Getaway Ch 33: A Meeting of Minds and Bodies

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I need to thank several people for helping me get this hot chapter out of my head. First and foremost, SeriousCrush, I love you forever for all you do for me. Icelander, you are amazing! She has been helping me for a week now with the phrases here, so if you are like me and enjoy the multilingual smut, you can thank her too! Symphonic Poem is my favorite FF New Yorker, she has given me a lot of ideas about their trip. I also must thank kg1586 for sharing her inspiring life with me, she will be sure to help heat up my story more in the very near future. I must also thank my very lovely and constantly reviewing fans, you inspire me to write no matter how busy I get! Ok, find a secluded spot, and get ready for some action. This chapter is really not work friendly. You have been warned.


A Meeting of Minds and Bodies

The elevator doors opened to a small hall where a tall dark haired vampire was waiting for us. He was not quite as tall as Eric, and his skin was a faded olive. He smiled when he saw Eric.

“Alex, so good to see you.” Eric greeted him.

“Likewise. This must be Sookie?” Alex looked at me as he said it.

“Yes, this is my wife Sookie. Sookie, this is Alex Jackson.” I nodded politely at him.

“I brought my ‘wife’ too. Amando, come here!” Alex called down the hall. A young, thin, and small latino man came strutting down the hall towards us, with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“Ooo, you must be Eric. He-llo Mr. January! I had to come and meet you in person. You are a legend in our house. And who is this gorgeous blonde?” Amando looked me up and down. “Are those Louboutins?! Damn girl, those are hot!”

I returned his wide smile and held out my hand. “Sookie Stackhouse.” He grabbed my hand and held it with both of his. “A pleasure to meet you!” He nodded his head in the direction of our very silent partners. “Oh don’t mind them. They never know what to do with a talker like me. I think half the time Alex just tunes me out. His loss….”

Alex flashed a half smile at Amando when he said that, “Alex, baby, can we take her out clubbing with us tomorrow night, oh please? Oh please? Oh please?” I giggled despite my attempts to remain professional. Amando was so vivacious and I loved it! I looked up at Eric and Alex, who seemed to be debating the proposition as if it were something terribly important. Eric looked at me and asked me with his eyes if I were interested. I nodded my head emphatically. I really wanted to go dancing, and it would be even better with someone like Amando. I would bet there was never a dull moment around him!

Eric answered, “Sookie and I would be happy to join you. What time should we meet?”

Amando answered, “10:00 should be just right, we will have the whole night to play!” He grabbed my elbow and pulled me away from Eric and Alex. He continued to chat the entire time down the hallway, going on and on about how great it was to meet another human in his mostly vampire world. He asked me a string of questions, giving me just enough time to give him short simple answers before he fired another. I couldn’t stop smiling. By the time we reached the doors to the conference room, I was feeling very relaxed and confident. Nothing like a new friend and lots of compliments to ease your mind. Amando and I stopped at the door, and turned to face Eric and Alex. They had been talking quietly and stopped immediately when we made eye contact. I am sure they had been talking about us. I would have to find out later.

Alex told Amando to wait out in the hall while we held our business meeting. He was disappointed, but fully prepared to sit patiently and wait. “Never easy being a politicians wife!” He said as he sat down, pulling his iPod out of his pocket. I waved at him as Eric, Alex and I entered the room.

The conference room walls were a combination of geometric wooden pieces and slate grey alcoves, decorated with beautiful blown glass pieces that housed soft lights. The centerpiece of the room was a large beautiful table, and seated all around it were vampires. Ten of them, to be exact. There were three empty seats at the table. Eric pulled one of the soft leather chairs out for me and motioned for me to sit, he and Alex sat on either side of me.

Alex spoke first, “I would like to thank the entire governing board for being able to attend this meeting on such short notice. I would also like to thank the Queen of New York City. Tess, it is an honor to host this event in your queendom.” A small dark haired woman nodded her head and smiled at Alex, she was dressed in a beautiful grey pantsuit, which complimented her grey eyes. She glanced at me, and I smiled at her. Alex said, “I am sure you all know Eric Northman, former Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana. This is Sookie Stackhouse, she and Eric are pledged. She is not only his wife, but also his business associate.” I liked the sound of that. I smiled at Alex at the kind introduction.

