Getaway Ch 54: The Reception

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The Reception

The Terrazza Di Sogna filled with the sounds of joy from our family and friends and music from the quartet. Rose petals flew through the air, fluttering around Eric and I as we kissed. In another twirl, Eric spun me until I was standing next to him, flushed and breathless.

I was pulled into one hug after another. Some couldn’t speak, some gushed about how beautiful my dress was, and how perfect the ceremony had been. Ella stood near me, snapping pictures of each embrace, each emotional exchange. The kids were running around the bottom terrace, picking up petals and throwing them over and over again. Claude and Dermot both had dates, and it took me a few minutes to figure out that they had met last night at Krave. Dermot’s pole-dancing partner wore a short summery yellow dress, which was quite an improvement over her Krave attire of skin-tight pants and bikini. Claude’s hot waiter looked just as amazing in his snug linen slacks and white shirt. Some men looked hot no matter what they wore.

I pulled Eric away from my cousin and uncle, before things got ugly, and found Pam and Laurie. I hugged Pam, which she was happy to reciprocate. “Welcome to the family,” Pam said, followed quickly by “Beautiful shoes!” I smiled, Pam never changed.

Ella had us pose several times with all of our guests, flooding the railings of the two sets of stairs and the upper terrace. She set the camera to a timer so she could be in some of the group photos. The entire wedding had been casual and I was thoroughly enjoying the night of socializing.

There were more photos, but this time they were flashing from outside the Terrazza Di Sogna. The media has gotten wind of our wedding and had finally shown up to try to take video of our reception and snap a few pictures for local newspapers, contorting their bodies to get a better shot. Pam’s demeanor changed, she prickled and rushed to the edge of the lower terrace, standing between Eric and I and the uninvited onlookers. She looked like she was about to pounce on them, when Eric stopped her. “Pam, it is only natural that the media would be interested in our wedding. Sookie, I think we should meet with them for a moment.” I thought about it for a second, and then agreed that if we talked with them they would leave us in peace for the rest of the night. I nodded my head and took his hands as he led me outside to meet with them.

A dozen or so reporters were there, surprised to see us. They had lights set up for the live feed, which were bright and made me squint my eyes. Eric held up his hand to silence the small crowd and said, “Sookie and I will be happy to answer questions for five minutes. After that, you will respect our privacy and let us enjoy our wedding reception.” So matter of fact and in control. I beamed up at his face as he held my body against his.

We posed, smiled, talked and answered questions just as Eric had promised. When the five minutes were up, he held up his hand again and thanked them and said goodbye. Without a single protest, the reporters turned to their cameras, finished their feed and shut down the media circus.

As we walked back through the small building to the terrace, I said, “You handled that like a pro!” Eric squeezed my hand and replied “The media are like any other humans. If you clearly define boundaries with them, they are happy to do what you ask. Well, most of the time.” A dark look flashed across his face. “When they don’t….well then they need to be reprimanded.” I didn’t want to know what he meant by ‘reprimanded’, so I didn’t ask.

Eric opened the door to our wedding guests. Ella walked up to us and spoke immediately, “Are you finally hungry for dinner? Something besides an apple?” I smiled at her and nodded my head. “I’m craving chocolate, can we go somewhere with delicious desserts?” Ella laughed out loud and said, “Mandalay Bay has the best pastry chef on the strip. Miles will be thrilled to go back, although I’ll have to tell him we’re going for chocolate, not to see sharks. He loves chocolate.” As if Ella had uttered a magical word, Miles appeared by her side, hands full of bruised rose petals saying, “I want chocolate, Mama!” I looked at her and said, “How did he hear you from all the way over there?” I pointed to the spot on the lower terrace where he had been moments before. Ella laughed and said, “Kid’s have great hearing, when they want to.” She patted his tiny hand and explained we would be leaving for dinner soon, and then he could have chocolate.

