Getaway Ch 59: Worshiping the Sun

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Worshiping the Sun

I incorporated the song on the radio into my dream and kept sleeping until the song changed and my brain woke up enough to remember that I had set the alarm. My body stirred as I woke up. I felt tired still, which didn’t surprise me since I had been sleeping so much lately, but I was determined to get out in the sun.

I visited the bathroom, and then made my way upstairs, rummaging in my closet until I found the itty bitty bikini that I had tucked on one of the shelves. After I slipped the bikini on, I grabbed a trashy romance novel, a bottle of oil and a folding lounge chair from the garage and headed for the backyard.

I hadn’t really explored the yard until now, and found it well manicured and surrounded by a tall privacy fence. I placed the folding chair near the east side of the yard, where the sun would shine for another couple of hours before it set behind the west fence. I rubbed the oil all over the front of my body, and sat back to enjoy the dramatic life of Rebecca and her lover, Esteban.

As I sat in the chair I noticed that our neighborhood was silent and figured that if no one was around, and with fences this high, it wouldn’t hurt to take off my bikini. Tan lines never looked good. I nestled back down into the chair and let the sun bake into my skin. The slight breeze felt good on my nipples, and I made a mental note that tanning naked was quite nice.

After about an hour, Rebecca started to lose her appeal by refusing to see how wonderful Esteban was and marry him, so I put the book away, oiled my back, reclined the chair until it was flat and turned over. The cushions on the chair were so comfortable, cradling my body, that before I knew it I was asleep.

I woke in relative darkness. Oh shit, how long had I been sleeping? My skin felt hot and tight, and my lower body was pinned down. As I struggled to get my bearings, my blood sang as it recognized the presence against me. Eric and I had exchanged blood enough that our bodies spoke to each other when we were this close. I relaxed and felt the hum of excitement rush through him.

My body arched as Eric’s cold tongue made its way up my spine, cooling the prickling heat of my sunburn. When his face was level with my ear he whispered, “You taste golden and delicious.” His body convulsed as he inhaled the scent of my hair. He had no words. Eric growled and licked my neck. He pressed his body against mine, treating my burned body with his soothing skin. His dick brushed against me making me long for the feel of him inside me. He growled again and pulled my body against his as he moved down the lounge chair onto the grass. The cool metal edge of the chair pressed against my naked hips, my knees digging into the grass. I leaned forward on the chair, dipping my hips down, offering my sex to him. His fingers traced the contours of my body, groaning appreciatively when he reached the heat radiating from my sex. Eric spread his long legs farther apart, and his cock slid between my closed legs. The friction was enough to make his body spasm, thrusting his dick involuntarily between my legs. His right hand cupped my breasts, spreading his long fingers to caress my nipples, while his left hand grabbed a handful of my hair. He tugged my head back, bringing it to his nose, inhaling the scent of the sun locked inside the tangled mass. His desire amplified, washing over me, making my knees weak. I collapsed onto the soft cushions of the lounge chair, reaching between my legs to guide his cock inside me. He didn’t hesitate to follow my lead and pushed smoothly until our bodies were fully joined. I sighed against the chair as his cock stretched and rubbed the most deliciously deep spot inside me.

Eric spread his hands across my back, absorbing some of the heat coming off my skin, and when his fingertips dug into my shoulders I winced. He stopped thrusting, relaxing his grip and whispered, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Lover.” With my face buried in the cushion I mumbled, “Please don’t stop. Just the sunburn.” His fingers gently guided me by my shoulders, pulling me away from the chair and against him. With one arm supporting my body, he set a slow rhythm of movement, tilting his hips so his cock rubbed inside me, never letting our bodies lose contact. I heard the sound of his flesh being pierced and opened my mouth instinctively for the gift of his blood. I sucked and licked at his wrist and just as the tiny wound began to close, the prickling heat in my shoulders and back subsided. I sighed in relief as the discomfort and tightness in my skin yielded to the feeling of healthy skin. “Mm, thank you for that. I’m all better. Now will you fuck me?” Eric didn’t have to be asked twice.

