Getaway Ch 20: Last night in Reykjavík

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

FanFic Girls, the lemons in this chapter are for you. 🙂 Sorry this chapter took me so long to write I ended up rereading ‘Dead in the Family’ so I could get details right for the last half of the chapter. For those of you who haven’t read CH’s books, this chapter is filled with spoilers from several of her books, and this might be a little confusing.


Last night in Reykjavík

I was still tired after our all night party. I got up and visited the bathroom, brushed my teeth and hair, feeling much more human. As I stared into the mirror, my mind slipped sideways and filled with thoughts about us. The past two weeks had been a very eye opening experience. It had also been the best vacation I have ever been on, which isn’t saying much, but still. My trip to Texas in high school had been horrible, and the few times I had traveled on vampire business I had nearly been killed. I honestly wasn’t expecting much when Eric told me he wanted to take me on vacation. I thought it was another thinly veiled attempt to get me to do something to help further his position without me knowing what I was signing up for. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Eric knew all along that this would be a trip purely for pleasure. After a few days of waiting for something else to happen, I discovered that too. He had surprised me in many ways, and still left me wanting more. More of him, and more of us. I had been so cynical and guarded before coming here with him. I don’t think we had a chance like this back home. There was always too much going on to really get to know each other. Sure we were bonded, and I knew the sex was mind-blowing, but the relationship we developed over the past two weeks had enhanced everything. It had changed everything. I knew I couldn’t live without him, and he admitted that he was ready to change his life to be with me. Did I think he would drop everything and stay home every night, fucking me senseless? No, although that sounds like a dream come true! I finally understood his drive to protect his position, power and all the things he cared about, including me. No more of this nonsense about feeling like a kept woman, needing to maintain some shit life alone in Bon Temps. I could live my life with him in Shreveport just as easily as anywhere else. I could find a new job, spend my nights with him, and be much happier. I had spent this entire vacation finding happiness I didn’t even know could exist between us, and it gave me hope. Hope that I had found my match. Someone I could be with no matter what we faced. All of my questions about how much of my love for him was the bond, and how much was real… I had the experience to tell the difference. This was real.

“I wish I could hear what you’re thinking.” Eric’s voice pulled me out of my zoned out internal dialogue. I smiled at him. I found myself smiling a lot more often these last few days too. He pulled us onto the bed.

“I was thinking about us! Who’d have guessed I would be so in love with you?” I was seriously surprised!

“You think you’re surprised? I have spent centuries surrounded by people and never felt a fraction of what I feel with you.” His eyes were soft, open, and honest. “How did I get you?” He shook his head in amazement.

“I’ll tell you how! There are only so many times a girl can say no when the person demanding ‘Yield to me Sookie’ is you. I knew I was in trouble in Dallas when I sucked that bullet out of your chest, and then again when you escorted me to that sex party, and then again in Memphis after I was injured! Should I go on? There is no way I could resist you. Oh, and that whole amnesia at my house and seducing me in the shower business, that pretty much sealed the deal.” My eyes glazed over as I remembered our first time. I sighed contentedly. “What it boils down to is that you won me. Fair and square.”

“Oh, so you are my prize? Does that mean I get to claim you?” He had a very naughty look on his face.

“Claim me all you want, I expect nothing less.” I added with a smile, straddling his body.

“I still have words to say to you about those ridiculous boys that gave you the Viking helmet. That can wait. I am much more interested in claiming my prize.” He pulled me down to kiss him.

I was already wet and ready for him. He smirked at me, smelling my arousal. I reached between us and grabbed his hard cock and did a little smirking of my own. I teased him lightly with my fingers, trailing up and touching myself. I positioned his dick in the center of my wetness and used my fingers to stroke us both at the same time. He lifted his hips impatiently and impaled me. I grunted and shivered. We moved together fluidly, kissing, pulling and pushing each other. He reached between us and coated his hands with the slippery cum coating his dick. His hands played with my ass lazily, massaging the tight sensitive skin around my back entrance. I gasped into his mouth and my body stilled.

“Is this Ok?” He asked as his finger probed in my ass. I nodded with my eyes closed, enjoying the tight feeling of him inside my body in two places. He pushed farther in and wiggled his finger around in time with his thrusts into my pussy. He groaned and mumbled, his voice was pure sex and pushed me over the edge. My body quivered around him. He looked me in the eye, “Do you want more?” I nodded again. I couldn’t bring myself to vocalize my desire. I had been raised to be a proper girl, and proper girls didn’t ask for this kind of thing.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

“Yes.” I whispered against his lips.