Our entire group walked to Mandalay Bay for dinner at the StripSteak. The hostess was expecting us because of course Ella had arranged the whole night, reserving a large part of the restaurant for our reception. The vampires were assured that the blood was fresh, clean and willingly donated. They probably didn’t care so much about the last selling point, but the humans in our group certainly did. I had the feeling that when restaurants offered ‘Willingly Donated’ blood, it was to calm the human guests that might have been uneasy otherwise.

A server showed us to our tables, and instead of sitting down, I made a beeline for the dessert cart. I felt a brush against my leg and realized Miles had followed me. He was straining to see, so I picked him up, put him on my hip and told him the names of the desserts. I knew I would have trouble deciding what I wanted for dessert. Miles, on the other hand, confidently pointed to the flourless chocolate cake that he wanted, topped with fresh raspberries and cream.

The walls were beautiful. A creamy white sheen of paint peeked out from the gaps of an intricate network of large wooden bricks, hovering over the wall. A long black serpentine couch lined the wooden wall, covered with layers of black pillows, inviting guests to stay all night to enjoy their meals. There was a window just above the middle of the couch, which showed, between the wooden brick gaps, a wine rack that spanned the length of the room. One wall of the wine rack was chilled and filled with bright red carafes, and I realized that it was a blood bank of sorts. Tables had been arranged every few feet in front of the long black couch, and large cushioned burgundy chairs were situated on the other side of the tables, facing the black couch.

Eric and Ella were sitting near the middle of the couch, and had left a spot for Miles and I. Ella smiled at me as I returned, holding her son’s little hand. Ella asked if we saw something we liked and I nodded my head and let go of Miles, who rushed to her, talking about the chocolate cake without taking a single breath.

Half a dozen servers took our orders, and moments later our drinks appeared. Everyone was given a champagne flute to toast our marriage, filled with champagne, blood or sparkling apple juice (depending on the diner, of course.). I laughed and cried as each guest said something wonderful and kind about Eric and I. I choked a little when Pam toasted us with her comment of, “Today I gained a delicious human sister (she flashed me her fangs as she said this). Eric, I don’t know how you managed to think of someone other than yourself for long enough to make Sookie happy, but it seems as though you have. Congratulations to you both!” Eric rolled his eyes and puffed his chest out to deny his egocentric tendencies, which just made me laugh more.

Dinner was delectable, and the steak I had chosen came with the most amazing grilled asparagus and mushrooms. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was and enjoyed every bite. Eric watched me eat, smiling at my voracious appetite as he slowly sipped blood from a large stemless wine glass. Everyone chatted happily, discussing their plans for the next couple of days. A thought occurred to me, so I asked Eric, “When are we leaving? Las Vegas, I mean.” Eric spoke softly and said, “Well, I had originally planned to leave on Friday, but I think we should stay through the weekend, to thoroughly enjoy our honeymoon.” His eyes were clouded with the promise of my gift to him, and I couldn’t help but laugh a little at his apparent excitement.

The dishes were cleared away, and carts of desserts came out, displaying glistening chocolate, shiny glazed fruit, and golden caramel. The custard fruit tortes sparkled in the jewel tones of raspberries, strawberries and kiwis. The crème brûlée had been baked in diamond shaped ramekins, so the caramelized sugar on the surface made them appear to be golden diamond pendants from a giant’s necklace. Tiramisu, dusted with cocoa powder, defied gravity in its perfect cylindrical shape. The edge of the plate had been decorated with dollops of cream held in place with chocolate covered espresso beans. My mouth watered, and I couldn’t decide. The chocolate éclairs, cream puffs, chocolate mousse whipped to impossibly high peaks, and of course the flourless chocolate cake, which glistened with beads of sweat as it sat anxiously waiting for me to make up my mind. Eric saw the indecisive look on my face and ordered one of each for me, assuring me that the fridge in our room would hold anything I couldn’t eat.

Our table filled with plate after plate of desserts, and I still couldn’t manage to decide what to eat first, so I took bites out of everything, savoring the smooth rich creaminess that accompanied each bite. I finally pushed away from the table, feeling full and satisfied. Our server was happy to put the rest of my desserts into a box.