Eric spoke next, “Thank you Alex. My wife Sookie and I would like to extend our gratitude towards the Moshup clan, and especially to Alex for organizing this meeting. We have requested this meeting to discuss a new public relations position that vampires are in desperate need of.” He paused dramatically, “I will meet with each of the clans and discuss issues pertaining to the human world that the kings and queens are troubled with. Since the Great Revelation, there have been many people unwilling to accept our existence. I think it is about time that someone stepped forward and presented a non-threatening ‘mainstream’ image of vampires, and I believe I am the ideal choice.”

One of the board members spoke next, “Thank you Eric, for the rousing endorsement of yourself. However, you failed to mention the role that your human wife plays in all of this.”

“I think her presence speaks for itself.” Eric said in a condescending voice.

“What does she offer, besides a pretty face, to support vampire rights?” Another board member spoke.

This time, I answered, “I am a telepath.” I got the reaction I was expecting. They all stared at me, trying to see if I was lying. A vampire woman narrowed her eyes at me, calculating how to kill me if I attempted to read her thoughts. I decided to cut to the chase. “I will demonstrate for you, on a human, if you would like. I can’t read vampires. Your minds are like a big empty spot to me.” I smiled at her, feeling very pleased that I could not read her mind.

Alex said, “Perhaps one of us could offer their human escort as a test subject. She has already met Amando, so of course he would not be suitable since she already knows everything about him.”

“I would like to offer my human.” Queen Tess announced. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed in a blur of speed. “I need you in the conference room.” She shut her phone and smiled.

Five minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. A very handsome man walked in the door and made his way to Tess’ side. Tess turned her face up to talk to him. “This is Sookie.” I stood up to meet him, and held out my hand. The moment our hands touched I saw a flash of a room filled with people, in various states of undress. I was intrigued and couldn’t let go of his hand. He wasn’t a verbal broadcaster, so I was being flooded with images.

“What kind of place is that? I had no idea that there were public places where people go to have sex! There’s a bed in the middle of the room, and you are the main attraction.” I gushed out all at once, trying to make sense of and verbalize the images coming from him.

He pulled his hand away from me, a cocky smile spread across his face. “How did you know that? Have you been to Club Amante’s?” I shook my head slowly, a little ashamed that I wanted to see more. I didn’t have to touch him, the images and feelings kept pouring out of him. He was lying on the bed and Tess was riding him, the room was filled with other couples, anxiously waiting for Tess to make her move. He lifted himself up onto his elbows, baring his neck to her. She was feeding off of him, and he could hear the moans from the other people in the room. He felt desirable. He knew the people in the club wanted to be him, so they could be with her.

“You feel like a rock star, don’t you? When she feeds off of you in front of everyone. You love being the center of attention, the object of affection and envy.” I voiced his feelings.

He stood in front of me, mouth open. He took a step back and aligned himself with Tess’ chair. She reached a cold hand out to wrap around his waist, stroking him seductively. “Thank you. That will be all.” She said dismissing him. She pinched his ass as he walked away from her, and winked at him as he closed the door.

“Thank you, Sookie, that was more than enough evidence for me.” Tess said, clearly enjoying the flush in my skin.

Eric cleared his throat and brought me back to reality. I sat in my chair and waited for the meeting to resume. Alex said, “How much money are you asking for?”

“$75,000 a year from each clan, plus travel expenses.” Eric answered.

“Is that for both of you?” Alex asked.

“Yes. And there is a stipulation.” Eric said, pausing again to be sure to have everyone’s attention. “Sookie’s talent is not to be used for any other purpose. I insist that you all take a vow of secrecy, so that her telepathy does not become common knowledge in the human world. The human government already has suspicions about her. If anyone from your clan attempts to use her for any other purpose than this job, we will withdraw our services immediately.”

Alex looked around the table, reading the responses of each of the vampires on the board. Queen Tess was uninterested in this ‘vote’ since she was only the guest host for the meeting. She was staring at me, laughing softly at the shock and lust still evident on my face. She sniffed her nose in the air and cocked an eyebrow. Damn vampires.

Alex finished his silent conference, and announced, “Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse, we agree to your terms. We will draw up a contract tonight, stating what we have discussed. Eric, I would be happy to go over specifics about travel arrangements with you, if you have a moment.” Eric stood up to join Alex at a side table in the corner of the room. I tried to look relaxed in my chair, but I am sure Eric knew exactly how I was feeling, adding to the fully established sexual tension this evening. Eric was back by my side, guiding me out of the room before I realized the meeting was over. I nodded to the room full of vampires and thanked them for their time. Queen Tess winked at me as I left the room. Must be a signature move of hers.

