Getaway Ch 25: A Simple Misunderstanding

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A Simple Misunderstanding

The ride to Fangtasia was filled with small talk about how things had been while we were gone. Pam had a very animated story about a fangbanger desperate for the attention of the new bartender. She got out of hand and ended up slapping him on the face, trying to get a response out of him. Needless to say, the fangbanger had to be escorted out by Pam, where she threatened to let the vamp have his way with her if she showed her face at the club again. I had yet to meet this bartender. I hadn’t been to Fangtasia since before Felicia met her final death. I was shocked by the stupidity of some people. Why in the world would you go into a lion’s den and poke a lion with a sharp stick? No good could come of that.

The parking lot was only partially full, but then again the night was young. Maxwell was relieved to see Pam, and even more relieved to see Eric. He didn’t seem like the club type. The light brown suit he wore did not fit in with the more popular black attire of Fangtasia, and since it was almost the same color as his skin he looked like a monochromatic cardboard cutout when he held still. I scanned the club and noticed Bill and Judith. Bill nodded in my direction, and Judith smiled at me and mouthed ‘thank you.’ They were definitely together, and looked all the better for it. I glanced at the bar and noticed a handsome blonde vamp working. He must be the new bartender. He made eye contact with me and nodded in my direction. Pam must have prepared him.

Pam and Eric left my side to attend to a few things that Pam needed him to take care of. I walked over to the bar and sat down. The beautiful bartender came over to me, “Miss Sookie, I assume?” He had an accent that I couldn’t quite place. “Yes, and you are?” “Robert.” He said and bowed his head. “Pleased to meet you.” I said in my most polite voice. He was staring at me openly, admiring my dress.

“You are a beautiful woman, Master Eric has excellent taste.” He emphasized the last word by licking his lips. Brushing off the compliment, I asked “Your accent, I can’t place it. Where are you from?”

“Australia, originally.” He answered, “The land of down-under.” He smiled lasciviously at me, letting his eyes rake down my body. “Is it true that I should be wary of you? Pam assures me that you have had a hand in many of the deaths of the bartenders that were here before me.”

“Perhaps.” I answered playfully. Hey, I was not about to ruin the image of me being some sort of threat to him. “Could I please have a ginger ale?”

“Anything for you. Anything.” Well, that was certainly being blunt. I stood there, waiting for my drink, and he stared at me intently. A confused look crossed his face and I realized that he was trying to glamour me. He handed me my drink and I thanked him and took it with me as I walked through the club. Pam waved me over to a booth where she was sitting. I noticed that she had changed into a tight black dress, more fitting for the role of vampire dominatrix that the people expected here. Eric was discussing business with a couple of vamps I had never seen before. I nodded towards them and Pam said, “They’re just passing through the area.”

“Oh, right, like we did with King Björn.”

“You met him? How in the world did Eric talk him out of taking you? King Björn doesn’t take kindly to rejection.” Her eyes glazed over slightly as a memory slipped through her mind.

“Eric told him that I was his wife, that we were pledged. I also got away from both of them before he could make a move.” I said, remembering how I had snuck away to the bathroom to escape the eye fuck the king was giving me. “By the time I got back, the king had moved onto other business and Eric whisked me away so he could have me all to himself. (In the elevator).” I added with a whisper.

She winked at me. “So I see you met Robert.” I nodded. “He had many questions about you and Eric, I have a feeling that he is working for Victor.”

“Me too! I think his plan is try to seduce me and take me away from Eric, he even tried to glamour me!” I said, laughing.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. If my feeling about him is correct, Victor made a very good choice. He is a fine-looking specimen. I will discuss the idea with Eric, but I think that you should flirt with him, and let him go back to Victor with some false hope of bringing you over to their side. It would actually be the perfect way to distract him while the rest of us meet to discuss the plans for tomorrow night. With you to look at he won’t realize he’s missing out on anything. Especially in that dress.” She finished giving me a wicked smile. Her compliment made me blush, which made her smile widen.