I lowered my body until I was face down against the cushion of the chair. I gripped the sides of the chair, and held on for dear life as Eric fucked me. My knees dug into the soft cool grass, making indentations in the earth. He spread his hands across my back, rubbing against the curves leading to my ass. His fingers gripped possessively, lifting my ass and holding me steady while he slammed into me with enough force to knock the air right out of me. As my orgasm was building, I struggled to breathe and found myself gasping for air before each powerful thrust. My scream of pleasure filled the cool dark night, startling some birds nesting in a nearby tree. Eric’s fingers gripped my hips and slammed his body against mine as he came in shuddering thrusts deep inside me. His body stilled and I crumpled against the cushion, leaning against my forehead so I could resume some sort of normal breathing pattern.

Eric stood up and pulled me to my feet. He turned me around and kissed me deeply, “I missed you.” He was pouting. It was adorable, and I struggled to hide the smirk that was trying to form on my face. “I have to say that I am not used to waking up alone! I followed your scent through the house, and when I finally found you, I was going to ask you why you left me, but then I couldn’t stop myself, especially with you being naked and smelling so divine. I just love when you smell like the sun, it brings out the animal in me,” Eric whispered from behind me.  I giggled and said, “Good thing I happen to love that animal. I didn’t mean to worry you, I just wanted to worship the sun a little.” He leaned over the top of my head and inhaled again, moaning as my scent filled him. “I think you got a little too much,” he said, peering down my back, touching the spot on my shoulders that had made me wince. “Thank you again for healing me. That’s a handy talent.”

I shivered as the cool night air enveloped me. Eric took my hand and led me into the house, through the door by the kitchen where he stopped suddenly. I bumped into his back. Eric cleared his throat loudly and said, “Pam, is there some reason why you’re in our house?” I squeaked a little, at the thought of standing naked in the kitchen in front of Pam, and pressed my body against Eric’s even more.

Pam laughed and said, “Well, I came to try and catch you two walking through the kitchen naked. Mission accomplished. Guess I’ll just go home now.” She stared at him, waiting for him to acknowledge her joke. She huffed and continued talking when she realized he wasn’t going to say anything. “I’m here to invite you to your reception. Your debut as the first human/vampire couple legally married in the area. Not that your legal system really matters to us.” She was looking right at me. Her insult was enough to make me forget I was naked. I stood defiantly, puffing out my chest, tempting her to make fun of my legal system. “Nice tan. Are those grass stains?” Pam said as her eyes wandered away from my face, she even craned her head a little trying to get a better look at my partially revealed body, the lascivious smile on her face was enough to encourage me to hide behind Eric’s long body once again.

Pam continued, “As I was saying, I’m hosting a reception for you. Fangtasia. Monday night. 9 o’clock. Be there.”

Eric, playing with her a little, said, “What if we have plans tomorrow night?”

Pam put her hand on her hip and retorted, “Cancel them. As your Sheriff, I command you to be there.”

“And as your maker, I command you to not be a bossy bitch,” Eric said.

Pam and Eric stood facing each other, having some sort of stare down when I finally butted in and said, “Oh for heaven’s sake. Pam, we’ll be there. Eric, can we get dressed now?”

Pam winked at me, turned and let herself out, leaving a copy of the invitation on the kitchen counter.

I slapped his naked ass, which brought me face to face with a vampire waiting for some sort of explanation. “Why do you have to argue with her? She’s throwing us a celebratory party! Couldn’t you just be nice for once?” Eric smiled and said, “I can’t let all that power go to her head, can I?” I shook my head and laughed, “No, of course not!”

Eric looked at me suspiciously. “Are you mocking me?” He asked staring down at me. I shrugged, grinned and said, “A little. Now, I’m starving and want you to help me make dinner.”

