Getaway Ch 35: Bent

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Phillip pulled the car up to the curb of a large dark building. Lights flashed sporadically in the few small windows around the building, which were vibrating from the loud music pumping inside. The bouncer at the door greeted Amando and Alex, and checked me out from head to toe before nodding and letting us into the club. Eric and I took my coat and purse, and his jacket to the coat check, and walked down the small hallway into the club. The club was dark, except for the dance floor, which was large and had three stairs leading up to platforms on either side of the center of the dance floor near the back mirrored wall. The walls were covered with large flat screen TVs flashing images linked to a computer in the DJ booth.

Beautiful men were sitting all around the bar, watching the dance floor. There were a few corners of the club that were so dark that I had to reach out with my mind to check if there were people there. Amando grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a group of men all chatting around the bar. “This is Sookie, she’s my new favorite girl!” They all greeted me with the same level of energy. I smiled brightly as they fawned all over my outfit and shoes. Definitely the shoes. “She’s married to Mr. January.” Their eyes got huge, and I was flooded with comments and questions all a little too personal to acknowledge, not to mention the flood of images pouring out of them, fantasies about Eric in bed covered in furs. Eric and Alex hung back, letting the fan club meeting go on uninterrupted. I smiled at Eric, and mouthed that he needed to come meet and greet. They joined our group, Alex was greeted in a familiar way, Eric was greeted with cat calls. He was flattered, which made his cocky smile even sexier. He looked like a GQ model, beautiful suit and perfect hair. Eric was dangerously handsome. One of Amando’s friends fanned himself, took a drink, and said, “Oh if I could just be you for one night, girlfriend!” I laughed.

The music lulled as the DJ mixed in a new song. The screens switched to Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi music video. “That is one gorgeous man.” I said pointing to the screen. Eric scoffed and pulled me to the dance floor. I danced my way in front of him, shaking my shoulders and hips to the pulsing beat. Eric gripped my waist possessively and pulled me against him, moving us together. I leaned up and kissed him, earning me a round of cheers from the bar. I smiled against his lips and said, “Seems like we have an audience.” Eric replied with, “Then let’s give them a show!”

Eric spun me around and held my ass firmly against his body. I bent over, supported by his hands, whipping my hair back and forth. He wrapped an arm around my hips, and used his free hand to stroke my spine, grinding against my ass the whole time. I pulled the edge of my skirt up to my thighs, as I stood up and arched my back so I could push my breasts out between my arms. I opened and closed my legs, arching and curving my back against Eric. The thin silk of my skirt left little to my imagination, I knew exactly how aroused Eric had gotten from my movements. He pulled me upright against him. I dropped my skirt down, closed my eyes, and leaned my head against his chest, as his hand moved up from my hips, teasing the exposed skin at my waist. His fingers trailed up with each beat, resting carefully against the bottom of my breasts. He caressed my ribs, and grazed my nipples with his thumbs. A shiver went through my body just as the music changed. Pink’s ‘Stupid Girls’ flickered on the screens. I pulled away from him and walked up the stairs onto the platform to the right of the dance floor. Amando bounced across the dance floor and joined me. We sang to each other, flipping our hair back and pushing our chests out at each other. We are so fucking hot! Look at their faces! I nodded my head and smiled at him as we held onto and ground against each other on the little platform. We danced back to back, shaking our asses against each other, sending us both into a giggling fit. Eric walked over to the platform and lifted me off of it by my legs, letting me slide down his body. Alex opened his arms to Amando, who jumped off of the platform, wrapping his legs around Alex’s waist. Alex held onto his ass, dancing around the floor with Amando writhing in his arms, thoroughly enjoying every minute of attention he was getting from his lover and the crowd that had watched the whole scene. Alex pulled Amando into a deep kiss, stilling his wild movements and turning them into sometime much more sensual.

Eric and I were moving to the new song playing, Of Montreal’s ‘Id Engager.’ I swayed back and forth to the ‘ooh ahhs’ and laughed at the lyric ‘he’s just a slutty little flirt.’ He reached down my body, his hands making their way straight to my mound. He leaned towards my ear and purred, “Just wanna play with you.” When he talked like that I got weak in the knees. I was tempted to let him have his way with me right there. He could sense my rapidly changing mood and said, “Come with me, I need to show you something.” He pulled me through the crowd to a door next to the DJ booth that I hadn’t noticed until we were right in front of it. He held the door open and motioned for me to walk up the spiral stairs. I looked behind me and saw his fangs glint in the dim light from the DJ booth. The door closed behind us, I moved up the stairs and stopped short when Eric’s fingers moved up the inside of my thighs, playing with the strap on my garter belt. I pushed my ass back just as he walked up the stairs to push his hard-on into me. I moaned and he said, “Not here, Lover.” A shudder moved through me, and I had to will myself to start climbing the stairs again. The stairs ended at a slightly small balcony with a wide railing, overlooking the dance floor. I hadn’t noticed this either.

