Getaway Ch 21: Kveðjustund

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Thanks again to the FanFic Girls for the idea that sparked this chapter. I love you all! Translations are in the text, courtesy of the most helpful Icelander (Takk fyrir)! This chapter has only a hint of lemons, more coming soon. I love the name Frida, (I have a secret crush on Frida Kahlo), and was very pleased that it is a common Icelandic name and couldn’t pass up the chance to use it here.


Kveðjustund (The Moment We Say Goodbye)

We spent another hour talking in our suite, until I got so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. “You should sleep, at least for a while.” Eric said to me, grinning. I didn’t even jump on him and seduce him after that comment and smile, proof that I really was tired.

I woke some time the next morning to the sound of Eric humming. “Whatcha singing, honey?” I asked, trying to pinpoint where he was in the dark room. “One of the songs from the Thorrablot festival, I can’t get it out of my head!” he said, frustrated that he had been humming it again. He was packing.

“What time is it?” I asked as I sat up rubbing the sleep from my eyes, switching a light on next to the bed. “9:00, which means we have almost 3 hours to pack and get everything ready so we will be prepared for the shuttle taking us to the airport at 4:55 tonight. Our flight leaves at 6:00, with a layover in Boston. We will be traveling back through the time zones, so we will get home in the middle of the night.”

“How much more packing do you have to do?” I asked.

He only had a small pile of clothes to finish folding, plus the Viking hat that just wouldn’t fit in his luggage. “I don’t know where I am going to put this,” he said, holding the helmet up.

“Well, we’re not leaving without it, that’s for damn sure! Can’t you just put it in your travel coffin? It’s not like you’ll be using it!” I was dead serious and he knew it. I needed that helmet. The world needed to see Eric in that helmet!

“Fine, I will pack it in my coffin later.” He sighed and continued packing.

“Does this mean that we have time for a little trip before we go? I have been dying to go swimming at the Blue Lagoon again, just a quickie to help me relax before our flight?”

“I would love to take you,” he said, pushing the last of his clothes in his luggage. Well, that was easy. I got ready in a flash and we were out the door. He took us there the same way as before, hidden in the shadow for take-off and landing.

We showered together, took our robes and walked out to the pool. It wasn’t snowing today, just cold. I rushed towards the water, throwing my robe near the edge, sighing as the hot water splashed my legs. Eric had been standing back, watching my evident joy, smiling. He joined me and we swam and walked around, exploring the pool a bit more than last time. We ran into a few humans, all greeting us kindly. Down to the very last minute we were here, I had yet to encounter a rude Icelander. It was glorious. I spent a few minutes under the pounding waterfall again, boy was I going to miss this place! Before I knew it, the sun was getting a little brighter. Eric looked at me and I knew it was time to go. On our way out of the building, Eric stopped at the reception desk, and paid our bill. He turned to me and handed me a small wooden box. “For home, if we ever feel like painting each other again.”

I smiled at him and slipped the box in my coat pocket.

We made it back to our hotel and into our suite a few minutes before Eric started to slow down. He glanced at the Viking hat and said, “I have been thinking about your shameless flirting you did with those boys at Thorrablot.”

I wasn’t really flirting with them. I just wanted a hat. Not wanting to start a fight, I said, “Is there any way I can make it up to you?”

“Of course there is, I have just the thing.” He said coolly. Oh great, he already had something in mind. “You can call me Master today, while we travel. I know how you love the title, and I really want it to be familiar on your lips.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed, “I am not going to call you master, that is ridiculous!”

“I don’t see any other way for you to make it right. Kalla mig Herra,” (Call me Master) he said.


“I said, ‘Call me Master,'” he answered as he moved to the bed.

Herra didn’t have such a terrible sound to it, perhaps I could do that, and maybe I could even have a little fun with this. “Fine.” I agreed finally, “My Herra.”

“Herra minn.” (My Master.) He corrected me.

