Getaway Ch 22: Home Again, Home Again

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Home Again, Home Again

I boarded the plane first with Eric looming closely behind me. The flight attendant pointed me to the back of the plane. What I didn’t realize is that we were in the second to last row. Eric motioned for me to take the window seat while he put my carry-on in the overhead compartment. Our two seats were the only ones in our row. They reclined almost all the way and were far enough away from the rows in front of and behind us that Eric had no problem stretching his legs out once he sat down. Just as it had been on our way to Iceland, the flight home was fairly empty.

We sat on the plane making small talk while the last few people made their way to their seats. The flight attendants stood up and demonstrated the use of the floatation devices and oxygen masks. I leaned over to Eric and said, “If we crash, will you help me with my oxygen mask?” He chuckled softly. “You’re safe with me.” He said patting my leg.

A tinny voice from the overhead speaker said, “Þetta er skipstjóri þinn, erum við á akstri hæð. Hikaðu ekki við að fara þar um skála og njóta flug.” There was a slight pause, then he said “This is your captain, we are at cruising altitude. Please feel free to move about the cabin and enjoy your flight.”

“Oh good, I need something from my carry-on.” I unbuckled myself. Eric started moving to get it for me, “Oh, it’s okay, I’ll get it, I know right where it is.” He reluctantly sat back into his seat. I moved the armrest between our seats up out of the way. I had to duck to stand up, Eric made no effort to move out of my way, smiling at me as I stretched one leg over his. I paused with my back to him, straddling his lap, inches away from his body, the hem of my dress brushing against his legs. He reached up to touch my ass, but I moved out into the aisle too fast. His shoulders slumped a little in disappointment. I had to stretch to open the compartment and turn my bag so I could get into the pocket that had my book. With the book tucked under my arm, I turned to face Eric. His eyes were still glued to my legs, which had been more exposed while I was stretched out. I moved towards him and watched as his eyes trailed up my body stopping at the ample cleavage pushing out of my low cut dress. I held on to the edge of his chair to steady myself while I stepped across him again, pushing my breasts towards his face. “Fyrirgefðu mér, Herra minn.” (Pardon me, my Master.) I whispered to him. His eyes flashed up and met mine. He was definitely enjoying my Icelandic lessons. I sat back down in my seat, reconnecting my seatbelt. I pretended not to feel his eyes on me, or to hear the soft growl he made as my seatbelt clicked. I opened my book and started reading.

The flight attendant came by to make sure we were buckled, and to tell us that dinner would be served in a couple of hours, and that she would be back to take our order later. She walked back up to the center of the plane, passing the same information on to the handful of people in the back section of the plane with us. The sky outside my window was very dark, and some of the humans on board had switched their lights off and were reclining to sleep. The two vampires that had passed us on the jetbridge were sitting in our section, and were still talking quietly about something.

I unbuckled my seatbelt again, “If we’re not going to eat for a couple of hours, I need to grab a snack from my bag.” I started to move across him, and said, “Fyrirgefðu mér aftur, Herra minn.” (Pardon me again, my Master.) I touched his chest to steady myself, hovering over him as I straddled his lap again. This time he didn’t let me pull away.

“Your snack will have to wait, I still need to take care of my wife.” He said softly against my lips, turning the overheard light off. His tongue flicked out and licked my bottom lip. I leaned towards him and opened my mouth to him. He pushed into my mouth, and I sighed as the cold from his tongue sent a shiver down my back. His hands were petting the soft material covering my ass, he shifted one hand up into my hair and grabbed a fistful and crushed me against him, deepening the kiss and forcing my body down onto his. I gasped as the bulge in his pants made contact with my naked sex. His hips lifted involuntarily.

“Leyfðu mér að hjálpa þér.” (Let me help you with that.) I murmured, and reached my hands down between us and unbuttoned his pants. I unzipped them as slowly as I could make myself.

He was straining beneath me.

“Ég elska að ég geri þér svo erfitt,” (I love that I make you so hard.) I said as I grabbed his cock with both hands and tugged it out of his pants. His eyes closed as the heat from my hands overwhelmed him. “Líkar þér hversu blaut ég verð með þér?” (Do you like how wet you make me?) I said, pulling his dick against my wet pussy. “Viltu meira?” (Do you want more?) I pushed the head against my folds. “Viltu koma inn í mig? Herra minn?” (Do you want to be inside me? My Master?) I waited for his response, his eyes opened.

