Getaway Ch 27: Blood Bath

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Blood Bath

Eric and I discussed the plan for the evening. Besides making the announcement of Pam taking over as Sheriff, Eric wanted to be certain there would be no mistaking our marriage, and planned to repeat the pledging ceremony we had originally demonstrated for Victor’s benefit. Knowing now that we could not trust Victor to convey the importance of what happened, the only solution was to pledge ourselves in front of the king.

The ride to Fangtasia was quiet. Eric’s whole body was vibrating with excitement. The club was closed for the night. There was a large hand written sign posted on the door, saying as much, and signed by the management. Maxwell Lee stood by the front door, and nodded at us as he let us pass. Pam was already inside, sitting at a stool by the bar. She was wearing a blood red shirt and skin-tight black pants. “Well, Sookie, don’t you look good enough to eat.” She said to me as she got up from the stool with unnatural grace.

“Maybe later, Pam.” I chuckled to myself. Eric was always right.

At 6:45 pm, King Felipe de Castro strolled into Fangtasia with Victor and Robert not far behind. He greeted Eric and Pam graciously, bowed his head to me and said “Miss Stackhouse, always a pleasure. I am glad to see you looking so well.”

I nodded my thanks, “Likewise.” I said.

Victor scanned the room and did not bother to hide the distaste he felt for my exchange with the king. Robert was far more appreciative of my presence, although he was clearly confused as to why I was present, and why I was standing so close to Eric. Robert looked at Victor, waiting for direction.

Pam and Maxwell had cleared the main area of the room, and had set some of the chairs up in a small circle so we could sit and conduct our business for the evening. Maxwell stayed by the front door, keeping a watchful eye for any uninvited guests. Eric motioned for me to sit first. He sat in the chair next to me, resting his hand possessively on my leg. Pam joined us, and Felipe, Victor and Robert sat in the chairs across from us.

“My first order of business involves my personal affairs, and I want all of you to witness the second pledging between Sookie and myself,” Eric said, piercing Victor with his stare.

I opened my purse and removed the soft velvet bundle that contained the ancient knife. I held it in my hands. “Með þínu leyfi?” (With your permission?) I asked.

“Já,” (Yes.) Eric said, then repeated my question,  “Með þínu leyfi?” (With your permission?)

I answered him, “Já.” (Yes.)

The king spoke first. “Eric and Sookie, thank you for repeating your ceremony for my benefit, as there was some debate about your first.” Felipe glanced at Victor. “I would like to share my congratulations on the celebration of your union.” Felipe looked pleased, he was obviously impressed by Eric, and had already established that he liked me, even though I was only human. I nodded my thanks to him. Victor and Robert were both silent and looked disgusted and disappointed, respectively.

“Eric, you invited me here with the intention to discuss business, so I suggest we begin.” Felipe said, effectively changing gears.

“King Felipe, with your permission, I would like to abdicate my position as Sheriff of Area 5 to my progeny, Pam Ravenscroft.” Eric looked at Pam and her eyes gleamed. Victor shifted forward in his seat.

“If that is your wish, although I must admit that I regret accepting your resignation. Eric, you have been Sheriff of this area for longer than most, and I respect your decision to name your replacement. Pam do you accept Eric’s proposal?” Felipe said.

“Yes, King Felipe.” Pam answered, barely containing her excitement.

“I wish to challenge Miss Ravenscroft for the position of Sheriff of Area 5.” Victor said smugly before Felipe could proceed.

“If there is a challenge to the shift in power, the only way to settle the matter is a fight to the death.” Felipe answered calmly, looking from Pam to Victor.

Pam shot to her feet, “I accept!” She was wild and fierce and boy was I glad that she had no quarrel with me!

“As if you stand a chance,” Victor answered cockily. “I accept.”

We cleared the chairs out of the way. Pam and Victor stood face to face, sizing each other up. I lingered near my chair long enough to hear what Pam was saying to Victor. “If you were vampire enough to take care of your own business, you would know that you don’t stand a chance against me.”

“Bruno?” He asked, assuming Pam was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of his second, since Bruno and Corinna had not been seen since the night he sent them after us.

“No, that was Sookie’s pleasure. You picked the wrong human to fuck with.” She sneered and nodded her head in my direction. I smirked at him and mouthed the words ‘bye bye’ as I picked up my chair and joined the rest of the spectators.

Robert grabbed my arm, “Bitch!” he spat. Eric lunged towards us, and I held my hand up to his chest to stop him.

“Language, Robert! As if I couldn’t tell that you were working for Victor! How stupid do you think I am? You might want to be careful about which side you choose to be on,” I warned him. “Now take your hand off of me!” My chest was heaving and I meant every word I said.

