Getaway Ch 58: Leavin’ Las Vegas

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

SeriousCrush has been editing Getaway for 32 chapters now, and I am constantly amazed that she is still willing and ready to work so hard for me. I cannot thank you enough for your love and support. It gives me the courage to believe in myself.


Leavin’ Las Vegas

I woke up to the sound of Eric’s voice. He was talking, in the bathroom. I cocked my head to the side, grabbed my robe, and crawled out of bed, pushing the bathroom door open to see what he was up to. The light spilled out of the room and made my eyes squint as they adjusted to the brightness. Eric was sitting on the edge of the tub talking on his cell phone. He smiled when he saw me, and held up his finger to let me know he’d be done in a minute. He snapped his phone shut and pulled my body against his. “Sorry to wake you, Lover. I was trying to let you sleep, which is why I’m in here.”

I yawned, realizing that I desperately needed to brush my teeth. I covered my mouth with the back of my hand and smiled as I pulled away from him and made my way to the sink. I laughed when I saw my reflection. My hair was a snarly mess, looking like a girl that had just been woken from a restless sleep. I had actually slept really well, there’s just no way to avoid bed head when you have marathon sex; a fact that I was proud to know first hand.

I had been sleeping during the day with Eric for quite some time now, and I realized that I was getting over 10 hours of sleep every day. My skin was definitely losing the rich golden brown tan I had worked so hard to bake into my skin in the fall, and I vowed to get back to tanning when we got home. Even if it meant that I had to set my alarm to wake up during the day.

While I finished grooming myself, Eric went to the bedroom to pack. I came out to join him and found him standing in front of the chocolate couch next to a pile of neatly folded clothes. A room service tray with covered plates of food was waiting near the desk. “I ordered dinner for you, I hope you’re hungry.” I walked over to him and held his face in my hands, pulling him down as I stood on my tippy toes to kiss him. “Thank you. You are the most thoughtful husband,” I said when I pulled away from our kiss. He winked at me and spanked my ass as I made my way to the cart of food. I squealed and jumped a little, surprised by the swat. Eric laughed quietly and said “Looks like I need to break you in.” I opened the lid covering one of the plates and found pancakes, with two little containers of syrup. He must have ordered an extra one, a thoughtful gesture that indicated that he had actually listened when I got all weepy about real maple syrup. I put the lid back down and said playfully, “Break me in? Whatever could you mean?” Dinner could wait.

“Believe me when I say that I have plans for you once we get home. There are things in my closet that you need to experience,” Eric said, drawing out the word ‘experience’ making me shudder a little.

Ahh, the closet shelves full of sex toys, tucked behind his clothes. It was impossible to forget. I had only looked at them briefly, and being the novice I am, I had no idea what half of the toys were for. “Are there things in there for you to experience too? I don’t want you to feel left out,” I added in mock sympathy, barely concealing the excitement from my voice. His eyebrows shot up, “My, my, my. My sweet little wife wants to play? What a pleasant surprise. Oh yes, there are plenty of toys for both of us.”

“Thank goodness for equality,” I said, stalking over to him. I unhooked the belt of my robe, which brushed my knees as I walked over to him. He took in a loud unnecessary breath, and stood motionless. His eyes sparkled in anticipation, letting me set the pace. I tugged the front of his robe, pulling the fabric roughly against his erection. I untied the belt that separated our bodies and pushed his robe off until it fell in a fluffy pile on the couch. I spread my fingers across his chest and pushed, trying to get him to fall backwards. He stood still, as if I had never touched him. I raised my eyebrows begging him with my eyes to play along. Realization flashed across his face and he fell from an invisible blow, letting his body collapse onto the couch behind him. His cock thwacked his legs on the way down, capturing my attention. I licked my lips.

I shrugged out of my robe, letting it fall around my feet. I was kneeling in front of him, prying his legs open further so I could position myself between his knees. “For now….let me show you how sweet I can be.”

Eric was about to say something, but as my tongue circled the head of his cock, the words evaporated on his lips. I had discovered that this was the best way to get Eric to shut up, and it worked every time. I dragged my fingernails down his legs, and enjoyed feeling the muscles in his legs tense and then relax under my ministrations. I brought my hands around to firmly grasp his cock around the base, holding it away from his body. Cum trickled down his dick, glistening in the soft light. I bent my head down and licked the sticky trail from the base of his cock to the tip, swirling my tongue around and around the sensitive flare of skin. Eric moaned and let his head fall onto the couch, bending unnaturally far backwards. I repeated my earlier movement, licking up and around his dick, sucking him like a popsicle. His hips began to thrust gently. I hovered over him and opened my jaw farther to take him in, concentrating enough to bypass my gag reflex as he fucked my mouth.

I pulled away from him so I could breathe, and leaned forward until his cock was nestled between my breasts. My nipples grazed against his thighs, sending a shiver through my body. I glanced up at his face and found him staring at my breasts, hungrily watching as his dick moved between them. I crushed my body against his legs, engulfing his swollen cock with my breasts, squeezing him each time I moved up and down. Eric grabbed my shoulders, digging into them as he neared his release. I pulled away from him again and sucked the head of his dick into my mouth. His grasp on my shoulders tightened as his cock swelled in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around coaxing his orgasm out of him. He made a gurgling sound and closed his eyes as he gave himself to me. His hands relaxed and fell on either side of his body on the couch. I climbed up his body and wedged my knees between his hips and arms. I reached between our bodies and cradled his cock, which was still recovering. I brushed the tip against my wet pussy, and smiled as his cock hardened in my hand. With my other hand, I pushed my lips together, creating a tight and slippery pocket of skin to rub his dick against. A low, throaty moan escaped my lips as I rubbed my clit against him.

