Getaway Ch 53: The Wedding

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The Wedding

I woke feeling exhilarated and slightly better, grateful for the pain relief a few ibuprofens offered. A soft knock on the door forced me out of bed and into a fluffy robe. Eric was lounging in the bed, barely covering his nudity, and made no attempt to open the door. I was used to this kind of behavior by now, and smiled happily at Ella, who was standing outside our room with an opaque garment bag draped over her arm, and a bag filled with small golden boxes in her hand. She smiled back at me, then glanced towards the bed, and lowered her eyes quickly, attempting to hide the flush spreading over her face from seeing my nearly naked vampire. I grabbed another robe and threw it onto the bed for him, which he reluctantly pulled on.

Ella and I made our way over to the chocolate couch, where she draped the garment bag. She saw me eyeing the golden boxes and asked, “Did Eric already give you the other box?” My eyes lit up as I remembered the beautiful shoes and ran to the closet to retrieve them. “You mean these? I meant to thank you, they are so lovely.” I played with the soft flowers over the toes, and put them on my feet, admiring their beauty.

Ella arranged all the golden boxes on the table in front of us. She handed me a wide flat box and said, “Something old.” I opened the jewelry box and gasped at the pair of large pearl earrings and an antique necklace, made of three rows of pearls. The smallest pearls were in a row that would be closest to my neck, connected to slightly larger pearls and those were connected to even larger pearls. The pearls were held together with delicate gold wire, keeping each pearl in place inside the box. The beautiful clasp was just as delicate and had been very well cared for over the years. “Where did you get this?” I pulled the necklace out of the box, and held it against my neck, not able to clasp it because of the thickness of my robe. The pearls were cool against my skin. Ella smiled and said, “I have a friend that collects and sells antique jewelry, and she was able to track this down just for you.” There was no way for me to thank Ella enough for the thought she had put into this gift, so instead, I leaned over and hugged her.

“Something new,” Ella said, handing me a larger box. I opened it and peeled back the layers of tissue paper which displayed the buff colored panties and strapless bra set. They were decorated with tiny creamy colored polka dots. Eric lifted his eyebrow when I pulled them out, and gave me an embarrassingly scathing look. I tucked them back into the box and thanked Ella. Eric also thanked her.

Ella held the smallest golden box, “Something borrowed, something blue.” She pulled the lid off revealing a beautiful creamy white silk flower with pale blue beads sewn into the center. “For your hair,” Ella said holding it up next to my face. “It is mine, and I would be honored if you used it to fulfill part of your tradition for a happy marriage.” I smiled at her and nodded my head, holding back tears. “I have ideas for how to do your hair, so after you get dressed, I would love to help you with that if you want!” I nodded again.

Eric stood up, pulled something out of his wallet, and handed it to me, “‘And a silver sixpence in her shoe.’ Well, not silver, obviously with the lack of burning. Thankfully the Brits stopped using silver in 1947, which is when this one was minted.” I hadn’t heard of that last line of the traditional good luck phrase, but then again, I hadn’t ever researched it. Eric put the coin in my hand and kissed me tenderly. “Thank you,” I said, holding back tears once again.

“Sookie, you should give Eric your wedding band, so you can exchange rings during the ceremony.” I nodded and handed him the band, which he folded delicately into his large hands, as if he were holding a treasure.

“Eric, I have reserved a room down the hall so that you can get ready for the ceremony.”

Eric looked at Ella and then at me. “You mean I don’t get to see the dress? I’m the one that asked you to get it!” He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

I shrugged and Ella said, “Tradition. Sorry. We’ll see you in two hours. Pam mentioned something about coming to help you get ready. I think she was mocking me though.” I nodded my head to confirm her suspicions. Pam never missed an opportunity to make fun of humans.

Eric stood up from the bed and moved in a blur around the room gathering his things. Ella handed him the key for the spare room. He leaned over and kissed me, and then pulled away, “I hope you girls have fun getting ready.”

Eric sauntered out of the room, blowing me a kiss, which I grabbed with one hand and put in my mouth, chomping loudly. He closed the door laughing.

“Where is everyone?” I asked, “I mean your family.”

“Jenny has taken Miles to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and Julian is busy getting ready. So you have me all to yourself!” She smiled then said, “Want to see your dress?” I nodded my head, feeling more excited by the minute.

She pulled the zipper open slowly, revealing layers of beautiful creamy white silk and tulle. Ella pulled the dress out completely and held it up so I could see it. The silk bodice had a sweetheart neckline, which blended into the lacey princess waistline. The tulle flowed from the lace, draping in layers to the floor. “Oh Ella, it’s so beautiful,” I gasped as I held the dress in my hands.

Ella smiled at me and said, “I’m so glad you like it! Why don’t you take a nice long shower and then I’ll help you into it.”