They were dark with desire. “Já!” (Yes!) He ground out between clenched teeth.

“Já, hvað?” (Yes, what?) I needed to hear him say it.

“I need to be in you. I need to feel your heat. I need to feel your wetness. I need to make you come,” he said, begging more and more with each word.

I couldn’t wait anymore. “Taktu mig þá, Herra minn,” (Then take me, my Master) I said as I tilted my hips and the head of his dick slipped inside me. We both groaned at the contact. I relaxed the rest of the way and reveled in the feeling as he filled me.

I rocked on top of him, and urged him to move to the center of our seats so I could put my knees up on either side of him. He held me tight as he moved over a few inches, and moaned as I lifted up and slammed my body down on him. It was enough to make me come with the brutal contact as his pelvis hit my clit. I stifled my moan, which extended the sensations coming from the center of my body, like electricity in slow motion. My body shook against him and I lost my ability to control my legs. He took over and grabbed my hips slamming me down on him, mimicking the movement I had made, enhancing the orgasm still working its way through my body. I loved when he fucked me like this, never giving me time to recover before bombarding my senses with one orgasm after another. “Come for me again, Lover.” He breathed into my mouth as he swiveled his hips, spiraling his dick inside me. I couldn’t resist. I mewled into his mouth as I came again. Keeping quiet like this was going to kill me. I leaned back so my head was resting on the seat in front of us. Oh my, that new angle was perfect. I gripped onto the chair and held on while another orgasm bucked through me, this time biting my tongue to quiet myself. Eric’s nostrils flared as he smelled the blood in my mouth. He pulled me into a greedy kiss and sucked my tongue into his mouth as he continued to fuck me while my orgasm was milking him. He lost control and came in violent spurts as he clenched my body against his, still sucking on my tongue. I pulled away from him and gasped for air.

“That was….amazing.” I panted.

“Já!” (Yes!) he agreed, smiling at me with sparkling eyes. “It is a shame that your friend from the hotel won’t be able to help you surprise me like that anymore.”

“That’s what you think, blóðsugan mín.” (my bloodsucker.) I smirked.

“You cannot expect me to resist you when you talk like that!” he said and wiggled under me, forcing me to gasp again as I felt his hard dick move in me. He pushed me back again and pulled the edge of my dress down so he could kiss my lace-covered breasts. He pushed the cup of my bra down and flicked my nipples with his tongue. I moaned as quietly as I could.

“That noise! I love when you make that noise.”

I squirmed on his lap begging for more. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and thrust into me, bringing me to another quivering climax. He steadied himself while I shook around him.

“Skaltu ekki hætta! Ríddu mér fastar!” (Please don’t stop, fuck me harder!) I begged.

“My pleasure,” he answered before he gave up his composure and fucked me until the seat was creaking and I let out one long quiet moan as a mother of an orgasm was building in me.

“Bíttu mig!” (Bite me!) I begged again.

He leaned forward and latched onto my nipple again and bit into the soft skin, bringing us both to an earth shattering release. I slumped against him after my body finally relaxed, and enjoyed the feeling of him stroking my back, whispering I love yous into my ear.

I straightened my clothes and pulled away from him. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom so I could clean myself up a little. Eric reluctantly let me go, staring down the aisle after me.

On my way back to our seats, a cold hand reached out and grabbed my wrist. It was one of the vamps that had passed us earlier. His teeth were straight and his haircut was modern, indicating that he was a very young vampire.

“You smell delicious. We would love your company.” He said leering at me, as his fangs descended.

I smiled at him politely and said, “No thank you.” If only I had stake handy.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer. “We insist.” His grip tightened.

“Is there a problem?” Eric’s cold voice came from behind their chairs. He flashed them fang to show his disapproval.

“Not at all, these two vamps were just about to apologize to me!” I said indignantly, as I twisted my arm out of his grasp. Surprise was evident on his face, since a normal human would not be as strong as I was. I had had Eric’s blood. A lot of it in fact, over the past two weeks and I was feeling stronger than ever. I crossed my arms over my chest and waited.

“My apologies,” he said, moving his eyes back and forth between us. I was satisfied, and turned to move. Eric held up his hand.

“If you ever touch my wife again, it will be the last time you see your hand,” Eric said with venom in his voice.

The two vampires blanched at his threat and mumbled more apologies. Eric took my hand and pulled me with him back to the seat.

