Getaway Ch 39: One Little Taste

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One Little Taste

The alarm rang, jarring me from my sleep. I reluctantly pulled myself away from Eric’s still body, and jumped in the shower. I dressed comfortably again, wearing a flowing white skirt embroidered with large colorful tribal shapes, in turquoise, orange, brown, and red. I pulled on a fitted, low cut turquoise shirt and my comfortable brown boots. I wanted to be prepared to run from terminal to terminal in Atlanta. By the time I was folding and stashing away the last bit of clothes in my luggage, Eric was stirring.

“How are we getting to the airport?” I asked, suddenly aware that I hadn’t thought of this detail until just now.

“Phillip. He’ll pick us up in 20 minutes. Good evening, by the way.” He said smiling to me. He closed his eyes and pursed his lips, begging for a kiss. I leaned over the bed and kissed him. When I opened my eyes from the kiss, I realized that he was staring down my shirt. He waggled his eyebrows at me and licked his lips.

I smacked his arm and said, “Behave yourself, you still need to get dressed, and I’m hungry. There is far too much to do before we leave!”

“Oh please, just one little taste?” He said, pouting. He was holding onto the hand I had hit him with, pulling me onto the bed with him. He knocked me off balance enough that I fell on top of him. He shifted the blankets and my body until I was straddling his waist. “Just where I want you.” My skirt fanned around his body, covering more than half of him.

He unbuttoned my shirt and reached inside to cup my breasts. I leaned forward into his touch, which inadvertently positioned my clit against his hard-on. I bucked against him at the initial contact and mumbled, “Oh fine” into his mouth as I kissed him again. One of his hands trailed down my waist and lifted the edge of my skirt so he could reach my panties. With one swift movement, they were gone and he was plunging into me with his talented finger, and rubbing my clit with his thumb. I moaned into his mouth. “I need you. Now.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, he removed his finger and replaced it with his cock. My body shook as I sat back on my heels, my breath hitched as he sucked on his finger, his eyes rolling back at the taste of me. I braced myself on his chest and as I began to ride him, his hand disappeared under my skirt again, immediately finding my clit. His touch was the perfect balance of hard and soft, circling around and around, squeezing and rubbing just right. I reached up to my chest and pulled my bra out of the way, offering my nipples to him, begging him to touch me. He slammed his hips up, throwing me off balance again, causing me to fall forward so my breasts hit him square in the face. He didn’t miss a beat and sucked hungrily at my nipples, one after the other, continuing to contort his hand against my clit. I had never been so overwhelmed by this much stimulation and I cried out as the mother of all orgasms threatened to rip me in half. I felt his fangs sink into my breast just before he shuddered and came in violent jerks inside me. He gave me one final sweep across my swollen clit, sending another tremor through my body before he let go of my breast and smiled at me, licking the blood from his lips.

“Hot damn! Those were the best five minutes of my life!” I said, breathlessly.

He smiled at me, cocky and sexy as hell. ‘One little taste’ was well worth the time investment.

I snapped out of my sex haze and felt the rush of our evening take a hold of me again. Eric, feeling my anxiety held my face between his hands. “We have plenty of time, don’t worry.” I pulled away from him, and urged him to get dressed, finding it hard to stand. He laughed softly, but seeing my anxious face, said, “Ok, I’m getting dressed!” He stood up and pulled on his clothes quickly, opening his arms to me as if to say ‘Ta Da!’ I laughed a little at his theatrics, as I straightened my clothes.

I swept the room for anything left unpacked, and realized that the restraints I had used on Eric were still attached to the bench at the foot of the bed. “Ooo, can’t forget these!” I said, as I bent over to retrieve them. I felt a little ripple of pleasure go through me, as I remembered our first night here, and I noticed that Eric’s pants were suddenly tighter than they had been a minute ago. “No. We certainly cannot.”

After one final look through the window, I wrapped myself in my coat, and we closed the door behind us. Since Eric would be sitting next to me on the flight home, we put our luggage inside his travel coffin, which he maneuvered easily through the hotel. Eric settled our bill at the front desk, and thanked the manager for a wonderful stay.

We walked outside and I cringed as the cold breeze blowing across the water chilled me to the bone. Thankfully, Phillip was waiting for us, in the van he had used to pick us up from the airport. He opened the back doors and stood back while Eric loaded his coffin, then came around to help me into the van. As Phillip walked back around to the driver’s side, Eric said something to him, which made Phillip smile.

