Getaway Ch 42: A First Time for Everything

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Thank you for all of the amazing reviews from the last chapter! I’m glad you all love Laurie, and I just know I am going to have so much fun writing her in the future!

Remember how I describe my story as lemony, and sometimes taboo? Well…this chapter is definitely taboo. Read on (in private…really) and let me know what you think. As always, I want to thank SeriousCrush for her brilliant editing and for her (and her incredible husband’s) brainstorming. You really helped fine tune Sookie giving it to Eric, literally. Enjoy!


A First Time for Everything

True to her word, Pam called me the next night and gave me the name of a personal assistant she had hired in the past. “Her name is Ella Golding, and she will do almost anything you ask her to do. Almost.” Pam’s voice was playful. “She is trustworthy, competent, has excellent taste in clothes and shoes, and is unfortunately married; to a human man. Some people just don’t know what they’re missing.”

I laughed into the phone, “Honestly Pam, isn’t one girlfriend enough for you?”

“For once in my life? Yes. Speaking of that, I really need to go.” I could hear murmurs in the background as Pam turned her attention to Laurie.

I said goodbye and hung up the phone, smiling at the thought of Pam so utterly whipped. I think if anyone could change Pam’s views about humans as the scum of the earth, Laurie would be the one to do it.

I held up the piece of paper that I had in my hand and dialed the number Pam had given me. After two rings, a melodious voice answered, “Hello, this is Ella.”

“My name is Sookie Stackhouse. I got your number from Pam Ravenscroft. I am in desperate need of a personal assistant.” I finished, lamely.

She laughed and put me at ease immediately, by recounting a few fond memories of the last time she had worked for Pam. We set up a time to meet later that evening, over dinner, where I could interview her. I hung up the phone and turned around to see Eric waiting.

“She seems so nice! We’re meeting for dinner tonight. I’m nervous.”

“You shouldn’t be. This is her job, and I am sure if you got a good feeling about her, you will be fast friends.” He put his arms around me, reassuringly.

I smiled against his chest and hoped he was right. “Are you going to Fangtasia tonight?”

“No, Pam is going to bring Laurie in with her, to keep her company. I’m sure the patrons won’t mind watching that.” He laughed.

“Does that mean I have you to myself?” I asked, tugging on the waistband of his jeans. He nodded. “Why don’t we try out our new toy?” I cocked my head at him, confused.

“I’ll give you a hint. It’s purple and straps on….” He said in a sultry voice.

“Uh, Ok….” I said, having a hard time finding my voice.

He pulled a small wave-shaped bottle with a purple lid out of his pocket. “This will help.” I looked closely and saw the small purple print, ‘Astroglide’ across the front. I gulped. “I put the toy in your room, why don’t we start there?”

I smiled shyly at him, my heart was pounding and he looked positively thrilled. The bed in my room was still pushed against the wall, and positioned in the middle was a towel, displaying the harness and the purple dildo from the PLC Sex Shop. We faced each other and started kissing, and before too long, our impatient fingers were tugging on each other’s shirts and jeans. He was standing naked, with his amazing dick springing up from his body. I stood in my bra and panties, and Eric took plenty of time to kiss and lick at the skin around the edges, driving me wild. I kicked my panties off, and tugged my bra off my arms, making my breasts bounce. Eric dipped his head down and licked and sucked on the sensitive skin around my nipples. I moaned and pushed against him. He pulled away from me, and reached over to grab the harness.

I chewed on my bottom lip while I watched Eric adjust the thigh straps and the hip strap, pulling a solid leather piece away from a center ring. He reached for the dildo and pushed it through the center ring that the hip and thigh straps were hooked to. He wiggled the solid leather piece back into position until it was flush with the base of the dildo. He looked at my nervous and excited face and smiled widely. He kneeled in front of me guiding my foot into one of the thigh straps, then the other. He slid the harness up my legs, holding onto the purple dildo until it was positioned against my pubic bone.

