Getaway Ch 3: Reykjavík

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“We’re going to Reykjavík? As in Iceland?” Should I be excited or weirded out?

“Yes!” He said indignantly. “It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the country of fire and ice. I have been there many times so I can show you some of the most stunning places you’ll ever see. Aren’t you excited?” He was hurt I could feel it. Also I wasn’t a complete idiot.

“Yes, I’m excited to go on vacation with you, but I always imagined vacation spots to be sunny and covered with beaches as far as the eye could see, not to mention a place for me to stretch out and tan.” I added, guilty that I had been so selfish.

“Oh yes, sunny beaches sound great to me, what with the burning and ashy skin.” He stormed out into the kitchen.

I was being a complete jerk here, he had offered to take me away and I was questioning where we were going? He had seen the world and really must know what he was talking about. Right? I pulled his shirt on to follow him into the kitchen. Then a thought occurred to me.

“So, Iceland in the winter is pretty dark, right?” I said with a smile creeping across my face.

Mr. Grumpy looked up at me then, and said, “Yes, it’s light out for less than four hours per day this time of year.”

“So that means that we can spend all our time together, since you’ll be able to be awake so much?” I said hopefully.

“Yep. That is exactly what it means.” He finally smiled at me and I felt the tension melt away. “Wait until you see it, dawn and dusk are the most unusual kind of diffuse light, it is amazing. Reykjavík is one of my favorite places to spend winter.”

“I can’t wait for you to show me around! So, give me the details about our traveling.” I said in one fast breath, hoping to help smooth things over.

“Anubis Air will pick both of us up in the morning at 9. I will already be in my traveling coffin by then, so all you need to do is be sure they get all of our luggage…including me.” He started to get excited again. “The best part is that since we’re taking an international flight we’ll be flying on one of their new planes that has access from the coffin storage area to the seated passenger cabin. Which means I’ll be able to fly with you for some of the flight. Oh, and you also have a layover in Boston, so be sure to pick up something to read so you don’t get bored waiting for our international flight for hours.”

“I can do that!” I squealed. Suddenly this vacation just became very real, now that I have discovered where we were going, I could think about what would happen past the finding out part. Now there was flying, layovers, and an international flight, with my Viking! Oh I could hardly wait. “Can I do something to show you how sorry I am?” I added, tugging at the hem of his shirt, which fell just past the bottom of my ass.

“Yes, I believe there is something you can do to me.” And he leaned back against the counter in all his naked glory. I practically bounced over to him, which had my breasts jiggling just enough to distract him from his residual hurt feelings. I pulled the shirt off so he could get a better view, then I ran my breasts up and down his body, stopping to rub over his hard dick. I leaned down and gave him a deep wet kiss, he made a noise of complaint after I pulled away, leaving him glistening. The noise died in his throat as I pushed my breasts together and began to pump him in and out of my cleavage. He never looked away, just watched in amazement as the head of his dick moved wetly through his favorite toys. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before he was spurting cum all over me and roaring my name.

It felt like he was worshiping me, and I loved the feeling of keeping him on his toes. He reached over and handed me a towel, and after I wiped my breasts clean he picked me up, put me on the counter and leaned in for the most tender kiss I have ever experienced. Love, trust, amazement, agony, lust. I felt it all coming from him.

He picked me up and deposited me on the large beautiful couch in his living room, which happened to be the perfect height for him to push into me and fuck me from a comfortable kneeling position. I put my knees over his shoulders so he could go deeper, which he happily stroked and kissed before resuming the pounding he was giving me. I loved the feel of him in me, so full, so big, so hard. Always for me. All for me. As the wave of love and appreciation came over me, so did my orgasm, it hit me hard and made me cry. “I love you, Eric Northman” is all I could get out with the overwhelming emotions and tears flooding my body. He pulled me up so our faces were inches apart, and he said, “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse” and came hard.

He held me against him, letting me cry and enjoying the love I was sharing with him. I shivered and he picked me up, and we snuggled in his bed until I fell asleep.

Lucky for me, Eric had set an alarm and at 8:00 I woke up alone, and groggy. I jumped in the shower and prepared for my long day of travel. When I had gotten dressed in a pair on my most comfortable jeans and a low cut sweater, I walked out to the kitchen to be surprised again by the smell of coffee waiting for me in the programmable coffee maker Eric had gotten just for me. It was delicious. I must say for someone who doesn’t consume human food, Eric certainly has good taste.