In the shower, I dropped my soap several times, which I blamed on the jitters that seemed to stay with me since I woke up. As the warm water caressed my skin, I relaxed as I thought about how Eric and Ella had worked together to take care of everything. The stressful stories I had heard from brides discussing their anxiety and lack of sleep leading up to their wedding days were nothing like this. I had never felt so taken care of, so loved. While most brides worried over invitations, cakes, seating charts, and reservations, I blissfully enjoyed a vacation with my family and friends.

I took my time washing my hair and shaving my legs. To surprise Eric, I also shaved my outer labia, leaving my skin smooth from my ankles to my sex. My mound was still covered with a tidy triangle of blonde curls, and the thought of how much Eric would enjoy licking, sucking and nibbling on my smooth skin sent shivers through my body. I toweled off and moisturized, perfuming my skin lightly on my neck, cleavage, and the backs of my knees.

I pulled on the strapless bra and matching panties, feeling very pretty indeed in my new lingerie. I pulled the robe over myself, and brushed my wet hair until it was tame and out of my face.

Ella was lounging on the chocolate couch reading a book while I had been in the bathroom. “I thought you might be a little hungry, so I brought you a few pieces of fruit and toast.” Ella pointed to the desk in the corner of the room. “Yes I am a little hungry, thank you again! What would I do without you?” She smiled and waved away my compliment. I sat down and ate an apple, too nervous for anything else. When I was done, I brushed my teeth then joined Ella again to dress.

Ella pulled the zipper down the back, and crouched down holding the dress open so I could step into it. I shrugged out of my robe and stepped into the dress. Ella pulled it up and after I got the bodice situated, she zipped up the back.

“Well? How does it feel?” She asked, walking around to face me. I wiggled my body a bit and marveled at how perfect it was. “Like it was made for me!” She nodded her head and said, “It was. I have a friend that designs wedding dresses, and after getting your measurements, I went to his shop and we discussed what I thought would suit you and your taste, and this is what he made for you.” She was beaming, and pulled me to the full-length mirror in the bathroom. “The bodice is made of Shantung silk, and this is English tulle,” She said, rubbing two layers of tulle between her fingers, making a soft vvvppp vvvppp vvvppp noise.

I lifted the outer layer of tulle and admired the cascade of material under it, giving the bottom of the dress a soft fullness that moved with me. Ella held the silk flower in her hand and said, “I was thinking of something like this.” She twisted my hair away from my face and pinned it in place over my right temple. She fastened the silk flower in place and looked at me, waiting to see what I thought. “Simple, and beautiful. Thank you.” I leaned into the mirror and pulled my makeup out of my toiletry bag, applying a little mascara and lipstick. “I need to go tanning! I’m never awake during the day, and I keep getting paler.” Ella laughed and put her face next to mine, her white skin contrasted against mine, “In what world are you pale?” I stammered, “I mean, pale compared to the deep tan I usually have.” She answered me with a “Uh, huh.” She laughed and said something about how tanning didn’t really work for her, it never really stuck.

Ella clasped the necklace around my neck while I pushed the earrings into place. Ella gasped, “I knew the pieces were all beautiful, but together it is stunning. You are stunning!” I smiled and felt beautiful.

“Oh I almost forgot! I brought my camera, so I can take pictures for you.” She arranged me in front of the mirror and took a few pictures. I insisted on taking a few with her, so she put her arm around me, held the camera and we posed like silly 13 year old girls, complete with a series of ridiculous faces.

We were laughing when we heard a knock on the door. Ella answered it and Tara was standing there smiling at us. “Damn Sookie, you look amazing!” I twirled in my dress, and said, “Thanks! Ella has good taste!” Tara nodded her head and gave her a thumbs-up as she scanned my wedding ensemble from head to toe. My hair had dried in soft waves, bushing against my bare shoulders and the flower was nestled deeply among the strands of hair, seemingly a part of my head. “It’s time. Everyone is waiting.” I smiled, following Ella and Tara out of the room.

We took the elevator down, and after we walked down a long hallway we came to a set of doors leading outside. After a short walk to a smaller building I smiled when I saw Jason, waiting for me. He took a deep breath and smiled at me, contorting his face, the way men do when they want to cry but refuse to let themselves. “I wish Gran could be here to see you, she would be so happy. I know I’m a poor excuse of a brother, but I am so happy I get to be a part of your life, especially today. Thank you Sookie.” He hugged me and then pulled away from me, giving us both a minute to take a few deep breaths and calm down. The last thing I wanted was to walk down the aisle with puffy eyes. “Thank you Jason, it means so much to me that you came all this way to be here for me. That goes for all of you,” I said, turning to Tara and Ella. “Ready Sook?” Jason asked, offering his elbow to me. Ella snapped more pictures, capturing every moment. I nodded and walked with him outside.