“Hold this, right here.” He said, wiggling the base of the dildo against my pubic bone. I did as I was told and held it against my body with my fingertips, as he adjusted the straps. Eric tightened the hip strap first, keeping it low on my hips, until it was pressing down on the top of my ass. Then his fingers found the thigh straps that crossed up the back of my ass, connecting to the back of the hip harness, and adjusted them. He made small alterations until the harness was snug against my skin. I reached down below the dildo, to find the solid leather patch had a notch cut out, for easy access to my already very wet pussy. I shivered. Eric watched me accidentally touch myself, and I felt like I needed to justify myself for some reason. “I didn’t know it would be so, uh, open for me.”

“The better to eat you with, my dear.” Eric said, flashing me his fangs. He pushed me to the edge of the bed. “Open your legs for me, Lover.” I did as I was told again, watching the purple dildo bounce as I moved, and was rewarded with him burying his face between my legs, licking my clit softly. Soon, his tongue pushed at my slit, and licked at the moisture beginning to seep out of my body. His fingers joined his mouth and rubbed lazy circles around my clit, squeezing and rubbing around the bottom of the harness, pushing just right until he worked me to a breathtaking orgasm. As I leaned back on the bed, trying to catch my breath, he licked his way up my hips, and up the length of the dildo. The harness dug into my skin as the dildo moved in and out of his mouth. Was this what it was like when he watched me give him a blowjob? Maybe. Well, except for the fact that he had nerves in his dick, and mine was made of silicone. He looked up at me and smiled around the dick in his mouth, making his teeth glow purple. I giggled, thinking he looked like he had just eaten a blueberry pie. He pointed his tongue and flicked the tip, bouncing it off of my stomach as he stood up.

“Where should we, uh…..” I trailed off. Never had I been at such a loss for words!

“Fuck?” He finished. “The swing. I want you to fuck me in the swing.” He walked over and positioned the swing close to the wall, so he could steady himself with his hand as he positioned his hips in the main harness, spreading his legs out to meet the support legs of the frame. I picked up his pants, pulled the small bottle out and walked over to him. “Stand here,” he pointed at the ground near his face, “So I can watch you get ready.” His voice was hot and sexy. I flipped open the bottle and squeezed a bit of Astroglide into my hand.

“Is this enough?” I asked, showing him the glistening pool in my hand.

“Yes, now rub it all over your dick.” He said, grinning wickedly. I was embarrassed and turned on, all at the same time. I let the lube slide out of my palm, coating the dildo from base to tip. I used one hand to keep it steady and the other to coat ‘my dick’ until it was shiny and slippery. “Good. Now I want you to fuck me.”

I moved to stand behind him, and gently touched his amazing ass, caressing and massaging the muscles that rippled under my fingers. I had never had the pleasure of enjoying his perfect ass from this angle before, and it only managed to turn me on more. I pushed his cheeks apart and used my hand to guide the head of my dick against his tight opening. He let out an audible breath and relaxed against me as I pushed forward, the purple head disappearing inside him. “Uuugh.” He moaned as I continued to lean into him. I stopped and waited for directions. “It’s Ok, Lover. You won’t hurt me.” His voice was breathy.

I pulled out of him and pushed back in, slightly faster than the last time. I realized that I was using a completely different set of muscles than I was used to, so I hooked my thumbs through the hip strap and used my hands to help pump my hips. It took a few more thrusts before I finally found a good rhythm, but when I did, I was rewarded with his moans of pleasure. As I fucked him, I felt myself transform into another person. I was tempted to spank his ass and tell him ‘You like that! Don’t you, Blondie?’ The strap on seemed to be turning me into some sort of male stereotype, yet at the same time I felt empowered and more feminine than I ever had. My delicate hips became a force to be reckoned with. The power coursed through me, helping maintain my focus, increasing the pleasure for both of us. He was moaning louder letting me know he was close, and reached a hand under his body and stroked his own cock, following the rhythm that I had found. With every thrust, my hips slapped against his ass, and the base of the dildo pushed down against my clit. His hand sped up, squeezing the tip of his dick as I fucked him, “Oh yes. I’m going to cum!” He wheezed. I tilted my hips, giving greater pressure with each thrust. The sight of him splashing cum all over the floor, combined with the friction on my clit, made me scream his name as I had another amazing orgasm. His body twitched under me and finally relaxed.

