Getaway Ch 46: Separate But Equal

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Separate But Equal

I was dreaming again. Dreaming about mauling Eric’s body, and reveling in each and every rough and sensuous touch he reciprocated. We were fondling each other with such urgency, fueling a carnal desire that was previously unmatched. The blankets tugged against my skin, and I thrashed to free myself from their constraints. I had to get back to him, back to his touch. A growl vibrated against my body, which lifted the sleepy fog in my brain just enough to get me to open my eyes. In the near darkness of our room, I discovered that I was straddling Eric’s body, frozen as I realized that we were in the midst of foreplay. This was the first time I had found myself having sex while sleeping. I had assumed it was a dream. It wasn’t.

I felt the wetness between my legs and peered down into Eric’s face to see a positively feral look in his eyes. I didn’t hesitate any longer and impaled myself on his hard cock, which I had been holding firmly in my hand. He moaned and closed his eyes as I braced myself on his chest, tilting my hips forward, rubbing my clit against him. He cupped my breasts and squeezed enough to send a shiver of pleasure through me. I arched my back as I rode him. I moved at a frantic gallop, and Eric reciprocated by thrusting into me, until I was mumbling, ‘OhYesOhYesOhYesOhYes!’ Our union was powerful, and only intensified as he crunched into his wrist, offering it to me. I latched on and leaned forward, pushing my breasts into his face. He wasted no time biting into my soft skin, drinking deeply as we both came in violent and wild spurts.

As the tremors of my orgasm were still shaking my body, I cradled his arm against me, licking his wrist slowly as the wound he had made healed. With his fresh blood coursing through me, my vision in our dark room improved and I could see his face more clearly as he sucked and licked on my breast. I smiled at him and said, “Good evening, stallion.” Sounding a bit breathless.

“Good evening to you too. I love when you wake me up like that.” I cocked my head and stared at him. When I woke him up?

“I was asleep! I thought you….” I trailed off as his smile widened.

“Another wonderful surprise.” He looked at me and could see the confusion on my face. “It’s called sexsomnia.”

My face flushed with the heat of embarrassment, “I don’t know what to say, uh…”

“There is no need to be ashamed. I am always willing to have sex with you. You know that! The stress of our press conference tonight was probably the cause, although you won’t hear me complaining. To be honest, you only beat me by a few minutes. The second I woke up, feeling your hot body next to mine, covered in my scent, and touching my dick like that…..well let’s just say you would have been properly fucked either way.” He emphasized his words by holding my hips steady and twisting under me.

“Mm, sounds good.” I moaned as he continued to move in me, bringing us both to a second, gentle yet still powerful orgasm.

We finally pulled away from each other and made our way to the bathroom, taking turns letting the hot water run over our skin. As I was brushing my hair, I looked in the mirror and noticed my eyes were bloodshot. “My eyes have been killing me since we’ve been here. I wonder what that’s all about.” I said to myself, as I touched the delicate skin of my eyelids. I checked my toiletries in the hopes that I had packed eye drops, and when I didn’t find any, I knew I would need to find some before our meeting.

I opened my luggage where Ella had packed my new clothes, and pulled out the coal gray pencil skirt, matching jacket and the black tiered shell shirt. I put on a black lacy bra, matching panties, and garter belt. I carefully pulled black sheer thigh highs up my legs, smoothing and clipping them in place. The gray suit was beautiful. I swept my hair up into a loose bun, and I thought I looked very professional. Eric turned to face me, and I took in the fitted black pants and rich blue shirt he was wearing. He had his hair pulled back from his face in a braid, and looked incredibly handsome. That was another great thing about our new job together. I got to see him in suits and dressy clothes more often. The modeling world was definitely lacking one stunning vampire.

He whistled slowly as he took in my outfit, apparently he had not been watching me dress. I pulled the hem of my skirt up just enough to reveal the top of my thigh highs and he groaned. I smiled coquettishly, and let my skirt drop into place. “Where is our meeting?”

“The Christiansen’s have been kind enough to offer The Folsom Conference Room for the press conference and our meeting with the Amun and Zeus. I have a feeling that many of the representatives from each clan will be at the conference. The press conference will begin in 30 minutes.”

“I’m going to run downstairs to see if I can find some eye drops.” I kissed his lips softly, slipped on my Louboutin’s, and walked down the hall to the elevator.