“What was that all about?” I asked him, taking in Eric’s sneaky smile.

“I asked Phillip to make one stop before the airport. That’s all.” He pressed his lips together, trying to smother a smile.

Phillip pulled away from the curb and drove into the city. We were in front of the same sex shop we had been to a couple of nights before. Phillip stopped the van and Eric jumped out, saying that he would be right back. I could see Phillip’s smile spread as Eric came out of the shop with a large box, tucked inside an even larger bag. He opened the back door of the van, and unlatched his travel coffin to put the package inside.

“May as well take advantage of all that space!” He said as he rejoined me.

I shook my head at him, not really wanting to guess what that might be in front of Phillip.

“The airport?” Phillip asked, managing to sound almost normal after laughing quietly to himself. Eric nodded and away we went.

Phillip pulled up to the curb outside the Annubis Air terminal, and offered a hand to me while Eric unloaded his coffin.

“Thank you Phillip. You have been the most amazingly helpful person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You made our vacation truly wonderful.” I stood on my toes and kissed his cheek. He looked away and mumbled something about how he was just doing his job. I patted his shoulder and said, “If Alex ever gives you a hard time for not working hard enough, you let me know! I’ll set him straight!” I had thoroughly embarrassed him, and thanked him again as Eric joined us, coffin in hand.

“Phillip, you have done a wonderful job, and I hope this will help show our gratitude.” Eric held out a wad of bills to Phillip.

Phillip held up his hands, “Mr. Jackson pays me well enough, there is no need.” Eric took a step towards him and pushed the money into Phillip’s shirt pocket.

“For keeping my secret, then.” Eric winked at him and pulled me with him. I waved at Phillip again and watched as he quickly drove off.

Eric and I stood in line waiting to check in for our flight. I could feel someone watching me, and immediately tried to find out who it was. I heard the murmurs of a group of men standing around a security desk. The desk was far away and I realized that Eric’s blood was definitely enhancing my senses, first at the NY Botanical Garden, and now this. I couldn’t hear them clearly, though. My body tensed as I poked around in their brains, realizing they were talking about me. Sensing my tension, Eric turned towards the group of men, and listened to their conversation as I listened to their minds. I looked up at Eric’s face and saw the pride on his face as he heard them go on about the lucky bastard that got to bang such a hot chick in the airport stairway. I could have died from embarrassment right there. They were thinking about the footage from the security tape from four nights ago, and how I looked just like the blonde from the video. How they had watched it over and over, and had even invited their friends to join them. Eric was still sporting his confident smirk. That changed quickly when he looked down at me and saw the embarrassed expression on my face. I was having a particularly hard time blocking the images coming from one of the men, he was an excellent visual broadcaster, and there was plenty that he wanted to do to me. Ew.

I could feel the growl building in Eric’s chest as I hid my face against him. He clutched me, possessively, and guided me to the check in counter where he signed a waiver for his travel coffin. We showed our ID and travel itinerary, and we walked away with our boarding passes. Eric led me towards the security desk; they stopped talking as we neared. I was still ‘listening’ to them, and as we got closer, their minds repeated the same lewd comments about me. Eric puffed out his chest and watched them with a weary eye, but they didn’t notice him, they were all staring at me. It IS her! It has to be! I would recognize those tits anywhere. I looked at the creep and watched as he stared at my breasts and licked his lips. That was the final straw. I stopped right in front of them, pulled away from Eric, and clenched my hands into fists, willing myself to speak to them.

“If you have something you want to say to me, then say it.” I demanded. I was furious. The men thought I was adorable, like a riled up kitten.

“I have something I want to do to you, honey.” Said the lecherous broadcaster.

Before I could come up with a retort, Eric had him by the throat and held him off the ground. “All I need to do is squeeze. Apologize to my wife now, or I will end you.” His mouth was open in a sneer, and the man could not take his eyes off of Eric’s fangs, fully displayed in his anger. One of the security guards had pulled out his walkie-talkie, prepared to call for backup, but was frozen.

The man gasped for air and choked out, “Dude, I’m sorry!” I looked from Eric’s face to the other security guards and noticed that they had drawn their tasers and were training them on Eric. He was not impressed. He tightened his grip.

The man’s face started to change from a bright red to a rich purple. I touched Eric’s arm and said, “He’s not worth it. Let’s go home.”

Eric looked him in the face, demanding an honest apology, which the man managed to give, between gasps for air, “I am so sorry, ma’am.”

