Getaway Ch 32: Puttin’ On The Ritz

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Puttin’ On The Ritz

I was still smoothing my hair as we walked up to the driver waiting for us. He nodded and introduced himself. “My name is Phillip, I am Mr. Jackson’s day-man, and he has assigned me to take care of your transportation needs while you are staying in the city. You will be staying at the Ritz-Carlton. Mr. Jackson asked me to give this to you.” He handed a letter to Eric.

Eric scanned it quickly and when I leaned close to him to ask about it, he whispered that he would share the details of our trip with me in the van. I thanked Phillip and followed him as he helped load our luggage, including Eric’s travel coffin.

Eric and I sat in the back of the van, enjoying the silence of the ride. I leaned against him and watched the city fly by my window. “Our meeting with the governing board will be tonight at 10:00 p.m. I informed Alex that you have not been to New York City, so he reserved a room with a view of the statue of liberty.” I smiled up at him. He had amazed me yet again. Phillip maneuvered the van skillfully, traveling through neighborhoods to avoid traffic. We drove over a bridge into Manhattan. The city sparkled in the dark night sky.

Phillip pulled the van up the curb in front of the Ritz-Carlton. I got out of the van and stared up at the hotel. It was stunning. I could hear water lapping on the rocks nearby, and smell the saltiness in the air. I love the sound of water. I looked out towards the sound of the water and noticed a brightly lit spot out in the middle of the water. I smiled happily, enjoying my first view of the Statue of Liberty. He handed a business card to Eric. “Please contact me if you need anything. You can reach me 24 hours a day.” I thanked him again and Eric and I followed the bellhop inside. We checked in at the front desk, and were in our room only a few minutes later.

Eric tipped the bellhop and thanked him for his time. He tucked his travel coffin into the spacious closet, and walked over to the window to check the light tight blinds. They were the same as the ones in the retrofitted hotel in Akureyri.

A wide smile spread across my face as I surveyed the room, decorated in cream, gold and chestnut brown, lit with small lamps enriching the golden colors of the room. The bed was huge, and covered with a deliciously soft feather comforter, and a pile of fluffy pillows. I ran to the bed and bounced a few times before I nestled my face between the pillows and inhaled the scent of freshly laundered linens. I slid off the bed and sat on the elongated bench at its foot. It was a few inches lower than the bed and covered in silky golden fabric. In the corner there was a comfortable looking recliner next to a small table. Across from the recliner, a table jutted out into the room, connected to the wall, it was sturdy and beautifully simple in design. There were two chairs, one on either side of the table, and a lamp casting a soft glow over the shiny wood. The TV across from the bed was huge and the dresser was the same shiny chestnut brown as the table. I walked into the bathroom, and was pleasantly surprised by a huge jetted tub, with a shower stand, in the middle of the room. One side of the bathroom was wall-to-wall counter and mirrors, with beautiful cream towels folded perfectly next to both sinks. There was a stack of cream towels folded neatly on a rack near the tub, close enough to reach without having to get out.

Eric was unpacking his clothes, hanging them next to his travel coffin, when I said, “Do you think I have time to shower and change before our meeting?”

I jumped when he answered me from the doorframe. I don’t know that I would ever get used to him moving so fast and quietly! “Yes, we have plenty of time.” He said, laughing softly at my jumpiness. “Would you like me to order dinner for you?” I nodded my head and thanked him for being so thoughtful. “My motivation is purely selfish, you need to keep your strength up. I have plans for you, Lover.” He was grinning wickedly at me.

“Not so fast, Big Boy.” He looked down at me and cracked a smile. “Sparkles? Love Monkey? Ever Thor? Pleasure Puss?” He was laughing now. “What about, Killer?”

He cocked an eyebrow. “That one might actually work for me.” He closed the gap between us and let his fingers slide up and down my back.

I smiled to myself. “As I was saying….not so fast, Killer, I need to shower and eat, so don’t start something you can’t finish.” I pushed away from him to leave the bathroom. Eric followed me into the room and sat on the bed, adjusting himself as the bulge in his pants was pressing uncomfortably against his zipper. I smirked and said, “Awwww, is that for me? Don’t worry, I have plans for you too. Later.” I added as I unpacked the clothes I planned to wear tonight.

I opened my luggage just enough to get my toiletry bag and clothes, making sure to keep the other more interesting items in there well hidden. Eric leaned forward on the bed, narrowing his eyes at me. “What are you hiding in there?”

“You’ll see. Later.” I teased.

I laid my clothes out on the bench. Dressy black pants, the red and black wrap around shirt Eric bought me on our shopping trip in Iceland, and the lovely Louboutin’s from Pam. I placed the sexy black bra and matching panties on the bed next to my clothes. I peeked over at Eric and noticed he was staring at my clothes, and also getting an eyeful of my cleavage as I leaned over the low bench, arranging my clothes. “Do you approve?” He answered me with a fangy smile. Excellent!

