Getaway Ch 30: Louboutins

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Fangtasia was packed the entire night. I spent an hour chatting with a very nice woman from Michigan. She had never been to a vampire club before, and loved watching the interaction between the vamps and the humans. She told me all about herself, her family, the lovely house she and her husband lived in, and about their hopes for children some day. I must admit that I really enjoyed the conversation even though she was a complete stranger. It had been a while since I had met someone so open and friendly.

“Where is your husband tonight?” I asked her.

“He decided to stay at the hotel. We’re in town visiting his family, so he’s taking the night to hang out with his brother. It’ll be just the two of them. I heard about this place from a woman that works at our hotel, so I decided to come and see what the fuss was all about!” I caught a glimpse of her story from her head. She loved her husband and couldn’t stand his brother. This was a perfect way for both of them to get what they wanted. “What about you? Where is your husband?” She glanced down at my ring. I touched it and smiled.

“He’s right there.” I nodded toward Eric, beaming with pride.

“Whoa, that is one handsome man, I mean, uh, vampire. Does that work out alright?”

“Sometimes it’s hard, but we make it work. Every relationship has its trials, ours are different than most, but love conquers all, right?” I smiled brightly at her.

“He is one lucky vampire!” I blushed at her compliment. I turned the conversation back to her and she told me all about Michigan and how cold it is this time of year. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and smiled at the text from her husband. “My husband is waiting for me at our hotel, so I think I’ll get back to him.” She leaned to hug me and thanked me for keeping her company in an unfamiliar place.

Robert announced last call at the bar, and I checked the clock on the wall above the bar and noticed it was already 1:50. Fangtasia would close in ten minutes. Eric and Pam had set the bar hours from whenever it became full dark to 2:00, even though Louisiana law would allow them to be open 24 hours a day if they wanted to. That wouldn’t make sense for a vampire bar though, and closing at 2:00 gave all the employees part of the night to get on with their normal lives.

After the club had cleared out, I helped Eric, Pam, and Robert tidy up a few things. Fangtasia had a cleaning crew that came in during the day to take care of the floors and bathrooms, so we didn’t have much to do. It felt good to do something helpful though, even if it was just wiping the tables off. Of course when I say I ‘helped’ them, I mean that I wiped off all the tables while they stood and watched. Vamps were definitely not known for doing menial chores. When I moved to start putting the chairs up on the tables, Pam grabbed my arm shaking her head at me. “Robert, finish putting the chairs up. Eric, I need to borrow your wife for a moment.” She winked back at him as we walked down the hall.

We stopped in front of the storage closet across the hall from Eric’s office. For a minute I thought she was going to lead me to more cleaning supplies, and then she opened the door. I gasped when I looked inside the room. The storage closet had been transformed and enlarged quite a bit into a beautiful office. Pam stood by the door, smiling at my reaction. “So you like it? Eric and I discussed that I needed my own office space to deal with running Fangtasia while you were on vacation. So while you were traipsing around Iceland, I had a construction crew modify this horrid space into something just for me.” She smiled as I walked around.

The room captured the essence of Pam. The walls were a soft pink, and the wooden furniture was chestnut brown. She had a small couch decorated in a graceful pink floral design set on dark wooden legs. The whole room tied together with the delicate chestnut desk that she had meticulously decorated with pink organizers. In the corner she had a room divider with the same floral design as the couch, framed in matching chestnut. “What’s behind there?”

“I have a small rack of clothes so I can change here when I need to, which is the reason I brought you here. Well, that and to show off my pretty office.” She walked behind the divider and came out with a stunning pair of shiny black shoes. “I wanted to thank you, and what better way than with shoes?”

“Thank me for what?” I couldn’t think of a single thing that would merit sexy shoes.

“You shared your blood with me when I needed it. That means a lot to me.” She looked away from me. Emotions were not something she was accustomed to.

“Of course I would help you! We’re buds! More importantly, we’re family, and I couldn’t stand to see you in pain.” I surprised myself at how much I cared for Pam. “You don’t need to buy me shoes.”

