Getaway Ch 56: Bloody Honeymoon

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Big love to all of my readers that reviewed and encouraged me to write this chapter, thanks for making me feel justified to write bloody smut! Now, if you’re a bit queasy about Eric feasting on Sookie during her period, you might want to look the other way for a chapter or two. The rest of you will have to make up for the lack of readers/reviewers, and review (even if you haven’t ever reviewed before).

Thank you, SeriousCrush, for your love, encouragement and dedication to editing my story. Even when your life is demanding and full, you always manage to make time for me. Thank you for making me happy.


Bloody Honeymoon

The bed shook with Eric’s anxious energy. He was leaning heavily against the foot of the bed, kneeling on the ground. He wrapped his large cool fingers around my ankles and pulled me down the bed to meet him. I pulled a pillow with me, so I could make myself comfortable, preparing for the orgasm-fest that was about to take place.

I peered through my legs and a mixture of happiness and uncertainty washed through me. Eric’s face was distorted with pleasure, no longer resembling his human self. His desire and hunger for my human-ness overwhelmed him, accentuating his animalistic features in his handsome face. His body trembled with need, and he seemed to be extending the moment by staring at and stroking my skin. His face hovered over my sex, and he inhaled deeply and grunted, vibrating the bed as the first of many orgasmic releases claimed his jeans. When I realized what had just happened I smiled wickedly and decided that despite the unfamiliar feral look on his face, I rather enjoyed having this kind of bewitching power over him. Nothing made me feel more feminine and more desirable, than making my husband quiver with need.

Eric’s fingers stroked my smooth lips, painting his fingertips with blood. His hand moved in a blur to his mouth, the first taste forced his eyes to roll up into his head. I could feel the slippery heat of blood spread across my lips, just before his mouth descended. His fingers wound up in the sheets tightly, as if he was trying to anchor himself to the floor. He mumbled ‘Mmmmm’ against my skin, and sent another tremor through the bed as he came for the second time. He didn’t seem to notice his reaction to my body, and continued sucking and licking, gently tasting me. His finger joined his mouth and worked together to expose my clit and make me squirm. Within seconds I was gasping for breath as I ascended the steep climb to sublime release. A short cry of pleasure escaped my lips, filling the room while Eric lapped at his reward. In his urgency, he grazed my smooth skin with one of his fangs, adding a rivulet of fresh blood to the mix. His tongue quickly worked to heal and clean my skin, and after a few seconds, he pulled away from me, mumbling an apology. At least I think that’s what it was. He was incoherent.

Eric’s firm tongue dipped inside my sex over and over again, devouring everything I had to offer. He found a spot just between my opening and my clit that made me moan, and worked it with his tongue and lips until I was writhing under him. His fingers released their death grip on the sheets and moved closer to my body to still my hips. Once he had me held firmly in place his mouth moved in a blur, repeatedly licking up the length of my slit sending another orgasm through me that built slowly and maintained intensity. Eric’s tongue pulsed inside me with each successive orgasmic contraction. My heart was racing and my body didn’t have time to relax as his mouth sought out the source of my heat.

A loud knock on the door startled me from my sex-induced stupor. Eric, never leaving his post between my legs, mumbled loudly, “Fuck off, Pam.”

I smiled as I heard her huff on the other side of the door. Eric’s fingers still held me in place, so I had no choice but to remain on the bed. I know, poor me, right? Pam replied with a muffled “We were just going to see if you wanted to go out to dinner with us, but from the smell of things, you’re already getting yours. You lucky bastard.” I heard Laurie shout, “Hey!” to remind Pam that she was standing right next to her. “Are you sure I can’t come in for a minute?” Pam’s voice sweetened, attempting to persuade us to open the door.

Eric, fully irritated with her by now said, “I said, ‘Fuck. Off.’”

This time the sound of Laurie hitting Pam in the arm filtered through the door. I giggled, making my body bounce on the bed. Eric looked up at my breasts as they jiggled with the rest of my body and licked his lips, but refused to get off his knees.

I listened in on Laurie’s thoughts. Her mind was projecting a flurry of questions about what could be going on between Eric and I that would make Pam so jealous and lusty. She was nervous to ask Pam right now, but after Pam cooled down she would ask her. I smiled at the thought of that conversation, and wondered if I was the only human woman willing to share this ‘gift’ with my vampire partner. If other women knew the benefits and the pleasure that came from sharing, I am sure they wouldn’t hesitate! Pam and Laurie turned and left. Eric’s attention focused on my sex again, diving in and forcing me to clear my head and hold onto the bed for dear life as he sent me careening into another spiral of pleasure.

