Getaway Ch 55: The Mojave

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The Mojave

I woke up from a wonderful dream, reliving our wedding and how beautiful it had been. Everything was still surreal. I smiled at Eric and said, “Good evening, husband. What are our plans for tonight?” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I have an idea, but there are no set plans. We can do whatever you like.” It was like a real vacation now, nowhere to be, nothing to do, just be with each other. I couldn’t wait.

The last few days had been exhausting. Fun, but exhausting. The noise of the city had started to wear on me a little, the restaurants, the people on the street, dance clubs, all of it. Everything here was noisy. “Can we do something quiet tonight? Are we going to be alone?” Eric smiled, and his bright blue eyes twinkled with a plan that I knew was forming as I spoke. “Very alone. I have the perfect place in mind. Why don’t we shower first?”

In the shower, Eric eyed my razor and offered to help me shave. I tilted my head at him, curious to know what he meant, and was answered by him dropping to his knees and wedging himself between my legs, directing me to lift my leg. Oh, that. I giggled and handed him the razor. He methodically spread shaving cream along my labia, his caress making my knees buckle. He cleared his throat to remind me to keep my leg steady, and I obediently put my leg back into position. He wasn’t going to make this easy on me. Eric moved the razor lightly and expertly across my skin, using his other hand to hold my skin in place while he worked. He was concentrating on the task at hand, while I struggled to hold still for him. I held onto the shower curtain to steady myself, and was worried that if he took much longer I might pull it from the rings that held it in place.

“There. I think I’m done,” Eric said as he stood up, handing me the showerhead to rinse the soap off. I didn’t take it from him, still trying to control my breathing. He shook his head and began rinsing the soap away, using his fingers to (not so innocently) check for residue. After a few seconds of pulsing water, Eric’s fingers lingered and stroked. “I have to make sure I did a good job.” I nodded my head, barely able to focus on his mischievous face. He replaced the showerhead into the holder, providing a constant stream of hot water near the front of the tub, filling the room with steam. He pushed his middle finger inside me. My foot slipped off the side of the tub, and the warmth of my thighs engulfed his hand. Eric slipped his other hand around me, supporting my increasingly unsteady body. He pulled the side of my body against his, and continued to pump his finger in and out of my wet pussy. His finger twisted and contorted until he rubbed my g spot, simultaneously pulling a scream from my lips and more fluids from inside me as my orgasm shook my body. The room filled with layers of sound. My scream echoing from the mirrors to the door, blended with the growls of lust that rumbled through his body. He quickly removed his finger, pushing my silky smooth lips apart, coating them with my slippery cum.

Eric lifted me up until I was standing on the edge of the tub, near the narrow end. I grabbed his shoulders as the head of his dick replaced his fingers. Our bodies shuddered as he pushed his length against my wet lips, swathing the length of his shaft in my cum. His hips repeated the movement, thrusting against me, pushing the head of his cock from my clit to brush against my ass. My labia kissed his smooth hard cock, begging for more, coaxing him in with a cascade of moisture. He pulled back again and tilted his hips, knowing the perfect angle to enter me. My body sighed as he thrust deep inside me, conceding to his every movement. His hands cupped my ass, pulling me to him, meeting his fierce movements. My breasts bounced in his face, and he was happy to nuzzle each nipple with his soft lips, one after the other, devouring me as he fucked me. I felt the intensity building inside me along with the burning inside my legs. I could feel his cock swell inside me, stretching me and filling me further than before. I pushed my breast further into his mouth, offering myself to him. I screamed out as my second orgasm ripped through me as he sank his teeth into the soft skin and suckled me, moaning as I nourished every carnal desire within him. His growl vibrated through my chest as he came, digging his fingers into my ass, filling me deeply with his release.

Eric licked my wound closed and trailed kisses up my chest and neck sending another shiver of pleasure through me. My legs went limp and dangled around his body. He took a step backwards flooding my chilled sweaty body with hot water, filling the tiny gaps between us with heat. I draped my arms and head over his shoulders, crushing myself against him, letting the water wash my hair down his back. After my regular breathing returned, Eric gently placed me on my own feet, ready to catch me in case my legs failed. My legs shook in protest as his cock slid out of me, but I reminded myself that he had a plan for tonight.