I grabbed the room service menu and looked it over quickly. “Will you order the lemon chicken with pasta for me?” He nodded, glassy-eyed as I started to undress. I pulled my tight shirt off and untied the skirt, letting it drop to the ground, leaving me in my bra, panties and boots. I heard his fangs click down further. I bent over to pick up my skirt, enjoying the groan from Eric as he got a full view of my nearly naked ass. I put my clothes in the closet in a neat pile, and came back to the bench and sat down next to my clothes to pull my boots off. I heard Eric clear his throat and before I knew it, he was kneeling in front of me, pulling my boots off. I thanked him for being so kind, knowing full well that his help was again for purely selfish reasons. I stood up and began tugging my panties down when his hands took over. “Please, let me help.” He smiled at me again. He removed my panties slowly and carefully, inhaling deeply as he bent down. When he stood up again his eyes were glazed over. He reached behind me, unhooked my bra, and dragged it across my skin so slowly that it gave me goose bumps. His fingers trailed down my arms, pulling the straps off my shoulders. I shrugged out of the cups and watched Eric take in the hardness of my nipples. I stood on my tippy toes and pecked a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for the help! I’m so hungry, I hope room service is fast.” I ducked under his arm and skipped to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I giggled to myself on the other side of the door, and sighed at the thought of leaving us both in this sexually tense state. I had plans for tonight, so I knew I would just have to be patient. I could hear Eric talking into the phone, ordering food for me. He flipped the TV on just as I started running the water for my shower.

Traveling always made me feel so tired and somehow dirty. I showered earlier today, but it felt so good to stand under the hot water and let it relax and refresh my body. I got out of the shower, pulled my hair into a loose braid, patted on a little makeup and perfume, and wrapped my body in a large soft towel. I walked over the bench to get dressed, and Eric stood to make some sort of move to stop me, but a knock on the door stopped me first. “Room Service.” A voice said from the other side of the door. I held my hand up to Eric and ‘listened.’ Definitely human, a young male, and an excellent broadcaster, preoccupied with thoughts of his date tonight. I nodded to Eric and stood back as he opened the door. The young man’s face was full of awe as he gazed up into Eric’s eyes. “Room service?” He asked, meekly. Eric nodded politely and motioned for him to enter and bring the food to the table. He was wheeling the cart of food through our room as he passed me. I don’t think he registered anyone or anything beyond the presence of Eric in this room until this moment. His eyes swept up my body, stopping briefly at the towel I was holding in place around my breasts. He gulped loudly and glanced nervously at my face, realizing he had spent far too much time staring at me. He hurried past me, unloading the food onto the table. He arranged the napkin and silverware beautifully around the covered plate, poured a glass of wine that Eric had ordered, and fumbled with the bottle of blood, trying to open it. He had obviously never had to open one before and was embarrassed that it took him two tries to finally get it. I thanked him as he finished arranging the food and he glanced at me again, smiling nervously. Just like high school. All I need to make this nightmare complete is a giant notebook to cover my boner. Then her hulking boyfriend could beat me to death with it. I snickered, despite my best attempts to keep my enjoyment of his thoughts to myself. He turned red and pushed past me. Eric tipped him and stood, staring at him.

The door clicked shut and I sat down to eat. “What was he thinking?” He asked, as he joined me at the table to drink his meal.

I gave him a deadpan stare. “You really have to ask?” I laughed again, and dug into my meal. I was starving and the food was yummy! Eric just stared at me, waiting for an answer. “Fine. He was embarrassed because I gave him a boner, and was afraid you would beat him to death.”

Eric smiled and relaxed back into the seat, a small grin on his face. He drank his blood slowly, watching me eat. “How is your meal?”

“Amazing. I wish you could taste it, it’s bursting with lemony goodness!” I was really enjoying my meal, what can I say? “I hope to taste it later.” He said, staring at my neck. He licked his lips. Sometimes I felt like meals in heels around him, that, or some sort of sex kitten. With him, I never could tell. Blood and sex were so entwined for vampires. Maybe even Eric couldn’t say which one was what he wanted at any particular moment.

I looked over at the small clock next to the bed. It was 9:30. I finished the last of my food and wine, and stood up to get dressed. Eric turned in his chair to watch me. I walked away from him and let the towel drop to the floor. I looked over my shoulder at him. His face was intense, needy, and desperate. I was definitely playing with fire. I picked up my panties and bent over to step into them. He groaned again at the view, but stayed in his chair. I hooked my bra in place next, turning around as I was smoothing the material over my nipples. He growled. I sat down on the bench and pulled the shirt over my shoulders, spreading my knees apart while I looped the tie around my waist. I pulled my pants up over my legs and stood up to button them. I stepped into my shoes and felt like a goddess.

“I’m ready.” I announced.

“Me too.” He stood up and was sporting an even bigger bulge in his pants. I don’t think he was ‘ready’ for the meeting. He adjusted himself again and walked over to me. With resignation in his voice, he said, “The board will be waiting.” I took his hand and followed him out of the room. The meeting was in a conference room two floors up. The elevator ride was quiet and tense. I was anxious to set a good impression, and from the look on his face he was anxious to rip my clothes off and fuck me. If only he knew what I had in store for him.


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