Hours later, I began to feel the pangs of hunger pulling at my body, willing me to interrupt Eric’s ‘Sookie Buffet.’ I tried to sit up and reach the phone, and Eric gently pushed me back down on the bed, “Please, allow me,” he said in a gentlemanly voice.

Eric dialed room service and ordered a huge pancake breakfast for me, insisting on getting a side of eggs and bacon and orange juice so I could ‘keep up my strength.’ He hung up the phone and looked down at his pants and smiled. “I’ll be right back,” he said as he disappeared into the bathroom. I imagined the sight of him peeling his tight wet jeans off his body, and suddenly wished he had undressed in front of me. Seeing his glorious body emerge, shedding out of his sex-stained clothes would be a magnificent metamorphosis.

Eric returned to the bedroom with a robe loosely tied around his waist. His smooth chest peeked out of the soft white fabric and made me want to touch him. The front of the robe was tented below his belt, which made me smile. I cocked an eyebrow and looked down at the fullness caused by his erection and said, “Again?” Eric shook his head and said, “Still.” A shiver of pleasure pounded through me. His nostrils flared and he rushed to the side of the bed. He pulled me up and positioned me on a heap of pillows at the head of the bed, he wedged his body on his side, perpendicular to mine, and threw one of my legs over his body and set to work licking and sucking the flow of blood that he knew was coming, even before I felt it. His sense of smell was uncanny. His neck was bent in an unnatural angle, attempting to gain more access. His body was writhing against the bed, which caused the robe to fall open. His cock sprung out of the folds and begged me to touch it.

I twisted my body, stretched my arm and grazed the silky skin of the head of his cock with my fingertips. His body bucked against my hand and he curved himself so I could reach him. My small fingers encircled his cock, coating my palm with his cum. I moved my hand in time with his tongue, feeling another orgasm building as he consumed my clit. I cried out in pleasure and strangled his cock, which filled my hand with a pool of slippery cum. His tongue cupped and licked at my slit, drinking me in.

A quiet knock on the door seemed to stir Eric out of a dream. He adjusted his robe, and directed me to stay where I was, waiting for him. He opened the door and laughed as he saw the same woman that had brought my picnic dinner running down the hall. He wheeled the cart into the room, the top shelf covered with trays of food all covered with domed lids.

Eric handed me a towel for my hand, looking very satisfied. I thanked him, cleaned my hand, and looked anxiously at the cart of food.

Eric uncovered one plate after another, revealing a stack of pancakes as fluffy and perfect as Gran’s, two fried eggs and several strips of bacon, all cooked to perfection. He fingered the syrup dispenser, experimentally pulling the metal tab back and forth, sniffing the contents. The syrup was thin and golden, and from the first bite I knew it was real maple syrup. I loved eating good food, something I did a lot with Eric. I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion, and tears filled my eyes as I tried to chew the bit of pancake in my mouth. “Lover?” Eric stared at me, feeling the emotion flood out of me into him, obviously unsure about why I was crying.

“I love my life with you. Just look at me! Eating pancakes in bed with real maple syrup. I know it’s stupid, such a small thing, but my life was never this good until you were in it.” I choked back more tears, feeling foolish for my emotional outburst. “And it’s not just the food,” I added quickly, to assure him. “You have given me the life that I always wanted and didn’t feel worthy enough to get.” Eric sat on the edge of the bed, patiently waiting for me to finish talking. “Life, growing up, was rough, and I never dreamed that I would have someone to share my life with like this. Eric, you have made me the happiest woman in the world.”

Eric beamed at me, his face softened as he took my hand in his. “And I am the happiest man. I want to make you happy, always.” I nodded my head, yes…always.

Eric made me happy many more times that night, and by the time sunrise threatened to immobilize him, I was spent, satisfied, sated, and very, very happy.


I hope you all enjoyed this little chapter, short and sweet (that was my intention anyway!).

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4 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 56: Bloody Honeymoon

  1. theladykt says:

    aww sweet speech at end. They are both lucky to have each other.


  2. Meridian says:

    Gotta love an incoherent Eric!


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