Getaway Ch 29: R.U.S.A.

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Eric and I arrived at Fangtasia to find it packed with humans and vamps. The new Sheriff was certainly drawing in the crowds. Pam sat on the throne that Eric usually occupied, with one of her shiny black boots propped on a stool in front of her. As we approached the throne, I noticed everyone in the club went silent. The music playing suddenly seemed too loud. Eric strolled over to her and she stood to greet him. He smiled at her obvious pleasure as Sheriff. I nodded my head and said, “Mistress.” I winked at her. She chomped her teeth at me, playfully, “Oh, I could definitely get used to that!”

Before Pam and I could go on teasing each other, Eric pulled me away to a table tucked in the corner. I leaned across the table and whispered, “Why did everyone get so quiet when we walked in?”

“It is not typical for a position of power to be given freely. I think the vampires here wanted to see for themselves if it truly had been.” He answered. “It is such a relief not to sit in that chair, waiting to do business all night long. Of course, I will still be required to ‘entertain the vermin,’ as Pam puts it, on a regular basis as I have asked all of the vampires in this area to do. But knowing that I don’t have to do both is a welcome change.” His face looked lighter, his eyes softer.

“It must have been such a burden, dealing with all of the political crap Sheriff’s have to deal with, plus all the fangbangers throwing themselves at you constantly. Good thing we don’t have to worry about them anymore.” I said directly, holding his gaze.

“My lovely wife, you have nothing to worry about. No one could hold a candle to you.” He reached across the table and touched my hand tenderly. I relaxed and smiled at him. It never hurt to reassure myself every now and then. “I have some work I must attend to in my office, will you be alright out here by yourself? Or would you rather come with me?”

“I think I’ll stay out here for a while, see how Pam’s doing.” I kissed him before he walked away.

A minute later, Judith walked over to my table. She motioned that she would like to join me, “Please, have a seat!” I said, glad to have her company.

“Is it true that you witnessed the fight last night?” she gushed.

“Yes, I was here for the whole blood bath.” I am sure my face looked like I had just tasted something nasty, the images of what had happened during that fight were not something I ever wanted to see again!

“Maxwell called Bill and told us that Pam had killed Victor……..”


“Well, he didn’t say much more than that! Could you please tell me what happened?” she begged me.

She looked so excited, I felt guilty keeping the details to myself. “Let me ask Pam. After what I saw last night, I would hate to be on her bad side!”

“Would it be alright with you if Bill joined us, I’m sure he would be interested in knowing the details too.” I nodded my consent, Bill had no power over me now, and I felt more comfortable around him than I have in a long time.

I got up from the table and walked over to Pam. I leaned over her shoulder and whispered Judith’s request to her. She thought about it for a moment, and decided that it would be in her best interest for me to retell the story of the fight. I promised to leave nothing out. She flashed a little fang at the thought. “Thank you, Mistress.” I said as I left. All the underlings calling Eric Master always made me throw up in my mouth a little, but for some reason, calling Pam ‘Mistress’ was fun!

Bill had joined Judith at my table. I slid back into my seat and said hello to Bill. We exchanged honestly friendly smiles. It was nice. Judith was leaning forward waiting for the verdict. “Pam said it was alright…, where to begin…..” I told the story, and true to my word I left nothing out. Judith and Bill were both leaning forward, and displayed a little fang, showing their approval of the fight. When I explained the small silver knife Victor had in his boot, Bill turned ashen. He had not quite recovered from the silver poisoning he had suffered for my sake. I rushed through the wound Victor gave Pam, to the part where she cut his head off with his own knife. They both looked very satisfied, and a little turned on by the whole story.

“Pam looks fully healed!” Bill said surprised, knowing the pain she endured.

“Eric gave her his blood immediately.” I answered quickly, leaving out the part where I also aided in the recovery. Bill nodded, not pressing the issue further. “I also wanted you both to know that Eric and I have pledged to each other again, in the presence of King Felipe, which makes us officially married in your world.”

“Congratulations!” Judith burst out, smiling from ear to ear.

“Yes, congratulations.” Bill added in his typical cool voice. “I hope you are very happy together. I really mean that. You deserve happiness Sookie.”

“So do you.” I answered, “And it looks like you have finally found it!”

He grabbed Judith’s hand and said to her, “Darling, we have much to do tonight. Sookie, thank you for sharing your story with us, it was very gratifying to hear of Victor’s death. I only wish I had been here to see it for myself!” On their way out of the club, they bowed to Pam. She loved the attention and accepted the gesture with grace.

Without any distracting conversations, I felt the unmistakable lusty pull from Eric through our bond. What was he getting up to in his office by himself? I decided to pay him a visit. I knocked on the door. “Come in, Lover.”

I pushed the door open to find him lounging behind his desk with a huge smile spread across his face.

