Getaway Ch 52: Party of 18

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Party of 18

Firefly was a short walk from the Bellagio, built snuggly against The Plaza. The restaurant was round, made of beautiful glass, and propped up off the street on a sturdy cylinder. It looked like a massive, brightly lit pedestal cake plate covered with a glass dome. The entire underside of the restaurant was lined with rows of golden lights, making the sidewalk and parking area under it glow. After walking up the stairs inside the cylinder, we were seated in a large open area filled with tables and couches, where you could easily move from table to table to join new conversations. The restaurant was decorated in black and red, featuring pictures of breathtaking Spanish women, dressed in ruffled flamenco dresses. Servers bustled around with platters of food and drinks, serving the casual crowd of locals, enjoying the acoustic guitar on the main stage. Our server brought us menus and gave us a few minutes to look them over. Eric, Alex and Pam were pleased with the selection of willingly donated blood. Firefly carried blood imported from Spain, which they claimed had ‘A hint of the Old World.’

Amando made helpful suggestions as we all looked over the menu. Finally we decided to get a variety of tapas to share. Amando also insisted that we get several pitchers of sangria, which was happily marinating in a large vessel on the end of the bar. Claude and Dermot ordered flavored mojitos, since the sangria had been marinated in lemons. Alex, Pam and Eric all ordered a sampler of Spanish blood, all the while eyeing Claude and Dermot hungrily. Concerned for the wellbeing of my kin, I rearranged a few people at the tables, so they were farther apart, which seemed to snap the vamps out of their trance.

Ella leaned over to me and said, “What is going on between them?” I explained that Claude and Dermot are fairies, which makes them irresistible to vampires. “Fairies? Really?” I nodded my head and waited for the news to settle in. “So that means that you’re part fairy. Right?” I nodded my head and explained our linage quickly (without going into too much detail about my grandmother’s affair). “And Amando?” She whispered, looking over at him, “I heard him talking about his great-great-grandmother earlier, and Dermot knew her. How is that possible?”

“Amando’s great-great-grandmother, Victoria, is a fairy as well. Fairies live a very long time, compared to humans, so she is still alive, and apparently knows Dermot! Small world!” Ella took the news in stride and smiled at me. “Thanks for clearing that up, I was very confused. What about weres? Do you know any?” I nodded my head and smiled as I looked over at Sam and Jannalynn. She mouthed ‘No way!’ and I nodded my head. “So, are we the only regular humans here?” She asked touching Julian’s shoulder. Julian turned to face her after she touched him, and I smiled at the sight of his beautiful green eyes. I had a very contented moment of happiness for Ella. “No, you’re not the only ones. Michele, Tara, JB, and Laurie are also ‘regular’ humans.” I explained that my group of friends and family were certainly a little unconventional.

Just as Ella and I finished discussing my colorful friends, platters of cold and hot appetizers filled our tables. Our glasses were filled with drinks, and the vampires were sipping from the small wine glasses of blood, chatting about the different flavors as their faces flushed pink.

The atmosphere at the restaurant was relaxed and our large group had plenty to talk about as we enjoyed our drinks and finger food and mingled together. Tara and JB were having a great time, and they both commented that they couldn’t remember the last time they had been out without the kids. Tara thanked me for giving them a reason to get a babysitter. At that, Tara turned to Ella and thanked her for taking care of everything. Ella nodded graciously. Mindy and Laurie were becoming fast friends, discussing their love of dogs and women. Jason and Dermot were joking with each other, which was uncanny; it gave me the same feeling as watching twins interact.

We ate, drank and talked late into the night. Fueled by the closeness of friends, we walked to Krave. We were greeted and carded by a very tall woman. She wore a turquoise wig, matching eye shadow, and a stunning white dress with a huge turquoise sequin lily blooming up the center of her body. As Claude passed her, she whispered something about him having a taste of her nectar. He said he wasn’t interested in queens, to which she tossed her hair and said he didn’t know what he was missing. The whole thing made me giggle.

Although the club had opened only an hour before, the party was already in full swing inside. Booths, tables and couches surrounded the dance floor, which was sunken down in the center of the club. We found a few booths and couches near each other and settled in, while we built up the courage to join the masses on the dance floor. Of course Amando and Alex jumped right into it, Amando blowing me a kiss as he left.

A gorgeous, muscular young man, wearing only tight black pants, came to our booth and asked if we wanted drinks. I shook my head, still a little tipsy from dinner, and watched as Claude summoned him, talking to him casually. The hot waiter leaned over the back of the couch and proceeded to flirt shamelessly with Claude. I had never seen Claude looking so happy. The hot waiter had to work, but promised to be back to take care of Claude’s ‘needs’ later. One by one, my friends and family made their way to the dance floor, leaving Eric and I alone in the booth.

“I never got to thank you properly for all of this,” I motioned to Pam, Laurie, Alex, Amando, Tara and JB, all dancing in a cluster near the center of the dance floor. Eric raised his eyebrows, “And how were you planning on thanking me?” He asked, his eyes raking down my body. I leaned close to his face, close enough for my breath to caress his cheek, “Let’s find a more secluded spot, and I’ll show you.” Eric moved in a blur and was standing in front of me, pulling me to my feet.