I tilted away from Eric, pushing his cock barely inside me, and then relaxed my body, taking him in all at once. I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, and felt the electric buzz of energy pass between us as our bodies joined forcefully. His hands cupped my ass and massaged the flesh that moved around him. His fingers mingled and pressed against my ass, making the tight entrance quiver as he pushed a fingertip inside. We moved together, increasing our pace until I exploded and strangled his cock. The spasms that claimed my pussy only encouraged him to fuck me harder. His hands held my ass in place and he moved in a blur of speed, thrusting up into me, the slapping of skin against skin was so fast that the sound filled the room as a single noise. I pushed my breasts into his face, and moaned again as his mouth latched onto my nipple and sucked until I was begging for more. He switched his attention to the other nipple, drawing it into a hard wet peak just like the other one. His tongue moved back and forth, sucking and licking bringing me to the edge of another orgasm. He twisted his finger inside my ass and slammed into me with one last powerful thrust, all the while suckling my nipples. What could I say? Eric is a talented man.

I screamed as I came, holding on to Eric as if we would never part. My face was buried in the slope of his neck, breathing heavily against his cool skin. He licked the skin of my neck. I moved my hair out of the way, offering myself to him, and as he sank his fangs into the soft flesh, he came in violent bursts.

After a few minutes he said, “You are very sweet.” I giggled and my stomach growled. Dinner couldn’t wait anymore. “Thank you for that, Killer. And thank you again for ordering dinner for me.” Eric’s head flopped back against the couch again, his skin flushed pink as my blood diffused into his cells. He smiled drowsily as I pulled away from him and tucked into the pile of pancakes on the cart.

“Before you distracted me, I was going to tell you that I got our flight changed. Our flight leaves in…..two hours,” he said, checking the clock next to the bed. “Just enough time to shower, pack and get to the airport.” I smiled at him with a mouthful of pancake, happy to be going home. Without any imminent plans for meetings with the clans, we would have quite a bit of time at home. I was actually looking forward to going grocery shopping and cooking.

“Mm, that was so good!” I said, patting my lips with a napkin. Eric’s sex-induced stupor seemed to be lifting as he got up off the couch and busied himself with his packing, fixing the piles of clothes we had knocked off the couch. I packed quickly, finding that he had already folded most of my clothes. I packed my wedding dress, gently tucking it inside the garment bag Ella had brought it in. I even found a pouch inside for shoes, which is where I stored the ones I had worn just a few days ago.

The flight home was long, but uneventful. Our layover was in Salt Lake City, and our one hour layover became three because of the latest storm, forcing our plane to stay grounded while they repeatedly cleared the runway and de-iced the wings. By the time Ella picked us up from the Shreveport airport, it was nearing dawn.

“Thank you so much for picking us up, Ella,” I said as I hugged her. Eric lingered in the background, letting us reunite despite his urgency to get home. She hugged me back and asked how our honeymoon was. I couldn’t get the grin off my face as I said, “Oh, it was fine.” I’m not sure she believed that it was only ‘fine,’ but she played along. “When did you get home?”

“We flew in on Thursday. We took Miles to the aquarium one more time just before we left, which filled the flight home with talk of sharks, fish and deep sea divers. It was very educational for all the other passengers, I’m sure.” She laughed and loaded a few pieces of luggage into the back of her van.

We talked about her family, the weather, and our wedding on the drive home. Eric smiled as he watched us interact, sitting quietly as we chatted. I think he made a point to stay out of our conversations, letting me have Ella all to myself. He clearly understood that women need to talk to other women.

She pulled into our driveway and helped unload our luggage, leaving it near the front door so we could unpack later. She walked me through the kitchen showing me the partially stocked fridge. “I didn’t know how much cooking you’d feel up to, so I didn’t go crazy shopping. I got enough to get you through a couple of nights though.” She pulled open the veggie crisper, and pointed to the containers of milk and eggs. I smiled and had never felt so happy to be home. Ella made everything easier.

I felt the absence of Eric and glanced out the window and saw the first rays of morning streak through the sky. Ella grabbed her keys and started walking to the door. We hugged again and I said, “Well, I’m going to bed. Thanks again for taking such good care of me. You have been a wonderful friend and I can’t thank you enough.” Ella waved her hand in front of her dismissing my compliment. She said, “Sleep well. If you need anything, please call me!” With that, she popped outside and drove away. I was exhausted and wanted to get into bed desperately. I didn’t bother unpacking. I just dragged my sleepy body down the stairs.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, I remembered that I had vowed to start tanning again. Ella had mentioned that the weather would be unseasonably warm, so I leaned over to the bedside table and set my alarm for 3:00, giving me plenty of sleep and a little afternoon sun to start working on my fading tan. With that taken care of, I cuddled against Eric’s resting body and drifted off to sleep.


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  1. theladykt says:

    oooh yummy sweet sookie.


  2. Bibi says:


    Your stories are fantastic….I followed them on FF too. Just one thing, I’m french so I HAVE TO tell you that there is some mistakes about your translations, If you want my help to correct them, let me know, I’d be happy to help such a talented writer.



    • Bibi, I would obviously be more than happy to improve my translations. I know some of them are just plain wrong since I was relying on Google translate to help me, which doesn’t do justice to any language really. If you find them in chapters, please send me a comment for that chapter and I’ll update the story. I always love it when my readers help me look better, so thanks! 🙂 Thank you too for the compliments on my writing, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂


  3. Bibi says:

    P.S : I talked about the sequel “la vie en rose”…soooooooo, I think my post don’t belong here. Oooops, sorry, I’m tired. 😉


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