I made my way to the front desk, where the same woman that had been working last night was standing, directing traffic to the Folsom Room. She smiled at me and said, “Good evening Ms. Stackhouse. How can I help you?”

“Good Evening to you too! My eyes are so red. Do you happen to know where I could find some eye drops?”

She shook her head and said, “It’s the inversion. Salt Lake City is one of the most polluted cities in the country during the winter. This whole area is surrounded by mountains, so the pollution has nowhere to go. I bet that’s why your eyes are red.” She was very matter of fact about the disgusting air, and pulled her purse out from behind the counter. “I keep these with me for ‘red air days.’ Take one, it’ll last you a day or two.” She handed me a plastic vial from a box of Natural Tears eye drops.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to leave you high and dry!”

“Psh, of course I’m sure. This box has 60 vials. I think I have enough for a while!”

“Thank you so much. Can I ask you something?” I waited for her to nod her head. Seeing as how I couldn’t pick out the information from her brain, I would have to ask. “Where is the Folsom Room? And are there many people waiting? I’m so nervous!”

“It’s on the fourth floor, down the hall to the left. There have been about 15 reporters so far, with their camera and sound guys. We are expecting another 10, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming.” I gulped at the thought of 50 or more people staring at me. Even if some of them were holding cameras, they would still be staring at me! “Just remember why you’re doing this. I have been a vampire rights supporter for years, obviously.” She gestured around her, “The Christiansen’s have been amazing to work for, and to think that they don’t have the same rights as everyone else, well, it just chaps my hide.” I laughed quietly at the imagery her comment brought to mind. “Oh, you know what I mean. Give ‘em heck!” I smiled at her and thanked her for the eye drops again and made my way up to our room.

The eye drops helped immediately and my nearness to Eric was already soothing my nerves. He put his hand on the small of my back and said, “It’s time.” Sensing my panic, he added, “I’ll be right there with you, the whole time. We’re in this together.” I smiled at him weakly, but managed to move my legs towards the door. “Ella was kind enough to let your friends and family know about the press conference, so you will have a familiar audience watching you.” I smiled at the thought of Jason, Tara and Sam piled around a television watching me defend vampire’s rights.

The Folsom Conference Room was decorated in the same beautiful way as the rest of the hotel. Although most of tables had been removed, there were probably a hundred velvet lined, rounded wooden chairs arranged as an audience, and a beautiful desk that had been turned away from the crowd, functioning as a podium for us to stand behind. A long oval table was pushed against the left side of the room, which would be moved into position for our meeting after the press conference. I pulled my little notes out of my jacket pocket, things that I had thought of on our flight to Salt Lake City, not knowing at the time how soon I would be using them. I was relieved I had planned ahead. I put my notes down on the desk, and began to pace nervously as the press situated themselves among the seats, arranging cameras and microphones throughout the room, leaving a tangle of black cords along the floor. I turned and bumped into Eric. He put his large cool hands on my shoulders, and I looked up into his face. His hands cupped my face as I stared at him and he whispered “together” to me as he kissed me softly on the lips. I smiled at him and was drawn away from our peaceful moment when I heard a murmur of voices. I looked towards the door and noticed Lavar and his wives had entered the room. The women stood together, unified and strong near the back of the room while Lavar made his way through the crowd to join us at the desk.

“My name is Lavar Christiansen. Welcome to the Gardo Hotel. It is my honor to present Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse. They will be answering questions pertaining to the Johnson v. Schwarzenegger case, and the rights of vampires to marry whomever they choose. Thank you.” The crowd applauded his introduction and he disappeared back through the crowd and joined his wives. Sarah stood smiling at me, and it was comforting to see a familiar face in the sea of people in front of me.

I took a seat perched on the edge of a tall chair positioned behind the desk and tried to remain composed as cameras flashed around us. Eric sat next to me, and kept his hand around my waist, helping me feel grounded and calm.

There was a cacophony of voices, and finally one fought through and made itself louder than the rest, “Ms. Stackhouse, are you human?”

I smiled and answered, “Yes.” Eric answered, preemptively, “I am not.”

Another voice singled out, “Mr. Northman, do you support Ms. Johnson’s case?”

“Yes I do. I can fully appreciate her desire to marry her human mate.” He turned to gaze at me as he rubbed his thumb in small circles against my ribs.

