Getaway Ch 37: Amante’s

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Eric and I walked down a quiet hallway, and eventually came to a door, where a large broad man was standing, looking uncomfortable in dressy casual clothes. He was watching Eric cautiously, leery of his presence. I listened to his mind and felt the distinctive red scrambled brainwaves Weres had. Probably a good fit for a place like this, never could go wrong with an animal with lots of muscle in charge of security.

“I need to see your invitation.” He said in a deep voice.

Eric handed him the message from Queen Tess, and the meathead lifted an eyebrow with surprise. “First time?” He asked in the same gruff voice. I nodded my head. “I need to see what you’re wearing under that.” He said as he looked me up and down. Eric’s fangs clicked down and he hissed in displeasure. “No disrespect, man. There’s a dress code.” I held my hand up to Eric, to let him know I didn’t mind. Much. I opened the belt on my coat and flashed my outfit to him. His face contorted in a kind of disgusting pleasure and mumbled, “Too bad it’s couples only night.” I scoffed at him as I retied the belt on my coat. He opened the door, holding it for me so I could enter first. Eric passed him and puffed his chest out. I would never understand men and their territorial battles, I was relieved Eric didn’t claim me right there.

Tess came around the corner just as we entered. She was draped in a silk robe that hugged her body in all the right places. The robe was black, with soft grey flowers painted on it, like a short Japanese kimono. She was wearing impossibly high grey heels. “I just love punctual people! Welcome to my club.” She glanced over at the hulking lump of a man holding the door, who was still staring at my ass. “Fuck off, Steve.” He snapped out of his trance and mumbled, “Yes ma’am.” Letting the door close behind us.

The lobby was lit with candles, which gave the creamy walls a soft glow. There was an open window between the lobby and the main lounge, which allowed the noise of conversation and music to filter into the lobby.

“Alcohol, I presume?” Tess asked Eric, touching the paper bag in his hand. “Yes, where should I put it?” Tess motioned to follow her to the bar on the far side of the main lounge. The main lounge was painted in a soft terracotta orange and decorated with grey and black furniture, the disco ball hanging from the ceiling splashed flecks of light around the room, dappling light on the faces of everyone in the room. From what I could tell, most of the patrons here this evening were humans, and all of them wanted Tess. There were a few people dancing in the middle of the room, but the majority of the people in the room were on the chairs and cushions on the floor, lost in their lust. There were also a handful of staff members working the club, a combination of men and women. They were dressed in sexy black shorts and bow ties, the women wearing matching bikini tops. Tess had probably hand picked these humans, all of them looked like models, and had been instructed on how to add to the ambiance of the club while they worked.

Eric walked over to the bar and handed the gin to the bartender, and returned with a gin and tonic in his hand. On his way back to us, several women offered themselves to him. He was a seasoned professional at turning people down, and did so now with ease. Tess smiled brightly at Eric, “Such a gentleman! Bringing your wife a drink without having to be asked. You just got a gold star in my book!” I thanked him and attempted to settle my nerves by downing my drink. Eric watched me put my empty glass down on a table, surprise evident on his face.

“Sookie, would you like to check your coat? I must admit that I’m dying to see what you’re wearing under there.” I thought it was funny when vampires made comments like that. I guess some of them really did have a sense of humor.

“Sure. Where should I go?” Tess pointed me in the direction of a small locker room, just down the hall from the lounge. I made my way through the crowd of people into the deserted locker room, where I put my coat away and safely deposited the key in my cleavage. I walked out of the room and felt all the eyes in the room on me. I opened my mind and listened to the flood of compliments, all directed at me. I felt empowered by their thoughts, and walked proudly to where Eric was beaming at me. I exhaled once I was safely wrapped around his arm again.

“My, my, my, you certainly are breathtaking.” Again, with the jokes. Tess’ humor put me right at ease. “That outfit is simply delicious.” She licked her lips. As if that was some kind of signal, her human companion appeared by her side, wearing only electric blue bike shorts. We nodded to each other in recognition. “I am so sorry, you were never formally introduced! Sookie, this is my human, Scott.”

“Pleased to meet you.” I said politely, and even managed to curtsey a little. Gran would have been really proud of me.

