Getaway Ch 57: Viking Rides, Five Cents

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If the last chapter made you queasy, this one isn’t for you either. If you happen to enjoy the Viking with his Sookie-flavored blood lust (I’m talking to you teewhy1977 and EricJacobLover-and the rest of you that begged me for more!), then find a nice quiet place and get to it!

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Viking Rides, Five Cents

I fell asleep with my lower body draped over Eric’s torso, sleeping soundly against his cool skin. I knew Eric was awake because of the tremor that moved through his chest, making its way through me. He nudged my legs apart with his fingers, exploring my body in the darkness of the room until he found what he was looking for. His fingertips played in a small pool of blood on his stomach. He groaned and brought his fingers to his lips over and over again, cleaning himself. My body tensed as I realized that I had bled on him during the night. I was horrified, remembering the learning curve that all girls go through as they train themselves to care for their womanly bodies. I stammered, trying to apologize and promptly shut up when he encircled me with his arms and lifted me effortlessly, until I was sitting on top of his face, looking down the bed at him. Even in the darkness of the room I could see his fully exposed luminous body, quietly pleading to be touched. His mouth found my sex and devoured me with a carnal hunger. I moaned and rocked against his lips, begging for more, begging for release. I spread my hands out across his ribs, tilting my hips and positioning my clit against his open mouth. My fingers slid down, finding his cold hard cock waiting for me. I interlocked my fingers and moved my hands, together, up to the head of his dick, coating my palms with his pre-cum. With one twist of my wrists, his cock swelled and shot cum up the length of his body and onto my breasts. As he came, he groaned against my clit, liberating my orgasm from deep inside my body. His hands gripped my hips, tilting my body so his mouth aligned with the nectar flowing out of my body. He sucked and moaned again and his dick responded in my hands. I pumped my hands up and down his length. This time I used slow and deliberate movements. His hips rocked with each thrust of my hands, and his mouth never ceased its attack on my clit and lips.

“I need more. I need this,” I breathed, strangling his cock.

Eric mumbled against my leg, “Just a little more. Please?” He rubbed my clit with his teeth, promising another juicy orgasm. Eric always delivered, making me writhe as I filled his mouth with the reward of his work. Our cries of pleasure mingled in the dark room, as he painted my body with a fresh spattering of cum. His tongue pulsed inside me, following the rhythm of his cock, and eventually slowed until he stopped to say, “Thank you.”

Eric released his grip on my hips. I moved my legs, moaning at the contact of my engorged clit against his cold hard chest as I sought to join our bodies. Eric certainly hadn’t deprived me of orgasms, but I craved the fullness that only his dick could provide buried deep inside me. I rubbed my hands over my breasts, collecting enough cum to coat his dick. I positioned the head of his dick against my swollen lips, and struggled to breathe. Eric’s hands found my breasts, rolling my slippery nipples between his fingers, pushing my breasts together, fluidly moving one against the other. Already on the verge of another orgasm, I impaled myself on his waiting cock, brutally satisfying my need for him. I came in quick tiny spurts, each contraction strengthening my hold on him. He moaned and rocked under me, relentlessly thrusting up into me. I rode him like a cowgirl. Our knees rubbed as I clenched my legs together, letting the orgasm run its course.

Once I was done convulsing, Eric flipped our bodies until I was pinned against the edge of the bed, standing on the ground with his body wedged between my legs. He pulled out of me, quickly replacing his dick with his mouth, cleaning up the aftermath of my orgasm. I whimpered, begging for more contact, which Eric was happy to supply after his short feast. He pushed into me all at once, spreading his legs wide around mine, tilting his hips so he was hitting a new spot inside me that had me screaming in seconds. His strong hands massaged my ass and my back, caressing me as he fucked me. So tender yet brutal. His grip tightened, restraining my movements. He was close. “Cum with me,” I mumbled against the bed, and with that, he fucked me harder and faster, delivering bliss on demand. He clutched my body and leaned against me, crushing me. Realizing my need to breathe, especially at this very moment, Eric stood up again. My body still shook with the echoes of release, which were amplified by him stroking my ass.

“Your body is scandalous,” Eric’s voice filled the room. I blushed at the compliment. He made me feel wonderfully alive. He leaned over me again, this time being careful not to smash me, and licked up the center of my back, sending goose bumps across my shoulders and down my arms.

