Getaway Ch 49: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Congratulations are in order for JessicaHNorthman, who was lucky enough to get her own naked proposal from her very sexy Swedish boyfriend on the same day I posted ‘The Proposal.’ I must have been channeling her boyfriend into my story, and you know how I love it when you share the love (especially naked Swedes). Congrats!!


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

Eric and I were nearly done packing when he pulled the golden box out of his luggage. “I hope you like these,” he said handing me the box. My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas, and I snatched it out of his hands and shook it gently. Whatever was inside thumped softly and slid on the tissue paper as I moved it from side to side. I pulled on the large ribbon and opened the box slowly, peeking inside. The edge of a shoe was exposed. I tore the paper off and gasped as I held the most stunning white shoes. I jumped up and down as I held them in my hands, “Badgley Mischkas? You got me Badgley Mischkas?” The heels were high, and the satin gleamed in the light of the room. A soft whimsical rose was connected to the open toe, adding a feminine touch. “To be fair, Ella got you Badgley Mischkas. You like them?” He smiled at me, still bouncing around in front of him. I nodded my head and kissed him. “If Ella got them for me, why didn’t she give them to me when I opened the rest of the packages?” I asked, as I pulled away from our kiss. “Because, Lover, I asked her to buy these, along with everything else you would need for our wedding.”

My eyes widened and I started crying. He had it all planned. The proposal was just the beginning. Everything else would fall into place once I said yes. “They’re beautiful. I love you! Does this mean you have our wedding planned?” I eyed him suspiciously. He folded his arms across his chest and nodded his head. “Where? When?”

“Everything has been taken care of,” he answered without really answering me.

“But, my friends. My family…..”

Everything has been taken care of.” He silenced my growing anxiety with a sweet kiss that had me relaxing into his arms in moments.

I thought about the big Bellefleur double wedding, and how Portia and Halleigh had both gone a little crazy near the end, trying to organize everything, and it was at that instant that I realized Eric had given me a huge gift. No need to worry over flowers, cake, dress, shoes, invitation list, seating chart, meals, or any of the other nonsense that brides get so absorbed in. I sighed and melted further into his arms. “Thank you,” I whispered. Happiness flowed between us.

“Eliza is waiting,” he said as he pulled me from the room.

The lobby of the hotel was filled with the Christiansen family and the Gardo Hotel staff. Sarah touched my hand and smiled, “Congratulations on your big victory! I know you will share a very happy life.” I hugged her, which she was happy to reciprocate. Lavar said something similar to Eric, nodding his approval. Lucinda stepped forward, with a large takeout container in her hands. “For the flight….or before.” She winked at me and I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent of the hot scone neatly tucked inside. “Thank you so much!”

Eliza took my luggage and loaded it into the back of her car. Eric loaded his luggage and offered his hand to help me into the back of the car. I opened the container and tore little pieces off the scone, eating while we made our way to the airport. The ride was quiet, except for the sand and salt on the road flipping up and hitting the bottom of the car. It sounded like hail hitting a window. It hadn’t snowed since yesterday, which had given the plows enough time to clear it out of the city. The sky was clear, and if I craned my head, I could see stars twinkling in the dark night sky.

By the time we pulled up to the curb at the airport, my scone was long gone, and I was ready for our flight. Eliza opened the trunk, pulled our luggage out and sat it on the curb. “Eric, Sookie, it has been a pleasure,” she said. I gathered that she wasn’t good at expressing herself, and this odd goodbye was as good as it was going to get. We both thanked her and stood watching as she drove away without another word.

The check-in process was filled with occasional whispers of recognition from the people at the airport. There were people that approved of our work, and some that really didn’t. I was sure to steer clear of the ones that didn’t approve. The flight to Las Vegas was a similar experience. One curious vamp sitting in front of us on our flight kept staring at us through the crack between the seats in his row. Eric ignored the shifty eyeball, but I couldn’t. I leaned forward and got directly in front of his eye, causing him to gasp and fall back into his seat. “I don’t mean to impose, but it seems like you want to ask us something.” The twitchy vampire poked his head over the top of the seat, his long brown hair bouncing across his eyes. I thought he looked like a slightly older, and slightly cooler Justin Bieber. His eyes shifted nervously as he looked from me to Eric. “Sorry to stare. I just wanted to say thanks, for um, that stuff you said. Not that I have anyone to marry, but maybe some day I will.” I smiled at him and Eric nodded. It turns out James, the twitchy vamp, was a talker. Once I got him started, he didn’t stop. By the time our airplane was landing, I learned every detail of his life. James was a two year old baby vampire, traveling with his maker (perhaps not surprisingly, his maker never introduced himself or joined the ‘conversation’), and was looking forward to a vacation in Vegas, hoping to meet a ‘tasty young thing.’ I smiled politely and wondered what that meant. Some things are best not to think about too long.