I walked closer to him, curious about what he had been up to all this time, and as I approached the desk, I noticed his pants were open and he was holding his hard dick in one hand. My red panties were in the other. I smiled and giggled, “So you found my present?”

“Do you know how hard it is to concentrate when this scent…..” he trailed off, bringing my panties to his nose, absentmindedly stroking his dick, “this scent is in my office?” He finally finished. “I sat down and took care of some paperwork but I simply couldn’t get the thought of you out of my head. I assumed it was because of earlier tonight, and then I opened my drawer, and the aroma overwhelmed me.” He stared at me, intently. My gaze drifted down again.

“Oh, please don’t let me interrupt!” I sighed, my eyes never leaving his hand working faster and faster. I was leaning against his desk now and watched as his hand grasped and pulled up and down the length of his huge cock. My presence was having a positive effect on him. He was pumping harder and faster, enjoying the rapt look on my face. His hand was coated with precum, which made his whole dick deliciously glossy.

“Ég elska hvað Ég geri þig harðan.” (I love that I make you so hard.) I whispered, knowing the effect my words would have on him. Sure enough, his body tensed, his grasp tightened, and he groaned as his hand filled with cum in violent spurts. I gave him a coy smile as I handed him a napkin from the bar that was conveniently located on the edge of his desk. “Better?” I asked willing my body to calm down and my breathing to return to a normal rate.

“Not really, I can think of something though that would make us both all better.” He said, crooking his finger to draw me to him. He had wiped himself off, but continued to pump his dick languidly.

I walked around the desk and pulled my skirt up and my panties down in one fluid movement. I let them drop to the floor, kicking them under his desk. He groaned as the fresh scent of my arousal added to his already overwhelmed senses.

I held my skirt up enough to straddle Eric’s lap, putting a knee on either side of him in the large chair. He rubbed his dick slowly across my wet slit, coating himself with the wetness already collecting there. I was impatient and pushed myself down on him, pausing to enjoy our initial connection. I flexed my legs, contracting and relaxing the muscles to draw myself up and down on him. He unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra out of the way, bending his face down to suck on my nipples. He tilted his hips thrusting into me each time I pushed my body down and we moved together in perfect rhythm sighing and moaning with each exquisite stroke. “I’m going to cum!” I gushed. He answered with a grunt and a powerful thrust that pushed us both over the edge. My pussy milked him, drawing out every last drop he had to offer.

He collapsed against the back of the chair and pulled my boneless body against him. His fingers brushed through my hair. My legs started to go numb, so I twisted my body to stand up. He pouted at the void left in his lap, “I’m sorry Baby-cakes, but my legs are starting to tingle.” I smiled at him.

“Baby-cakes?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Would you prefer Honey-bun? Sugar-lips? Hunka-hunka-burnin’-love?” I giggled at the last one, thinking fondly of Bubba. “I need to think of something to call you….”

“Master suits me just fine!” he stated.

I nodded. “Of course it does, you ego-maniac! I just want something a little sweeter than that.” I laughed, and he shrugged. Some day I would find a suitable love-name for him.

I picked up my panties off the floor and handed them to him, smiling. He tucked them in his desk drawer with the red ones, inhaling deeply as he put them away.

I excused myself so I could visit the bathroom and tidy up a little. When I came back into his office, he was leaning close to his computer, his face excited. “What is it?” I asked him. He motioned for me to join him and was pointing to the computer screen.

“King Felipe has sent me an invitation to join the Royal social network.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, and the confused look on my face said enough that I didn’t have to voice my question.

“Do you remember when I told you that there are message boards that serve as a place of open communication between the kings and queens of this country? This is the social network that connects all of the Royals of the United States of America. The message boards are designed to discuss problems that will then be brought before the governing boards of their clans during the meetings that are held every two years. It is a way for royalty to communicate on a regular basis without leaving the comfort of their kingdom. R.U.S.A.’s social network is very exclusive, and you must have the endorsement of your king or queen to be invited.”

I knew this was a big deal, and I was trying to make sense of what he was saying. “So the kings and queens make a list of things to discuss with their governing boards, then the governing boards meet and address them?” I said, uncertainly.

“Yes! Exactly! Which means if I have access to R.U.S.A., I can make my case for my PR position, and they can do all the leg work in getting their governing boards to make it happen.” His blue eyes twinkled. It seemed like tedious work trying to get the various members of each clan’s governing boards to listen to and address a proposal like his, so it was great that he wouldn’t have to do it himself. “Now all I need to do is create an account, and do some networking.” He was typing as he talked to me, anxious to get started. He opened the camera program on his computer and smiled as he took several pictures, trying to decide which one he wanted to post on his profile page. I ducked out of the way while he was photographing himself. “Which one do you like, Lover?” He asked me. I pointed to the one where he was sporting his signature cocky smirk. It oozed sex and confidence. He chuckled softly to himself, selected it and said, “Finished!”

