Getaway Ch 47: Temple Square

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Temple Square

It was our last full night in Salt Lake City. It was also Sunday, and from what Lucinda had told me about the other morning as I sat eating my breakfast, nothing in the city would be open, besides restaurants.

I noticed that as I got dressed, my eyes didn’t hurt today, and when I opened the blinds covering the window I figured out why. It had snowed 4 inches during the day, effectively knocking the pollution out of the sky.

Eric and I planned to walk around the city, see the sights, and find a good restaurant for me while we were out. I chose the scoop neck ribbed deep blue sweater Ella had bought for me, which went nicely with a long full wooly black skirt. Seeing the city covered in snow helped me decide which coat to wear, so I pulled on my parka and warm black boots. As we made our way out of the hotel, we noticed that it was unusually quiet, just like Lucinda said it would be.

Eric took my hand and we walked into the heart of the city. I looked at the street signs and realized the city was designed on a simple grid, so it was easy to find your way around. Hotel Gardo was located on West Temple, and we didn’t have to walk far before we came upon a promising restaurant. The blue neon sign outside the building read ‘The Blue Iguana,’ advertising excellent Mexican food. I couldn’t understand why Utah would have good Mexican restaurants, since it seemed too far away from the boarder, but I was in the mood for something spicy and was willing to take a chance.

We walked in and were greeted by very friendly staff members dressed in crisp white shirts and black vests decorated with traditional Mexican designs in very bright colors. The walls were two shades of terra cotta, one slightly redder than the other, and the tables were made of dark wood and inlaid with colorful Mexican tiles. The woman seating us informed us that our server would be with us soon, so she handed us our menus and left. I loved the sound of her voice. Her Mexican accent was thick and melodic. After we had a chance to look over the menu, which turned out to have an amazing selection for me, and a small but satisfactory selection for Eric, a man named Julio came to take our order. His voice had a beautiful cantering rhythm, rising and falling with each word he spoke. I was still having a hard time deciding, when he made a few suggestions of some of his favorite dishes. I finally narrowed it down to chile rellenos with rice and beans and a margarita. Julio applauded my choice and turned to take Eric’s True Blood order, asking if he wanted it now or with my meal. Eric asked for it during my meal. Julio smiled at us and went to the kitchen to place our order. The restaurant was relatively empty, but based on the number of tables around the restaurant I had to assume this was a very busy place most nights of the week. Julio returned shortly with my margarita, and I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth sweet flavor and the hint of alcohol that added just the right amount of bite.

My food came out minutes later, on a bright orange platter, covered with enchilada sauce and crumbled white cheese. Eric’s blood was warmed perfectly and arranged on a small white napkin stamped with a blue iguana. The food was delicious, and I was glad to have Eric to talk to while I ate so I was forced to eat slowly. We talked about the Supreme Court and the decision they had in front of them.

“Do you really want to marry me?” I asked, waiting for him to answer me.

“More than you know,” he said and smiled wickedly at me.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

“You’ll see.” I just shook my head. I knew better than to question him about his surprises.

Feeling full and warm, I bundled up and we walked outside into the quiet snowy city. We walked one block deeper into the city and found ourselves on a sidewalk lined with trees wrapped in thousands of strings of tiny lights. The little lights were muted by the fresh snow, which made the trees seem like they were glowing.

We had finally reached the center of the city, and discovered why the street we were on was named West Temple: Temple Square, a huge park named for the LDS temple right in the middle. The LDS temple, although fenced off, was visible for blocks, since it was brightly lit at night. The granite the temple was made of seemed to glow in a soft turquoise color, lit from the ground and then again around each of the ornate spires. It looked a lot like the neo gothic cathedrals I had seen in books. I looked around and saw that Main Street was part of the park.

“Do you think this was always a park? It seems odd in the middle of a city for Main Street not to connect.” I said out loud to no one in particular. Another couple that had been walking near us stopped when I spoke and answered me.

