Getaway Ch 5: Permission Granted

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

I can’t stop this story in my head, I can’t even begin to understand where it’s coming from. I hope I don’t offend anyone with the lack of “making love” in my stories. As far as I see things Eric and Sookie love each other, but love has nothing to do with the primal need to fuck.


Permission Granted

The first thing I noticed was the eerie light that filled the sky. Not true light, but not true dark either. I panicked for a moment and then looked at Eric. He started stroking my back to calm me and his smile was very reassuring. “Don’t worry, it’s not strong enough to have any effect on me.” The weather was cold and wet, a sort of drizzling snow. It smelled different here, clean and earthy. I relaxed as we waited for our luggage, including Eric’s empty travel coffin, which was loaded into a shuttle waiting for us from the hotel where we would be staying. The side of the van had the word ‘Dreyri’ in an old English script in blood red. The driver had the same respectful and composed look as the woman from Anubis Air, leading me to believe that Hotel Dreyri must be a place that specializes in undead patrons. He asked Eric if there was anything else that needed to be loaded and I could tell that the English he was speaking was not his native tongue. Eric answered him in another language and the driver’s face lit up with appreciation. Apparently having a tourist speak his language was a treat that he didn’t get often.

It was a fifteen minute ride to the hotel, and our driver helped us into the lobby and nodded to me then to Eric and said his farewell in the other language. Eric replied and held his hand out with a large tip for the driver. His face lit up again and with another nod he took the money and left.

The manager at the front desk began speaking to Eric in her language, pleased to be able to do so, and had us on our way to our suite within minutes. I felt so out of the loop but also glad to be in a situation where everything was handled for me.

The elevator we rode in was made of very dark glass and was large enough to fit the bellhop, our luggage, Eric and myself. Deep earthy colors were everywhere, both inviting and warm. At first, the hotel didn’t seem so different than other hotels I had been in, but as we walked to down the hall, I noticed that the rooms were the central part of the hotel and all the hallways, stairwells and elevators were on the outside of the hotel. There were large dark windows scattered through the hallways, none of which lined up with a door to a room, so even if you opened a door the light coming in would be so slight and so indirect that the occupants wouldn’t be bothered. Nice touch. When the bellhop opened the door to our suite, he stood back and allowed us to inspect it before he left. He was also rewarded with a large tip, nodded his appreciation and left us to explore the space in privacy.

While Eric stood to the side, arms folded over his chest, watching me with those focused eyes, I pranced around the suite like a kid in a candy store, squealing first over the giant bathroom. I love a big bathroom! The tub was huge, and had jets in the side and a frame all the way around that you could sit on. There was also an enclosed room inside the bathroom, not much bigger than a typical tub, but lined with wood and there was a pile of rocks near the door. I had to ask Eric.

There was a small kitchenette stocked with essentials (coffee), and not much else. Hey, I was thanking my lucky stars I wouldn’t have to leave the room every morning to get my caffeine!

The bed was the center of the room and was huge. Draped in deep red, it called to me and I launched myself onto it, bouncing nicely as I landed on my back. Quick as lightening he was pinning my arms down to the bed and covering my face and neck with kisses.

“Thank you for all of this, I can’t believe I get to spend two weeks in this room!!” I squeaked.

“I wish it could be longer, but I don’t think Pam would appreciate an even longer stretch dealing with the club on her own.”

“Remind me to thank her when we get back for taking care of things so you could get away. You are totally away, aren’t you?” I lifted my eyebrow at him.

“Yep. The only one that knows how to reach us is Pam, and I have threatened her enough to know she won’t bother us with nothing.” Eric said, quite sure of himself.

“Not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but why did you bring me here?” I asked cautiously, waiting to see his reaction.

“What about a horses mouth? You know you really must speak without all those nonsensical sayings. Yes, why I brought you here. I am honestly surprised it took you this long to think to ask.” He was smiling again.

“And?” I demanded he go on.

“Well, my dear wife, I thought since I never made our relationship formal enough for you, I thought I would do that now.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a very small black box.

I felt my heart catch in my throat, I couldn’t breathe. What was happening? How did I not see this coming?

He pulled me up until we were sitting on the bed facing each other, his hand open with the tiny box in the center. I reached over with a shaky hand and tried to touch it. He closed his hand around the box. Now I was confused. Did he want me to have it or not? A wicked smile plastered on his face. “How badly do you want to know what’s in here?” he teased.

“Please?” I said.

“Please what?” Oh he was enjoying this far too much.

“Please give it to me.” I said matter of fact. I had just said the magic words. Permission for him to give it to me, I walked right into that. That clever man.