At 9:00 sharp, there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find a very nice looking and professional woman with “Anubis Air” embroidered on the left breast of her very crisp white shirt. She showed me her credentials and I showed her my flight itinerary and we were ready to go. She signaled the crew to come and pick up our luggage, and Eric, all of which they handled carefully and with respect. I put feelers out into her mind, We’re right on schedule, now let’s hope we don’t run into traffic on our way to the airport. Everything seemed to be in order, and I stepped in the Anubis Air van and off we went.

It only took 30 minutes to get to the airport, and by 9:45 I was onboard the flight to Boston. The short trip from Shreveport to Boston was uneventful and I was relieved when we landed in Boston without anything happening. I hadn’t realized that I was waiting for something until it didn’t happen. I found a great place to get lunch and buy a trashy romance novel. Hey maybe I could write one of these some day, detailing my hot Viking sex. I don’t think Eric would ever consent to that, but you never know, his ego is almost as big as his, well you know.

I heard an announcement to return to the gate for my flight that featured Iceland Air and Anubis Air in their joint effort. Apparently Anubis Air used international flight patterns on set days, which is why Eric had had such short notice when arranging this trip. You would either take it now or wait a month.

I provided my ticket, and I had to sign as the responsible person for Eric, to be sure he was taken care of once we arrived at our destination. The plane was amazing, the seats were comfortable and even relined most of the way. This was definitely not a typical Anubis Air plane. I scanned the isle and found the door in the floor that probably connected the coffin storage area to the main cabin. Since I didn’t wear a watch, I stopped a flight attendant heading past me and asked him what time it was. He awkwardly stared at my chest, then gulped and said, “4:15 pm, ma’am.” Oh my god, look at that rack! She probably has one of those imposing vamp boyfriends, look away, look away. I had to smile despite myself. He was right. As far as I could tell, sunset would be in about 20 minutes. Then I would have my imposing vamp boyfriend by my side.

The plane took off a few minutes after I got settled and right about the time we were reaching our cruising altitude, Eric came walking down the isle towards me, a satisfied and naughty smile on his face.


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18 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 3: Reykjavík

  1. Mindy says:

    What an exciting vacation location. I can’t wait for “Tour Guide Eric” to show Sookie is favorite place in the winter.


  2. Alskl1ng says:

    So excited they are going to Iceland. Long nights for lots of loving. Aside, from Eric’s hissy fit and Sookie being I want to go to the beach. I loved it.


    • I thought Iceland was perfect, and I’ve always wanted to go there…some day! There’s a lot they need to work out before they can really get down to business. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it so far! Please forgive all my editing mistakes you’ll find in this story. 🙂


  3. theladykt says:

    Sounds like a wonderful idea for a vacation. Glad S made it up to him.


  4. romantic2soul says:

    Hmm hours of laying out on a hot gritty beach or 20 hours a day of hot Viking Sex God. Such a hard choice.


  5. Vilannh says:

    They are going to have a great vaca and Sookie could certainly write one of those novels having a Viking sex god as inspiration


  6. BadGrad says:

    I like the story so far! I’m wondering what you mean by “taboo” however… I’m ok with anything you can think up that involves S/E but will there be sex with third parties in this story? I like my viking possessive and I’m not too fond of the polyamorous stories (Though I’m not one to judge those who choose that lifestyle). Anyway – onward 🙂


    • I’m all possessive of my Sookie/Eric too (except in The Pam Factor…but that’s the only story featuring a three-way), so you don’t need to worry about that. The taboo sex comes later. Much later. So many chapters, so little time! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing, I’m glad you found me here.


  7. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Uh-oh! I can only imagine what that naughty smile is for. I felt bad for Eric at the beginning when Sookie disparaged his choice of vacation spots. Poor Vampire- he can’t go on beach vacations. But she made it up to him. I don’t think I have ever read Eric–um, is there a nice way to say ‘titty fucking’–Sookie. LOL.


    • LOL. I did it all…including some stuff I’m sure no one has written about before. There’s a lot coming your way (pun intended). Her dream is about to come true!! Thanks for reviewing! I just love reading them on my older stories!


  8. shoegirl01 says:

    What a way to say “I’m sorry” hihihi


  9. cela says:

    every time i see iceland on national geo i think of eric in a long boat. i think of him and his men exploring and spying land to discover the true meaning of fire and ice.


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