He pulled out of me and grasped his cock in his hand, guiding it an inch further back, pulling his finger out and pushing his slippery head against my ass. I leaned forward a little, my body tense. “You need to relax, I won’t hurt you.” He breathed against my breast and started licking. He sucked on my nipple gently, relaxing me against him. He pushed against me again, and waited for me to move. I eased down on him incredibly slowly, forcing myself to take deep breaths and focus on being calm. He moved his mouth to my other nipple and started sucking again, moaning against my skin as my tight entrance constricted him. His body was shaking with effort as he resisted the temptation to take control and slam into me. After what seemed like hours, he was sheathed all the way inside me. “So hot, so tight, so good.” He choked out. I moved a little and was rewarded with intense pleasure and another groan from him. I lifted myself very carefully and slowly slid back down. He bit his lip and a rivulet of blood moved slowly down his chin. I leaned towards him and licked his chin. His tongue came out to meet mine and the contact sent an electrical shock through us. He grabbed me and swiveled his hips, causing his dick to rotate inside me. I screamed as I came, clawing his chest, holding on as he bucked wildly into me. I was panting as I recovered, intimately feeling the vibrations of our residual orgasms coursing through me. He was kissing me again, and whispering “Thank you” into my mouth. He pulled away from me and stood up, walking unsteadily towards the bathroom. I heard the bath running. He came back to bed, picked me up and cradled me against him. I nuzzled his chest with my face, and he said softly, “You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and you constantly surprise me. Which is really saying something.” I smiled against him and felt his love wash over me.

The bath was perfect. He continued to hold me in the water and I loved every minute of it. This was a perfect place to enjoy the afterglow of sex, warm, soft and weightless. We cuddled together for over an hour, adding more hot water as I started to chill.

After talking about where we would go for dinner, we reluctantly got out of the bath and dressed for the evening. Eric picked out the beautiful red shirt I had proposed to him in. I added a pair of simple black pants and my sexy black shoes and I was ready to go. He was dressed in a black silk shirt and jeans, looking gorgeous, as always. On our way out of the hotel he winked at my friend behind the front desk. She blushed and smiled from ear to ear, nervously smoothing her clothes. I smiled at her too and mouthed the words, “Thank you” to her.

We found our way to another small café and enjoyed another glorious meal while talking about our plans once we returned. Tomorrow would be our last day in Reykjavík. He had arranged our flight out Sunday evening, so we would be able to fly home together during the night. I was having a hard time holding back the tears that threatened to come as I was thinking about leaving this place.

“Why are you so sad?” Eric asked me, holding my hand across the table.

“This has been the most magical two weeks of my life, and I am sorry to leave.” I sniffed, and squeezed my eyes shut, forcing my tears to stay away.

His face filled with joy, which made me smile. “Do not think of it as the end. This is the beginning of our new life together.” He was oddly optimistic. He was also right!

“What are your plans about your position?” I asked, not sure that I really wanted to know the answer, but certain that I should to be in on the plan since it involved me directly.

“First we will discuss everything with Pam. I believe she will be agreeable to the change. The next step will be to contact King Felipe de Castro and suggest a shift in the position of Sheriff of Area 5. I have a feeling that Victor will make a play for my position, in the hopes that he will be able to challenge Felipe for King of Louisiana at some point. Felipe cannot give my position to Victor, if he wants it, he must fight for it. Pam has been ready to fight Victor since the moment he waltzed into Fangtasia after the takeover. He wouldn’t stand a chance with her in a fight. Of course, he doesn’t know that, since he has no way to assess Pam’s power. And since you have removed Victor’s second in command, Bruno Brazell, Victor will be forced to fight Pam himself.” Eric was referring to the time that Pam and I were jumped by Bruno and Corinna, one of Victor’s other minions. We were forced to fight them. I killed Bruno. Victor didn’t know that, I’m sure he suspected one of us had killed him since Bruno had been missing for months now. Removing Bruno from the picture had weakened Victor, so now if he was in the mood for a fight he would have to do it himself.

I tried to get the plan straight in my head, “So you would tell Felipe that you want Pam to take over as Sheriff, then you would let Pam fight Victor to the death?” I shook a chill from my body. I had seen her fight, when we went to Blonde the ‘gentlemen’s club’ in Mississippi. Even drunk on elf blood, she was a brutal fighter and made very quick work of the vamp trying to use us as political bargaining chips. “What about you? Will you propose a plan for yourself at the same time, or wait for the king to give you a new position?”

He was pleased with me and smiled as he patted my hand. “You certainly do think of everything, don’t you? Yes, I have a plan, and I will discuss it with the king when I get the opportunity.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “Are you planning on sharing that with me?” I waited expectantly.

“Remember when I told you about how vampires had divided the United States into clans? The Moshup, Amun, Zeus, and Narayana?” I nodded. I could never forget that night. It was the night his maker decided to show up outside my window with a deranged teenager in tow. Good times. He went on, “I will propose to Felipe that we request that the four clans organize enough to form a united front for public relations. Someone that knows politics and people. Someone that can stand up for vampire rights and defend those rights from political bureaus designed to control us.”