We walked with James and his maker until we got to the baggage claim. Along one wall, drivers from hotel shuttles were waiting to pick up passengers. One of the drivers waiting looked bored out of her mind, and fiddled with her gauged ears. I caught her checking James out, so I peeked inside her head and heard her thinking about him, wondering if he was a vamp, wondering if he was into girls, wondering if he would talk to her if she stared hard enough. I whispered to James, “Go talk to her, she thinks you’re cute.” I nodded my head in her direction. “How in the world would you know that?” He asked, with disbelief written all over his face. “Call it a ‘woman’s intuition’ if you want,” I said smiling. He smiled at me and talked to his maker briefly before walking over to her. Things must have gone well, since he was still talking to her when we walked away with our luggage.

We found a vampire near the shuttle drivers holding a sign with our names on it. “My name is Dennis, I work for Ms. Hill. Please come with me.” He led the way to the curb where his car was waiting. “I guess we don’t need to introduce ourselves anymore, huh?” I asked Eric as we walked out into the cool night air. He shook his head. “The days of anonymity are over, which suits me just fine.” He had a satisfied look on his face. I smiled and laughed. Who wouldn’t love my fame-whore husband?

The night sky was not dark here, the lights from the casinos fused with the sky, creating a glow over the city that made it feel like perpetual dusk. I was surprised by how close the airport was to the city, a short ride on Tropicana Avenue followed by a turn onto Las Vegas Boulevard, and we were driving past some of the most famous hotels and casinos in Vegas. Dennis pulled the car onto a small road along side a large pool of water. The traffic came to a stop, which gave us the opportunity to see the famous Bellagio fountain show right outside my window. Water jettisoned straight up into the air, one fountain after another, perfectly synchronized. I rolled my window down and felt the cool mist caress my skin. Eric squeezed my leg, and when I opened my eyes I found him staring at my face. “I love making you happy.”

Dennis unloaded the car and opened my door. I stared up at the massive building in awe. I didn’t realize Dennis had pulled away until I looked down and found we were alone. “I can’t believe we’re staying here!” I jumped into his arms and hugged him, peppering his face with kisses.

Once we made our way inside, Eric signed in and got our room key making sure that our room would be suitable for our videoconference with the Moshup clan. A bellhop ran over to our luggage and lifted them off the ground. The manager told him what our room number was, and he led the way to the elevator. The bellhop stood in the back of the elevator, and motioned for us to stand near the doors in front of him. As the elevator started moving, I took a look inside his head and found him focusing on Eric. I giggled softly to myself, as his thoughts filled my head. If I could get tall blonde and deadly to pay attention to me, Jake would think twice before he calls me fugly again. Who the hell does he think he is anyway? I really need to figure out why I’m with him! I should be with someone that loves me, and makes me feel good about myself. I was always surprised by the insecurities of gay men, and yet, there they were every time I turned around. He cleared his thoughts with a physical shake of his head, and led the way down the hall to our suite. Eric tipped him heavily and I thanked him as I took my luggage from him.

The curtains were open, revealing a stunning view of the city. I had never seen so many buildings outlined in lights. The casinos and hotels all radiated light, illuminating the dark sky with an unnatural glow. The room was beautifully decorated in rich browns and creamy whites, which reminded me of dark, milk and white chocolate. Soft lights on either side of the bed, cast delicious shadows up the dark chocolate walls. The glossy dark tables dispersed through the room were decorated with stunning lilies, filling the room with a spicy sweet fragrance that made me long for summer. I kneeled on the dark chocolate couch in front of the window and smiled as I enjoyed the view of the Eiffel Tower. “It’s so beautiful!”

Eric came up behind me, touched my shoulders and said, “I’ll take you to France, so you can see the real one.” I had always wanted to go to Paris, and knowing that I would be able to see it some day overwhelmed me. A silent tear slipped down my cheek. I smiled and wiped it off as I said, “I love you.”

I heard the zipper of his luggage open, then the swish of fabric as he hung his clothes in the closet. “Our videoconference with Alex is in an hour,” his voice broke through my Paris reverie. I shook the thoughts out of my head, smiling happily as I unpacked my luggage. I hung the beautiful dresses that Ella had bought me in the closet next to Eric’s stunning suits. As I fingered the material of the dresses, I wondered what Eric had in store for us for this week of work and play ahead of us. I turned around to ask him and realized he was not in the room with me. I poked my head around the corner and listened to the soft sound of water running in the shower. I pulled my clothes off and joined him. I opened the full-length glass doors and stepped into the shower, wrapping my arms around his waist. He relaxed into my embrace and sighed. He was happy and a bit excited, and I wished for a minute that I could read his mind, only for a minute though. When the minute passed, I realized how much I enjoyed being surprised by him. The silence that I shared with him was a crucial part of our relationship. And trust. I couldn’t forget trust. In all my time with him, Eric had never betrayed my trust. He may have made decisions for me, but they had all turned out for the best, hadn’t they? What I knew about Eric is that I trusted him, and loved him more than anyone.