Ella and Tara were the first to leave, draped in sleepy children, and soon enough the rest of the wedding party dissipated, leaving Eric and I to enjoy our wedding night.

Carrying the box filled with my treats, Eric and I made our way back to our hotel room. He unlocked the door, then scooped me up in his arms and carried me over the threshold, depositing me on the bed, which had been covered with fresh rose petals. Our room was also decorated with the fragrant lilies and sprigs of the leafy garland that had adorned the Terrazza Di Sogna earlier that night. I smiled at him and he motioned around the room, “Ella. She is worth her weight in gold.” I nodded my head. She had made our wedding so lovely, and I didn’t know how I would ever thank her enough.

Eric put the box in the fridge, and stalked across the room until he was standing at the end of the bed. He unceremoniously kicked off his shoes, and then pulled my shoes off, placing them neatly next to the bed, and putting the sixpence on the dresser. I put my feet on the bed, bending my knees lightly. Eric’s fangs displayed fully as he ran his cool hands against the heat of my legs, pushing the hem of my dress up, letting it fall in delicate piles of tulle around my hips. “We should get you out of that beautiful dress before it gets wrinkled.” I nodded my head and sat up. I twisted my arm behind my back, trying to pull the zipper down. In a flurry of dancing rose petals Eric was behind me on the bed before I noticed he had moved, his hand covering mine, taking over the job I was struggling with. The zipper hummed as his deft fingers brought it all the way down, peeling the dress off of my back, stroking my exposed spine. His touch was so light that it sent a tickling shiver through my body. Eric planted kisses along my shoulders, and then trailed them down my spine. He lifted me off the bed and his eyes widened as the dress fell to my feet. He helped me step out of it and leaned over to pick it up, smoothing it carefully over his arm, inhaling the scent of my skin as he stood up.

I stood in front of him, wearing my new bra and panties, feeling very exposed compared to his fully dressed body. Eric draped my dress over the back of the chocolate couch and joined me once again. I nervously shifted from foot to foot as he admired me.

I spread my fingers across his chest, pushing his jacket off of his body, then turned my attention the buttons of his vest, which quickly joined his jacket on the floor. My fingers felt hot as I caressed his arms through his shirt. Eric closed his eyes as I fondled his shoulders and arms, radiating heat through the thin material of his shirt to his chest. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, wiggling my fingers against his skin as I worked from one button to the next. I tugged the shirt out of his pants, feeling his body sway with each movement, surrendering to me. His eyes were glazed over and his pupils dilated impossibly larger as I unbuttoned his pants and pushed my hands inside. A small moan escaped my lips as my fingers came in contact with his cold hard dick, loving the fact that my husband never bothered to wear underwear these days. Husband. I rolled the word around in my mouth, tasting it. Loving it. Loving him.

I pushed his pants off his body, now it was my turn to admire. Suddenly the tides had turned, as he stood before me completely nude. As if he realized the inequality at the same moment, his arms wrapped around my body and flipped the clasp that held my bra against my body, rendering it useless. I leaned forward, crushing my breasts against his abdomen, feeling the coolness of his skin spread through my nipples. His fingers moved to the waistband of my panties, pushing the edge down, brushing my skin with the silky material. His long fingers dipped between my legs and I saw his eyes move quickly from his fingers to my face. I smiled impishly and waited for him to say something. His fingers caressed the smooth skin of my labia again. This time his tongue darted out of his mouth, giving me a hint of what was coming next, besides me.

Eric lifted me onto the bed and pushed me back against the pillows. His body hovered over mine, kissing me passionately. I could feel his urgency, his need to investigate my body, but he restrained himself and kissed me slowly, lingering on my bottom lip, sucking and scraping my lip with his fang. He trailed kisses across my collarbone, licking the rises and falls of my flesh. He worshiped my breasts, licking and sucking the round warm tissue, causing me to writhe under him and beg for more. His fingers snaked down my body, needing more contact with the smooth skin of my sex.