“They are Christian Louboutin’s Feticha pumps. They are your size. I insist that you take them.” She pushed the shoes towards me and I couldn’t resist. They were so beautiful.

“How did you know my size?” I asked as I sat down and slid them on my feet.

“Pfft, please. I live for shoes, and those look like they were made for you.” She smiled appreciatively at me.

I stood up and walked over to her, spinning so she could get the full effect. Her smile widened. I hugged and thanked her. “Eric’s waiting.” She said, dismissing me. I thanked her again and walked into Eric’s office.

“Pam’s office is so beautiful!” He smiled at me and said, “Yes, and bigger than mine! Although, she will need the space now that she is Sheriff, so her need for so much space is justified.” I could tell he would have chastised her, but decided to bite his tongue and stop complaining that she had more space now. “She has always had an office here, but never used it for much more than changing clothes. This one is fitting for a Sheriff, if that Sheriff really loves pink, that is. Why did she want to ‘borrow’ you?”

I propped my foot up on the edge of his desk. He craned his head to the side, his eyes glued to my inner thigh. I cleared my throat and wiggled my foot. His eyes moved down to my foot very slowly. “Oh, the shoes. They are very nice. I thought it was something else.” His eyes trailed back up my leg, lingering on the exposed skin. “Obviously.” I laughed as I put my foot down on the floor. “Can we go home now?” Eric nodded.

“I received messages from the Zeus and Amun clans requesting a meeting. I will set up meetings with them from home. I am surprised I haven’t heard from the Narayana clan.”

We walked out of Fangtasia with Pam, locking the door behind us. Robert left after finishing with the chairs, so it was only the three of us in the parking lot. “Thank you again, Pam. I love these shoes. I’m going shopping tomorrow to find something to wear with them.” She walked to her car, and called out “Enjoy the rest of your night!”

Our drive home was quiet as Eric was probably thinking of how to schedule the trips we would be making to meet with the other three clans.

I undressed and changed into a soft pink nightgown, then went to the kitchen to fix myself some dinner. Eric came into the kitchen and sat on the counter, watching me prepare my food. “I am pleased you filled these cupboards, I always thought they were a terrible waste of space. What are you making?”

“Stir fry. I really enjoy how fast it is.” I was starving, and needed to eat soon.

Twenty minutes later, I joined Eric on the counter with a bowl full of veggies and rice. “I love watching your mouth move.”

“Stop it, and let me finish.” He was trying to distract me, and I was too hungry to let him. “Tell me about New York.”

Eric spent the next hour telling me about all the beautiful places he would show me. As thrilling as it was to hear, I couldn’t stop a yawn from escaping my lips.

“You’re tired. Go get some rest. I will take care of arranging the meetings with the other two clans.” He said and kissed the top of my head. I made my way downstairs and snuggled under the sheet, instantly falling asleep.

I was vaguely aware of him joining me a couple of hours later, as he pulled my arm across him. I nuzzled my face into his shoulder and fell back asleep.

I woke up just before noon, and reluctantly pulled myself away from Eric. After a quick shower, I made myself breakfast and headed to Bon Temps.

Tara’s Togs was open and I felt confident I would find Tara working today, since her car was in the parking lot. Tara looked up from behind the counter and smiled at me as I walked in.

“Sorry I didn’t call before I came, I am leaving for New York tomorrow, so I thought I would come and give you this.” I pulled the keys out of my pocket and dropped Gran’s house key in her hand. “Jason helped me move the things I needed, so whatever is left there you can use or move into the attic. Sorry to leave the house like that, I just wasn’t sure what ya’ll would need.”

Tara smiled up at me and said, “Sookie, I can’t tell you how excited we all are. JB and I have been packing all week, so we should be able to move in this weekend. You’re going to New York? You don’t happen to need any new clothes, do you?”