“Same here.” He said as his eyes left my face and traveled downward. “I’m so glad you accepted our invitation to come tonight.”

Tess interrupted his eye fuck by offering to show us around the club. They lead us to the Couples Only room. The room was hot pink and lined with mirrors, the bed was large, round and surrounded with couches. The people writhing on the bed all beckoned to Tess and Scott. Tess held up her finger and flashed her fangs to say she was more than ready, but was busy at the moment. It was bizarre being in this room, surrounded by strangers fucking. No one here was self conscious, shamed, uptight or anything else negative, typically associated with sex in public. Everyone was relaxed, and enjoying themselves thoroughly. Some touching only each other, others engaging in a form of group sex, the noises coming from this room muffled anything coming from the main lounge.

We passed by several rooms with windows along the entire wall. “These are the Voyeur rooms, for those that want to be watched but not touched by anyone else.” Tess said in a whisper. At the moment there were couples in each of the Voyeur rooms, putting on a very erotic show for those of us watching. My grip on Eric’s arm tightened as I found myself completely turned on by the fantasies that filled my head, involving my hot Viking sprawled out on the bright blue sheets. He grinned at me wickedly, and lifted an eyebrow. No need to tell him what I had in mind, I would just have to show him later. His hand cupped my ass, and his finger brushed against my sex. I moved against him, leaning into his hand. We were interrupted as Tess started moving again.

“This is the Spice Lounge.” She stated outside the door of the next room before we entered. We all slipped inside the room, quietly finding a spot to stand against the wall. Half of the room was a large bed, covered with sprawling couples. The other half of the room housed a huge flat screen TV showing porn. I gasped as I noticed most of the people in the room were masturbating, jerking off their partner, or a random person nearby. I couldn’t tell which noise was louder; the moans from the TV or the occupants of the room.

Tess signaled that she was leaving, “One more stop.” She winked at me, which piqued my curiosity immediately. The last ‘room’ was huge, comprising more than half of the club. “This, is the Dungeon.” The walls were painted slate grey, and the decorations in this room were fitting for a dungeon. Part of the room was separated by a row of St. Andrew’s Crosses, with attached restraints on each arm of the X. They were bolted to the ground next to shelves of toys that were constantly being rotated out with clean ones, provided by the staff. Nearby was a cage containing a four-poster bed dressed in black satin. The bed was narrow and the cage locked from the inside. There was a woman tied to the bed being fucked by a lime green dildo. That was something you didn’t see every day!

Against one of the walls was a large throne, complete with cushions and a crown for king or queen, restraints on the arms and legs of the chair, and a bar hanging from the wall to hang onto while enjoying your captive audience.

I was drawn immediately to the last corner of the room, which was lined with foam pads, like gymnasts use. The corner of the room was a giant spider web, made of stretchy rope, lit by a black light, giving the occupants an eerie purple glow. Next to it was a sex swing, suspended from the ceiling. There were several straps, stirrups and supports built into the swing. Amazingly, it was unoccupied. The dungeon was fairly empty compared to the rest of the club.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take care of something.” Tess reached over and grabbed Scott’s dick and tugged him back down the hall to the Couples Only room. I guess it was Scott’s turn to be a rock star for the night.

“Where to first, Lover?” Eric whispered in my ear. I looked at the swing again, and smiled up at his face. I didn’t answer him, I just went over to the swing and dangled my body over the main harness, letting my head hang upside-down. I watched Eric walk over to me through the gap in my legs. “Good choice.” He said as he grabbed a handful of my ass. I put my hands in the stirrups, and shifted my body forward a little until my feet were off the ground. He pushed my body away from him, swinging me like a pendulum. With each return, he spread my legs and grabbed my thighs, pulling my body firmly against his crotch before releasing me again to swing. He was hard, and each time our bodies made contact, he gyrated against me, rubbing my clit and leaving me wanting. He had amazing timing, and after a minute of swinging and rubbing against him, I was ready for more. I pushed myself back and planted my feet firmly on the ground. I lifted my head and looked back at him and begged him, “I need more, Killer.” He closed the small gap between us and wedged his body between my legs again. He bent his knees, tilted his hips and pushed, then straightened his legs to rub his dick against me. I moaned and let my head drop again. He wiggled away from me and before I could complain, he was kneeling between my legs.