Eric toweled me off and deposited me on the bed. “What should I wear tonight?” I asked as I watched him retrieve the hairbrush from the bathroom so he could brush his golden hair in front of the mirror on top of the dresser. He glanced at me through the mirror and said, “Something warm, we’re going to be outside.” He moved to join me on the bed, continuing the same fluid movement of the brush on my hair, smoothing the wet tangles gently.

He pulled on jeans and a baby blue cashmere v-neck sweater. I followed his lead and arranged jeans and a long white sweater on the bed, and pulled the pink Dior pumps and pink trench coat to complete the ensemble. I went to the bathroom to finish getting ready and heard Eric ordering room service. I peeked my head out of the bathroom to try and hear what he was ordering and he shooed me back into the bathroom with one quick hand movement. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I pranced back into the bathroom. We were both done a minute later, and I returned to the bedroom to dress. I fingered through the collection of jewelry I had brought and latched the triple moon necklace around my neck, enjoying the cool metal against my collarbone. The tiny diamonds winked at me above the open neckline of my sweater. Eric cupped my face and smiled at me, “A perfect choice for our night out.”

I sat on the chocolate couch fully dressed and waited. Eric could hear the cart coming down the hall, and opened the door before the woman could knock. She gasped, startled by his presence. She quickly handed him a compact to-go container and a neatly folded fleece blanket, tucked inside a messenger bag. He tipped her and she walked away faster than she had come.

Eric tucked the food container on top of the blanket, and then topped that with the container of desserts from last night. I looked at the containers of food and the blanket and before I could voice my question he answered, “We’re going on a picnic, and since I have already eaten, this will be your dinner.” His eyes lowered to the swell of my breasts when he mentioned his meal, which made me shiver at the memory.

We walked outside and felt the residual warmth of the late winter desert sun on the cement. The air was a little chilly, so I fastened the belt of my trench coat. We walked to a secluded spot to the side of the hotel. Eric slung the messenger bag over his back and opened his arms to me. I guess we would be flying tonight. I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around him, locking my feet at the ankles. He took off straight into the air, then flew north over the city. The light and noise from the city became a distant distraction in the background, and then finally faded into oblivion.

The desert was quiet and desolate, or so I thought when we first landed. He unpacked the food, handing it to me, so he could spread the blanket over the soft sand and stones. I sat down on the blanket next to him, smiling at him. A tiny sliver of the moon hung in the sky, surrounded by the increasing numbers of twinkling stars that adorned the deep blue and black above us. My eyes adjusted quickly to the near darkness.

Eric stretched out on the blanket, putting his hands under his head, staring up into the sky. I scooted closer to him and nestled my head into the indentation of his shoulder, enjoying the silence around us. Once the desert had become accustomed to our silent presence, the world around us reanimated. Near our heads was a huge Joshua tree, towering over us, adorned with branches of spiky leaves that looked like giant bottle brushes. At the tip of each branch, hung a cluster of milky white succulent flowers. The flowers had a strong bitter smell, which attracted a swarm of delicate white moths, each one moving purposefully from flower to flower, moving in an intricate dance inside the bell shaped flowers. I whispered to Eric, “Are they pollinating?” Even I remembered pollination from high school biology, an animal’s contribution to plant sex. “Yes, and laying their eggs. These are all female moths. Nothing else can pollinate this yucca, and nothing else can nourish the moth’s eggs. They need each other to survive.” I stared at the cluster above me, watching the graceful movements of a moth, as she deposited and egg in each flower’s ovary, never overwhelming the future fruit, and always completing the pollination process to ensure the survival of her young. It was beautiful.

A quick silent movement over my head brushed my face with a breeze. My eyes hurried to follow the noiseless animal. A tiny owl swooped time and time again, feasting on the swarm of moths. ‘Koo Koo Hon’ called from the ground a few feet away. I glanced in the direction of the call and saw another tiny owl emerging from its burrow. The second owl silently took to the air and joined the first, swooping gracefully from one Joshua tree to the next. The moths were flying erratically to the next flower, attempting to fulfill their biological destiny before their lives ended. Some survived, some became part of the tiny owls. This was life in its most raw form.