“Actually, this is a relatively new change to the city. You should have heard the outrage of the non-LDS people in this city when the LDS church bought this block from the city over a decade ago. They wanted to own the land so they could control what goes on around their temple.” The man answered, laughing to himself. “The church has absolute control over what is allowed here, in this plaza, and despite several attempts to question their authority, the church still has the final word. No swearing, no smoking, no alcohol, no protesting, and no inappropriate behavior, whatever that means!”

“How could the city just sell a whole block of land to a church?” I had never heard of such a thing.

“I don’t know, but they did, and they made sure no one said a word about it until after the deal was done. It is a beautiful and quiet place to take a walk on a Sunday evening though.” He smiled at me and when he looked from me up into Eric’s face, he said, “Hey, aren’t you the couple fighting for vampire rights?” I nodded my head and Eric smiled slightly. “We were just watching you on the news last night, and had a long discussion about how ridiculous it is that you can’t get married.”

The woman jumped into the conversation saying, “To think that we got married without a problem, and here you are faced with an issue that keeps your relationship from progressing! It’s just sad! We’re hoping the Supreme Court makes a good decision.”

“Me too,” I said simply, hugging Eric’s arm to my body.

“It was really nice to meet you, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Utah. We’re not all Mormons, you know. Even deep in the heart of Temple Square, you’ll find a few liberals out for a walk.” The man said as he smiled and pulled his wife down the sidewalk.

It was a very peaceful place, and as we walked around the grounds, we found a bench near the reflection pool that had a perfect view of the temple. Eric swept the snow off the bench. It was cold enough that the bench was dry under the fluffy snow; it was frozen solid, but dry. Eric sat down and patted his lap so I wouldn’t have to sit directly on the bench. I sat on his lap, facing away from him enjoying the silence of the cold night, watching as my breath turned into little clouds. Eric pushed the collar of my parka down and trailed kisses along my neck. “Do you think this would be considered inappropriate?” He whispered into my ear. I nodded my head, and leaned back against him, feeling a rush of heat escape my coat as it smashed between our bodies. I moved my legs until they dangled on either side of his, covering his knees with the wooly material of my skirt, and wiggled my body until my ass was positioned on top of the growing bulge in his pants. He unzipped my parka almost all the way, sending a chill through my body as the cold air penetrated my exposed collarbone and neck, followed by a shiver as his cold hands cupped and massaged my breasts through my sweater. “This too, I’m sure would be considered inappropriate,” he said in a low voice. “Mm hmm,” I mumbled, suddenly forgetting about the 25°F weather. I leaned my head against his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck, arching my back and grinding against him. He moaned as I kissed the side of his face and jaw, nipping his skin with my blunt teeth. “The heat from your body is such a sharp contrast to the cold surrounding me, I feel like I am on fire.” I responded by grinding against him again, tilting my hips further down and opening my legs wider over his. “What, this heat?” I asked.

Eric pulled my body against his quickly, knocking the air out of my lungs. His mouth was on my neck again, and I dangled my head to the other side, giving him greater access. His right hand made its way down to the pool of heat between my legs as his left hand remained diligently attentive to my breasts. His cold fingers rubbed against my mound, enflaming my desire and spreading heat further through my body.

The guard’s voice caught me off guard as we writhed against each other. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” He couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, and was terrified to approach us. He had a flashlight in his hand. After a quick peek into his mind, I realized he was too embarrassed to shine it on us. He knew what we were doing, and he was turned on and offended simultaneously. I couldn’t look him in the face after a masturbation fantasy flashed through his mind, but I did smile and offer to leave. Eric growled and was not happy when I pulled away from his body. I took Eric’s hand, giving it a squeeze, letting him know that I was handling the situation. While we were still in earshot of the young man, who was still standing in the same spot, I said, “I hope you have a bottle of lotion inside somewhere.” I laughed quietly as we ran off around the corner.