I opened the bag over my shoulder and pulled out the shoes that Pam had given me. Her eyes bulged, “Are those Louboutin’s?” I nodded, resigned to the fact that I knew nothing of fashion. Of course Tara had heard of these shoes, she had very expensive taste. Me? Not so much. “I need something to match them. Eric is taking me to a nightclub in New York.”

She pulled me towards the front of the store. I saw it before she could speak. I reached my hand out and touched the skirt. It was a stunning circle skirt and reminded me of something out of a 1940s movie. The black satin fabric was painted with red geometric patterns in vertical wedges, giving the skirt the appearance of being pleated. The waistband was a long piece of black satin ribbon that tied around the back and then again in the front. The shirt was just as beautiful. Made of the same black satin and painted with a red enlarged geometric pattern that matched the ones on the skirt. The shirt was short, and had three red buttons and a long piece of black ribbon around the bottom to tie in the front. “I have to try this on!!” I squealed as I scooped up the shirt and skirt and took them, along with my shoes into the dressing room.

The shirt tied around my waist just below my ribs, and the ribbon waistband of the skirt wrapped around two inches below that. The skirt flowed around me gracefully and brushed the tops of my knees as I walked. Tara was clapping her hands. “I knew that would look amazing on you!! Those shoes are really something else.” She and I chatted excitedly for another few minutes about the outfit while she showed me a few more dresses and accessories that I knew I couldn’t live without.

She folded them neatly and tried to give them to me as a gift. “I can’t accept this as a gift. A scarf, maybe, but not hundreds of dollars worth of clothes! Claudine left me plenty of money, so we can just call these a gift from her.” She finally conceded and let me pay for them.

I handed her a file of paperwork. “What is this?” She asked me. “Bills–electricity, gas, water/garbage, and the property taxes that I paid last year. You will be able to make payments to the utilities directly, but the property tax bill will be sent to me at my new address. So start saving now, it’s due in seven months, consider it your rent. Of course, if anything needs to be fixed, please let me know so we can work something out, alright? Jason is quite handy and close enough to help out if need be. Tara, I love that you and your family will enjoy that house!” I hugged her and she thanked me right back.

I left Tara’s store to head back to Shreveport. It was nice to see a familiar face, our visit made me happy. I hung my new clothes in my closet and pulled out my luggage to begin packing. I decided to travel in the beautiful long red and black shirt from our shopping trip in Iceland, matched with black slacks and my lovely new shoes. I knew I would need my new satin skirt and shirt, and probably another couple of dresses. I didn’t really know what Eric had planned for us. I actually didn’t know when we would be leaving! I needed to ask him a lot of questions. It was an hour to sunset, so I wouldn’t have to wait long.

I worked quickly making dinner for myself, enjoying the silence in the house. I was just getting started on the dishes when Eric made his way up the stairs. “Good Evening!” I turned away from the sink long enough to smile at him. “What have you been up to all day?” He came up behind me and kissed my neck.

“Shopping.” I answered.

“Do I get to see?”

“Nope. You’ll just have to wait until we get to New York!” I was giddy. I loved surprising him. “Speaking of our trip, what should I pack?”

“Enough clothes for a few days of sightseeing, and enough lingerie for everything in between.” His hands brushed against my lower back. I relaxed into him, splashing water all over myself. “What a shame, your shirt is all wet.” He tugged on the bottom of my shirt and whipped it over my head. His fingers danced over my ribs, drawing a large circle up and around my nipples. I arched into his hands, and pushed my ass against his body. I was pleased to find a massive bulge in his jeans. He growled into my neck as I rubbed against him. He flicked the clasp on my bra and it fell loosely on my arms. He grabbed handfuls of my breasts and massaged the skin gently while grinding against me. I reached behind me and unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down his legs enough to allow me access to his hard dick. I pumped my hot hands up and down his length, rubbing the tip against the sensitive skin on my wrists. His hands moved quickly down to unbutton my jeans, pushing my panties and jeans down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and leaned back against him. He impatiently kicked his jeans off the rest of the way, and stood wide behind me. He put one hand on my back, encouraging me to bend over and brace myself on the sink. The other hand found its way between my legs, sliding his long fingers through the wet folds of skin. He tilted his hips forward and his cock joined his fingers, moving against me, begging for access. I arched my back again and the tip of his dick teased my entrance. I moaned from the pressure. I needed more. “Please.” I whispered.