“How did you know?” I asked him.

“Alex. He owns the club.” He winked at me as his fingers swiftly unbuttoned my shirt. He pulled the fabric open, just as the DJ mixed in Hot Rod’s ‘I like to fuck.’ He cocked his eyebrow at me. He pulled my bra out of the way, sucking my breast into his mouth. I grabbed his head and pushed him against my chest, moaning as his tongue flipped and sucked on my nipple. He rushed to caress my other nipple. I unbuttoned his pants, stroking his hard cock as it sprang out. I was leaning against the balcony, with my hair dangling down over the crowd. He sang along with the song, “You ain’t gotta take your panties off, just move ‘em to the side.” He thrust his fingers up to the front of my panties and pushed them to the side, and rubbed my slit until I was coated with wetness from front to back. I lifted my hips up to meet his hand, and found my world turning upside down as he spun me around and pushed me against the railing. I shoved off of the railing, bracing myself as I arched my back, offering my pussy to him. He moved my skirt up impatiently. It draped around my body, and touched the ground. “I just want to……ugh!” He trailed off as he stared at the sight of my willing body. His fingers traced the straps of my garter belt, giving me goose bumps over my entire body.

He was greedy for more. He used his cock to tease me, dipping into me lightly and rubbing my wet slit until I was writhing. “Please, I need you.” I begged over my shoulder.

“Sorry, Lover. I can’t hear you.”

“Ríddu mér fast!” (Fuck me hard!) I shouted.

He let out a satisfied groan, as he buried himself to the hilt. I moaned and quivered around him. He held my hips steady as he fucked me hard and fast, my breasts swaying with each thrust. I came hard, shaking against him, and whimpering as he pulled out of me. He turned me around, lifted me up, and placed me on the wide railing of the balcony, flipping my skirt up over my lap. I held on for dear life as he bent down in front of me and licked my still trembling pussy, collecting the fluids he had just coaxed out of my body with his talented dick. I kicked my shoes off and hooked my feet around the bars of the railing, not trusting my arms to hold me. He pulled my body close to the edge and continued to suck and lick, vibrating his tongue so fast on my clit that I was moaning his name as another orgasm claimed me. He sucked again and stood up, licking his lips clean.

“Now where was I? Oh, right here.” He emphasized ‘here’ with his dick, pushing back into me, making me moan again. He latched his lips onto mine, and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and tasted myself mixed with the dry earthy flavor that defined him. I was torn between letting go and trying to maintain my balance on the railing. He wrapped his arms around me, sensing my anxiety about falling. I relaxed and immediately found a few more inches of railing I could use to my advantage. The song had changed, and I recognized Madonna’s ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl.’ Eric was following the pulsing bass with each hard thrust into me, and I relaxed enough to meet him. I screamed as I came for the third time, and pushed his face into my neck, and whispered “Bíttu mig!” (Bite me!)

While he feasted and fucked, Eric enjoyed his own powerful release. His body slowed and his fangs retracted, leaving his mouth and tongue to seal the wounds on my neck. “You were right, the food here is really amazing.” He grinned at me, licking the last of my blood from his lips.

“Ég elska þig, blóðsugan mín.” (I love you, my bloodsucker.) I cooed as I held his face between my hands.

“I love you too, my blood donor.” He answered, kissing me lightly. He lifted me off of the railing, pulling out of me as he put me down. His dick was shiny and still very hard. He wiggled his body, putting himself away and straightening his clothes. I lifted my skirt and moved my panties back into position, which got Eric’s attention immediately. I knew exactly what he was feeling. “Later, Killer. Amando wants to show me the rest of the club, although you have already been kind enough to give me the most amazing part of the tour.” I smoothed my skirt and realized that my breasts were still popping out of my shirt. I lifted the material of my bra, positioned my breasts back into place, and buttoned my shirt.

“Shall we?” He asked, sweeping his hands in the direction of the stairs. I nodded and began walking down the stairs.

I pushed the door open and danced my way to the bar. Amando was waiting for us, noting the flush on both of our faces. “Having a good time?” He laughed as he asked us, already knowing the answer. I blushed and tried to cover the bite marks on my neck. He winked at me and flashed his own, fresh from tonight as well. I playfully hit his arm and mouthed ‘Where?’ He nodded to the corner of the club, dark and private. Just perfect for fast food.

Alex pulled Eric away from us, talking quietly about something that brought a cocky smile to Eric’s face. Amando, seizing the moment grabbed my arm and dragged me through the crowd, shouting over the music, “I want you to meet the DJ!”