We were both energized from the encounter. Eric loved a good fight, and was disappointed he didn’t get to do any actual limb removing. I smiled at him and petted his chest. “Down boy!” I joked. He laughed quietly. I leaned my head against him and enjoyed another cuddle before the flight attendant came back to us and asked for our dinner order.

The rest of our flight was uneventful and blissfully quiet. I managed to sleep a little against Eric as he read the magazines provided by the airline. We landed in Boston and spent an hour together walking through the airport during our layover. People were staring at us. I, of course, accredit that to Eric. He is a mouthwatering man and very hard to miss since he’s so tall. I mentioned to him all the looks we were getting and he said it was because I was so gorgeous. Flattery would get him everywhere with me, and he knew it!

We got into line to check into the Anubis Air gate for our flight home. He whispered, “No more Master comments tonight, I have learned my lesson.”

I snickered, “You’re just jealous because the guy at the last check-in counter couldn’t take his eyes off of me!”

“Where else would he look when you’re touching yourself like that?” He huffed.

“What, like this?” I said brushing my fingertips across the exposed skin of my breasts.

“Behave yourself or I will be forced to take advantage of you again,” he warned.

“Is that supposed to be a threat?” I asked playfully. Before he could answer, it was our turn to check in. We gave our boarding passes to the person behind the desk and made our way to the plane.

It was another partially full plane, primarily with vampires. Once we were seated, Eric spotted a vamp he knew and started a conversation about something or other that did not interest me in the slightest. I was still tired and hoped to get more sleep on this flight, so I motioned for Eric to join him, he kissed me and said goodnight, then walked over to the aisle where his friend was sitting and joined him in a quiet conversation. I wedged myself in the corner, against the window and fell asleep.

Eric was standing over me, touching my face. I asked him what time it was. “The pilot just announced that is it 5:02 a.m.” I noticed that the plane was not moving and that everyone was collecting their things and lining up to get off the plane. I hunched over to stand up in the aisle next to him, where he already had my carry-on for me.

We got a shuttle ride home and the driver from Anubis Air got a very nice tip from Eric as he helped unload all of our luggage, including Eric’s travel coffin. Once we were alone in his house, I started looking around. I was hit with the fact that this would be my house now. It didn’t seem real until this moment, and now it was very real and a little frightening. The only house I ever remembered living is was Gran’s house, and I suddenly felt uneasy about living anywhere else.

Eric tensed as my emotions overwhelmed him. “What is it?” he asked, worried.

“It just really hit me that you want me to live here, and that I want to be with you, and the fact that my plan to move in with you means leaving my old life for a new one. I’m nervous about change, you know?” I said, wringing my hands together, feeling more anxious since I didn’t feel like I was explaining myself clearly. My eyes filled with tears.

“Listen, everything will be all right, please don’t cry.” He reached out and touched my shoulders, which took the edge off my nerves. “We talked about this, and now we need to make it happen.” He was so confident. I couldn’t help but relax a little more with each reassuring word.

I sniffed and wiped my tears away. I took a deep breath and said, “You’re right. Today I will take the first step towards our life together.”


So a lot of shit is about to go down, and I hope I can do it justice. Please review, it makes writing so much more exciting for me, surrounded by your love!

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10 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 22: Home Again, Home Again

  1. Mindy says:

    I think it is amazing how free Sookie allowed herself to be. They didn’t even go to the bathroom this time. It was incredibly hot. I am curious if they will stay in his house or get one together.


  2. romantic2soul says:

    It is completely natural for Sookie to be nervous about such a big change. It is wonderful to see Eric be understanding and not immediately get angry and assume she is going to back out and not move in.


    • I never understood why she wouldn’t just leave Bon Temps to be with him. Is there really THAT much going on at home she can’t miss? I don’t think so… but you know, I’m all about making everyone happy, including myself. 🙂


  3. BadGrad says:

    Yay, apparently you are also a “Possessive Viking” fan! I’ve never been on a plane that wasn’t full or mostly full, so I don’t think I’ll ever have Sookie’s luck. Good chapter!


  4. shoegirl01 says:

    Lesson learned! Hihihi


  5. Tree says:

    So, when you described in detail where their seats were located in the airplane, I had a hunch there would be some lemons rolling around back there at some point. Called it! I do like how you are making Sookie feel anxious about the upcoming changes. Feels very “real”.


    • I couldn’t put them on a plane without a little side of lemons, could I? 😉 Everything in Sookie’s life is about to change. She should be anxious! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story! Thanks for reviewing!


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