“If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Ms. Johnson, will you take advantage of the federal laws supporting your right to marry?” Posing the question to both of us.

I deferred to Eric, who was ready to say, “Nothing would make me happier.” A few women in the audience let out a loud ‘Awww’ as they watched him gaze into my face.

An angry voice made it’s way out of the crowd, “Marriage is between a man and a woman. A living man and woman, to honor and cherish until death do us part.”

“I don’t see how a heartbeat has anything to do with my ability to love and commit to this woman.”

The same voice spat, “Marriage is for procreation, and has been since the beginning of time.” I finally found him in the crowd.

I jumped in, ready to offer my opinion, “Does that mean that a woman that has had a hysterectomy should be denied a marriage license? I think not! Honestly, how can you even suggest that the only reason for marriage is for procreation? If that were the case, how do you explain why you don’t have any children?” I plucked the thoughts right out of his head. Sometimes it was just too easy to get inside people’s heads, and I couldn’t resist using it against him. He shut his mouth and sat down, looking curious and confused, which was an improvement over his previously angry face.

Eric joined me, “As for the ‘beginning of time’ comment, let me just say that your ideals of marriage are not congruent with the history of marriage. Marriage is an institution founded on controlling women and gaining land and livestock. Women were treated like property. I personally prefer the idea of marriage for love and common interests. My desire to marry this human woman has nothing to do with the roots of marriage.”

Another, equally angry voice came from the crowd, “If the federal government legalizes vampire/human marriage, what is to stop people from marrying their pets, or their sibling?”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Are you seriously suggesting that my marriage to a vampire is akin to me marrying my brother?” I scrunched up my face and knowing my brother would be watching, I looked at the bank of cameras and added, “No offense Jason, but Ew!” The crowd laughed at my comment to my brother, diffusing the anger in the room.

We were asked a number of questions, all voicing the concerns of ‘the general public.’ Some of which were that vampire/human marriage is: offensive to religious people, it would violate the sanctity of ‘normal’ marriage, that it’s unnatural (quoting federal necrophilia rulings), repulsive (to which Eric flashed his most winning smile and shut the woman up, mid-sentence), will encourage vampires to recruit, (and my personal favorite) that vampires want to marry humans so they have a constant supply of blood.

Eric and I took turns answering each and every question, patiently discounting the validity of their claims. I was prepared and fired up, and tried my best to remain composed and respectful. This was an issue very near and dear to my heart, and I found it easy to speak out. Eric was as charming as always, and had plenty of historical evidence that supported his comments.

I leaned away from Eric so I could turn to face him, saying “Eric is like many vampires in this country, and has been mainstreaming in human society since the Great Revelation several years ago. He owns a business, pays taxes, employs humans and vampires, owns a home and has a family.” I turned to face the audience. “I want ya’ll to tell me why it is that he should be denied the same rights as everyone else in this country. Go on. Tell me! Explain to me why it is that child molesters and drug dealers are free to marry whoever they want, yet I am not allowed to marry the man that I love?” I laced my fingers through his, and squeezed his palm against mine. “I want you to justify why you think it is ok that we should not be able to partake in the following rights, protections and benefits: taxes, estate planning, government, employment, medical, housing and consumer. This is the perfect opportunity for the United States of America to redefine marriage so that it is inclusive. Not exclusive. Clearly, the Defense of Marriage Act needs to be abandoned, so that everyone will be eligible for and benefit from marriage. I’m not talking about bestiality, incest, or lowering the legal age of marriage. I’m talking about consenting adults: heterosexual, homosexual, or polygamist. The minute you sign a marriage license, you are given over a thousand rights. Everyone deserves to have those rights. ‘Separate But Equal’ is not equal at all!” I felt a rush of power surge through me, and when I looked at Eric’s face I saw his pride and love for me.

My speech effectively ended the press conference. Many people from the audience were nodding their heads in approval, which is more than I was hoping for. There were still a few faces, full of contempt, watching me suspiciously because they could not understand how I could advocate for the rights of the undead.

Lavar returned to the Folsom Room with the staff, directing them to rearrange furniture and remove the chairs we would not need, as the press bundled cords and packed their cameras. Eric lifted his nose and sniffed in the direction of the demon closest to us, the woman from the front desk. His eyes narrowed and his body tensed. We were still being closely watched, so I whispered to him, “Hún er ekki mennsk. Við getum treyst henni.” (She isn’t human. We can trust her.) He calmed down immediately and said, “Ég skil.” (I understand.)