Robert slowly removed his hand and retreated behind the king. Pam had enjoyed the exchange and was laughing at Robert’s cowardice when Victor made a swift movement near her and she snapped back to attention a moment too late. He landed a punch directly to her ribs. The loud crack filled the room and made me shudder. Pam straightened her body and stretched her torso as the bones and tissue squished back into place. She hissed at him and curled her fingers into claws. He returned the gesture and they faced each other again. He reached out to snatch her shoulder and she bent in half and twisted to the side, returning his earlier punch with a lethal hit to the side of his knee. His body buckled, and he inhaled sharply and forced himself to stand upright. She came back up, grabbed his hair and smashed his face into her knee, covering her black pants with dark wet spots of blood. She pushed him away from her, making him even more unsteady. He reached up to grasp his nose and pushed it back into place with a sickening crunch.

His eyes narrowed and I could swear I saw fear flash across his face for a split second. Pam must have seen it too, since she chose that moment to attack him again. She lunged towards him and spun her body into a roundhouse kick to the side of his head. The force of the kick pushed him closer to the wall, which he reached out and touched to steady himself. Pam reached down and wiped the blood off her boot. She went after him again, and punched at his face. He ducked to the side, causing her hand to smash into the wall. She hissed in pain, and he kicked her feet out from under her. She landed on the floor with a heavy thud. He pushed off of the wall and stood over her, straddling her body with his legs. He reached down to grab her head, intending to pick her up off the floor with it. When his balance tipped forward, she pulled her legs into her body and quickly pushed against his hips, thrusting him over her head. His fingers scratched the sides of her face as he went flying and hit the floor a few feet away landing on his side. She pushed herself up easily and stalked over to where he was laying, kicking him hard in the face. The wounds on her face and hand healed and left her covered with smears of her drying blood.

I was clutching Eric’s arm and had been digging my nails into his skin while hiding my face from the more brutal blows. He was having a hard time staying out of the fight, I could feel his excitement and joy at watching Pam mutilate Victor.

Pam reached down and grabbed Victor by the ear and ripped it off in one swift movement. Victor howled in pain as she threw his ear to Robert, who lifted his lip in disgust, and kicked it away from him. Victor reached up and grabbed the bleeding spot on his head and I watched in horror as his hand filled with blood. This must be one of Pam’s signature moves, as she had done the same thing to Michael at the ‘gentleman’s club’ Blonde on our trip to Mississippi. I held my breath, waiting for the other ear and his tongue to follow the fate of his first ear.

Victor fumbled at his shoe with his other hand, and quickly pulled a small silver knife out of its sheath. He pulled it against Pam’s calf and cut her deeply, bringing her down to her knees. She grabbed his elbow and snapped it sideways breaking his arm and the grasp he had on the knife. It clattered to the ground. Pam picked it up and pushed Victor’s back to the ground, pinning his arms with her legs. Blood was still oozing out of her calf, which she didn’t seem to notice since she was high with blood lust. She used the knife to skillfully cutting tiny slashes in the skin of his arms, making him wince with each one. They bled freely and she laughed at him, watching his pathetic face as he realized he was finished. She drew out the experience for much longer, covering his body with deep bleeding wounds. Silver was an excellent weapon in a fight like this. A weapon that Victor assumed would be her undoing. She hovered over him, moving up and down his body taking nips at his skin with the sharp blade. His body convulsed with pain and the pool of blood around him grew by the second. I hadn’t been able to watch Pam torturing him with the knife, and was forced to look when I heard his voice. “Please.” He gasped as blood filled his mouth from the most recent cut on his face.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” Pam grinned at him, enjoying this exquisite moment of power.

“Please. I concede.” He choked on the blood in his mouth.

“You’re damn right you do!” She spat in his face, as she pushed the knife through his neck, severing his head with a few strong strokes. She stood triumphantly over the bloody pile of clothes and tissue on the floor. Eric applauded her victory and helped her into a chair.

King Felipe walked over to her, “You have not only earned the position of Sheriff of Area 5, but also my respect and admiration. You are a formidable fighter and I am glad to have you on my side.” He bowed deeply to Pam and she nodded her head in return, her face still covered with splatters of blood and an evil grin playing on her lips.

“King Felipe, there is one more item of business I must discuss with you. Would you and Robert mind waiting in my office while I help my child heal from her wounds?” Eric said, still holding Pam’s shoulder. The king nodded his agreement and went down the hall to Eric’s office as Robert obediently followed. Eric called for Maxwell, who took in the scene and nodded his approval to Pam. “Please let everyone know they have a new Sheriff.” Maxwell left the club with his cell phone open, contacting the vamps that had been in the meeting last night.

“Pam, I am so proud of you. You have earned this position and only you could have gotten so much satisfaction from killing Victor. How is your calf?” He went down on one knee to inspect the wound. It was still bleeding.

“That fucker got me deep, and it hurts like hell.” She hissed through the pain of his finger touching the spot. Eric stood next to her and offered her his wrist. She bit into his skin and drank greedily. The bleeding from her calf stopped but the wound did not heal completely. Eric pulled his wrist away from her and looked at me, pleading with me. Pam needed blood. True Blood wouldn’t heal her like my blood would. I kneeled in front of her and pulled my hair to the side, offering my neck to her. “Really, Sookie?” she asked. I could tell by her tone that she was touched. I nodded and braced myself for the bite. What were friends for? Pam showed immense restraint and slid her fangs very gently into my skin. She moaned against my neck and pulled at the wound slowly. “Ok, Pam, that’s enough!” Eric said, watching as Pam finished healing and started to flush pink.