Eric planted kisses up the length of the back of my legs, following the pink argyle pattern on my thigh-highs. When he got to the patch of exposed skin at the top of my stockings, he licked and nipped his way from one leg to the other, dragging his fangs across, sending shivers through my body. His mouth was joined by his fingers, which pushed up through the lacy legs of my shorts and found how hot and wet I was for him. The material of my shorts was causing all sorts of problems for him and frustration for me. “Take them off.” I whispered back to him. Suddenly I didn’t care where we were, I was only aware of my desire for him to have access to my body. His fingers tugged the silky material off my body, and he tossed them to the side. He pushed my legs apart impatiently, and sat back on his heels so he could get under me. Our eyes connected for a moment, until desire and hunger got the best of him. He buried his face in my pussy, licking and sucking until I was shaking. I bent my knees and rested my shins on his shoulders. The spring supporting the swing shook with my body, and the harness gave Eric the freedom to shift my body easily. He pulled his face away and stroked my slit eagerly. He thrust a finger into me, moving and curling it until I was writhing with intense pleasure. He nuzzled the inside of my thigh and was sucking my skin into his mouth. “Do it. Bite me.”

His finger moved even faster as his fangs punctured my skin, bringing me to an amazing orgasm. I watched his body thrash about as he fed and finger-fucked me, his skin became flushed pink immediately. His pants would not be able to contain him for much longer. He released my leg with his mouth, licking the wounds then my pussy. His body shuddered as the flavors mingled in his mouth. With lightening quick speed, he had his pants unbuttoned and his hard dick in his hand, rubbing it against the length of my slit, teasing my clit. I whimpered and tried to push into him. The swing bounced with my movements, because I was suspended. I realized I was at Eric’s mercy. He guided the tip of his cock inside me. I exhaled, relieved to get the contact I desperately needed. He sensed my relief, and pulled out of me. I grunted and pouted my bottom lip out.

“Something wrong, Lover?” He asked, his voice dripping with artificial concern. “Can I help you with something?”

Oh, I see. This was his retaliation for tying him to the bench and teasing him. At least it didn’t take me too long to realize it. “Please, fuck me. I need you.”

“What, like this?” He said as he slowly thrust into me. He pulled all the way out again. This time I growled in frustration.

“If you’re not interested, I’m sure someone here would be able to help me.” I teased him, hoping it would awaken his jealousy.

“Oh, I’m interested.” He said sweetly as he pushed back into me, this time not pulling out quite all the way. “I’m just waiting for you to tell me exactly what you need.”

I was far too desperate to play anymore. “I need you to squeeze me, fuck me, fill me and love me. I need you in me. I need you deep. I need to cum.”

He growled with satisfaction as he thrust into me with enough force that my body bounced off of his. He grabbed my legs and held me steady while he slammed into me, over and over, bringing me quickly to a screaming orgasm. He pulled out of me again, this time lifting me out of the harness into his arms. He cradled my back into the harness and guided my feet into the stirrups, and pointed to the bar across the top for me to hold onto. He spread my legs and knelt in front of me again and made me glad I was holding on as he sucked my pussy clean. He stood up, facing me this time, with his glorious dick jutting out of his black leather pants. He looked more beautiful in that moment than ever before.

A new wave of lust washed over me, and Eric, sensing my urgency positioned himself at my opening again, this time not teasing or waiting for me to beg. He thrust into me, setting an intense pace. I rocked my body in the swing as much as I could, pumping my legs to keep up with him. As my second orgasm peaked, I held on tightly and threw my head back. He continued his relentless rhythm, extending my pleasure and bringing himself to a powerful climax. I relaxed into the swing, enjoying the floating sensation, only connected to the world through his cock, still pulsing inside of me.

“We need one of these at home.” I said, still a little breathless. Eric nodded his head in agreement. He arranged his pants and dressed me in one swift movement.

“Come on, let’s get you another drink. Gin makes your blood botanically delicious.” He said, licking his lips.