Just as we made our way through the crowd, the lights in the club focused on a stage on the other side of the dance floor. Another young man with skin-tight black pants, strapped into a full body harness, came flying out over the stage in a magnificent aerial stunt, greeted with screams and clapping from the crowd below. The distraction was welcome, and we slipped into a dark corner, unnoticed.

Eric pushed me against the wall, knocking the air out of my lungs. I breathed deeply, filling my body with his scent. I closed my eyes and could almost taste him, and subconsciously licked my lips at the thought. Eric growled in response, and sucked my lip into his mouth, scraping the flesh with the tip of his fang. My hands moved restlessly against the button of his pants, pawing frantically at the material, willing it to open in my uncoordinated fingers. His hands pushed up the short hem of my dress, playfully snapping the elastic of my garters as he moved up to graze against the lace of my panties. My body bucked off the wall, into his hand, positioning his palm against my clit, right where I wanted it. I writhed against him, legs spread for him, sucking on his lip. I moaned and murmured, “More.” He thrust his tongue into my mouth simultaneously with his fingers plunging into the moist heat between my legs. I gasped and relaxed sucking on his tongue as it moved in my mouth in the same rhythm as his fingers inside me. My hands finally made progress and managed to worm their way inside his pants, extracting his cold hard length. I tugged him, by his cock, towards me, and repeated, “More!” He lifted me off the ground, leaning my shoulders against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Eric positioned his dick against my body, teasing my clit until I begged him again. When the head of his dick was nestled between my wet lips, I relaxed my body, sliding down the wall, filling myself with the delicious chill that came from our initial contact. He groaned and mumbled “So hot,” into my mouth, then proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. I pulled away from his lips and gulped air into my lungs, which was forced out of my body with each frenzied connection our bodies made. I found his lips again and pulled his face to mine, nipping his tongue with my blunt teeth. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, purposefully grazing his fang. Blood flowed into his mouth, sending a vibration through his body, and urgency in his rhythm. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth and then pushed it back, slowly dripping his own sticky sweet blood. We locked onto each other, devouring the liquid offering of blood mingling in our mouths, joining us as our body shook together in orgasm.

I leaned my head against the wall, breathing steadily again. His body was still moving, thrusting into me with the shallow sedated movements that are the aftermath of the power of orgasmic release. I was not ready for him to leave me, and was glad the ghost-like tremors of sex still controlled his body. I smiled at him, which I knew he could see in the darkness of our corner. He leaned close to my face and licked my lower lip, “Can’t let that go to waste.” I laughed. Only my bloodsucker would have noticed blood on my lip in the dark.

We eventually pulled away from each other and made our way back to the booth where we had been sitting. I looked out into the crowd and let out a loud burst of laughter when I noticed the Claude was dancing on the platform nearest to us, in his tight jeans. I don’t know what happened to his shirt, but it didn’t seem to matter to anyone in the audience. The platform was surrounded by golden lights, which were pointing up at him, defining his muscles and making him appear god-like. I was not the only one that was appreciating his little show. The crowd around the base of the platform were gazing up at him and had stopped dancing, fueling his movements and spurring him on. Eric was also watching Claude’s movement, but his was a look of hunger. I elbowed his ribs to snap him out of it, and stood up, pulling him to the dance floor.

Amando was making his way back through the crowd just as we joined part of our group. He had a wicked smile plastered on his face. He leaned over and put his mouth right against my ear so I could hear him, “I just requested a song. I think you and Laurie will both appreciate it.” He winked at me. Then the DJ mixed in the next song, Lady Gaga’s ‘Show Me Your Teeth.’ I noticed that Amando had talked to Laurie too, and the three of us found our fangy partners to dance with. Amando and Alex mouthed the words to each other, and moved together as only lovers could. Laurie was singing along, and Pam was staring at her like she was an alien, which didn’t seem to bother Laurie at all. Eric was hesitant to dance to the pop music, but then smiled slyly as he listened to the lyrics. I mouthed the words, ‘Take a bite of my bad girl meat. Show me your teeth. Help, need a man, now show me your fangs.’ To which, Eric gladly complied and flashed me his fangs and nipped at the air near my neck. I squirmed and wiggled closer to him, rubbing my body against him. He held me against his body and said, “I love dancing with you.” I smiled and ground against him again. Eric brought his face closer to my neck and licked the skin over my racing pulse. His body shivered and then tensed. He pulled away from me and was nodding to someone on the stairs at the edge of the dance floor. I followed his gaze and gasped in surprise when I saw Ryan Downs standing there.

We left the crowd to greet him. I could feel Eric’s curiosity and distrust. Ryan started first, “If I had known you were coming to our club, I would have gotten you in for free.” Our club? Seeing the question on my face, Ryan answered, “King Felipe and I, we invested in this club a few years ago when it opened. Now, we own it. It is tremendously profitable.” A woman dressed in the staff uniform of skin-tight black pants and a matching black bikini top came up behind him with a bottle of blood. He took it then put his arm around her shoulder and looked at her hungrily. A second later, another young man in skin-tight pants wedged his head under his other arm. Ryan looked at him, then back to the woman, clearly enjoying his full hands. I looked from one human to the next. I picked up the waves of lust that they were transmitting, despite the mental blockade I had up. Vegas isn’t exactly the best place for a telepath. “Such variety. I do love my job.” Ryan smiled down at his humans, and then looked at Eric and I saying, “It was so nice to see you again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some….business to attend to.” He turned and walked towards a dark hall, probably leading to his office.