Amando walked up a few steep steps and opened a small door leading into the DJ booth. A small beady eyed vamp sat hunched over a pile of records and two turntables. He whipped his face towards us and sniffed the air. He glanced up at the balcony above him and showed me a fangy smile. Damn vampires….again. “Rick, this is Sookie.” I smiled uncomfortably at him, and nodded my head. “Thanks for the show, breather.” He licked his lips, clearly trying to intimidate me.

“Anytime!” I answered cheerfully, “Nice to meet you!” I turned and wiggled past Amando, who said, “Behave yourself!” to Rick as we left.

Amando showed me the rest of the club, including the men’s bathroom, which he assured me was fine. There was a lounge outside of the actual bathroom, separated from the bright room with toilets and sinks, like a woman’s bathroom in a department store. “This was my idea!” He said as he sat down on one of the pleather couches. He squeaked his finger across the material, “Easy to clean.” I looked at the nearby table and there was a bottle of sanitizer and a stack of paper towels. “Sure beats having sex in a toilet stall!” I smiled at him and patted him on the back for his clever idea. There wouldn’t be any privacy, of course, but if you simply couldn’t wait until you got home, this was a convenient place. Not everyone had access to the balcony!

The club was absolutely packed on a Saturday night. Amando and I had the pleasure of watching Eric dance on the platform as David Guetta’s ‘Sexy Bitch’ played. Half of the club stopped to watch him move, mouths hanging open. I was smiling from ear to ear as I watched him shake his ass and mouth ‘Damn, you’s a sexy bitch,’ while he pointed at me. I put my finger up and motioned for him to turn around. He was more than happy to put a show on for me. He turned slowly and grabbed his ass, and spanked it once, bringing a loud response from the audience. I wasn’t the only one that appreciated the view. I smiled wider and bit my lip as I enjoyed the way his powerful legs moved his body. He watched my reaction in the mirror, and mimicked my move from earlier, bending over and shaking his hair back and forth, stretching his pants over his tight ass. I crooked my finger to him, summoning him. He leapt off the platform, clearing the heads of dozens of people to land in front of me. “Show off!” Amando laughed, he rolled his eyes and left to find Alex. Eric grabbed my ass and lifted me off the ground against him. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and danced with him, feeling like a sexy bitch.

The club started to close down around 4:00 am, I was still buzzing with excitement. It had been a long time since I had so much fun! Eric was helping Alex close for the night as Amando and I sat at the bar, gossiping about the events of the evening. Everything changed when Rick walked by. Eric looked calm, but I could feel his body go on alert.

Rick leered at me, “Any time you want to show me those juicy tits again, it would be my pleasure.” The imagery that conjured made me scrunch my nose. Eeeew.

I stared at him, holding his gaze, and felt him try to glamour me. I was just downright insulted now! What a loser. I felt my temper rise, but before I could say anything to him, Eric was standing between us.

“Big mistake.” Eric’s fangs descended fully, anticipating a fight. Rick looked up at Eric with his beady little eyes and glanced at the door. Before Rick could move, Eric had him by his throat, lifting him off the ground and squeezing enough to kill a human. Eric threw Rick’s body across the room, leaving him skittering on the floor trying to collect his things before he ran out the door.

Amando piped in, “Don’t mind Rick, he’s just lonely and stupid.” That diffused the situation pretty fast, turning my anger into pity. I laughed and hugged Amando, thanking him for a wonderful night out.

“Phillip is waiting outside to take you back to your hotel.” Alex called out from behind the bar.

“Alex, I can’t thank you enough. For dinner, all of this fun, and well, just for sharing your life with us for a night.” I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

He smiled warmly at me and said, “I hope this is not the last time we meet, Sookie.” I assured him it would not be.

Amando and I hugged and kissed cheeks several more times before I finally pulled myself away, taking Eric with me. Once I was wrapped in my coat, we made our way outside to the waiting car and a very alert and professional Phillip.

He dropped us off at the Ritz and drove away quickly after I thanked him again. We stopped by the front desk to find a message waiting for us.

‘Eric and Sookie. I would love for you to visit Amante’s. Sunday night, 11:30 p.m. Don’t be late. Tess’

“Wow. That seems more like a demand than a request.” I said, reading it again.

“We will need to go shopping, tonight.” Eric smiled and waggled his eyebrows at me. He knew I couldn’t resist a shopping trip with him.


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  1. theladykt says:

    Fun Fun Fun. Rick is a real idiot. hmmm Tess huh?


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    Oh yeah first a gay club then a sex club. Sookie will be bored if they ever have to sit around Shreveport again. She is being spoiled with the world. Love it.


  3. Lynn says:

    Educating Sookie or Get you freak on should be the title of these pass few chapters. What fun!


  4. MsVamp says:

    Love the reference of the Paparazzi video. Very clever 😉


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