We made our way out of the Dungeon, past the rooms in the hall, and into the main lounge. I was sipping on my second drink when Tess and Scott joined us. Scott was sporting new bite marks on his chest. I looked at the marks and smiled at him. “Where’s yours?” He asked, craning his head around to see the other side of my neck. “Hidden.” My fingers trailed down to the back of my thigh, and I caressed the tender area now covered with my shorts. Scott grinned at me.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Tess asked looking from me to Eric. “From the flush on your skin I would say that you are!” Eric flashed her a fangy smile and nodded. “I am sure you would have many participants, if you want to join the Couples Only room.”

Eric shook his head and said, “I’m not interested in sharing my wife with anyone.” He gripped my waist firmly, pulling my body against his. I relaxed against him, as the pressure of the evening seemed to melt away.

“Of course. That is your choice. I for one, am very disappointed, but I’m sure I will get over it!” Tess added in a cheery voice. “On to the second course.” She pulled Scott away with her.

“Thank you for that. I was so unsure about tonight.” I said finishing my drink and looking up into his face. This wasn’t exactly the kind of place I would have ever thought I’d find myself.

“I told you. You are it for me.” He leaned down and kissed me, “Mm, junipery.” I laughed as he picked me up and urged me to wrap my legs around him. He carried me down the hall and deposited me on the bright blue sheets of the bed in one of the Voyeur rooms, locking the door behind us.

“Wait a minute, I had this reversed in my head!” I protested and he smothered my body with his and continued kissing my face and neck.

“Do you want me to stop?” He teased.

I surprised him again when I said, “Yes.” He pulled away from me and sat back on his heels between my legs, waiting for me to explain. “Now strip.” His expression changed into a wicked smile as he stood up.

The window outside had collected quite a gathering of people. Eric moved sensuously, facing me. He didn’t have much to strip out of, so he took his time. He contorted his body and took his shoes off, dropping them to the ground one at a time. He rested his hands on the button of his leather pants, and popped it open painfully slow. I had propped myself up on my elbows to get a better view, and looked out the windows to see that the people outside were just as anxious for his strip tease as I was. Seeing my eyes on the windows, Eric turned around to give them a show as well. He was a shameless flirt. The best part of this new position was that I had the best view of his amazing ass. The leather was so tight that I could see his muscles move as he gyrated his hips for the crowd.

I could see his soft reflection in the glass, and watched as he opened his mouth and licked one of his fangs. One of the women outside pressed her breasts against the glass and licked the glass in front of his body. He chuckled softly to himself, he felt powerful and sexy, both things pushed right through the bond, heightening my arousal. Everyone wanted him, and I was the only one that got to touch him. He was mine, and nothing feels better than owning a part of that kind of raw sexual power.

I stood up off the bed and came up behind him. I reached my hands around to the front of his pants and could hear the muffled cheers of encouragement as I slowly unzipped his pants. I waited for Eric to guide me, letting him decide how much he shared with these people.

Eric moved my hands inside his pants, our fingers laced together around his dick, pulling it together up out of his pants. He used my fingers to pump with his, up and down the length of his very hard, very large cock. I felt his elation, and understood for the first time how much of an exhibitionist he was. The crowd was swooning over him, admiring his beautiful body and he loved every minute of it.

I manipulated his cock with my hands until he was moaning and holding onto the window frame. “Up against the wall.” I whispered into his back. I took a step back to accommodate him, and pushed him against the wall next to the bed, so everyone outside had a perfect view. I peeled his pants off of his legs and threw them on the bed. The cheers from outside the window provoked me, empowering me to let go of my inhibitions. Eric was the star of the show, and I decided it was time for me to be a part of it. I kneeled down in front of him and sucked his dick into my mouth. His fingers played with the loose strands of hair that had come out of my bun. I reached up and untied my hair, letting it cascade down my shoulders. His fingers stroked through my hair as my mouth worked him fast and deep. His moans turned into growls as he came in my mouth. Sated, he leaned heavily on the wall and whispered his thank yous to my upturned face.

“Anything for you.” I said, repeating his words from earlier. “Now get on the bed.”

Eric lunged at the bed, falling face first into the pile of pillows. I crawled up his legs and playfully spanked his ass, nipping at his skin. “Roll over, Killer, your audience wants more.” I motioned my head to the window, full of faces pressing against the glass trying to get a better look. He obediently rolled over, with his feet against the wall, his head hanging off the bed, looking out the window.