“If you insist.” He smirked and pushed me over, crawling on top of me again, hair hanging in his face, fangs extended. I put my arms up over my head again and he was visibly shaken by my offering. His large hands stroked my body through my clothes. I was already impatient and wiggled under him, hoping to encourage him to fuck me senseless, sooner rather than later. He pushed his hips against me, pinning me in place and ripping a gasp from my lips as the bulge in his pants hit right where I wanted him most. I moved my arms down to touch him and he said, “Not so fast” and put my arms back up, this time tying them together with my scarf (which happened to be handy and also very long), then tying the scarf around one of the posts on the headboard.

A satisfied smirk on his face, he resumed his exploration, and I suddenly felt like a teenager, making out with my boyfriend afraid of getting caught. Better late than never, right? He trailed his finger along the top of my jeans and placed wet kisses all over the skin showing. My body jerked and he pinned me still again. He unbuttoned my jeans. With his thumb on the inside of my zipper, slowly opening my jeans, pushing his thumb against my hot mound. I moaned. His hands slid down my body until he was at my ankles, tugging at the bottom of my jeans. He kissed his way back up my legs, stopping at the wetness forming on my panties. He inhaled and kissed me, and for once I wished he would rip those panties off my body. He pushed my panties to the side and stroked my slit at a maddeningly slow pace. “So fucking beautiful.” Kiss, stroke, “I could spend the rest of my life worshiping you.” Kiss, suck, finger slithering inside me, clit between his lips. Suck, lick, plunge in, pull out. I was going to die right here, I was sure of it and also not bothered at all. I was breathing too fast, too shallow. Tongue circling my clit, and sucking just right and then there was nothing. I opened my eyes and stars blinked in front of me. I think I blacked out for a second.

“You screamed like you were dying, and your body went limp, are you alright?” He was hovering over my face now, lips shiny and a little puffy.

“More than alright.” I was breathing heavily now. My eyes wouldn’t focus. “I need you.”

I heard his pants hit the floor followed by the whisper of his shirt being pulled over his head. Then the rip of material and my panties joining the growing pile of clothes. He lifted one of my legs until it was pushed against my body, and then he was between my legs, holding his cock steady. He was waiting, “Do you take me for better or for worse, until something other than death do us part?” “Oh god yes, over and over yes, please take me for better. Now.” I demanded. Then he was in me, fucking me with abandon, maneuvering my legs so he could get deeper, my bent leg wrapped around his kneeling body. Pushing my sweater up, and my bra down he devoured my nipples. “Don’t stop, please, don’t stop, please.” I was whining now and it made him pound into me faster, harder, and at a different angle. Ooh, I think I found a new favorite position, “Yes, oh yes, there. So good. Ughn.” My body shook, and his body responded.

“Um, thank you for that. I think we shook the hotel a little.” I said in a sleepy voice.

“We? You my dear did all the shaking, I made sure of that.” He answered, then produced the small box from his pile of clothes. Inside was a beautiful platinum ring with a simple beautiful diamond. “With your permission this time?”

“You have always had my permission.” I answered by holding out my finger. The ring was stunning. “So what does this mean? Has something changed?”

“It means whatever you want it to mean, I just wanted you to know that I want you to be happy, and if I can be the one to give it to you” he paused and winked at me “then I have never been so happy.” Good answer. “Sunrise is coming, so I’m going to get comfortable now, and I hope you sleep with me, since we can do that here. I’ll see you soon.” He kissed me and pulled me down to sleep next to him with my leg draped over him. He sighed and we both fell asleep.


There. I’ve delivered the goods, now give it to me, hard and fast. I need to know. Should I keep going?

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16 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 5: Permission Granted

  1. Mindy says:

    I am glad that he gave her a ring, I know this will feel more official for Sookie. Fun chapter.


  2. theladykt says:

    hmmm So are they getting married officially? Hotel sounds nice.


    • My Icelander loved the idea of the hotel. The name of it is actually and old word Icelanders use for blood from a wound, which is a nerdy detail I alway love when I read this story, and now you know it too! 🙂


  3. romantic2soul says:

    Beautiful. Love that Sookie said yes so easily without five hours of discussing what it meant. Your Sookie in all of your stories so far have been so much more reasonable and adult. Even when she denies she cares for Eric you don’t see the silly tantrums and screeching fits. I like that.


  4. Vilannh says:

    Ok I want to get a ring that way…lol 😉


  5. Lynn says:

    Yikes, that was so hot!


  6. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Deeelightful! I need someone to rip off my clothes…in Iceland…


  7. shoegirl01 says:

    Now that is a proposal worthy of the Viking! Nice to see Smart Sookie is along for the ride and accepted 🙂


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