I pulled out of him and sat on the bed to give my legs a rest. “Wow, that was amazing…..and exhausting! How do you manage to walk after sex?” I asked, marveling at how different our bodies were.

Eric pulled himself up out of the swing, walked over to me and said, “You have to keep in mind that my muscles have an excellent memory. Want me to show you?”

I looked down his torso and saw his marvelous body respond, his dick coming to attention again. I nodded my head and lifted my hip trying to find the buckle that held the harness on my hips. “No, keep it on. You look so sexy.” I blushed and looked down. The contrast between my soft round skin and the dark hard harness and dildo was quite striking.

Eric picked up my legs and bent my knees until my feet were on the edge of the bed. He lifted my hips up, until my body was an incline and I was resting on my shoulder blades. “Oh, Lover, you’re so wet.” He moaned as he pushed into me, holding my body steady with each smooth thrust. His movements were slow and precise. Each thrust was accompanied with a swivel of his hips, sweeping the head of his cock in a corkscrew path inside me. He lifted my legs and propped them against his chest and released his hold on my hips. He lifted an eyebrow and put his hands out on either side, as he continued to drill into me. “Show offfffff.” I managed to get out just as I came for the third time.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. You seem to enjoy it.” He smirked at me. He wrapped my legs around his waist and wormed his thumb in the small notch in the harness, and rubbed my clit as he drove into me, harder and faster. “Cum for me, Lover.” I did, gladly. His voice, thumb, and dick all worked together to coax another orgasm from me, this time, accompanied by his own powerful orgasm.

Eric collapsed on the bed next to me. “You never cease to amaze me.” He said, as he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “If someone had asked me, that first night we met, if you would be the love of my life, the most adventurous lover, the funniest woman, the most important human in all of my existence, I would not have dignified their question with an answer. But look at me. Look at us!” He gestured down to the strap on that was still firmly attached to my body, and over to the sex swing. He picked up my hand and flattened it on his chest. “If my heart could beat, it would beat for you. You are my everything.”

I blushed at his words, so touching, honest, and funny. How could I top that? I don’t think I could, so I just smiled at him and said, “Thank you.” A few years ago, I would have run the other direction if someone had told me that I would be sporting a strap on and fucking an ancient vampire. Things had changed. I had changed. And there was no going back. I looked down my body again and was taken by how completely bizarre I looked and started laughing. The purple dildo bobbing up and down only spurred me on. Eric laughed with me, and before I knew it I was crying and clutching my sides, which were painful from laughing. I gasped and wiped my eyes, willing myself to calm down. “We really are something, aren’t we?” I laughed again.

“Yes, we are.”

“Really? I am the most adventurous lover?” I scoffed, since he was clearly lying. I could count my lovers on one hand, even if I had worked at a steel mill and lost a few fingers. Eric on the other had must have had thousands of sexual partners.

“It’s true! I have spent my life surrounded by humans that were too afraid of change. You are different. You are comfortable with yourself, and that is the most important aspect of life. Instead of fearing the unusual, you embrace it. Probably in no small part due to the fact that you yourself are abnormal.” I smacked his chest, “Hey!” He shook his head, “No, no. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s not an insult! It’s lovely. You are lovely. Your passion for life is only superseded by mine.”

I shook my head at him, and glanced at the clock. “Oh god, I’m supposed to meet Ella in a half an hour!”

“Where are you meeting her?”

“The Olive Street Bistro.” I answered as I sat up, twisting to unbuckle the harness. His large hands wrapped around mine, stopping my frantic movements. He deftly unbuckled the hip strap, which loosened the tension on the thigh straps. “Thank you. I need to figure out how to use this thing!” He smiled and lounged on the bed again. I stood up, and the weight of the harness caused it to slip off my body and fall to the floor. “What should I do with this?” I asked holding up the purple dildo.