“Mmm. That was even better than your brother, although, I never was much of a cat person. Thank you for offering, Sookie, and Eric, thank you for sharing!” She licked my neck and reluctantly let go of my shoulders as she stood up, pulling me to my feet. Eric put his arm around my waist, “Takk fyrir.” (Thank you.) I smiled up at him and leaned my head against him as we walked down the hall.

King Felipe and Robert were waiting patiently in Eric’s office. “Pam, are you healed? I had no idea that Victor carried a silver knife.” Felipe asked. Pam nodded and said, “With the help of my maker and his generous wife, I am feeling better than ever.” Felipe looked at me raising an eyebrow and nodded his thanks for helping one of his kind yet again. “Sookie, you are by far the most selfless human I have ever met!” Felipe said to me. I smiled at him and waved my hand, dismissing the importance of my actions. I never could take a compliment!

“I would like to address Robert first.” Eric started. “I certainly hope that tonight has helped change your mind about where your loyalties should lie. Pam has reported that you do excellent work, and it is our wish that you stay on as the bartender.”

Robert squinted at him and said, “With what stipulations?”

“You must swear loyalty to both of us as your bosses, and to Pam as your new Sheriff. You must also recognize the fact that Sookie and I are pledged. She is mine. If you so much as touch her I will let her kill you.” Eric said slowly, rubbing my shoulder. I masked my surprise. I was no killing machine, but having the reputation of one couldn’t hurt! I hardened my face and stared at Robert until he averted his gaze.

“I agree. I am quite fond of Louisiana. I will stay and work for you, as long as I may leave when I wish.” Robert answered, questioning his level of freedom.

“Of course, you will be free to go when you need to move on. All we require is two weeks’ notice.” Eric answered, as if they were discussing a regular, human job.

They nodded in unison, sealing the deal.

“King Felipe, I would like to request that you release me as your employee so that I can pursue a new position in vampire politics.”

“What did you have in mind? I must know your plan before I agree to anything, as you well know.” He answered.

“I would like to contact members from the governing boards of each of our four American clans to offer myself as a voice for the struggles facing our kind in this tough political atmosphere. With the newly formed Bureau of Vampire and Supernatural Affairs, and the bill congress is trying to pass to get us to register, it is the perfect time for someone to step forward and voice the concerns of vampires.” Eric radiated confidence, he was proud of his idea and was sure the king would get on board.

“Are you planning on staying here in Louisiana?” He asked.

“Yes, this is where I have made my home, and I plan on staying. I will maintain fealty to you, as my king, I just need the freedom from local politics so I can tackle the national issues facing us all.”

“It is a splendid idea, and I fully support your decision. I find you to be very competent and have full faith that you are the best vampire for the job.” Felipe finished, complimenting Eric. “I release you from any position of duty to me or my kingdom.”

“Thank you King Felipe, I will not disappoint you.” Eric bowed to him.

“If that is all, I will bid you farewell. Thank you for a very entertaining evening!” Felipe smiled at Pam again and strolled out of the room.

Pam spoke, “Robert, since the club is closed tonight, you may go home.” She waved her hand to dismiss him. “Oh, I almost forgot, you owe Sookie an apology. No one gets to call her a bitch besides me!” Pam winked at me.

Robert slunk over to where I was standing and looked me in the eyes, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” He broke eye contact and quickly left the club.

Pam said, “Why don’t I change, then call a cleaning crew to take care of what is left of Victor so we can go out and celebrate!”

We left together and spent the rest of the night at a nightclub dancing and drinking. Pam reveled in the attention she got as she moved fluidly on the dance floor. I rested quietly against Eric as we watched Pam celebrate. I had never seen her more happy.


I loved writing this fight, and only hope I did justice to Pam’s brutal nature. Please review and let me know what you think.

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  1. Mindy says:

    This was such a good chapter, I was on the edge of my seat. Pam was kick ass, I was so impressed. I like your version of Felpe. I think it was touching that Sookie offered her blood to Pam. She will be an incredible sheriff.


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    Surprised they let Robert live. Go bad Ass pam. Buh Bye Tricky Vicky.


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    Go Pam!! That was awesome. 🙂


    • I kept waiting for something like that to happen in the books, and it never did. 😦 When they finally took them out, it was a disaster and the beginning of the end of Eric and Sookie. That’s when I stopped reading the series. I knew she would ruin them (and over the years as she’s published the last few books, she’s proved me right), so I just like to pretend she didn’t. If I didn’t read it, it didn’t happen. 🙂

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    • I was so worried when I wrote this chapter! It was the first time I’d ever written action/fight sequence. But I had to do something to get Pam in power and get Victor out. What a scumbag! The tight black pants are a dead giveaway! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


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