam was growling at a caterer, intimidating the poor boy as he fumbled with wine glasses and plates of food. He was sweating profusely, trying to please her. A woman wearing the same uniform tapped him on the shoulder and told him to go on break, rescuing him from his misery. The relief was evident on his face, and he smiled his thanks, turned his back on Pam and almost ran out the back door. The woman smiled at Pam, asking specifically what she wanted and took care of it. Clearly experienced in dealing with vamps like Pam, she got everything in place and went back to organizing the bottles of blood she had been working on when she saved her coworker.

Pam looked up and saw me; she flashed me a fangy smile, letting me know she approved of my dress. Her body tensed and her face closed as Laurie walked up to me. Laurie hugged me and wouldn’t look at Pam.

Laurie said in a voice loud enough that half of the people in the room could hear her, “Sookie! You look amazing! I’m sure Pam’s just dying to spend some time with you.” Then she added, under her breath, “Clearly you have something amazing that Pam just can’t resist.” I cocked my head to the side trying to figure out what was going on, and then Pam spoke and all hell broke loose.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Pam shouted from a few feet away. Her face darkened, her fangs fully extended, and her hands clenched into fists.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about!” Laurie accused as she spun around and faced her, her anger matching Pam’s. Laurie’s chest heaved in her rage, and her eyes narrowed as she waited for Pam to say something.

“No! I don’t,” Pam fumed. “You’ve been like this since we left Vegas. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on with you. I’m busy organizing this party, so if you have something to say, just say it.”

Laurie stared at her with her mouth hanging open, “Fine!” she shouted, “You want me to tell you? I will.” Laurie’s eyes reddened and threatened tears. “You expect me to stand by while you openly lust after Sookie? I guess I’m just not your kind of girl.” Tears started to well in her eyes. She contorted her face to keep them from spilling.

Pam’s rage became confusion. “Sugar-pie?” Pam voice was soft. Hurt.

Laurie looked at her, defiantly. “Don’t ‘Sugar-pie’ me! I saw it with my own eyes. At the Bellagio, when we went to invite Eric and Sookie to join us for dinner…..” Laurie trailed off.

A memory of that night flashed in my mind. I remembered the two of them standing outside our door and Laurie’s confusion and jealousy of Pam’s behavior. Now the fight made sense. Laurie hadn’t asked Pam to explain her actions, she just stewed in her anger for the rest of the weekend.

Realization hit Pam. She wasn’t the best at picking up human emotions, something that Laurie didn’t understand yet. Pam smiled and said, “That? Sookie was bleeding and I was jealous of Eric’s feast. Nothing to do with Sookie, just a little blood lust. That’s all.”

My face turned bright red. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to crawl under a table and hide.

Laurie’s body relaxed and her face calmed. She blinked, pushing tears down her cheeks. Pam was in front of her wiping them away before Laurie knew it. Pam whispered “Sugar-pie. Please don’t be upset.” It wasn’t an apology, but it was probably the best Laurie was going to get.

“Oh Kitten, I’m sorry I was so angry. I got all fired up over nothing,” Laurie admitted looking down as she finished talking, embarrassed that she had blown everything out of proportion, snuggling closer to Pam’s body as they made up.

Pam said in a hushed voice “I was going to ask you if I could, um, taste you, when the time comes.” Laurie turned red and nodded her head. Pam flashed a wicked grin, which became a broad smile as Laurie said “The end of the week soon enough for you?” Pam’s fingers danced down Laurie’s back transitioning from a comforting embrace to a licentious grasp on her ass. Pam’s fingers worked up the hem of Laurie’s knee-length blood-red dress, trailing her fingers over her thighs, making Laurie moan.

I cleared my throat to remind them that they had an audience. Pam looked around the bar and noticed that besides me, Robert and the girl from the bar were watching. The catering staff busied themselves rearranging napkins and glasses, pretending not to be eavesdropping. As confidently as only Pam could, she said, “Let me make it up to you.” She glanced at the clock on the wall then said, “We have time for a quick fuck in my office.” Laurie gaped at her, getting redder by the second, but didn’t hesitate to lead Pam to her office, giggling as Pam groped her ass the whole way down the hall.

Eric came out of his office, passing Laurie and Pam in the hall. Laurie had Pam pinned against the wall and was kissing her deeply as her hands roamed over Pam’s short black skirt. I shook my head and laughed as they fumbled with the doorknob, refusing to let go of each other long enough to open a door.

Eric kissed me and told me about the meeting with the Zeus clan tomorrow. “Apparently, there has been a rash of hate crimes targeting vampires. Lavar is going to bring us up to speed during the videoconference tomorrow night.” I nodded my head and went to the bar to get a drink. Guests would start arriving and I was getting nervous.

The woman behind the bar asked, “Can I get you something?” She smiled at me again, showing her adorable dimple and perfect white teeth. I smiled back and ordered a gin and tonic. Eric was talking to Robert at the other end of the bar, and the woman said, “Here’s your drink. You’re Sookie, right? Oh shit, I mean Mrs. Northman.” She was flustered, but went on, “I’m Kelly, by the way. Robert and I are, um….dating?” I snickered as she struggled to find the right word.

“I know what you mean. With vampires you never know if they want to eat you, do you, or both!” Kelly and I both laughed, getting the attention of our men. Eric and Robert looked suspiciously at us.

Kelly started talking again in a steady stream of non-stop words, “I’ve been working here for a week now, and well, things between Robert and I just sort of happened. He’s so hot, and I am a sucker for a guy with an accent. It’s been a while since I’ve been with a man, if you, um, know what I mean, and I’ve never been with a vamp before. I had always heard that sex with vamps is amazing, but I really had no idea what I was in for. Sorry that was an overshare. I tend to talk too much.” She took a deep breath and smiled at me. I only laughed.

Our conversation was interrupted by Laurie’s screams of pleasure coming from Pam’s office, we both followed the sound with our eyes. I said, “Well, I guess Laurie’s happy now. Much better than them fighting!” We both smiled.

Kelly nodded, “Robert hired me while Sheriff Pam was out of town….at your wedding?” I nodded, she continued. “Congratulations, I bet it was beautiful, I just love weddings! Anyway, Sheriff Pam, and her girlfriend have been quietly fighting since they got back. It was ugly. I’m glad they just got it out in the open like that. I’m all about honesty. If you can’t speak your mind, why bother talking?” She smiled and I shrugged, because she was right. Honesty was always a good path to take.

Kelly and I were interrupted once again when the door to the club opened and guests began to arrive. “Showtime,” I said to Kelly as I mouthed ‘bye’ to her and took my place with Eric where we could meet and greet.


Sorry to cut the reception in half, it would have been REALLY long otherwise.

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