Eric put him down on the ground, and slowly released his grip. The man leaned over the desk and gulped air into his lungs. His security guard buddies still had Eric in their sights, trying to determine the next step. Eric looked at them with a steady gaze.

I broke the tension as I leaned over until I was looking the creep in the eyes. “Listen, Andy Johnson, I bet your supervisor would love to know about your little ‘naps’ while you’re supposed to be patrolling. I’m sure it would really solidify your position here. What’s his name again?” Andy subconsciously gushed his name in his head, shocked that I knew about him. “Right, Ben Packham. I’ll have to give him a call and have a little chat with him.”

The other guards stood there, dumfounded, staring at me with their mouths gaping open, their tasers dropping as I finished my statement.

“Now, if you don’t mind, we have a flight to catch.” Eric took my hand and we walked off together, never looking back.

After we rounded the corner I had to stop and steady myself. I leaned my head against the wall and took a few deep breaths. I had never confronted a stranger like that and I was still shaking from the adrenaline rushing through me. It felt good to use my ‘gift’ for good, even if it was just keeping lazy security guards on their toes. I had every intention of following through in my threat to contact his supervisor. I smiled at Eric, “That was so empowering! I put that creep right in his place!” I took a few more breaths.

“Thank you for not hurting him.” Eric smiled at me and waved a hand at me to dismiss my thanks. “No, I mean it, you showed considerable restraint, and I always appreciate it when you do. It really helps maintain the peace.” He looked uncomfortable at my words, I’m not sure that being a pacifist was something he was used to just yet, despite his efforts to mainstream.

“Shall we?” I said, effectively ending his embarrassment, and he smiled, offering me his arm. I took it and we headed for our gate. I tugged on Eric’s arm as we passed a sandwich stand in our terminal. He looked at me with a question on his lips. “Hungry, remember?” I said as I walked up to order. I finished my meal before we boarded our flight. I was glad to have a full stomach for a flight that would only offer drinks.

We took our seats in the business section of the plane, and after the flight attendants pointed out the nearest escape routes, I visited the bathroom near the middle of the plane. I was immediately taken with a family with a small child. I leaned against the wall and stared at the little boy, who was no older than three. His tiny voice made me smile, along with the incessant string of questions that his mom was more than ready to answer. She patted his little head and thanked him for being so patient. The dad smiled and laughed, despite his son’s ability to distract him from the book he was trying to read. I always loved to watch families interact, probably because of how unconventional my childhood was.

Eric touched my shoulder, pulling me away from their family interaction. I’m not sure how long I had been standing there, but the fact that he had come looking for me told me it had been a while. He looked at my face and then at the little boy. “I’m sorry I can’t give you that.” Sadness spread across his face. I took his hand and looked him in the eyes. “I choose you, and I know that it means missing out on having a normal family. I don’t know that I would even want that.” The thought of not having children did make me sad, but if I was being really honest, it also made me a little relieved. I was not one of those girls that grew up knowing I would be a wife and mother some day. Hell, I was happy to be with someone that didn’t look at me like I was a freak. My life had been strange and difficult, neither of which made me feel confident in my potential parenting abilities.

Feeling reassured, I held his face between my hands and repeated myself, “I choose you,” and kissed him softly. He relaxed against me and hugged me before we went back to our seats. I leaned my body against Eric and snuggled against his chest, relaxing for the rest of our flight.


Any guesses as to what was in the box? Where do you think they’ll put it?

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10 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 39: One Little Taste

  1. theladykt says:

    phillip was so nice. glad sookie put the scum in their place.


  2. Meridian says:

    Lol, did Mr. Sex-In-Public Eric *really* not expect anyone to, um, notice and remember them fucking like animals in public? Sure doesn’t seem like he minds showing his wife’s body off to total strangers. Sookie should never have been put into such an embarrassing, humiliating situation by someone who claims to love her, but I’m awfully glad she stood up for herself…and that Eric didn’t bloody up that nasty airport carpeting, lol! Go Sookie!! 😀


  3. BadGrad says:

    Am I a bad person bc I think Sookie and Eric deserved the leering airport security? If you don’t want people acting all pervy with you, perhaps you shouldn’t have sex where anybody could see you…I’ve had a few “public encounters” myself, but never in any place where children or cameras should (reasonably) be – aka parks at 3 am etc. And if I had gotten caught, I wouldn’t really have any right to get all indignant about it. Just my opinion.


  4. Lynn says:

    I think it’s a bedroom swing.


  5. andrea says:

    Goody, he bought the swing ….


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