Getaway Ch 40: Some Assembly Required

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Some Assembly Required

I had managed to nap for most of our flight to Atlanta, and then again on the flight home. By the time the shuttle dropped us off at home, I felt rested, despite our evening of travel. Eric put his travel coffin down in the front room, and I found myself hovering near him trying to see what he had bought in the PLC Sex Shop. I had an idea of what it was, but needed to see it for myself. He tortured me by making me wait, as he texted Pam. “Pam’s coming over in a while; she wants to discuss business at Fangtasia.” My face lit up, I would get to show her my new pink Dior shoes. I just knew she would love them!

He bent over the coffin and unlocked it, my mind snapped from my growing shoe collection to the mystery in the coffin. Eric smiled at me and I held my breath while I watched him. The latches clicked and he swung the lid open, revealing our luggage and the bag he had walked out of the shop with. Everything had shifted in the flight, and the bag had moved down, exposing the edge of the box. I squealed in delight as I saw it. “I knew it! You got us a swing! Ooo, and a stand!” I smiled at him. The stand was made of four sturdy legs, with support bars, and the swing and harnesses connected to the center.

“I wasn’t sure where you would want to put it, so I thought something a bit more portable would be a better choice than mounting it to the ceiling.” Eric was still smiling at me, pleased with himself for getting me the perfect gift. Whoever said ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ must not have known about sex swings.

“I want it in my room.” I said, looking at the ground, embarrassed.

Eric chuckled softly, lifted my face and peppered it with kisses, “Anything for you, Lover.”

I took the box containing the swing into my room, while Eric carried the stand box. We moved the bed out of the way to have a larger workspace and sat down to put it together.

There were relatively few pieces, and after slipping a few nuts, bolts and pins into place, the stand was ready. If you removed a bolt on each of the support bars, the legs of the stand could nest together, so it could be moved easily. “What are those for?” I asked, pointing to the metal loops built into the frame. Eric picked the box up and read the little blurb out loud, “Built-in steel loops are ‘bondage ready.’” Oh, the possibilities were endless.

I unpacked the box and straightened the harness out on the floor, connecting the spring to the ring just above the bar. I handed the harness to Eric, and he hooked the other side of the spring to the stand. I stood back, marveling at how sexy it looked. Eric sat down on the lowest harness and pushed himself back and forth a few times. He grinned at me and patted his lap. I held onto the stand, and climbed onto his lap. I grabbed the bar over my head and swung my legs around his body. He swung again, and each time he moved his body, his pelvis tilted and his cock rubbed against me. He leaned forward and buried his face between my breasts.

“I have a problem with this.” I said, nearly breathless.

He pulled away from me, surprised. “We need to be naked.” I answered before he asked.

Eric stood up, lifting me off of the swing with him. He unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off of me, trailing his fingers around the edges of my bra, down my side, and to the zipper of my skirt. With a fluid zzzzzzip, my skirt fell to the ground in a pool of white, red, turquoise and orange around my feet. Eric inhaled sharply. Before we left for the airport, Eric had divested me of my panties. He kneeled before me leaving a path of kisses down my stomach and along the edge of the creamy white garter belt holding up my stockings. The garter belt framed the neat triangle of blonde curls just above my sex, the silky material trailing down the front and back of my legs. “Do you know how hard it was to keep my hands to myself during the flight, knowing that this is what you were wearing under that skirt?” I shook my head, pretending not to know the effect I was having on him. He continued, “Knowing that all I had to do was lift the edge of your skirt and follow these beautiful legs up into the most deliciously soft and warm place my whole body yearns for?” He was caressing my legs as he spoke, fingering the edge of my thigh highs. “Knowing that this was waiting for me?” He emphasized the word by leaning forward and kissing my mound.

I braced myself on his shoulders as his tongue expertly separated my lips, pulsing, pink, and engorged. His tongue swirled around my clit, pulling a groan from my lips and a flood of moisture from inside me. His tongue darted into me, lapping at the liquid like a butterfly feeding from nectar.

He stood up, and lifted me into the harness. While he quickly undressed, I adjusted my body until my back and my ass were firmly supported. I leaned back, straightened my legs, and wrapped them around the main part of the harness, opening myself to him. He growled in response and feasted on me, hungrily licking and sucking at the soft folds of skin. Eric’s talented mouth swiftly brought me to an orgasm, heightened by the incessant movement of his tongue, continuing to push and sweep through me as my body quaked under him. He stroked my wet lips with his fingers, coating them with cum and using it to swathe his cock until it was shiny. My eyes focused on his dick and I felt a surge of lust course through me.

He wiggled his body until my pussy was kissing the head of his cock. “Please.” I begged. He thrust into me, squeezing the inside of my thighs. He used his thumbs to push my lips together, putting enough pressure on my clit that I shook with a small orgasm. I couldn’t take my eyes away, watching as he moved in and out, like the ebb and flow of the ocean. He continued to put pressure on either side of my clit, “You like to watch me? Watch while I fuck you?” He whispered.

His voice went right to my center. I nodded and came. Never missing an opportunity to increase my pleasure, he continued to slide into me, deliberately pausing after each powerful thrust. I was babbling something completely incoherent, and my eyes rolled into my head as I gave into this blissful moment. My entire body contracted with each pulse, spurring Eric on, deeper and harder until he too, was overthrown with an intense release. “Gggaaah.” He mumbled as his body trembled against me.