We both looked at Eric and I noticed that the club had become quite full, and I recognized several familiar faces of the loyal vamps that survived the night of the takeover.

Pam slipped out of the booth and went to talk quietly with Eric about our plan with the bartender. His eyes flashed anger and jealousy for a moment, but Pam worked her magic convincing him. He walked over to my table, asking my permission with his eyes. I nodded to him, acknowledging my willingness to be part of the diversion. He took me over to the bar and said, “Sookie, it is my wish that you entertain Robert this evening.”

Doing my best to appear demure, I said, “Já, Herra minn.” (Yes, my Master.) I looked down at the table, averting my eyes and nodded. Robert had a cocky smile on his face and nodded his thanks to Eric. “Whatever the Master wishes, right Sookie?”

Eric and Pam made quick work out of rounding everyone up for a meeting in his office. Robert reached across the table and touched my hand, pulling it towards his face. He inhaled the scent of my wrist deeply. “You smell delicious.” He whispered.

“I hear that a lot.” I said, batting my eyelashes at him. “I also hear I taste just as good as I smell.” I loved being a tease, especially knowing that even in this frightening situation I was safer than anywhere else in the world.

A fangbanger at the end of the bar called for him, pulling him away from me. “Duty calls.” He said, regretfully. “I’m not going anywhere, I must do what Master wishes.” I said coyly. For the next half hour, he did his job, checking on me frequently. I did not take my eyes off of him. There was a lull in activity at the bar, so he came around the bar and stood near my stool, wedging his body between my legs. He leaned down until his mouth was touching my ear and said, “I want you to entertain me.” He reached his hand up and fingered a lock of hair brushing my breasts.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked knowing full well what he had in mind.

“Anything that involves that hot little mouth of yours.” He said, his voice shaking.

I lifted my eyebrows at him. “There are many things I can think to do with my ‘hot little mouth.’ Anything specific?” I straightened my back a little, forcing my breasts further toward him. His gaze lingered for a while on my cleavage before he spoke again.

“Yes, I have very specific things I want to do, perhaps you should join me out back so I can show you.” He demanded, pushing his bulging pants closer to my body. Suddenly, his face became angry and I heard the clicking of Pam’s shoes. Just in time. Thank you Pam! “Sookie, Master Eric has requested you. Robert, please see to the humans at the bar.” She dictated both orders, and we scuttled off to do her bidding.

Eric was alone in his office, perched on the edge of his desk. I walked in and saw the relief wash over his face. “I felt your anxiety. I also felt your lust.” He added, as his face tightened. I walked over until I was standing in front of him. “You are covered with his scent! What did you do out there?”

“Nothing you didn’t ask me to do, Herra minn.” (my Master.) I said tartly. “I am actually pretty happy that I managed to keep his attention while you were all meeting!” I crossed my arms over my chest. “I think a little lust is expected when a handsome blonde vampire focuses that much attention on me.”

“Is that all it takes?” He said as his eyes narrowed. “I can’t stand the smell of him on you!” Uh oh, jealous Eric just took over. He stood up quickly so he was looming over me. I staggered back a step, surprised by his overwhelming presence. “I will not stand by and watch as you throw yourself at him, begging to be fucked and bitten.” He ground out between his clenched teeth.

Whoa, who said anything about me throwing myself at him? I held my ground, straightened my shoulders and stared up at his face determined to make my case. “Wait a minute. You asked me to distract him. I did. I never threw myself at him. I also never begged to fuck him or to be bitten by him. You need to back that shit up, before you really piss me off.” I said, talking louder and louder with each word. “You of all people should know that I would never offer myself to anyone else.” I yelled at him. I was breathing hard, my heart was racing, and I wanted to hit him. He was questioning my loyalty, my commitment to our relationship, and it hurt like hell.