We jogged for another block, avoiding snowplows scraping giant piles of snow onto the sidewalks, and ducked inside another area of Mormon monuments, which were not well lit, or guarded. “I hate being interrupted!” Eric growled and pushed me up against a tree trunk and attacked me with a fierce kiss. He grabbed my ass and lifted me off the ground until I was wrapped around his waist and rubbing against him again. His fingers slid inside my skirt and rubbed lightly against my wet panties. I moaned into his mouth and fumbled with the button on his pants, carefully unzipping and peeling the tight fabric away from his hard cock. I felt a tug as he ripped my panties off of me. I pumped his dick with both hands, desperately wanting him inside me. I pulled him by his cock, until his body was close enough that the head of his dick was touching my wet lips. I used my hands to rub it around my slit, teasing my clit and pushing my folds open. “Ég þarf að fá þig núna!” (I need to have you now!) Eric tilted his hips and slammed into me, satisfying us both with the brutal contact. His movements were fast and furious, and I was panting and pumping my body trying to keep up. I was so close to release and he knew it, and he whispered, “Fáðu það fyrir mig!” (Cum for me!). The words flowed right to my sex and started an avalanche of vibrations that gained momentum until my entire body was pulsing around him, squeezing his cock and milking an orgasm from him. I let my head rest against the tree that was supporting my back, closing my eyes and breathing deeply in an attempt to recover from the amazing orgasm that just claimed my body. “Takk fyrir,” (Thank you) I whispered up into the low branches of the tree and heard his voice reply, “það var ekkert.” (You’re welcome)

Eventually, we made our way back to the Gardo Hotel. By the time we entered the lobby, my whole body was numb from the cold. Eric and I immediately made our way to the crackling fire. I held my hands up in front of the glass feeling the prickles of heat work their way through my skin.

It was 5:00 in the morning when I realized how hungry I was. I led Eric to the kitchen to get something to eat before we went to bed. I smiled when I found Lucinda preparing food, as she had been the first time I came to the kitchen. I ordered the same breakfast I had ordered before, and sat with Eric while I ate each delicious bite. I finished my breakfast and thanked Lucinda again before we made our way to our room.

“So….tell me about Las Vegas,” I said as we locked our door behind us.

“It’s a big city in the middle of the Mojave desert.” He looked at me with a deadpan stare. When I smacked his arm he finally cracked a smile. “Not the information you had in mind? Ok, fine,” he teased. “Rebecca Hill, from the Narayana clan, has arranged a suite for us at the Bellagio. I have made arrangements to stay in Vegas for a week so we can see the sights. Our meeting will be Tuesday night at the Bellagio. If you remember the contract we signed with Alex in New York, we also have a videoconference Monday night at 11:00 pm, since that will be 2:00 am Eastern Standard Time. The Bellagio will be able to meet our needs for a videoconference, so that will not be a problem.”

“I don’t remember Zeus and Amun setting up meeting times with us. Did I miss it in the contract?” I had been so pumped after our press conference that it is likely I could have missed a meteorite hitting outside.

“Yes, you must have missed it. Zeus claimed the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, and Amun is set for the first and third Thursday of each month. I have it all entered into my phone, so we won’t miss a meeting. Narayana will take the second and fourth Thursday of each month. They have all agreed to meet at 2:00 am Eastern Standard Time, so that simplifies things quite a bit. We will be in meetings twice a week.”

“When are we leaving?”

“Tonight at 9:00 pm, Eliza has offered to take us. I am anticipating the Supreme Court decision will be some time today. With that and our travel, the next few days are going to be very busy.”

I ran a bath while Eric locked the blinds. When he came to the bathroom he was naked. He stopped in the doorway and smiled at me as I stared openly at his magnificent body. He pulled his hair out of the elastic that was holding it back and shook it out before he joined me, sliding behind me in the tub, wrapping his long legs around my body.

“I could get used to this,” I said as I leaned against his chest, my body melting into his while his arms held me.


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