“Someone like you.” I said matter of fact. It was a brilliant idea. Eric was always up to date on political issues. He ran a respectable business and always paid his taxes. He was the poster child for mainstreaming vampires. I guess even more so now that he had a human wife.

“When I need to travel, I will insist that I be accompanied by you. There is no better way to be prepared for a debate than to have someone on the inside, and you are always on the inside.” He winked at me.

“I’m not so sure I like the idea of using my ‘gift’ to give you the upper hand in debates with humans. Besides the moral issues it brings up in me, I would also be afraid that someone would discover what I can do. That opens a whole can of worms that I don’t ever want to open. In any case, how in the world would I be able to communicate the situation with you without being obvious?”

“You have surprised me with the speed in which you have learned Icelandic. It is a very rare language outside of Iceland. I could teach you more and we could communicate easily without anyone knowing. As for the moral issues, I would be asking you to ‘listen’ to people to help protect me and support the cause for vampire rights. Isn’t that important to you?” He was playing on my sympathies now, I had a big ol’ 6 foot 4 inch soft spot in my heart.

“Yes, of course it’s important.” I huffed, since I knew he was right. “Would the vampire clans be willing to organize for a position like this? Also, would this position give you any more freedom than where you are now?”

“I think it would. I would be creating my own position, involving myself as much as I would want. I would be high profile and protected by vampires everywhere. I would be the face for our fight, essentially uniting clans of vampires accustomed to spying on each other. A high profile position would make me more vulnerable to human attacks, which is where you come in. With your help, we would be an unstoppable team.” Wow, he certainly had high expectations! “As for the approval, we will have to see about that.”

I relaxed again. I shouldn’t have been surprised that Eric had a plan. He was always prepared. I remembered the conversation I had with Pam before Bruno and Corinna attacked us. She told me that Eric was not practical when it came to matters that involved me, that I swayed his decisions more than anyone should. Knowing Pam, I’m sure she told him the same thing, expressing her disapproval of how he was running things. If Eric managed to talk the clan counsels into a PR position, I would be his partner, and it would be expected that he make decisions based directly on my influence. He really had thought of everything.

“I need to show you something.” Eric said suddenly, abruptly ending the conversation we had been having. He pulled me up by my hand that he was still holding. We walked outside and down the street into another restaurant. “I don’t think I could eat again.” I said, surprised that he had brought me here.

“We’re not here for food, Lover.” He smiled again and dragged me to another door. He opened the door and a blast of cold air rushed over my skin. I looked inside the room and all I could see was ice. The walls, chairs (except a little fur on the top), tables….everything was made of ice. “Where are we?” I asked.

“Kaffi Reykjavík, known locally as the ice bar. I’m glad you wore your warm coat tonight.” He said, pulling me into the cold room. There were only a handful of people in the bar, drinking and posing for pictures against the ice walls. He motioned for me to sit on a furry stool. “Would you like a drink, perhaps brennivín?” I nodded.

The drink was so cold that it was thick, and was even more delicious than it had been the night before. The drink warmed the chill right out of my body, I ordered another drink and was feeling happily buzzed. My face started to get cold. “I think we had better go before my lips turn blue!” I said.

“Yes, we should go, I just wanted you to have another tourist moment. You can’t come to Reykjavík without coming here.” He lead me outside and I shivered as my body started to warm up again.

We walked back to our hotel through the light snow falling around us, enjoying the quietness of our last night here.


There was a lot to say before they head home which is why this chapter is so long. I hope it answers some of the questions you had about Eric giving up his Sheriff position, and I hope you are all happy with my story line. I write for you and want to make you happy. Review please!

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  1. Mindy says:

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    Ah I like this new idea of Eric’s. Will allow them to travel more too.


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    The position Eric plans would be ideal for them both. The best part is they would no longer be under the direct thumb of De Castro. For the other clans to accept him they would not like for Eric to appear to be his errand boy. I don’t know if De Castro would like giving them that much freedom. there would have to be something in it for him.


    • It’s true, De Castro poses a problem, but Victor is the real problem here…one that I plan to take care of right away. 🙂 I broke from canon again and gave Eric the freedom to enjoy his own life. I’m selfish like that though! LOL


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    Too bad the vacation is ending but they seem so solid as a couple know


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    it’s wonderful that sookie came to her senses and finally realized all she really needs to be happy is eric. eric is the kind of man who will always protect her and if the king kicks up a fuss he will simply kill him. if bill and sam are unhappy with her life choices, then they only care about themselves instead of wanting her happiness.


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