Eventually the room cleared out, leaving a scattering of people. They sat quietly, and after scanning them quickly, realized that they were vampires and must be here for the meeting.

My cell phone vibrated in my jacket pocket. I pulled it out and glanced at the screen, laughing as I read the text from Jason. ‘Love ya too, sis.’ I showed the screen to Eric and he smiled.

The long oval table was set up with 20 chairs in the center of the room. Lavar motioned for us to take two seats at the head of the table, sitting next to each other. Lavar, Jane, Harriet, Caroline, Mary, Esther, Eliza and Sarah sat down next to us, making the table feel rather full. The vampires that had been at the press conference joined us at the table. Greeting each other with a silent nod.

Lavar spoke first, “I would like to thank Stephanie Adams for arranging the Amun clan to come all this way for our meeting with Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse.” A woman dressed in a conservative emerald green suit nodded her head to Lavar. “I would also like to welcome my fellow Zeus governing board members.” He nodded to a few vampires seated next to his wives. “I think introductions are in order.”

The vampires around the table took turns introducing themselves to us, for my benefit. When the rounds had been made, I said, “Thank you for meeting with us.”

Stephanie looked at Eric and I. “I don’t think there is much to discuss. I speak for the Amun clan when I say that based on what I have seen tonight, we are ready to hire you to represent us.” The other members of the Amun clan nodded their heads in approval. I smiled at Stephanie, and she reciprocated with a genuinely warm smile that made her bright green eyes sparkle.

Lavar looked down at the Zeus members and came to a silent agreement. “The Zeus clan is also ready to put you to work.”

“Sookie and I have a stipulation that must be included in our contract.” They all nodded in unison, encouraging Eric to continue. “Sookie is a telepath, and her gift must not be used for any reason other than her work here. Before you ask, she can only read human minds, and we insist that you take a vow of secrecy so that her gift does not become common knowledge in the human world. If anyone from either clan tries to use her ability for any other reason, we will withdraw our services.”

Stephanie seemed to have a light bulb go on over her head. “So that is how you knew about that man and his hypocritical comment about marriage and procreation!” I nodded my head and smiled. “What a marvelous gift! Shall we discuss salary?”

Eric nodded and repeated what he had discussed at our meeting in New York. $75,000 a year from each clan for both of us, plus travel expenses. Before the hour was over, the meeting was done and two contracts were drawn and signed. Apparently the message boards used by the clans had been buzzing with discussion over our services, so the Zeus and Amun representatives were prepared.

Eric and I walked out of the meeting, and went to our room so I could relax. After I ordered room service, I opened the armoire, and flipped on the television, finding a local station to watch the ten o’clock news. Nadine Wimmer and Bruce Lindsay on KSL 5 News were discussing our press conference, showing footage of our question and answer segment. I was surprised by their general acceptance of vampire’s rights. Nadine Wimmer even said she hoped that Eric and I could be married.

“People love us!” I said in disbelief. Switching the TV off when they began reading headlines.

“Of course they do. Have you seen me?” He posed like a model for a moment before laughing at himself. I laughed too and hugged him.

We spent the rest of the night rehashing the details of the press conference. Our first job had been nerve wracking and exhilarating. I was definitely looking forward to another occasion to speak my mind, which was already filling with talking points for our next meeting with the press.


For the record, I believe every word I wrote. DOMA is a joke and a flaw in our legal system. Sorry, I’ll step down from my soapbox now, and leave you to review. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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  1. theladykt says:

    Great speech. There is a petition on to repeal DOMA right now (11/14/12)


  2. Meridian says:

    I didn’t know about that site either – great to know! I will never understand how any government could try to define and control an expression of love like marriage! So long as they get our tax money they need to just be happy, STFU, and get over it.

    Oh, and great chapter btw!


  3. mediasavant says:

    I’m going to go sign too, if it’s not too late.
    Excellent chapter.


  4. Tree says:

    Great chapter! I confess to having some skin in the equality game too – my minister (PUUC) was a plaintiff in the case brought by the UCC for marriage equality. When it became the law of the land last summer, I was floored. I really did not think it would happen in this decade. Now, fighting for voter rights -again!- here in N.C.


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