“Please, what?” He mumbled back.

“I need you to be in me. I need to feel your cold hard dick inside me. I need you to make me cum.” I begged, mimicking the phrases he had used on our flight home from Iceland. He laughed quietly behind me, knowing exactly what I was doing.

The next second, he was inside me, thrusting into me with his entire body. I pushed back against him, meeting each thrust. He was holding onto my hips, and pulling out of me almost entirely each time, before twisting his hips to screw into me. He spread his legs wider and now he was below me, pumping up into my body, getting deeper than before. I was mewling, and panting and holding onto the sink with every ounce of strength I had as he fucked me. He was letting out a primal grunt every time our hips crashed together, and the sound of his obvious pleasure combined with the incredibly deep building release inside me pushed me over the edge as my orgasm shook my body. I screamed his name as I came. He roared as he climaxed, his body spasming against mine.

“I live to hear you call my name.” He breathed against my neck. I smiled and felt a small vibration zing through me at his words.

“I don’t know why I bother getting dressed.” I said to him after my voice found its way back to me.

“Me either.” He stroked my back, which made me squirm. My skin was always much more ticklish after sex for some reason. I pulled away from him and turned around to smack his hand away. “Knock it off, you’re not allowed to tickle me!”

“I wasn’t tickling you. I was caressing you.” He smirked at me. Uh huh, sure he was.

“I need to go to Fangtasia tonight, do you want to come with me or stay home?”

“I think I’ll stay here for a while longer, get some reading done and maybe a little more packing. Oh! When are we leaving?”

“Our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. Anubis Air will be here to pick us up at noon, you will check in, sign the forms, and get onboard. There is a layover in Atlanta, but it is short, so you’ll have to run to meet the connecting flight. They will make you sign for me again in Atlanta.”

“So, similar to our flight to Iceland?” I relaxed knowing that I had already done this before. He nodded.

“I will be packed and sleeping in my travel coffin when Anubis Air arrives tomorrow. In fact, I will bring that up right now.”

Eric disappeared downstairs to the storage room where he kept his travel coffin. He maneuvered it up the stairs with ease. He was also fully dressed again, in a tight grey T-shirt and dark jeans, ready to work. I was still standing in the kitchen naked, marveling at how easy he made it look to carry something weighing at least two hundred pounds.

“You look yummy! The crowd is going to love you tonight.”

“I am not the one standing naked in the kitchen, if anyone looks edible, it’s you.” He leaned over the counter to kiss me. “I’m going to leave now, or I never will, and I prefer not to be subjected to Pam’s ranting any more than necessary.” The truth was that at some point Eric and Pam would have to hire someone to work the floor, like he was accustomed to doing, since his new job would demand so much of his time. I waved goodbye and enjoyed the hungry look he gave me as my breasts swayed a little. I giggled and told him I would be there in a while.

I picked my clothes up off the floor and was sure to tuck the panties that I had in my hands inside a piece of fabric around the headrest of his travel coffin. I wanted him to have sweet dreams during the flight.

I went into the basement bedroom, and stepped into his closet. I pushed his clothes out of the way and picked up the whip and a set of leather restraints adjustable for wrists and ankles. New York was going to be fun!


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4 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 30: Louboutins

  1. Mindy says:

    I am so jealous of her shoes, lucky lucky girl. Fun chapter!


  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Ooh, Eric is going to emerge from his coffin a horny mess with her underwear in there the whole time! I love how she’s packing all the essentials– shirts, dresses, whip…you know, the usual. 😉


    • Yes! Isn’t that how you pack? I really wanted a brave Sookie who could branch out sexually. You’ll see…it only gets kinkier from here! I would love to tease a vampire like that. I love the idea of him being a horny mess! Thanks again!


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