Eric’s movements had not gone unnoticed by my body, and my clit was fully displayed, waiting for more contact. He groaned against my nipple as his fingers found my swollen clit. His fingers stroked and rubbed, while his mouth sucked and licked. My body burst, filling the room with a mewling cry of pleasure. I realized the noise was coming from me.

Eric’s mouth joined his hand, and I watched, curious to see his reaction. He licked the smooth skin, and then dipped his tongue inside my opening, gathering the fluids from my orgasm. “Ljúffengt,” (delicious) he mumbled against my skin. He licked the edges of my nakedness and blew softly, sending a chill straight through me. Eric’s finger pushed inside me, and then pulled out again. He lovingly stroked my labia with his moist finger. I bucked, begging him with my body for more contact. Push. Pull. Stroke. Eric teased and pleasured me, bringing me to the edge time and time again, until he finally made contact with my clit, engulfing my engorged bundle of nerves with the folds of his tongue. His tongue roused me, while his fingers attempted to calm me. His contradictory movements filled me with a scream that I could not contain, as he sucked and stroked me. He peered at me over my mound of curls as I recovered from that orgasm.

“You like?” I asked, breathlessly.

Eric lifted an eyebrow and said, “Yes, I like.” He pushed his fingers across the naked skin again, brushing expertly against my quivering clit, sending a small tremor through my body, as if to prove his point.

My head cleared enough that I was able to convince him to trade positions with me so he could have a turn. He wiggled into the pillows, making himself comfortable against the head of the bed. I kissed his lips as I wedged myself between his legs. His lips were red and swollen and tasted tangy and sweet, like me. I made my way down his body, nibbling and licking his skin, just as he had done to me. I bit his nipples lightly, causing him to close his eyes and groan. I licked his hips, enjoying the smooth muscular pockets of his sublime body. I grabbed his dick at the base, holding it upright, and positioned myself so I could lick up the length with one fluid movement. His body jerked under me, and then jerked again as I smashed my lips against the head of his cock, engulfing him inch by inch. His body stilled and his dick swelled. I knew he would cum, if I just swirled my mouth and put the right pressure on his head. My mouth relaxed and absorbed his orgasm.

I licked up the length of his dick again, eliciting the perfect response as he hardened again. I pushed his legs together, straddling him, and positioned his slippery cock against my naked skin, rubbing circles, intermingled with quick dips inside my heat. “So smooth, so hot,” he whispered. I teased my clit with the head of his cock, rocking my body lightly over him, controlling the pressure and pleasure, until he growled and grabbed my hips, thrusting into me all at once. I gasped and my body shuddered over his, adjusting to him, and watching the pleasure wash over his face as his body flooded with my heat.

Eric lifted his hips, shifting my weight forward, until my breast was in his face while I steadied myself on his chest. He groaned with satisfaction and sucked my nipple into his mouth, sucking rhythmically as he thrust into me. I tilted my hips down, rubbing my clit against his body, sending an ear splitting scream through the room as another orgasm claimed my body. His mouth switched to my other nipple and sucked until my nipples were both red and swollen from his efforts.

I was still struggling to catch my breath as he flipped our positions, so I was under him. He was kneeling over my body, and positioned my left leg on top of his knees, and my right leg between his legs. He pushed back into me, filling me so completely and so deeply that I cried out. Eric paused and looked at me, waiting to know if I was all right. I nodded my head and impatiently demanded, “Don’t stop!!” I twisted my body and hooked my foot around his ass, using all the strength remaining in my legs to pull myself up to meet his thrusts. This new position brought a series of primal moans and grunts from my mouth that I didn’t know I was capable of making, and with them came the mother of all orgasms that paralyzed my body. His thrusts became more frantic, as my inner walls squeezed him, and with one final sporadic thrust, he came, clutching my leg against his body, sending the residual vibrations of his orgasm through me.

He pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to me. I gulped a lungful of air and said, “That was amazing. Thank you, husband.”

“I agree. Thank you, wife.”


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