“I’ll wash it with the special cleaner that it came with. I washed it earlier while you were on the phone.” I loved a man with a plan.

“How much should I offer Ella? Assuming, of course that I want to hire her.”

“If you decide to hire her, you should bring her here so that we can discuss her wages, and so I can meet her, of course. We should be prepared to offer her $40,000 a year, or more.”

“What?! To think that I busted my ass every day working at Merlotte’s for half that!”

“I have been trying to tell you for a long time there are other things you could have been doing besides waiting tables! A good personal assistant is worth it, you will see. Besides, we already got our first check from the Moshup clan. I deposited it into our checking account.”

Our checking account?” He nodded, walked over to my dresser and handed me a visa debit card. “You have got to stop carrying cash.” I shrugged. I was used to paying for everything with tip money. There’s nothing like the look of a cashier at Albertson’s when he takes your wad of singles in exchange for groceries. Oddly, waitressing is not the first occupation they think of. “Fine, I’ll use this. Did you already activate the PIN?”

He nodded and told me the four digit number. I tucked the card inside my purse, and went back to picking out something to wear. I wanted to make a good first impression, and felt amazing in the beautiful circle skirt I had taken to New York City. I pulled it out, grateful that I had thought to get it cleaned. I pulled it on, and finished the outfit with the lovely Louboutin’s Pam had gifted me. I visited the bathroom quickly and ran a brush through my hair, smoothing out the crazier strands, and applied lipstick. I walked quickly to my room to find Eric still naked, lounging across the bed. “Goodbye, Killer. Thank you for earlier, it was amazing as always. I will see you in a couple of hours.”

“I look forward to meeting her!” He was far more confident about this than I was. His request to be a part of hiring her made a lot of sense, since she would be very close to our lives. I nodded and leaned over to kiss him, leaving a deep red print on his lips. “I think that’s your color.” I teased as I walked out the door.

I pulled up to the restaurant right on time, and as I made my way inside, I found myself standing next to a beautiful dark haired woman. Her hair was pulled up into a sophisticated bun, delicate strands of hair trailed down her neck and around her face, contrasting her fair skin and beautiful dark blue eyes. She wore a tight black sweater, low cut enough to show the top of her pale pink lacy camisole, and a black and white plaid skirt, that hugged her body perfectly, accentuating her femininity. Her boots had four inch heels and were shiny black, patent leather, disappearing under the hem of her skirt, which came down just below her knees. She must have noticed me checking her out because she turned to face me.

“Sookie?” She asked, in the same melodious voice I had heard on the phone.

“Ella?!” She nodded and held out her hand. “I love your outfit! Those boots! I need boots like that.”

“I was going to say the same thing! That skirt is stunning, and those shoes! Louboutin’s?” She asked trying to peek at the soles. I turned and lifted my foot. “Mm, those are beautiful! Our table is waiting. Shall we?”

I had a very good feeling about this meeting.


Levebreaks, my dear, I know you were nervous about the strap on, and I REALLY hope you still love me. What about the rest of you? Do you still love me?

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  1. theladykt says:

    Go adventurers!!!


  2. Meridian says:

    Gotta love a Sookie who can “give” as well as “receive”! 😀 Well-written!


  3. media_savant says:

    I love daring, spunky Sookie!


  4. jilllapet says:

    Oh dear lord.. that was hot!


  5. andrea says:

    Whatever floats their boat is fine with me ! After 1000 years it seems natural to have experienced all kind of sex. I just love the fact that “your” Sookie is not afraid to try new things with Eric.


  6. Tree says:

    I admit, I had a hard time reading this. Then I sat and had a good think as to why…stupid societal rules I guess? So, I read it again. 🙂 And oh, I love Pam and Laurie!


    • Yeah, I get that a lot… It’s not for the faint of heart, right? Societal rules very clearly outline what sex is meant to be. Anything that strays is taboo. That’s why I’m here. To break taboos! 🙂 Pam and Laurie are the best. I wrote a little one shot just for them (if you want to pop over and read it). 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


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