He reached up and pulled my legs down from the swing supports, kissing each stocking-covered leg as they passed by his face. Eric was distracted by a knock on the door. “Perfect timing. Thank you, Pam.” He smiled at me and pulled his pants on before leaving the room. I rummaged through my dresser until I found a robe that I could pull on.

I waved hello to Pam, and went to the kitchen to fix myself eggs and toast, while they discussed business. I jumped up onto the counter and leaned against the cupboards behind me to eat, only half listening to the dull conversation about bar supplies and new tables.

After cleaning up, I joined them in the living room. I sat down next to Eric and felt a relaxing wave wash over me as he absentmindedly caressed my leg. I closed my eyes and leaned against him. Their business talk finally ended, and my eyes snapped open, jumping at finally having a turn to talk.

“Pam! You have to see my new shoes!” I squeaked, getting up from the couch and pulling my luggage from the coffin. I pulled my pretty pink shoes out and handed them to Pam. Her fangs descended slowly as she admired the shoes.

“Pink Diors? You lucky bitch!” She said, envy evident in her voice.

“You can borrow them, if you like.” I added, quickly, turning her frown upside-down. “I have a matching coat too. Want to see it?” She nodded emphatically. I unfolded the trench coat and she snatched it out of my hands before I could hold it up for her.

“Can I borrow this too? I have a date tonight.” She added, holding her head up high.

“Do tell!” I gushed, sitting across from her and leaning forward to get every detail.

“While you ‘girls’ catch up, I’m going to unpack.” Eric said, planting a kiss on my head as he walked by me, he picked up his luggage and disappeared downstairs.

“Her name is Laurie, she is a school teacher, and she is so hot.” Pam began. Her fangs continued to elongate as she described her new love interest. “We met at the grocery store, of all places. I couldn’t find the display holding the bottled blood, so I was wandering around the store, aimlessly, when I bumped into a beautiful red headed woman. She had a small cart full of produce, candy, and booze, which I thought was funny. So we started talking and she offered to help me find the blood I was looking for.”

“So she knew right away that you were a vampire?”

“Well, this is not easy to hide,” she motioned to her fangs “since I obviously can’t control them around her.” She laughed and continued her story. “We have spent the last two nights together, and I have never been so smitten with a human before! She is so witty, so clever. She knows what she wants and is bold enough to take it.” She gave me a wicked grin.

“I can’t wait to meet her!” I said, patting Pam’s knee.

“Eric agreed to run Fangtasia tonight, and if you plan on going in with him, I would be willing to come by and share her for a few minutes.”

“It’s a plan.” I reached over and hugged her then pulled back and whispered, “Do you want to see what Eric got for me?” I bit my lip and tensed my shoulders, waiting for her answer. Pam nodded, suddenly excited too.

I stood up and pulled her off the couch, down the hall and to my room. I pushed the door open and moved out of the way, revealing the swing.

Clearly in shock, Pam dropped my hand and covered her mouth. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me and said, “Ok, who are you, and what have you done to Sookie?” I laughed out loud and said, “I know, right?”

I told her about meeting Tess, being invited to Amante’s and how I had mentioned that I wanted one for home. She stopped me short. “You went to a sex club? You willingly, went to a sex club?” I nodded my head. “Queen Tess has quite a reputation, I can’t believe you met her.”

“Tess is great! Her human, Scott is perfect for her, giving as good as he gets. I even managed to take a step on the wild side and perform in the Voyeur Room with Eric!” I said in a whisper.

Pam picked me up and squeezed me hard enough that I thought she might break a rib, but put me down just short of making me pass out. “Sookie!! Look at you go! What else did you do while you were in New York City?”

I told her about the meeting, and about spending time with Alex and Amando. “Have you met Amando? I simply adore him! You know, he is the reason why Alex asked you for so many of those Fangtasia calendars. They are legendary in his circle of friends.”

“No, I have not met him, but Alex talks enough about him that I know he must be something. Did you get a chance to go to Bent?”

I nodded again and told her about our night there, and our run in with Rick. She shuddered and said, “Creeps like that should meet their final death. Seriously, who says ‘juicy tits’?” She made a gack noise and wrinkled her nose.

“Eric also took me to the New York Botanical Garden. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it, the greenhouses are stunning! I imagine there are Gardens everywhere, so maybe you could take Laurie on a date to one.” I nudged her with my elbow.

“That would be perfect! She’s a science teacher, so I’m sure she would get all gooey over plants. I like gooey.” She licked her lips. I had to hit her arm to make her stop. “Maybe you could be gone some time so we could use the swing.”

I considered it for a minute then said, “Only if you promise to clean it. I am not a fan of other’s gooey-ness.” She laughed and held up three fingers, “I promise.” Who knew Pam was a girl scout? I took her word for it and told her it would be fine with me.

Pam left just before sunrise, giving me enough time to let Eric know Pam wanted to borrow the swing some time soon. He smiled and said, “I love that you share your things with Pam.”

“She’s like my sister. I always wanted a sister!” This was definitely the kind of family I was happy to be a part of. I snuggled against him and we fell asleep.


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