Eric’s hands interrupted my thoughts as he massaged body wash all over my skin, washing the aches of travel out of my body.

I dressed in a pair of ink washed jeans and an opalescent cowl neck top. The petal sleeves capped my shoulders in the most feminine way, and I loved the feel of the satiny material on my skin. Eric also wore jeans, and a beautiful fitted sky blue dress shirt, leaving the collar unbuttoned. He brushed his wet hair straight back. I pulled my hair into a bun, diligently gathering the loose strands up away from my face.

Eric opened his laptop on the table near the window, and connected to the wifi available inside the Bellagio. It was just before 11:00 pm, and Alex was not online yet. Eric opened his email and scrolled through them, scanning for important messages. I stood by the side of the table, watching people on the sidewalk below us, giving Eric some privacy. Reading email over someone’s shoulder seemed the same to me as listening in on a phone conversation. His fingers moved in a blur of speed as he responded to message after message. He chuckled softly to himself. I looked at him and he explained, “Apparently Robert has a new human. Pam thinks she’s tasty and has resisted the urge to take her from him because of Laurie. Laurie is a one woman kind of girl, according to Pam.” I laughed too, clearly imagining Robert flaunting his new woman and Pam having to remind herself that she was in a relationship now. I was looking forward to going into Fangtasia to meet her.

The laptop chimed, notifying Eric that Alex was online. Seconds later, the warbling of the electronic dial tone filled the room. Eric answered the call and greeted Alex, and three other members of the Moshup clan. I decided to stay at the window, enjoying another display of the fountain just below. Alex began their conversation with praise over our press conference. Eric nodded his head at the praise and stretched his long legs out under the table, lacing his fingers behind his head, a very satisfied look on his face. I stifled a laugh as I took in his smug look, and a brilliant idea came over me. I casually knocked a pen off the back of the desk and got down on my hands and knees to retrieve it. I tapped his leg to get him to move it so I could search for the pen. Eric huffed indignantly as he moved out of my way, and as I listened to Alex going over the highlights of our press conference, I walked my fingers up the inside of Eric’s legs. Eric’s body tensed and then relaxed as my fingers found the button of his jeans. He slid further down in the chair, giving me greater access. I peered up into Eric’s face and caught a flash of fang when he opened his mouth to respond to Alex. Eric’s eyes met mine and I smiled wickedly at him before continuing my exploration of his increasingly tight jeans.

The other members of the Moshup clan said their farewells by the time I unbuttoned his jeans and traced my fingertips against his cool skin, sending a shiver through his body. Alex and Eric began discussing business, as I moved the zipper down quietly, and massaged the rigid fold of cold skin until his dick sprang free. I tugged his jeans off of his hips, and he lifted his body to help me. I traced my fingers up the length of his cock, and smiled to myself as his body responded. Eric managed to maintain a professional face until my tongue swept up the length of his dick. He sighed and his body shuddered. Alex made a comment about his distracted tone, and Eric assured him the meeting was the only thing on his mind. Liar. Spurred on by his challenge, I pulled his dick away from his body until it was aligned with my open mouth. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, sucking and flicking with my pointed tongue. Eric gripped the desk firmly, causing the wood to groan. I teased him with my lips, tongue and fingers. He attempted to stifle a moan, which Alex noted once again. Every time I moved my head up and down, my bun rhythmically tapped the wood of the desk with a soft bump. Eventually, they ran out of things to say, and Alex ended the conversation with, “Thank you again Eric. Be sure to give Sookie our thanks as well. I’ll see you tomorrow!” I moved my head up and let go of his dick until it slapped against his stomach. “Tomorrow?” I asked, staring up between Eric’s legs. Alex laughed at hearing my voice as Eric fumbled with the mouse to hang up the video connection.

“Did he say that?” Eric asked innocently. “Hmm, never mind….why don’t we concentrate on finishing what you started,” he looked from my face to his dick, still hard and shiny.

I maneuvered my body backwards out from under the desk and stood next to it, folding my arms across my chest. “Not until you tell me what Alex meant.” Eric shifted uncomfortably in his chair, and finally answered me. “I have asked Alex to attend our meeting tomorrow night.”

“That’s all I needed to hear. Thank you!” I said, knowing that he was leaving out plenty of information about his plan. Eric was a master at saying only enough to answer the question, withholding the rest. I had learned to accept this aspect of him, and I had to admit that it was exciting. I loved when he surprised me, so I didn’t push the issue.

I kneeled between his legs and looked up at his face, “Now….where was I?”


What? It’s been forever since I’ve teased you….hee hee. Anyone up for a wedding?

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