Amando was still sitting outside, eyes closed, moving his body to the music in his ear buds. I touched his knee and he jumped. He pulled one ear bud out and I said, “See you tomorrow night?” He smiled and nodded. “Dress up.” Oh, I planned on it. I waved bye to him and let Eric take me to the elevator.

The doors closed and I exhaled. “Wow, that was….wow. You should have seen it, the club….I’ve never seen anything like that!”

“Seems like you rather enjoyed what you saw.” Eric said, closing the gap between us. I blushed again and nodded.

The doors slid open and I turned to walk out. Eric grabbed my arm to stop me in the hallway. “Be patient, Killer….I have plans for you.” I put the card key into our room door, and pulled Eric in with me.

I adjusted the golden bench so that it was a few feet away from the bed. I pushed him down on the bench and said, “Klæddu þig úr.” (Get undressed.)

He lifted an eyebrow and smiled at me, setting his fingers to work on the buttons on his shirt. His fingers slowed down considerably as I pulled the ties open on my shirt. I tossed it onto the bed. I stopped undressing as I waited for him to follow my order. Only when he was sitting, naked, on the bench, did I unbutton my pants. They dropped to the floor, where I left them in a pile, stepping towards Eric. He reached out to pull me towards him.

“Nei, þú mátt ekki snerta mig.” (No, you are not allowed to touch me.) Excitement and disappointment flashed across his face. I turned around and walked to the closet. I opened my luggage and pulled the whip out.

I stood in front of him, and caressed his skin with the whip, making him shudder. “Snertu þig.” (Touch yourself). I whispered into his ear. “Strjúktu risastóra böllinn þinn.” (Stroke your huge cock.) He spread his knees apart and grabbed his dick firmly with his right hand. He tugged his hand up and down his length slowly. I was feeling a little light-headed, there was something powerfully sexy about him jerking off for me, especially when I told him to do it. I steadied myself by grabbing both of his shoulders. The whip dangled down his back, tickling his skin. He arched towards me, so I moved the whip again, this time as he arched, I pushed my breasts into his face. He kissed and licked my nipples through my bra, which distracted him from his handy work. I pulled away from him, clicking my tongue and shaking my head. I nodded down to his hand, which promptly resumed its firm and slow movements. I snapped the whip against his skin, experimentally, eliciting a groan from Eric as the leather strips nipped at his skin. “Finnst þér þetta gott?” (Do you like this?) Eric nodded and continued to massage his cock. I flicked the whip against his skin again, leaving tiny red dots for a second, which quickly faded. I believed in the thought that I shouldn’t dish out more than I could take, so I had no intention of inflicting pain on him. I dangled the whip over his chest, letting it trail down to tickle the head of his dick. “Finnst þér þetta gott?” (Do you like this?) “Yes!” He answered. “Segðu, já.” (Say, yes.) I demanded he speak in Icelandic.

“Já.” (Yes.)

“Segðu, já gyðjan mín!” (Say, yes my goddess!)

“Já gyðjan mín!” (Yes my goddess!) He choked out, getting closer and closer to release. I touched his right hand, stilling the movement he desperately needed to continue. I shook my head again. I walked back to the closet and pulled out the restraints. “Settu þessi á þig.” (Put these on.) He mindfully followed my orders, a very curious look on his face. Once the restraints were attached to his wrists and ankles, I pushed him down so his body was supported by the bench. I reached down and attached his ankles, one at a time, to the legs of the bench. I trailed the strips of the whip up over his legs and dick as I moved. I made my way to his arms, dragging the strips up his chest and over his nipples while I bent over him to connect his wrists to the other two bench legs. I knew that he was strong enough to rip through the restraints, and break the bench, but I also knew he was a very willing participant in my little game.