I mimicked the words back to him like a petulant child. I reached over to him and pushed him over. He was so floppy and weak just before the sun came up and I couldn’t resist. “Oh, sorry, did I knock you over, big powerful Master?” I smiled down at his face as I hovered over him.

“Sookie, that is not funny,” he mumbled, and the next minute he was out cold.

Since I had already showered at the Blue Lagoon, I decided I would get dressed. I looked through my clothes and pulled out the beautiful black cashmere dress from our shopping trip. I hadn’t managed to find a night to wear it, probably because we spent so many nights in bed. Naked. I pulled it over my head smoothing it over my skin. It was such a beautiful dress and contrasted my light tan nicely. I decided to pack first and get that done before I went through with my plan. It didn’t take me long to pack, I even checked the room twice to be sure I got everything. I rummaged through the kitchenette and packed the few containers of dried fruits, nuts and chocolate into my carry-on for the flight home. I was finally done, dressed and ready.

I went down to the lobby and got lunch for myself at the café. I looked across at the reception desk and an unfamiliar man was working. Well that put a kink in my plans! I didn’t have to wait long though. At 2:00 there was a shift change and my favorite Icelandic teacher settled in behind the desk. She noticed me watching her and smiled at me. I walked over to her.

“Halló!” (Hello!) I said, cheerfully.

“Góðan dag, frú Northman!” (Good afternoon, Mrs. Northman!) She replied.

“You know, as much as you have helped me, I have no idea what your name is.” I should be ashamed of myself. Where were my manners?

“My name is Fríða.” She said.

“Sookie.” I replied and held out my hand. We shook hands and talked about her day shift and the weather.

“Fríða, I need you to help me learn a few more phrases. Do you have time for that?” I asked, not wanting to interfere with her job more than I already had. She motioned around the empty lobby with her hands, “You are the only customer I see, and as long as I am helping you, I am doing my job.” I was relieved.

I spent the next few minutes telling her about the Thorrablot festival, and my drunken brazenness at getting the Viking hat, causing a little jealousy in Eric. “Your husband looks very good in that hat, I think it was worth a little jealousy!” She said, her eyes getting a little hazy as she thought about him. “I know, right?” I smiled at her, and was not threatened by her in the least. Any woman not fantasizing about Eric would be out of her mind. I continued, “He loved the last few things you taught me, and asked me who had been helping me. I think he wants to give you a present to thank you! Anyway, now as my ‘punishment’ for flirting, he is demanding that I call him Herra all day!”

“Master?” She laughed and waited for me to go on with my plan.

“Yep, so now I need to learn a few phrases to go with the title. How do you say vampire?”

“Vampire. I’m afraid there is no unique Icelandic word for it, although I am quite fond of ‘blóðsugan’ which means ‘blood sucker.'”

Oh, Eric would love that! I laughed out loud thinking about how he would respond to being called a blood sucker.

Frida and I were laughing and thinking of things to say to him that would make him rethink having me address him in such a ridiculous way in the future. Frida would quiz me on all the words separately and then used in context. We had a great time! By the time I had learned and reviewed everything she taught me, the sun was almost down.

“Takk fyrir allt sem þú hefur gert fyrir okkur, Fríða.” (Thank you for everything you have done for us, Frida) I said and leaned across the counter to hug her. She hugged me back and thanked me for my company and wished me a safe journey home.

I walked back up to the suite and waited for Eric to wake. I snuggled into bed and wrapped my arm and leg around him. “Mmm, I love waking up to you,” he said.

“Me too,” I said.

He ran his fingers down my side and stroked the soft fabric of my dress. “No so fast, Mister!” I scolded, “The shuttle will be expecting us in five minutes and there is no way either of us will be satisfied with anything in five minutes.”

He pouted. “You’re going to travel in that? How am I supposed to keep my hands off of you when you are wearing that dress?” he asked, his voice getting quieter with each word.