The sun had set an hour before, so the air outside was still warm from the sunny day. The stone terrace radiated the desert warmth up my legs, and the air was perfectly still. Two winding sets of stairs led down from the upper terrace. A string quartet playing soft melodic music in the corner of the upper terrace which was lined with my friends and family, all smiling happily and making ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ noises when Jason and I emerged. Jason led me down one of the staircases, which was lined with a garland of branches of fine slender leaves, and little hard green fruits, hanging delicately from the branches. Oriental lilies were arranged among the garland, accentuating the green foliage with their stunning creamy white and blood red streaked blooms, filling the still air with their intoxicating scent.

One step at a time, Jason and I walked down to the lower terrace, where Eric and Julian were waiting, standing against the terrace railing overlooking the Bellagio’s Lago Di Como (the pool and fountain’s real name). I could hear Eric take a deep unnecessary breath when he saw me. His face was frozen with a look of happiness and pleasure plastered over his handsome features. His dark blue suit shimmered in the soft light surrounding the terrace, and was accentuated beautifully by his creamy white shirt peaking out of the top of his vest. He had his hair pulled back into a beautiful braid, with a few stray hairs framing his face. I took a deep breath and smiled at him, knowing that he could feel my happiness, just as I could feel his. I was glad Jason was holding my arm, forcing me to walk slowly and keeping me from running into Eric’s arms.

I looked at Ella, who had positioned herself on the other staircase, photographing us as we walked. I gave her an inquisitive look and nodded towards Julian, and she motioned to her wedding ring then at Eric and I. She really had taken care of everything.

Jason stopped in front of Eric and Julian and kissed my cheek. I touched his face and smiled at him. He backed away and found Michele in the small crowd. Eric took my hand and we turned to face Julian so we were looking out over the water. The music was much quieter now, and Julian spoke to us, “Eric, Sookie, I would like to present you with the very first marriage license issued for a Vampire/Human marriage in the great state of Nevada.” He opened a leather notebook, pulled out a sheet of paper, and pulled a pen from his jacket pocket. I signed my name on one line, and Eric signed on the other. Julian signed as the witness and put the document back in his folder. “Now that the official business of the wedding has been taken care of, let us get on with the ceremony.”

The music stopped and Julian began the ceremony. “Family and friends, we welcome you today to witness the marriage of Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse. You have shared and contributed to their lives in the past, and by witnessing their marriage ceremony today, Eric and Sookie ask you to share in their future.

“If anyone present can show just cause as to why this couple may not be legally joined together, you should now declare it, or hereafter hold your peace.” I laughed out loud as Pam said, “Are you kidding? Get on with it!”

“The bride and groom have written vows, which they will now recite.”

Eric took my hands and turned to face me, speaking only to me, “Ég, Eric Northman, vil þig, Sookie Stackhouse, sem eiginkonu mína, ég gef þér alla mína ást um leið og ég þigg alla þína, og vil eyða með þér framtíðinni, alla nótt, alltaf. (I, Eric Northman, want you, Sookie Stackhouse, as my wife, I give you all my love as well as accepting all yours, and I want to spend the future with you, every night, always.) Then he said loud enough for our audience to hear, “I love you every night, always.”

I gulped a lungful of air and held back the tears threatening to fall as I softly said, “Ég, Sookie Stackhause, vil þig, Eric Northman, sem eiginmann minn, ég vil eyða allri minni framtíð með þér, þiggja alla þína ást og gefa þér alla mína. (I, Sookie Stackhouse, want you, Eric Northman, as my husband, I want to spend all my future with you, accept all your love and give you all mine.) I repeated the last part in English for our audience, “I accept all your love and give you all mine.”

Julian waited for a moment, then continued the ceremony, “Eric, do you take Sookie to be your wife? Will you love, honor and cherish her for all time?”

Eric said, “I do.”

Julian smiled and said, “Sookie, do you take Eric to be your husband? Will you love, honor and cherish him for all time?”

“I do.”

Julian opened a small box with our rings inside. I took Eric’s, and he took mine.

Eric spoke to me, “Ég gef þér þennan hring sem loforð um að vera þér trúr og sem tákn um eilífa ást mína. (I give you this ring as a promise to be faithful to you and as a sign of my eternal love.) He slid the ring down my finger until it softly clicked against the ring he had given me in Iceland.

I turned my face up to look at him and smiled as he put his left hand in mine. “Ég gef þér þennan hring sem loforð um að vera þér trú og sem tákn um eilífa ást mína. (I give you this ring as a promise to be faithful to you and as a sign of my eternal love.) My hands shook nervously as I slid the ring across his skin, past his knuckle to the web connecting his hand.

Julian’s voice washed over us, as we stared into each other’s eyes. “And now, for as much as you have made your vows, each to the other, and have declared the same by giving and receiving your rings, I pronounce that you are husband and wife. Eric, you may kiss your bride!”

In a theatrical flourish, Eric twirled me in his arms and dipped me, giving me a deeply passionate kiss. I reached up and held onto his neck. Kissing him back, noting the thunderous crashing of water next to us as the fountain erupted simultaneously with the cheers from our audience.


I hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as I did!

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