Eric crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on the counter, staring at me with his eyebrows raised. “What’s in it for me?” He asked. I put my hands on my hips and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know?! So….You’ll order room service, but wouldn’t think of touching a dish or a pan yourself?” Eric nodded his head. Hmm, well it never hurt to ask.

“Ok, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to get dressed, and then I’m going to make biscuits and gravy while you cook eggs and sausage for me. The eggs are in the fridge and the sausages are in the freezer. See you in a minute.” I blew him a kiss and walked down the hall to the room with my closet full of clothes. I pulled a summery halter dress over my head, pleased that it wasn’t too snug since my ‘tan’ was still a little on the burned side.

When I came back into the kitchen, my mouth hung open as I watched Eric moving through the kitchen, moving two eggs against each other in his right hand. The slight scraping of the shells was enough to jar me from my trance and it was only then that I noticed he was preheating a cast iron pan next to a plate with two thawing sausage patties. He walked over to me to kiss me and I realized he was wearing a black apron, tied around his waist with the words ‘Be nice to me or I’ll poison your food’ neatly printed across the front, and nothing else. I laughed as I read it. He said, “Do you like it? Pam’s idea of a joke, I never thought I’d actually use it.” I smiled and said, “Well, I’m glad you are. Really.” When I told him what to do I never believed he would actually do it. I half expected him to be lounging on the couch reading his Kindle. “You are full of surprises!”

I made myself busy measuring ingredients and before you knew it, I was putting a dimple in the top of each biscuit, just the way Gran had shown me when I was learning to cook. I stared down at them and got a little teary-eyed. “I miss her so much, you know? She would have been so happy for us.” Eric wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. He kissed the tears off my cheeks. I felt comforted and in the silence of his embrace I collected myself.

While the biscuits baked, Eric and I worked side by side. He expertly cooked the sausages, while I made the roux that would thicken the gravy. I felt content. This is what I had been missing. The only other person I had ever cooked with had been Gran, and although I knew that Eric was not a replacement for her, this experience filled a hole deep inside of me. Somehow, having someone to cook with gave me a moment of clarity. I was at home here, with Eric. It was glorious. I couldn’t really explain myself, so I didn’t try to. I just smiled at him while he cracked eggs and salted them with a flourish of kosher salt that would have impressed Alton Brown.

The meal was delicious, and I only wished that Eric could eat with me, if only to appreciate the light and fluffy biscuits that I was sure were the best I had ever made. While I ate, Eric opened the envelope Pam had left on the counter. His eyes darted back and forth, reading each line carefully before he handed it to me. It was hand lettered in flowing calligraphy and read:

Pam Ravenscroft requests your presence

For the reception in honor of

The wedding of

Sookie and Eric Northman

Monday, February 7th, 2011

9 o’clock pm

Fangtasia, Shreveport LA

Black tie

I smiled as I read it, remembering how much Pam loved reading Dear Abby, and tried desperately to emulate her etiquette. Abby would have been proud of this formal invitation.

“Pam is so thoughtful,” I said as I handed it back to him. “You won’t think that once you greet all of the vampires from the area that Pam is ‘requesting the presence of.’” I gulped and said, “Vampires only?” I wasn’t really that nervous. I had quite a formidable team in my corner if push came to shove, but I still had to admit I didn’t enjoy being the center of attention in a room full of fangs. Eric laughed, sensing my tension, and said, “No, I’m sure there will be plenty of humans there, accompanying the vamps. The way I see things Pam is forcing the vamps in the area to acknowledge our union, compelling them to accept you and show respect to me. I must admit that she has gone above and beyond the duty of a childe. She always was a suck-up though.” I laughed out loud, and understood that despite his complaints and insults, he loved and appreciated her.

I was already in the throws of planning what to wear tomorrow night when I had to remember to take a deep breath and enjoy this moment of domestic bliss with my husband. Tomorrow could wait.


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    Sunburns suck. Glad she has Eric. lol for grass stains. Another reception, Yea.


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