“I never said anything about you keeping your hands to yourself, but now is not the time and you know it!” I pulled myself away from him, knowing he couldn’t be trusted to behave himself.

“You are packed?” he asked as he sat up and smoothed his hair. He glanced around the room and nodded with approval. “Then I will summon a bellhop to help us get our luggage to the shuttle.” There was a knock on the door a minute later. When we strolled into the lobby, Frida and I exchanged another smile, waving goodbye one last time. Eric looked at me and whispered, “Is that your Icelandic teacher?” I nodded. He told me to wait for a moment while he paid the bill and thanked her. He walked over to the counter and said something to her that made her smile. She retrieved the paperwork, which he signed. Before she knew what was happening, he grabbed her by the shoulders and planted a searing kiss on her lips. She responded by going limp in his arms. He pulled away from her, leaving her beet red and smiling from ear to ear. She remembered that I was standing there and nervously glanced my direction. I smiled at her. I couldn’t have thought of a better parting gift! Eric walked back over to me and gripped my waist, I hit his arm playfully, and we walked out to the waiting shuttle.

I took one look back at our hotel as we drove to the airport. After checking in and getting through security, we walked to the Iceland Air/Anubis Air gate and Eric provided his boarding pass. “Sookie?” He said expectantly waiting for my boarding pass.

“Já, Herra.” (Yes, Master.) I answered him. Let the games begin!

The man behind the desk at our gate looked from Eric to me, confused. Eric was satisfied I was keeping up my end of our bargain, at least for the moment. He took the ticket out of my hand and I said, “Ó, ekki refsa mér aftur, herra. Ég er ennþá aum síðan síðast.” (Oh, please don’t punish me again, Master. I am still sore from last time.) I clutched my body dramatically, letting my hands rest over my breasts.

“Very funny, Sookie. Please stop.” He said, trying to silence me and avoid further embarrassment to the man behind the desk.

“Ó, Herra, allt fyrir þig.” (Oh, Master, anything for you.) Trailing my hands down my body. I had both of them watching my every move. The man gulped loudly as my hands stopped on my upper thigh, I moved my hands sensuously up and down, moving my dress enough to expose a little more leg. I heard Eric’s fangs extend, I gave him a demure smile.

“Erum við búnir hér? Ég þarf að sinna konunni minni.” (Are we finished? I must take care of my wife.) Eric said, barely concealing the passion in his voice. The man laughed nervously and looked away from me as he handed our boarding passes back to us.

Eric took my hand and pulled me in through the door to the long jetbridge leading to our plane, I smiled and waved at the man behind the desk sine he was staring at us as we walked away. Eric pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard and fast, his hands pushing up the hem of my dress. He moaned into my mouth as his fingers found direct contact with the wetness already waiting for him. I wasn’t wearing panties. His face was a mixture of shock and lust. Priceless!

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked as I gasped for breath, I had only caught the word ‘wife’ from what he said to the man at the gate.

“I told him I needed to take care of you,” he said with a shaky voice. His eyes were wild, and his fingers were moving slowly towards my wet center. I knew that in another few seconds he would have me pinned against the wall fucking me, and I wanted it just as much as he did.

We both heard it at the same time, someone was coming down the jetbridge. I noticed the two blank spots and knew they were vampires. They were absorbed in conversation as they walked past us. I was smoothing my dress and Eric was leaning on the wall casually, as if he were waiting for me. “We should board the plane now, before they take off without us,” I said once I had calmed down enough to form coherent sentences. Eric agreed, but only after I grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the plane.


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  1. Mindy says:

    Two can play this game. That was so funny. The girl at the hotel got a fabulous parting gift, yummmmy. I like Sookie when she is devious.


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    Love her teasing him that way. Hilarious.


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    That was fun. Nothing like a little payback. And she got a very nice reaction from Eric.


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    Sookie, you naughty girl! That’s the way to keep things spicy. Love the back and forth, give and take.


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    Ohh that was wicked! Loved it


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