“Wow,” I said, stunned. Eric just laughed.

I scanned the crowd for familiar faces and was surprised to see Kyle, from the hotel, face to face with an equally handsome young man, arguing heatedly. Kyle was upset and nearly in tears when I walked up to him. “There you are, Kyle! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” I leaned forward and hugged him. The man he was with, whom I assumed was Jake, just stared at us as Kyle hugged me back. His hug was hesitant at first, and then genuinely filled with relief. He looked at my face and I tried to convey my feeling of understanding and my desire to help him. I held his hand and said, “Claude, Dermot and Amando have been asking about you. Come on.” I pulled him gently towards the dance floor. He did not resist. Eric, Kyle and I walked down the steps into the crowd of dancers leaving Jake standing with his mouth hanging open staring at us in disbelief. Kyle squeezed my hand and said ‘Thank you,’ which was drowned out by the pulsing music. I smiled at him and pulled him towards our group of friends where Amando rushed over and hugged him.

“I freaking LOVE this place! We owe you big time!” Amando shouted when he released Kyle from his grasp. Kyle shook his head and smiled while he said, “No you don’t.” Amando looked up at Jake and noting the look in Jakes eyes, he leaned towards Kyle and kissed him on both cheeks and pulled him further inside the circle of friends.

Jason and Michele were having a great time. He had lifted her up so she was straddling his legs, dancing above him. Tara and JB were having fun too, laughing and dirty dancing together. JB had pulled his shirt off, and Tara was stroking his chest appreciatively. Sam and Jannalynn were back at the couch they had been sitting at earlier, making out with abandon. It was nice to see Sam so relaxed and able to enjoy himself. Claude was still on the platform dancing, surrounded by a crowd of adoring fans, the hot waiter from earlier was the most obvious admirer. Ella and Julian were dancing together next to Pam and Laurie. Ella had her back against Julian and had her arms wrapped around his neck. She was moving sensuously against him, and Julian took advantage of each movement by matching it with his own. I couldn’t see Dermot, and realized that it was the first time he hadn’t been right next to Claude since they arrived. I look along the far wall and on the stage where the aerial show had been, and Dermot was wrapped around a large brass pole, also shirtless, dancing beautifully with a woman in the black bikini/pants combo the waiters wore. They wound around the pole together, getting hoots of encouragement from the crowd.

I tugged Eric towards me so I could tell him I needed to sit down, and he was happy to follow me back to our booth. I sat on the bench next to Eric and leaned my head against his shoulder. During the last hour I had become aware of the dull ache in my abdomen, one that had eased slightly with the little blood he had given me in our dark corner, but I knew the pain would only become more intense until I helped myself to a couple ibuprofen. “What is it, Lover?” Eric said into my hair. “I think we’ll need to leave soon. I need pain pills for my cramps.” I could feel the excitement pour out of him. I smacked his leg, and then said “Don’t be so giddy over my discomfort! Besides, you’ll still have to wait a couple of days.” He laughed quietly and said, “I know, but I can’t help it.” I twisted my head to look up at him. His eyes glittered, like a little kid waiting anxiously to get a present. Vampires. I shook my head and stood up. “I’m going to tell everyone we’re going, and that we’ll see them tomorrow night.” I glanced at a clock on the wall that read 2:00 am. “I mean tonight.” He stretched out comfortably taking most of the room in the booth while he waited for me. I made a quick round through our friends and after hugging and kissing everyone Eric and I made our way outside.

After we had walked for a block, Eric turned to me and said, “Why don’t I take us home the fast way?” I wasn’t about to protest, although the skirt of my dress was short enough that it would have exposed my ass if I jumped in his arms like I normally did when we flew. I was still looking down at my skirt trying to talk myself into it to save myself the 15 minute walk, when Eric scooped me up, bridal style and leapt into the air. We landed quietly near the deserted entrance of the Bellagio. “Thank you for the ride,” I said, to which Eric nodded his head and gestured for me to go into the hotel first.

My ears rang slightly from the noise of the club, and the smell of cigarettes lingered on my clothes. Eric brought me the bottle of pills from my toiletry bag as I ran hot water in the bath. We stripped out of our clothes and sighed as the warm water eased the aches out of my body and warmed his. I couldn’t believe I was getting married in mere hours.

“Killer? Have you thought about our vows at all?”

“Yes, actually I have been writing them for over a week.”

My eyebrows shot up, surprised by his quick and lovely response. “And? Are you going to share your thoughts?”

He did. I cried. Vows can be so meaningful, and Eric had clearly put a lot of thought into these. I learned the proper pronunciation in Icelandic, which made the vows even more special. They would be for us. Only for us.


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