Getaway Ch 4: Mile High

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Mile High

I smiled up at him and patted the seat next to me, inviting him to sit with me.

“This is the first flight I’ve been on where I’ve been a passenger with a seat. These planes haven’t been around for very long, so this is all new to me.” Still grinning he leaned closer to me “I have also never joined the mile high club.” He waggled his eyebrows at me suggestively.

Now it was my turn to grin and blush a little as I turned my head to his ear and told him all about my dream. I had also mentioned that it had been terribly unsatisfying since I couldn’t really feel him in me. Nice, but not good enough. “Soooooo” I drawled out, “Do you think you could help me turn that dream into something much more tingly?”

He didn’t answer me with words, just a light brush of his fingers down my leg then back up. The plane wasn’t full by any means, there were probably only 15 passengers on this flight, most of them were vampires. Eric must not be the only one that enjoyed the low sun in the winter this far north. I scanned the few human minds and heard sex, blood, more sex. Always the same. I’m glad I was the only telepath on this plane since I would be lumped in with the rest of them if anyone listened to me.

As Eric continued to stroke my leg I mentioned to him casually that the flight attendant had been checking me out and was terrified of my possible boyfriend. “What?! He actually hit on you?” Eric almost shouted, anger flaring in him.

“Not exactly,” I reassured him in a whisper, “He’s a human and I listened to him with my ability. It was just too hard not to listen in on him since he couldn’t pull his eyes away from my chest.” Once I said that, Eric’s eyes moved to my chest as well, taking note for the first time of the low cut sweater I was wearing. If I thought he looked horny before, I clearly hadn’t waited long enough! I cleared my throat, which brought his glazed eyes back up to meet mine. “Sorry Lover, I was just having a flashback of last night, that was really, really amazing.” I felt so powerful and incredibly sexy.

I stood up, and passing him I had to stoop down a little to get by the storage compartment overhead putting my full cleavage right in his face. He leaned forward with his tongue out and I had to slap him a little to get him to regain his senses. “I think we should investigate the bathroom, just in case I might actually need it at some point.” I winked at him and he stood up very smoothly, took my hand, and followed me to the front of the cabin.

The flight attendant stationed at the front of the plane was the one I had met earlier. He made the mistake of peeking out of the narrow hall he had been standing in, and after seeing us walking towards him, he let out a yelp as he crammed himself back into the small food prep area. Oh if only that could be me. All these years I’ve worked this job and I have never had a beautiful woman drag me anywhere! Oh shut up Alex.

I smiled at him and winked, he blushed and turned his back to us. I stepped in first and Eric followed. No sense in trying to pretend to anyone what we were there for. No playing games here, everyone who watched us walk up the isle knew that we were about to have sex. As soon as the door locked, Eric’s hands and mouth were on me. I was trying to tug his shirt off and more than once I hit my elbows on the walls in this little room. There was a small standing area and a large hanger hook near one corner, probably so you could hang clothes and change in here. The hook was solid and sturdy. He groped my breasts through my sweater then impatiently pulled it off my head. We were standing there, topless (well almost) and I jumped up on his body so I could kiss him properly and rub against his chest. It’s a good thing he wasn’t an inch taller since his hair was already touching the ceiling.

Our kiss was hot and fast and deep, everything I had come to expect from the master. He turned me around and put me on the tiny sink counter and his nimble fingers had my jeans off in less than 10 seconds. His bursts of speed were always amazing, and always made me appreciate when he took things slow with me since I knew what kind of self-restraint it must require. He kissed his way down my body then tugged my panties down with his teeth. Yikes.

He impatiently dropped his pants around his ankles and stood proudly before me, he knew just how tasty he looked. I licked my lips to urge him on. He lifted me and pushed the head of his hard cock at my entrance, teasing me just enough to make me force him the rest of the way in. I grunted, “Against the wall, I need something to hold on to!” He was happy to comply and twirled us around until my back was resting on the smooth cold wall. Yep, just like in my dream, only real. I reached up and held on to the hook and used it as an anchor. His gentle movements were pushing small moans out of my mouth with every thrust. I used my heels to pull his ass towards me to remind him to get on with it! His hands were cupping my ass and massaging them at the same time, “I just want to fuck you and eat you when you moan like that.”

“Be my guest.” I gasped as I felt him suck on my nipple and then the other, rasping his fangs across them. There was no holding back, and I didn’t want him to. He held onto me and pushed into me, pulling almost all the way out. After about a dozen times of that I felt so shaky I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Here it was, wave after wave shaking my body, knocking any cohesive thought I might have had right out of my head. He started mumbling something against my skin. He slipped his fangs into the soft skin on the side of my breast and came in hard bursts, his roar muffled in my skin. The vibration of his mouth sent another wave of ecstasy right through me and with that my hands fell off the ring and I fell against him. He was prepared to catch me and crushed my limp body against his. He leaned back and sat on the very edge of the sink and sighed as he cradled my body and nuzzled my neck. Slowly he put me down on the ground, I looked up at him and noticed a little blood on his chin. I reached up on my tippy toes and licked it off of him. His face melted all over again, “You will be the death of me.” I knew what he meant, and stroked his face.