“Oh Eric, it’s so beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here,” I turned my head to face him as I spoke and found him watching me. He mumbled, “Yes it is.” His response made me blush.

I suddenly realized that I was hungry and sat up to open the box we had brought with us. Packed neatly inside, I found a water bottle and a tightly wrapped baguette. I tugged the wrapper down on one end and found goat cheese, avocado and tomato slices peaking from the edges of the golden bread. The bread had been lightly brushed with Dijon mustard, which gave the sandwich a slight bite I wasn’t used to, and found the cheese cooled it perfectly. It was delicious, and I devoured it. I was amazed at Eric’s ability to order food for me, especially food that must be foreign to his human memories. As if he could sense my wonder, he said, “The chef said he would take care of your needs. I am pleased to see that he did.” I quickly opened the box of desserts, and pulled out what was left of the flourless chocolate cake, nibbling pieces while my fingers started to sink into the soft yielding sides. I licked my fingers clean. “I love watching you eat. The noise you make when you eat sweets is irresistible,” Eric leaned close to my face and inhaled the bittersweet scent of chocolate still on my lips. Noise? I was making noise while I ate? Who knew? Suddenly self conscious, I closed the box and drank most of the water.

I stretched out again on the blanket, much the same way he had earlier, ignoring the hungry look on his face. A coyote howled in the distance. Eric’s attention shifted to the direction of the sound, sniffing the air. “She’s not that close, please don’t be worried.” I relaxed. The bond we shared communicated so much and made me feel safe. He always knew exactly how to take care of me. I was still learning how to reciprocate, and was comforted with the knowledge that I would have a lifetime to do it.

Eric leaned down and kissed me and as we kissed I could feel his fangs descend. He pulled away, hovering an inch over my face, his eyes dark pools of desire. “You smell different,” he said in a gravely voice. “The chocolate?” I asked. He shook his head and moved his face slowly across my body, until he was floating above the belt holding my trench coat closed. His fingers quickly unlatched the buckle, pulling the soft pink material away from my body. He inhaled deeply and nuzzled his nose against my sweater. “We need to leave. Now,” he said, moving a blur around me, gathering containers and the blanket, leaving me standing there confused, refastening my belt. Everything was packed into the messenger bag, over his shoulder as he rushed over to me, scooping me up into his arms. He leapt into the air before I could ask what the hell was going on.

Eric was flying faster than normal, the wind stinging my eyes. I buried my face in his chest, letting the wind battle with my hair instead of my face. “Eric? Is everything all right?” I mumbled into his chest. He was saying something fast and insistent, but his words were stolen by a current of air. Although I could not hear him, I could feel lust mixed with urgency pouring out of him. By the time we landed outside the Bellagio, my heart was racing. I could hear him now, but he wasn’t making any sense. I could only pick out one phrase which he kept repeating, “Must….get…..inside.” Chanting it like a mantra, he would not put me down. We rushed through the lobby, and he growled in frustration at having to wait for the elevator, giving up and running up the stairs holding me tightly against his chest. When we got to our door, he growled again because he had to put me down to get the key out of his wallet. He picked me up again and deposited me on the bed, pulling my trench coat off as fast as he could manage. I stopped him, begging for an explanation, holding his face between my hands searching his dark wide eyes for the answer.

Eric was stammering, trying to explain, just as I felt the first contraction in my uterus, followed by the warm flow of blood out of my body. I smiled wickedly and pulled my jeans and panties off before Eric ripped them to shreds. I relaxed onto the bed and opened my legs for him. “Please, help yourself.”


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4 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 55: The Mojave

  1. theladykt says:

    aww sweet quiet date night


  2. Tree says:

    love the night in the desert scene. burrowing owls are awesome! And for the record, especially if it would shave 5 days off my cycle, I would totally do this too!


    • LOL Wouldn’t we all? Who wouldn’t want to share that week with a hungry Viking? 🙂 I absolutely love the desert. The Mojave is one of my favorites. I’m so glad you loved the scene!


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