He pulled his body away and scooped me up into his arms, carrying me into the bathroom. Eric put me down on the tile floor and turned the shower on. He stepped into the tub and offered his hand to me. I didn’t move to join him. Instead, I pulled the curtain shut as I nodded to the toilet, uncertain about how much of my human-ness he wanted to be a part of. He just smiled and ducked his head under the water, so after a few seconds I was able to relax enough to pee with him in the same room. I stood up to join him and noticed that I was hardly bleeding.

“Thank you for making my period so pleasurable. And short!” I said as I hugged his back under the stream of hot water. He twisted in my arms until he was facing me and I saw the look of disappointment on his face. In my attempt to console him I actually said, “I’m not done yet, there’s still a little left!” Words I would only say to my vampire husband. I smiled to myself at the thought. He seemed to be satisfied with my attempt to cheer him up.

We spent the next half hour holding each other and cleaning ourselves, not to mention shaving. Oh, how Eric loved to shave.

When we were done, he wrapped me in a fluffy robe and plopped me on the bed, handing me the room service menu. I realized I had lost track of days enough that I had to ask Eric what night it was. “Friday,” he answered. I had a sudden feeling of panic, and couldn’t place the source of my anxiety. What was it? Oh no, we missed a meeting. While Eric and I were picnicking in the desert, we missed a meeting with the Amun clan. I voiced my concern to Eric and relaxed as suddenly as I had tensed when he said “I called Stephanie yesterday, and explained we are celebrating our honeymoon. There’s nothing pressing to discuss, so they will meet with us on the 17th for our second meeting for February.” Of course he had taken care of everything, he had surprised me more than once with his attention to detail and his ability to take care of me. “She was pleased to hear that we were married, and sends her regards.” I smiled at him, and then turned to look out the window.

The road in front of the Bellagio was crawling with tourists. Thousands of people were coming and going, enjoying their weekend holiday in Sin City. “I know it’s the weekend and all, and you wanted to stay and enjoy our honeymoon, but I think I’m ready to go home. This city is too big for me.”

“Whatever makes you happy, Lover. We can celebrate our honeymoon at home just as easily,” Eric answered, wrapping his long arms around my terry cloth-padded waist. I leaned into him, relaxing my body against his.

Home was calling to me. Not that the house Eric and I shared had been mine for all that long, but it hadn’t taken long for it to feel like home to me. I thought of Eric stretched across the deep blue couch in the front room, reading, me standing in the kitchen chopping veggies for dinner. Yep, I wanted to go home.

Why had I resisted this life with him so vehemently? I searched my brain for the answer, trying to understand the old me that had been so stubborn and downright pissy when it came to Eric. I was assured, day after day, that my future with Eric would be full of happiness, love and a lot of really good sex. Who could ask for more?

Room service came and the food was delicious. I decided to be adventurous and had ordered an apricot cous cous dish with cinnamon broccoli and peanuts. The flavors blended beautifully, providing an exotic combination of sweet and salty and tender and crunchy in each and every bite. I finished the last of the desserts from our reception dinner, looking at the empty container sadly. Eric laughed and commented on my appetite. “My appetite? Watch it buster. That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” He tilted his head and furrowed his brow. I forgot how ridiculous sayings like that must sound to him. “I mean, you’re one to talk, Mr. Insatiable.” His eyes raked over my body, lingering at the belt holding my robe in place. “Thanks for letting me finish eating before you pounced on me again!” I joked as he stalked his way over to the bed, dropping his robe on the floor on the way. He wiggled his lower body like a cat does before they attack their favorite toy, making me laugh wildly as he pushed me back into the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. Eric purred as he nestled between my legs, getting cozy for his feast.

By the time the sunrise was pulling Eric to sleep, he had exhausted the supply of blood flowing out of me. My body felt like a giant pile of jelly, all soft and gooey after the orgasmic workout I had endured over the last two nights. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it! I thanked Eric again for the amazing relief from the usually uncomfortable week of my life. “You are thanking me?” he asked, astonished. I nodded my head, which he could see even in the darkness of the room with the blinds pulled tight. “You are amazing, every part of you. And that,” he emphasized by cupping my sex with his cool fingers, “that, is a gift. Thank you.” He pulled my hand to his lips, planting cool kisses along my skin, lulling us both to sleep.


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4 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 57: Viking Rides, Five Cents

  1. theladykt says:

    I cant blame her for wanting to head home, esp with her gift.


  2. andrea says:

    This is so much better than our usual periods with meds … I could use a talented and hungry vamp instead of what you know !!
    Now I’m really getting jealous of Sookie (as if it was not already the case before).


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