I unhooked my bra and moved the whip over my skin tickling myself and bringing my nipples to hard peaks. He groaned again, licking his lips. I leaned over him, letting my nipple brush against his lips. He sucked my breast into his mouth making my knees weak. I pulled away from him, causing a pop noise as the suction broke in his mouth. I desperately pushed my other nipple into his mouth, causing a flood of wetness in my panties. His nostrils flared and he moaned. I put the whip down on the bed and pulled my panties off. His eyes raked up my body, enjoying the fact that my shoes were now the extent of my outfit. I put my panties next to his face and touched my finger to his lips. He sucked my finger into his mouth and reluctantly let go as I pulled away from him, and pushed it between the slippery folds hidden between my legs. His eyes were dark and seductive as he watched me move my hand back and forth. I pushed my finger inside, and then brought it to his lips. He licked it clean in seconds. I walked around the bench until I was standing near his head.

I straddled the bench, hovering six inches over his face, spreading my wet lips for him. His tongue snaked out of his mouth, trying to reach me. He growled in frustration. “Já, rymdu fyrir mig, kynþokkafulla skepnan mín.” (Yes, growl for me, my sexy beast.) I traced the muscular channels in my legs leading to my wetness and stroked my finger up my slit again. He groaned. I pushed my finger inside, causing him to mumble incoherently. The tendons in his neck were straining against his shoulders to reach me. I rocked my body over him, riding my hand. Watching him devour my every move enhanced the feeling inside me, bringing me to my first orgasm quickly. I shuddered around my finger. I offered my finger to him, and he scraped it with his fangs. It seemed as though he was having a hard time containing his inner-beast.

“Kysstu mig.” (Kiss me.) I demanded, lowering my wet quivering pussy to his mouth.

He thrust his tongue in me hard and fast, licking my clit and sucking on anything he could get his lips on. I writhed on top of him, adjusting the height of my body over his, dictating the pressure and access he had. I leaned forward over him and pushed my tongue out to slowly encircle the head of his dick, teasing a little precum out of him.

“Gerðu það.” (Please.) He breathed against my thigh, trying to lift his hips to gain more contact. The restraints were very effective at holding him in place.

I sucked as much of his cock as I could into my mouth, working my body against his mouth as I moved. We both moaned, sending vibrations through our explosive nerves. I sat up, gasping for breath as another orgasm was about to burst through me. I wrapped my hands around his cock and pumped him following the rhythm of his tongue in me. His dick swelled and I moaned, “Já, ástin mín, fáðu það fyrir mig núna!” (Yes, my love, cum for me now!) I shuddered over his lips as he painted our bodies with cum.

I slid my body down, coating my inner thighs with his slippery cum. “Viltu koma inn í mig, kynþokkafulla skepnan mín?” (Do you want to be in me, my sexy beast?) I rubbed his semi-hard dick against my sensitive folds, marveling at how fast he became rock hard again.

“Já gyðjan mín!” (Yes my goddess!) Oh me, oh my! Eric was a fast learner.

I teased the head of his cock with my pussy lips, leaning back onto his body. I held his dick in place and tilted my hips forward, impaling myself. I had to take a moment to recover from the initial sensation, but then rode him like a cowgirl, holding onto his thighs for dear life. He was bucking under me, growling to gain control and fuck me harder. I leaned forward and came immediately, shaking against him. When my heart slowed down a little, I stood up and faced him, leaving him strapped to the bench, hard and slippery with cum. “Sookie….” His voice was warning me. I smiled sweetly down at him. “Já?” (Yes?) The restraints creaked and the bench leg moved by his left hand.

“No need to damage property!” I cooed, as I climbed on top of him. I pressed my body fully against his and wiggled my way down until he was buried deep inside me again. I wedged my legs between his and used my knees to pivot my body against his in shallow gentle thrusts. “Bíttu mig.” (Bite me.) I moved my head to the side, offering my neck to him. His fangs slipped into my skin just as the pressure of his body against my clit brought me to another orgasm, coating his dick with more slippery fluid. He came hard, jerking violently inside me, his moans muffled in my neck.

I relaxed against him and unhooked the restraints from his wrists. He brought his hands up and held me against him, “That was definitely worth the wait.” I nodded in agreement.


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6 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 33: A Meeting of Minds and Bodies

  1. Mindy says:

    Sookie s a little minx, I love it and I know Eric did too. I like how comfortable she is becoming with her body.


  2. Enjoyed this chapter but while I think Eric would be fine with it,I don’t believe at all that he would allow himself to be tied up away from his home where there would be no question of their safety.


  3. andrea says:

    Wouahhh did I enjoy the ride !! It’s one of my favorite chapters as well, though I never imagined Sookie being a convincing “top” before. I guess even an Alpha has to give in sometimes …


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