“Would you like me to leave while you take care of this? I don’t want to invade your privacy.” I added, trying to explain a little better.

“No, of course not. You will be my partner on these ventures, and I intend to include you in every step of the process.” He patted my hand and put it on his shoulder, encouraging me to stay standing next to him.

The site had a pull down menu that displayed who was online at the moment, and also the current discussion threads. Eric scanned the list and mumbled the names, nodding in approval.

“I have met almost all of the royals that are online right now, and the discussion thread is about the new BVSA legislation. This is the perfect opportunity for me to make my case.”

He clicked on the discussion thread and entered text into the comment section ‘Please pardon my intrusion, King Felipe has graciously invited me to your site so that I may discuss an idea for a new PR venture.’ He was rewarded with a torrent of replies, all greeting him and stating that they were interested in hearing more.

‘Considering the new BVSA legislation currently facing vampires and supernatural beings, I am offering my services to the four clans, to be the voice, and very handsome face for vampire rights.’

‘I am requesting that you contact your governing boards to discuss this idea further so that I may set up a meeting with each board and begin my nation-wide campaign.’

There were replies from royalty from the Moshup clan, the Amun clan (including King Felipe), the Zeus clan, and the Narayana clan. All promising to contact their governing boards to request a special meeting to review and approve Eric’s proposal.

As Eric and I read the positive responses, I asked, “Are there kings and queens on the governing boards?” He shook his head, “Not usually, they have enough to do trying to maintain the peace in their kingdoms. The governing boards are comprised of vampires that are involved in little else politically. Attempting to keep the royalty of their clan happy is no small feat.”

We were both startled by the instant message chime from his e mail account. He clicked the tab open and was surprised to see a message from Alexander Jackson. ‘Eric, I have been contacted by the majority of Moshup royalty and would like to request a meeting with you.’

Eric typed, ‘It would be a pleasure to meet with your governing board’

‘I will make arrangements with Anubis Air. Will this Friday be suitable?’

‘Yes. I will be traveling with my wife, so you will need to make arrangements for her as well.’

‘F or B?’

‘B’ Eric replied.

“What does ‘F or B’ mean?” I asked. “Alex has a sense of humor, he asked if you were Fang or Breather.”

I smiled at his answer.

Alex replied ‘Very well, I will make the arrangements. You will fly into JFK in New York, I will take care of all of your travel arrangements while you are in my fair state.’

‘We will be staying four nights beyond the meeting, so please make the flight arrangements accordingly. I will of course cover the expenses of our extended stay.’

‘Of course, I will make the necessary arrangements. Please send me your wife’s information so that I can book your tickets.’

Eric typed in the information Alex requested.

‘I will send you confirmation of your flight arrangements. I look forward to seeing you again and meeting your wife.’

Eric replied his thanks and spun his chair around to hug me. “It is all happening now, and I cannot wait to get started! You have two days to prepare for our trip.”

“Things certainly move fast in vampire politics, don’t they?” I asked, petting his head.

“I must tell Pam, since it will require my absence from Fangtasia again. I need to work the floor tonight and tomorrow to do my share for business.” Eric stood up, holding me against him as he continued to hug me, until I was dangling in his arms. “This is the beginning of a new era for me, and I am so glad you are a part of it!” He kissed me and put me down.

We walked out to find Pam sneering at a fangbanger trying to entice her with a promise of sex and an easy meal. He managed to crawl up to her and was kneeling in front of her, begging to go home with her. As we approached, she rolled her eyes and pushed him over effortlessly. He scurried away, crying.

“When will these vermin realize that if I want company, I will ask for it?!” She asked no one in particular. Eric smiled at her and distracted her from her tirade by telling her that we had a meeting with the Moshup clan on Friday night.

“Who set up the meeting?” She asked.

“Alex Jackson. He was kind enough to make arrangements for us to fly to New York Friday evening.”

“Tell that bitch he still owes me.” She smirked.

“Owes you what?” I asked, naively. Pam flashed a little fang and said, “He knows.” I decided that I didn’t really want to know, so I didn’t press the issue.

“I will be happy to work the floor tomorrow night. This new position will demand much of my time, Sookie and I will be traveling quite a bit.” Eric was trying to apologize for leaving the responsibilities of the club on Pam, without actually having to say he was sorry. Heaven forbid!

Pam read between the lines and said, “Eric, I understood the implications of what your new position would require, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. I will make sure Fangtasia is fully stocked with local vampires to keep business flowing.” Eric nodded and relaxed at Pam’s words.

He pulled up a chair next to her, and I left them to work the floor together. I didn’t want to continue to distract any of the tourists and fangbangers from the fantasies they had about the two most beautiful dead things in the room.


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