After I cleaned myself up a little and dressed, I checked the mirror and saw the tousled mane around my face and shrugged. Now there really was no secret about what had just happened in this room. Eric finished dressing and I reached over to open the door and Alex the flight attendant practically fell in on top of me. He was wild eyed and had clearly been listening for some time now. I blushed a little despite my attempts at being bold, and had to look away from him and block his mind since I really didn’t want to hear a replay of what he had just heard. Eric flashed him a little fang and the poor guy turned around so fast he hit his head into the wall just behind him. I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t giggle out loud. I walked quickly back to my seat with Eric right on my heels. The other vampire passengers were blasé about our tryst in the bathroom, but the few human companions were already forming detailed plans of how it would happen for them.

Just as we were sitting down, another flight attendant began taking orders for our dinner. Eric ordered B positive and I ordered a fairly innocuous sounding pasta dish. While they were heating up our food, I asked Eric, “Do you want to change seats while we eat?” He looked at me like I was deranged. I felt I had to explain, “Bill hated to see me eat, and always insisted that I brush my teeth and wash my hands and face before I attempted to be in his presence.” I finished, sounding sullen.

Eric laughed, “That is where Compton and I don’t see eye to eye on yet another issue. Food is what makes you human, it is what makes you warm and soft and sweet. I don’t want to eat the food, but I do want to eat you.” He paused for a minute his eyes glazing over again, then seemed to snap out of it “I love watching you use your mouth, so why should this be any different?” I felt relief sweep over me. Why had Bill shamed me for something so natural to me? I had to shake that thought, as my food appeared before me.

A little self conscious, I began eating. After that workout in the bathroom I was ravenous. The spaghetti was delicious with a light nutty cream sauce. Eric was sipping his bottled blood more than a little disinterested, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I realized that this was the first time he had seen me eat, even when he stayed with me, I hadn’t really eaten around him. “By the way, I love the way you taste after you eat fruit. So sweet and sunny. What’s that expression?……… ‘You are what you eat,’ yes you definitely are.” I hadn’t expected his acceptance at all, let alone a preference. It made me smile to know he had been paying attention.

I finished my meal and Eric finished his bottle. We reclined our seats and I curled up next to him. Luckily the armrest between our seats folded up and reclined too, so I could get right next to him. Poor Alex was forced to make the rounds to see if anyone needed anything, when he got to our row he couldn’t even speak, he just looked at us, questioningly. Eric’s hand fell possessively on my leg pulling me closer to him, Alex got the hint and left. I giggled to myself again, as if Eric had anything to worry about. Full, warm and content I drifted off to sleep. I woke several hours later to Eric shaking my shoulders gently. I had slept right through the landing. The rest of the passengers were gathering their belongings.

“Are we already there?” I asked in a sleepy voice as I rubbed my eyes.

“Yep we’re here!! According to the pilot, it’s almost 7 am, which will give us another four hours before sunrise.” He could barely contain his excitement. I slipped my shoes on and stood up. He already had my carryon down from the compartment and was holding his hand out to me. “Ready?”


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16 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 4: Mile High

  1. Patty says:

    Cant wait to reread getaway


  2. theladykt says:

    Woo Hoo Mile High club. SB (scumbill) is such a pathetic loser.


  3. romantic2soul says:

    I am sad to say I am not a member of the Mile High Club. Would you mind loaning me your Eric for a short flight to ooh anywhere?
    I like to call him DickBill and it’s not so much about him being evil as it is him being weak it’s disgusting.


    • Not a Bill fan either (obviously), so glad you’re with me. And YES I will share my Eric with you for your next flight. Cross country flights are the best since you have more time to plan your escapades. 🙂


  4. Vilannh says:

    There is just no comparison of Eric and creepy Compton. I don’t even know how Sookie could think of him when Eric is around. Woohoo vacation time


  5. isismama says:

    CH wrote Bill into a douche then pretends he’s still Sookeh’s jilted, yet still commited, lover. bleh


    • Yep, I figure, once a douche, always a douche. No coming back from that! Eric’s the one that’s always been there for her. Time to realize it! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the story. Is this your first time through Getaway?


  6. bbrock525 says:

    You know the bathrooms in the airplanes I have been in are barely big enough for me to get in and turn around to do my business. I can’t imagine having sex in one. LOL


    • I’ve been on two flights with bathrooms spacious enough to join the Mile High club. San Fran to Hawaii, and NY to London. I guess I just imagine all international flights would have bathrooms big enough to get busy. 🙂


  7. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Hooray for the mile high club! I love how excited Eric is about the vacation. I suspect he doesn’t get to go away very often in his position. And poor Alex, lol. I cracked up when he hit his head. That’s what you get for eavesdropping!


  8. shoegirl01 says:

    No in-flight movie needed to pass time! Just a workout and a nap 🙂


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