He grabbed my shoulders and lifted me towards him, crushing his mouth over mine. I fought against him, I wasn’t done defending my honor, and he had no intention of hearing me out. I put my feet against his legs and pushed hard, tearing free of his hold. “If you think you can just fuck your way out of this, you are wrong.” I spat at him, turning to leave. I had my hand on the doorknob when he tackled me against the door. He reached a hand between my body and the door, and cupped my mound through my dress. My traitorous body moved against him and a sigh escaped my lips before I could stop it. “Are you sure about that?” He said into my ear, smirking at the heat and moisture he felt in his hand, stroking my ass with the other hand.

“Get your hands off me.” I mumbled into the door.

“No.” He said, rubbing his hard dick on me through our clothes.

I moaned as he pushed his bulge against my ass. “You owe me an apology.” I mumbled again, as my face was still pressed hard against the door.

He pulled me away from the door and turned me to look at him. His eyes were wild. He was frantically searching for the right words. “You have sabotaged my senses! I never want to hurt you.”

“You talk about how big of a man you are. You’re so cocky.” I said, pushing on his chest, backing him away from the door. “So sure of yourself.” I pushed again. “But the second I lust after someone else….” I pushed him again, until he was against the edge of his desk. “….you forget that You. Are. The. Only. One. I. Want.” I pulled his shirt up, and unbuttoned his jeans. I scraped my fingernails against his taut skin.

He whipped us around incredibly fast and before I could blink I was on my back on the desk. He loomed over me and said, “No one else will have you. You are mine!” He pulled his dick out of his pants and grasped it in his large hands and pumped himself several times. Magnificent. With his free hand he reached up my dress and dragged my panties off my legs. I scooted to the edge of his desk towards him. “Then take what is yours.” I demanded as I put my feet up on the edge of the desk and pulled my dress up to a pool of fabric on my ribs. He pumped his dick a few more times with his hand while he stared at the open invitation of my body. He pushed his dick away from his body and aimed it at me, seeking the heat he needed to bury himself in.

He used the head of his dick to tease my wet lips apart. Leaving us both twitching in anticipation. “Now.” I demanded. Eric always delivered. He thrust into me, filling me and grinding against my wet mound. I arched my back as the contact continued to intensify the sensations in my clit. I thrust my breast up into the air and arched again until only the top of my head touched the desk. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I screamed into the room. He grunted in satisfaction at my words and increased his already frantic pace, pounding into me against the desk. As my orgasm spread through my body, I felt the blood rush to my head. I collapsed onto the desk as he shot into me.

We lay together, on his desk for what seemed like an hour. I was still panting when there was a knock on the door. “What?!” Eric shouted over his shoulder.

Pam’s voice came through the door, “If you are done marking your territory, I actually need your help out here.”

“Fine.” He said, furious that he needed to work.

Eric looked down at me, kissed my face one more time then got up to leave. When he opened the door, Pam was waiting. I had dropped one leg down off his desk, and pushed my dress to cover myself, mostly. Pam smiled at Eric and leaned into the room to get a better look. Eric closed the door on her face. I could hear them as they walked down the hall. Eric said, “Oh, don’t give me that look! You and I both know you would fuck her senseless the first chance you got. And since when have I ever cared more about making an appearance in the club than satisfying my dick?”

“Good point.” She answered, laughing.


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11 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 25: A Simple Misunderstanding

  1. Mindy says:

    A little jealousy is not bad, it makes Eric appreciate what he has (Sookie).


  2. theladykt says:

    lol for Jealous Eric. Robert is an oblivious fool.


  3. BadGrad says:

    Even better! 😉


  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Mmm, yeah… I really like jealous possessive Eric and I loved how Sookie pushed him back. It is just like him to reluctantly agree to that plan and then freak the fuck out when it actually happens. Lol.


    • LOL, yeah, I like a possessive Eric too. Who doesn’t? Well…at least a little here and there. Too much possessive alpha male gets old really fast. But sprinkled here and there is just what every relationship needs! Thanks for reviewing! 🙂


  5. Tree says:

    Team Pam! I do feel a bit sorry for Robert, as Sookie has a horrible track record with those Fangtasia bartenders. Dude does not know what’s in his future, lol


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