“And you? Do you want more?” I bit my lip and nodded. I debated what to do next. I was definitely not comfortable being naked in front of strangers, like he was. I leaned over his body and whipped my hair over his skin, bringing his dick to attention once again. These people were strangers, and knowing that I would probably never see them again helped me relax as I wiggled out of my shorts, using them to keep my body shielded from the crowd. “You’re such a tease!” He said, trying to swat the shorts out of my hand.

“This,” I said pointing to my hidden sex, “is only for you.”

“Then get over here so I can have it.” He beckoned me with his finger until I was straddling his lap. I faced the window and closed my eyes as I impaled myself on him. “Look at me, Lover.” My eyes snapped open and met his. We began moving together, enjoying the familiar rhythm of our bodies joining. He shifted under me, hitting a different angle, and with it a new kind of pleasure. We took our time, and as my orgasm was building I became less and less aware of our spectators. I pulled him against me and offered my neck to him and said, “Bite me.”

“Ladies first.” He said as he bit into his wrist offering it to me. I latched my mouth around the wound and sucked deeply feeling his power rush through me. He slid his teeth into my neck and we shuddered in unison as our orgasms claimed us. We sucked and clutched at each other, riding out the pleasure. His wrist wound healed and he pulled his mouth off my neck, licking my wound until it closed. He relaxed onto the bed and looked up at me.

“You are the sexiest being on earth. You know that, right?”

“What?” I said, suddenly very self-conscious.

He was staring at my chin. I touched the skin and found a smear of his blood. I smiled and used my finger to clean my chin, sucking my finger off. He groaned, “That! That is what I’m talking about. Do you know how sexy that is? Not to mention the noises that come out of that beautiful mouth of yours, and your body, words cannot explain how exquisite you are! Ugh! I can’t get enough of you.” I smiled brighter, nothing like having an adoring fan!

We spent the next half hour sharing compliments with each other. By the time I looked up at the window I noticed it was completely empty. I got dressed and handed him his pants and shoes, and tidied up a little so someone else could use the room.

After a night of shopping and marathon sex, I was feeling tired. Eric understood, and suggested we find Tess to say goodbye before we left. We didn’t have to go far to find her, she and Scott were enjoying the company of another couple in the Spice Lounge. She pulled away from them to bid us farewell.

“Queen Tess, we need to get back to our hotel. Thank you so much for an amazing night.” Eric began, and then motioned for me to continue. “Thank you for inviting us to your club. Surprisingly, I had a wonderful time. You have been a gracious host, and I look forward to coming to your city again.” I bowed my head to her as I expressed my gratitude.

“Sookie, you continue to surprise me. Thank you for coming, and I also look forward to your next visit. Eric, it is always a pleasure.” They nodded at each other. “I must admit that I am a little jealous! I am not accustomed to sharing the spotlight. That was one hell of a show you put on in the Voyeur room. I think Colette’s would benefit from your presence the next time you make your way to New Orleans.” I could only assume Colette’s was a club like this one, and the compliment made me blush and Eric grin.

I waved at Scott, and got a half-hearted wave back as he quickly lost his focus as the mouth on his dick sucked him off. It was the most fitting way to say goodbye to Scott.

We walked down the hall to the locker room, and I pulled the key out of my corset to retrieve my coat. As I was wrapping it around my waist, a woman came up to us and said, “Thank you for sharing with us.” She pulled her boyfriend into the room with us and he nodded in agreement. I was speechless, and just smiled and blushed again. As we made our way through the main lounge, people gushed over us, thanking us as the couple in the locker room had done. I understood now, how Scott felt. I felt like a rock star, just as he did, and thoroughly enjoyed my moment of fame. Eric took my hand and pulled me through the lobby to the entrance. As I walked down the hall, Steve sniffed the air and mumbled something. “Oh, shut up, Steve.” I said as I walked outside.

Phillip was waiting for us at the curb. He drove us back to our hotel and reminded me to take my bags from our shopping trip earlier. Eric pulled his shirt out of the bag and dressed himself so that we would be less conspicuous walking through the hotel at 4 in the morning.

I collapsed into our bed exhausted, vaguely aware of Eric undressing me, and fell asleep immediately.


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